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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click


For those of you who are listeners to 1570thezone, you may have heard Matt mention me, usually for screwing up the phone or not getting the guest he wanted.  To this day, I am not sure Matt even knows my last name (its Hash by the way, and yes I have heard EVERY joke dealing with that) or how to spell my first name(which he proved in his last post). But, he has been nice enough to let me contribute to the blog and everyday I will give you a wide variety of internet links dealing with some sort of Kentucky athletics, and sometimes I will throw in some random things too. Hopefully, these posts can keep you up to date daily on the goings on in UK sports.  Now, on to todays links: 

 1. For those of us who didn’t block out the last couple years of Kentucky basketball, you may remember the hideous jumpshot and sometimes wasted potential of Rajon Rondo.  I remember thinking Wayne Turner had a good looking jumper compared to Rajon.  But last night Rondo played one of his best games on the star-studded Boston Celtics, not to mention against the defending conference champs the Cavs.  As an added note, Rondo is shooting nearly 53 percent this season without taking a single 3-point shot, something Cats fans wished for 2 seasons.

2. Two good articles from Larry Vaught dealing with the UNC game Saturday.  The first shows that Patrick Patterson is getting some well-deserved praise from both from his teammates and opponents. The other touches on several topics, in particular the Cats problems with turnovers.  (we’re looking at you Michael Porter).

3. Just a quick update on both of UK’s Class of 2008 recruits: Mason County’s Darius Miller lit up Lexington Tates Creek on Saturday. Findlay Prep’s Deandre Liggins stats are pretty good too and his team is undefeated to boot.

4. A wonderful article by William Reed of Sports Illustrated on the life of Ralph Beard. The more you hear about Beard, the more you realize not only his impact on Kentucky basketball but sports in general in the state.  Reed has some great stories and insights on Beard, most notably that Beard admitted considering suicide after his banishment from basketball.  An absolute must read for history buffs of UK sports.

5. This was posted on about a month ago, but it becomes especially relevant now, considering the BCS mess this college football season has been.  It’s list of the 5 most overhyped sporting events in history  and I am warning you now, when you get to number 3, LOOK AWAY!! Does anyone else get the feeling LSU-Ohio St. might replace Florida-Ohio St. on that list?  And to further stick it to SEC-haters, where are the Pac-10’s nine bowl teams again? Oh yeah, they don’t exist.  LSU makes it 4 straight major NCAA titles for the SEC January 7th.  

6. You might want to get up to Louisville on Saturday because two of UK’s top football recruits will be playing in state final games. Lexington Catholic’s Winston Guy blocked a kick and ran for a score at the QB spot Lex Cath’s semifinal win.  They will play Lone Oak at 3:30ET in the 5A final. Then at 7:30ET you can see DT Matthew Smith and his St. Xavier Tigers play Louisville Trinity for the 72nd staright year in the 6A final. 

7. As expected, the Univeristy of Louisville will have new coordinators on both sides of the ball next season.  And the Courier-Journal’s Eric Crawford pointed out in today’s column that the changes may have started sooner than yesterday. 

8. Kentucky is headed back to Nashville for the Music City Bowl, but most would agree Florida State is a pretty good draw.  They are one of the few teams in the country where the midfield coaches handshake makes Rich Brooks feel youthful.  And if you haven’t heard, Bobby Bowden just signed an extension with FSU for an additional year and 2.5 million dollars.  Thats 357,000 dollars per win this season, and all the man does is drool on the sidelines.  Thats even makes A-Rod blush.

9. Also, congrats to Indiana University, who was selected to go to the Insight Bowl on New Years’s Eve.  Not only do the Hoosiers get to go to balmy Tempe for their bowl, they get a mediocre Oklahoma State team.  No team had to deal with more hardships this year with the death of their coach Terry Hoeppner. But IU fought through it and are headed to a bowl for the first time since 1993.

10. Finally today, I am a huge fan of the Sportscenter commericals that make athletes act stupid (i.e. Drew Brees driving a Madri Gras van and getting it stuck in the ESPN entrance).  But, I had forgotten how far back these commercials went and just how funny they have always been.  Here is a list of the To 10 Sportscenter Commercials, and I am guessing these are pre-2001, which is why Gheorghe Muresean is in one of them.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

31 responses to “Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click”

  1. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    do we know if there are actual issues with deandre’s academics? or is that just tipton again?

  2. Al Purnell here

    FIRST let me say great write up Intern. Second, why is there no mention of BOOGERS!

  3. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    In #2 link #2

    I only hope Larry Vaught incorrectly quoted Billy G. under the Legion chant section. If not, then we need to get a breathalizer over to the Craft Center stat!

    “Whoever gets it, earns it. No reason (for not playing him),” Gillispie said when asked about Legion.

    LOL. Whoever gets it earns it? Tubby, you hear this? Now you don’t even have to earn it first, you can just go get it and that earns it!

  4. Matt Jones

    I asked that question to Billy Clyde and Vaught got the meaning correct

  5. deWildcats

    Thanks Bryan – a few sports articles I would not have looked for but now that you have linked them – THANKS

  6. Jacob Adam Brooks

    I don’t understand why purist are so against instituting a playoff system for college football.

    If its just the top 8 teams getting into the playoffs, then the season is still very important. I don’t think the regualar season becomes less exciting simply because you add a playoff, with the way the rankings jumped around this year, you still have to worry everytime your team loses so each win is still vastly important.

    The main problem I hear is with the tradition of the bowls. Well right now the two best teams don’t even play in the bowls, and a lot of people don’t like that, so I have come up with a proposed solution thats actually very simple.

    Go back to a few years ago when there wasn’t a national championship game. There were just 4 bsc bowls, and a champion was determined after those bowls were played. Well, why not keep that idea, only add to it. Keep the four big bowls, Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, and Orange. Keep them, only put the top 8 teams as determined by the BCS into those bowl games.

    The winner of the 4 bowls should at this point have played 12 or 13 games depending on the conference. Now they are officially the 4 BCS bowl champions and all have a legit reason to play for the national championship. So why not just add 1 extra round and call it the national semi-final games. #1 in the BCS vs. #4…. then #2 vs. #3 You have the 4 big bowl champions squaring off in one added round. Its one extra weekend of games. Then the winners of those games goes on to be in the National Championship.

    If #4 beats #1 then they can say they won the Sugar bowl (for example), and the national semi-final game, so no one should be able to argue the legitamacy of them being in the championship.

    And thats it. You keep the tradition of your 4 big BCS bowls… and for the most part you can even keep the matchups close to the traditional ways. You also will usually lose the complaints from the purists that the best teams aren’t playing in the big bowls. (The Big Ten Champion is not in the Rose bowl this year or last year)

    BCS rankings determine 4 bowls, winners go to national semi-final round, winners play in national championship. You are only adding 1 round of 4 teams that would take up one of the 8 weekends that are currently not being used anyway. Not to mention the extra money you bring in for the nnew national semi-final round.

    More money, same tradition, more chance of getting it right.

  7. Al Purnell here

    ^^^^long post.

  8. Al Purnell here

    Grant Hills new endorsement deal with Sams Choice Cola

  9. David Shelton

    Great article about Ralph Beard.
    I had an old HS buddy years
    ago that had alot of inside
    info about the scandals. He
    said the Catholic Church really
    pressured the investigators
    to ignore the involvement of
    players from St. Johns, Seton
    Hall and Manhattan College.

  10. kingshill

    Hey shelton, which bowl is that commuter school of yours going to this year?

  11. Al Purnell here

    I think tha Ville is headed to the BeanieWeanie MULLET Bowl in

  12. Jacob Adam Brooks

    7) nothing else to ad to that Al? At least try sell some sausages to me or something….

  13. Al Purnell here

    lol. I agree with your post. I just hope LSU drills the ohio state ala Florida style.

  14. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    So Vaught misquoted Billy G. Just making sure the kids can’t go check themselves into games or write themselves on the starting lineup sheet to then be able to earn their playing time.

    Vaught got the meaning correct? It’s a misquote, no reason to give him an excuse. Whats the purpose of using or accepting quotation in journalism if it’s not accurate?

    We know what Billy G.’s motto is, let’s not encourage good enough for government work Matt.

  15. Jacob Adam Brooks

    13) I just don’t hear many people proposing that exact idea. It seems they get caught up with the bowls and think that if you add a playoff, then you can’t have those bowls or you can’t feature those bowls… they also seem to think that a playoff system would cost the bowl games a lot of money or that it would cheapen the regular season…

    with what I said, I don’t see how any of those things are a problem.

    and yes, LSU will hammer OSU, just like last year, only by slightly less points I think.

  16. kyeric

    For the love of all that is Holy…


    Thanks Hash…time to go cry.

  17. ukcatsfan2

    1) One of Rondo’s best games produced 12 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assists. From the point guard spot!
    2) Someone should explain that the turnovers we are creating are no the edible kind…
    3) Miller and Liggins will be the next dynamic duo!
    4) Ralph Beard is one of my all-time favorites. Because he played the game for the love of the game!
    5) Ohio State will need the next 30 days to get ready for an ass-beating they haven’t had in …. about a hyear
    6) I’d like to see what UK can sign in Football if they beat the toma-hawkers!
    7) Yeah, like right after the 40-34 was shown on the scoreboard!
    8) Bowden makes more in two games than Brooks does in a year! Is he worth it? We’ll see!
    9) Hep lives!
    10) Can’t stand Stuart Scott. He is so – North Carolinaish!

  18. cheekdaddy

    #6- I agree with you, however, how do we pick the 8 teams that get in. I propose this:

    The first 6 teams in are the conference champions of BCS conferences. There will then be 2 wild card teams, which are the two best records in the nation. Now, say there are 3 teams that are 10-2 and not conference champions: first you apply strenth of schedule or if applicable results of head-to-head matchups. This way you keep the voters completely out of the scenerio and nobody gets screwed, this year everyone would be happy. You’d have:

    Ohio St
    Va Tech
    West Virginia

    This is as close to nobody getting screwed as possible!!

  19. KCKUKFan

    Hey, good write up. By any chance are you Bryan Hash who just recently graduated from Western Kentucky University out of the broadcasting department?

  20. gossie21

    #18 Georgia out and Kansas in, and nobody gets screwed? I’m not sure that too many people would agree with that assessment.

  21. cheekdaddy

    #20-Thats true, also what about Missouri.

  22. The Truth

    Must be a slow day in UK news.

  23. TheGuyPitinoForgotToPutOnTheGuyThrowingTheBallInBounds

    Meh… you know Tipton is holding back something. C’mon Matt, use your Coach K Honor Roll Club connections to get Tipton a typin’.

    Thanks for the Brooks audio… I feel warm now.

  24. GoCats

    I promise i had every intention of viewing the top sportscenter commercials of all time but i will have to admit i went straight to the brooke burke and heather graham top ten video moments

  25. Jacob Adam Brooks

    18) people will gripe no matter what, however at this point the best chance to change the system is to change as little as possible. Just keep the BCS system, but use it to determine the top 8 teams, which will be the teams playing in the bowl games.

    There will still have to be the human element unless they change the BCS formula, but as for now, leave the BCS the way it is, just take the entire top 8 and thats your BCS bowl teams…

    from #9 on, you can use those teams for the other bowls. They like the BCS system as far as the rankings go (generally) just not the finality of it. Like, just because the rankings switched so much this last week, thats who we have playing in the championship.

  26. Jacob Adam Brooks

    25) I mean the top 8 will play in the BCS bowl games.

  27. Spanish Radio

    Hello Matt,

    What were Porter’s stats for the UNC game? How many turnovers did he have?

  28. AlohaStateWildcat

    Wow Lone Oak is in the state finals? That is not a typo?

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