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Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click

-Seth Davis has written an article about Michael Gilchrist, considered the best player in his class, and undoubtedly a UK target.  But, the focus of Gilchrist’s article is about how the young man is different from many of the top players of the past, as he lacks a swagger and doesn’t enjoy the attention.  It certainly raises a red flag in my head about how Gilchrist would handle the fish bowl atmosphere that is UK basketball

-Boy, Lebron’s image has really taken a hit because of this whole “Crawford dunked on me so I started crying” thing.  Lucky for us, The Angry T blog has compiled a bunch of videos Lebron couldn’t hide of him getting dunked on (twice by Courtney Lee) and also having his shot swatted.

-God played a nasty trick on us last week, when he allowed my girlfriend and Beisner’s ex-girlfriend, Erin Andrews, to get knocked in the face by a foul ball (tried to avoid innuendo’s there).  Andrews was forced to leave the game, but ESPN officials say she will be fine.  Whew.

-Last week, I posted how ridiculous the money that NBA players make.  BUT, I have to admit that they bring in alot of money as well.  I still can’t believe how much money Zydrunas Igugu had made over his career, but when you are 7-feet plus, you make alot of money.  But, if there is a more cushy sports profession than golfer, let me know.  Currently, there are 49 players who have made over 1-million dollars so far this season.  On that list of players are such mega-stars as Kevin Na, Steve Marino, Y.E. Yang, John Merrick, and Briny Baird.  Not to mention everyone’s favorite golfer, J.B. Holmes, who has only made the cut in 7 of the 16 events he has entered, and only made the Top 10 in 2 of those 7 events.  They don’t carry their own bags, have NO physical contact, play on the nicest courses in the world, have other people find their balls, and make absurd money.  It’s a pretty nice life on the Tour.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

24 responses to “Bryan the Intern’s Picks to Click”

  1. TheHoraceGrantHalftimeReport

    First. BOOM

  2. ChampDan

    Although I see your point, life on the tour isnt exactly the cushiest because you’re never guaranteed ANYTHING past the weekend that your playing. Other athletes get crazy 8 year deals that pay them regardless, even if they start sucking at the end of their careers, whereas a PGA player isnt getting $$$ unless he’s performing well THAT week.

  3. TayPrinceJr.

    No soccer links about how the Mexican coach kicked a player in the groin the other day and hot ejected for it?

  4. Chris Minton

    im wondering how long it takes one of the many humorless nuns who read this post everyday to complain that you mis-spelled ilgauskus’ last name. personally i like igugu better. it gives him a cuteness that is nonexistent, especially in hd.

  5. TayPrinceJr.

    ^got ejected

  6. blueball96

    Golfers dont get guaranteed money (generally) or a teamate to cover for them when injured or when having a bad day…Big Difference.

  7. blueball96

    Golfers dont get guaranteed money (generally) or a teamate to cover for them when injured or when having a bad day…Big Difference.

  8. Thomas Beisner

    Bitch deserved it.

  9. bleedingblu7

    As for Gilchrist…how did Chuck Hayes handle the fishbowl? I think MG would be fine, and UK better for having him.

  10. The Fake Fake Gimel Martinez

    It really bothers me when people complain about salaries of anyone. Especially atheletes (including golfers). If someone is willing to pay them that kind of money, then they are worth it. If golf didn’t bring in millions and millions of dollars from sponsors and ticket sales, they couldn’t afford to pay such big purses, but golf’s popularity has increased to a point where they can.

    Stop hatin’

  11. nybrasky

    Golfers without big time sponsors also have to pay their own travel, hotels, expenses, caddies (and their travel, etc).

  12. Mr Schwump

    Reckon Davis is disappointed that Duke has no shot for MG?

  13. coachclyde

    Athletes make the money they make because the market pays them. Even the worst NBA player has a unique skill set that few others in the world have (and before you mention how many people play basketball, think for a minute that the Earth’s population is 6 billion). If the market could no support an athlete’s salary, they wouldn’t be paid what they are. Unfortunately, teachers make $35,000 because the market has determined that that is a skill set that isn’t unique or highly specialized. While I (and others) may wish it were different, it isn’t.

  14. Fastcats007

    yo FGM whats your email?

  15. drpatky

    Golfers? I thought this was a sports blog!

  16. Dark Helmet

    For Gilchrist another reason to play for Coach Cal. Coach Cal has even brought my Swagger back. I walked into starbucks this morning and people
    thought I was a freakin’ young Mick Jagger/Lil Wayne. True Story

  17. nybrasky

    You wanna see some outrageous salaries? Check out the commissioners of each major sports league:

  18. KY Chip

    Is Rumbaugh down at the Peach Jam? Anyone down there for KSR getting info? I expected to see some updates this morning on who is really making a splash down there. Thanks!

  19. kyballer29

    This whole ‘dunked on’ concept is ridiculous and petty. Lebron should have cared less about the stupid video, but guys get dunked on every game. And it’s usually guys that are willing to play defense. More guys should be stepping in to take charges and getting dunked on. Not sure why it’s such a big deal that any guy over 6’0 can jump up and dunk a basketball over somebody else. Any athlete at that height should be able to jam it pretty easily.

  20. tltaworl62

    So what the point in your title being “Picks to Click” if there is no link on the Seth Davis article. You should retitle this post, things I have heard about that you can google. I am glad school starts back soon so the intern will go away.

  21. dreadpirate

    The Elephant Man plays golf? Who knew…

  22. litig8tr

    Not only do pro golfers have all the overhead mentioned by #11, and no guaranteed money, but we forget about all the years and years of practice and hard work they put in to get where they are.

    Think about this… of all the golfers in the world, only 49 make more than $1 million. Those are pretty tall odds.

  23. Beatle Bum

    NBA = Fishbowl

    Better to get “an education” prior to entering the NBA.