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Bruce Pearl hired by grocery company. You can’t make that up.


The wait is over, Bruce Pearl has a job. Pearl accepted a position with H.T. Hackney Co., a Knoxville-based wholesale grocery company that provides products to stores.  The company does not have a basketball team; Pearl will be the vice president of marketing. I believe he took the job to receive discounts on burgers, buns, and chips for future cookouts in his home, although, I can’t confirm that.

“I worked for 33 years — my entire coaching career — to get to a place like Knoxville,” the former coach said in a statement. “This is where my family lives, this is home. We have made life-long friends here and we are very blessed to have this opportunity.” [via GoVolsExtra]

With the new job, Pearl carries on the Tennessee basketball tradition of working at a grocery store after basketball.

We wish Bruce Pearl the best with his new endeavors. May all his produce be fresh.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

48 responses to “Bruce Pearl hired by grocery company. You can’t make that up.”

  1. Common Sense

    I bet his gold digging wife isn’t too happy about the sudden turn of events.

  2. Buckets

    No. Freakin’. Way.

  3. The Real Pioneer

    Its going to suck for that grocery company that they can’t even go to the tourney if they want to for three years….

  4. Madness

    Bruce…don’t squeeze the charmin.

  5. catscatscats

    With the new job, Pearl carries on the Tennessee basketball tradition of working at a grocery store after basketball.

    i lol’d

  6. Rest in peace Mel Turpin

    Translate Bruce’s statement, “Nobody in basketball with hire me. There are still hicks in Knoxville that think I’m cool because I can get younger girls.”

    Does a VP of a grocery make less or more than the coach of the Orange Suckers?

  7. DavenderCatTheSequel

    In related news, the Food & Drug Adminstration has notified H.T. Hackney Co. they are under investigation for accepting illegal kumquats.

  8. larry

    How appropriate it’s Hackney since he was pretty mucvh a HACK coach.

  9. Jimtown Catfan

    Nicely done Drew!!!

  10. Jones Returns

    This is perhaps the funniest and most ironic thing I’ve seen in a while. Hilarious! Any chance we’ll see Billy G. managing a liquor barn after he gets canned at Tech?

  11. Think inside the box

    Hey ladies don’t forget your tampax “pearls”

  12. Axe Cop

    Now he will able to acquire bronzer at rock-bottom, whole-sale prices.

  13. Al's IndiCats

    LMAO….A grocery store is the best place to pick up women, I’m just wondering how his wife’s melon stack up?

  14. Piggly WIggly

    NOOOOOOOOOO… Come on Bruce, you and I were meant for each other.

  15. macon_volfan

    I’m proud of Bruce. He had a 500K offer to coach in the DL, but turned it down for family, friends, and the love of a beautiful place to live. He has 2 kids in school (high school) and didn’t want to take them away from their friends. He is putting his college degree to use.

    I don’t really see a problem here. Coach Cal would be great at a similar job. Both her and Pearl are great at marketing. Cal is a better recruiter, and Pearl a slightly better in game coach (although it is a weak spot for both). I wish Pearl the best. Not really sure why he always got the ire of KY fans. He only said good things about the university of Kentucky while head coach at UT. He wasn’t an easy W for UK, like Buzz Peterson. I guess that explains that hatred.

  16. Newter Kanton

    Brilliant Mr. Franklin! That quote about working at a supermarket should be attributed to you on Wikipedia.

  17. macon_volfan

    I refuse to believe that you hate:

    a) Cuonzo Martin
    b) Buzz Peterson
    c) Macon_Volfan

  18. macon_volfan

    #17-plus, Drew I know you’re just doing yo job (and well, I might add) For others on here, it’s a true hatred of a man they’ve never met.

    Besides, if it’s hatred of all things Tennessee, why hate him now? Or is he tainted for life? Tee Martin? Randy Sanders? John Mauer??


    They found a job that an ex Vol Coach can handle…stocking shelves…Wonder if he gets to wear that Prisoner Sport Coat?

  20. Holden McGroin

    Drew, you’re a hoot man.
    MaconVolFan-i like Bruce too and i hate to see him gone, but i gotta admit that was funny, especially the part about the Tn tradition.


    whenever I see that Gawd Awful Color..reminds me of Cheating..That’s what the vols are known for….

  22. Tom Handy

    Macon_VolFan only comes out to play when there’s a faint whiff of the orange in the air…. most recoil from the scent but not Volfan!

  23. Aziz

    He should hook up with Wade Houston – didn’t he get into trucking?

  24. macon_volfan

    #22-I think UK has had major sanctions since the last time the Vols did. But don’t let facts get in the way of your hatred.

  25. john4uk

    Pearl will be coaching the stores entry in the local Independent Basketball League at the YMCA.

  26. Bruce Pearl's wife

    Look, I had sex with bag boys back in high school. I’m beyond that. Do any of you know anything about this Rick Pitino fella – I’ve been getting flowers from lately. He says he’s from UK or something like that.

  27. macon_volfan

    #24-indeed, little bro. Made more money in that than he EVER did in coaching. Did pretty well for a Kentucky boy.

  28. false story

    Supermarket Sweep…the greatest game show eva !

  29. kelkat66

    All kiddin’ aside…I am going to miss ole Pearl at Tenn. He was a bit wacky and he kind of brought something extra to the rivalry. Sounds like he might be done with coaching…I hope he ends up landing back somewhere in college basketball. Probably be awhile before that happens…

  30. Tom Handy

    #30 Unfortunately I have to agree, he is without question a good coach. I suspect somebody snatches him up pretty quick penalties or no….

  31. Sypher Knows How To Bag 'em

    Hey Bruce, come clean up in aisle 15!

  32. Holden McGroin

    19. macon_volfan, as i stated before-no hatred from me on Bruce. I liked him, i will miss seeing him go all full blown tantrum on the sidelines. He was actually comical to watch. I hated it that he lost his job and was hoping he would at least get another job coaching. I thought he was at the very least -colorful, great for the rivalry, and a good coach. And you are one Tn fan i wouldn’t mind havin a beer with, but ya don’t really expect to come to a UK site, and feel da love for Bruce do ya? That has about as much chance of happening as Calipari being commended on a Memphis site for being a nice guy. I always enjoy reading your posts, and as far as i’m concerned, you are one of the few TN fans that actually is welcome here.

  33. Salem Cat

    30) A “bit” wacky? That guy is nuts. Bruce in hanging around, just like the old crazy girlfriend you broke up with, hoping he can get F^%&ed one more time.

  34. macon_volfan

    #33–appreciate it, man. I know this is a rival site, but still gotta defend the good guys! ;-).

  35. Bastard Yak

    #29, my thoughts exactly. supermarket sweep was awesome! GO FOR THE BIRDS, YOU HAVE TO GET 6 BIRDS!!

  36. peoplewhowork

    It is kind of like Luke Skywalker, sure he is the bad guy and we want him to lose but, without him our hero, Darth Vader, would not be as cool. We need a personable evil doer to hate and Pearl was a good one to hate.

    Now, will that be paper or plastic.

  37. bigbluedude

    it will be hilarious when he visits one of the stores, and some of his former players come in to rob it

  38. Paducah Patty

    Well at least now maybe he can get an employee discount when shopping for his next barbecue!

  39. Paducah Patty

    Now he will get an employee discount when shopping for his next barbecue.

  40. futbal

    This is awesome! Joint this group! I did

  41. futbal

    This is awesome! Joint this group! I did

  42. Mike

    Wish that he could stock the Rocky Road ice cream in the Grocery.
    Put that apron on old Bruce Pearl and have him work the deli.
    Bag that order and make sure that he puts my loaf of bread on top.
    We need a clean-up cause some dang kid spilled soda-pop.
    Come on coach Pearl grab a mop.
    Rocky top, He’ll always be whistling your tune gleefully
    while he carrys out the bags for Calipari.
    While he carrys out the bags for Calipari.

  43. BlueInMI

    Funny! …maybe he can get BillyG a job as a stock boy

  44. STEVE!

    15 – Nice attempt to revise history, Macon Vol. Pearl was 1-6 against UK his last three years, with an average loss margin of around 15 points. I had no dislike of him. I hate to see Pearl go because the UT game had become as close to a sure Win as any game on our schedule.

  45. Jeff Morgan

    This is a natural transition. He has been selling cheese for six years and already has a cheddar colored suit.

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