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Broncos Coach Gets to Second Base with Danny Trevathan

(from The Big Lead)

Trevathan is learning that in the NFL, people just move faster.

Article written by Matt Jones

17 responses to “Broncos Coach Gets to Second Base with Danny Trevathan”

  1. douggercats

    Dude probably sits in his office all day and types “5318008” on his calculator and turns it upside down.

  2. Jezz

    If we had had Danny Trevathan for the Arkansas game, we’d only have lost 42-7 ! Dude was THAT GOOD !

  3. JazzyJ

    He is just checking for lumps in honor of breast cancer awareness.

  4. John Wall

    #2 that is hilarious, way to start the day

  5. Dougm68

    “here let me just massage your breasts”
    WTH man!?

  6. JD West

    Good, encouragement!

  7. RealCatsFan

    Was that dude a Nittany Lion back in the day?

  8. waveydavey

    I’d pay good money to get felt up like that

  9. Sandusky #197846

    He’s obviously just playing tickle monster.

  10. Aaron C Bunch

    My man with the pink hat on looks way too interested.

  11. Cincywildcat

    His headset was broke… Tune in Tokyo, Tune in Tokyo!! You motorboatin’ SOB.

  12. Carl

    That’s a little creepy, but if that’s what DT has to do to get playing time…I say “FEEL AWAY BIG GUY!!”.

  13. Rixter

    Trevathan had just been called for a hold (it was a bogus call), apparently the NFL is a hands on league, cuz the coach was demonstrating what DT did that was illegal

  14. OSUFAN98

    What does Matt Jones know about getting to second base…

  15. Cardz

    I’d rather watch Coach Cal pepper his eggs.

  16. BullDogBall

    Looks like Matt and Drew on any Saturday nite. Femaleless in Lexington…Oh, that’s right,Matt prefers Louisville males.

  17. uk3k

    @14 ask your mom..