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Bring on the Sooners!

Better pic here.

Kentucky landed their first round opponent in the Maui Invitational:  the Oklahoma Sooners!  Let’s hope they bring their mascot, Rick Pitino.

For those of you “Jonesing” for a matchup with Washington, there is potential in the second round as UK will play the winner (knock on wood) of Virginia-Washington.  Here is the full bracket:


Article written by Thomas Beisner

13 responses to “Bring on the Sooners!”

  1. calfornow1

    bring it on washinton puppies….1st

  2. Indycatfan

    You mean little Ricky Dribble leg? First

  3. mocha

    UW will get what they deserve, a big blue b*%#h slap.

  4. Indycatfan


  5. SagaciousMind

    3, if they play us. All their fans were sayin they’d beat us, especially cuz it’s the first of the year…but what they fail to realize is that we’ve been practicing and will have this trip to Canda for some earlier experience. I really wish Jones and Kanter could be playing though, was lookin forward to seein those guys. But it could be a blessing for Josh Harrellson…and Jon Hood.

  6. Indycatfan

    I agree 5. It might be that Josh may have to play most of the year if the NCAA takes their sweet time as usual.


    Hope the Huskies advance to face Kentucky, so we can humiliate them even more…

  8. WhiskerBiscuit


  9. wbguitar1

    why don’t they just give Sparty an engraved invite to the finals? MiSt can make reservations for the entire time w/o worrying. geez…

  10. kentuckyjoe

    Is there anyone in the world that can read or interpret this bracket?

  11. uksbiggestfan

    10) loser goes left…winner goes right? i guess, it is a pretty stupid lookin bracket tho lol

  12. mashburnfan1

    10} bracket seems easy to me. Winner goes to right side and loser to left side. Example, when UK wins we play winner of Virgins or UW.

  13. Blasphemy

    Let’s play a game of pick the easier half of the bracket in the first round.