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Bring on the Mocs! (Friday Show Thread)

Good morning, dear KSR readers. Today is the last show of the slow week and we’ll use it to look ahead to Kentucky’s next opponent, the Mocs of Chattanooga. A solid five to seven minutes of this morning’s show will be dedicated to the big game and anything outside of that is up in the air.

I will be joining Matt in studio for the first time in well over a month so be ready for some in-depth monotone analysis. We’d appreciate it if you called in and participated. (502) 571-1080.

Topics include:

— Chattanooga

— Khem Birch

— #OccupyMaysville

Have a listen…

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Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

237 responses to “Bring on the Mocs! (Friday Show Thread)”

  1. Paducah Patty

    Passing out Better than Crack Brownies at work. Wish I could send you all some through the show thread!

  2. KingTut

    BOO YAA!!!

  3. Bob Marley


  4. Lando CALrisian

    I heard from Dakich’s droid that if Cattanooga beat UK it wouldn’t be an upset. lol

  5. Bacon

    SEC All-Decade teams:

    Go be mean to this guy for ranking UK’s All-Decade team behind Florida’s.

  6. Jax Teller

    Patty – I’m sure your brownies are good, but Tyrone Biggums would probably disagree they are better than crack.

  7. Paducah Patty

    Well they won’t get you arrested.

  8. Hal's for Cal

    When does Camp Cal start?

  9. Blue Belt Brian

    Congrats Drew on finishing traffic school!
    I already miss your tweets.

  10. Jax Teller

    Tom Jurich sets the speed limit in the Insight Parking lot…somewhere he’s laughing at you Drew.

  11. Bucky Small Hooves

    Drew better not drive through Mason County anytime soon. Definite ticket.

  12. Frosty tips

    Look! Khem Birch is not coming to UK! I mean as of the last 10 minutes!! I spoke to his brother Simon!! It could change, but only if I say it. Simon says he’s staying!!

  13. Bastard Yak

    Matt knows how to butter up the sponsors!

  14. Mr5Below

    Jones is Rodrick Rhodes all over. I me pros!

  15. zack

    Morris always looked like he smoked a joint before the game

  16. Bucky Small Hooves

    Terence Jones is not selfish. If you recall, he shares the rap stage with 2 top notch MCs.

  17. Blue Belt Brian

    R.I.P. Christopher Hitchens

  18. Bucky Small Hooves

    Megan should not have missed her shoot. Replace the bum ankle with the healthy ankle in Photoshop. Two left ankles, who cares.

  19. Mr5Below

    Big girls of the 10, I mean girls of the big ten!

  20. Larry Orton

    Terrence Jones is a good kid!! He’s just misundastood!! He loves his momma!!

  21. CatsFanInKnoxville

    The Truth had better be Top 3 on that list. He is fantastic!

  22. Matt Walsh

    “WALSH IS GAY… WALSH IS GAY…” Yeah Matt that type of stuff never happens at Rupp Arena.


  23. Dills' Butterface

    Hey Drew…..did you go to Lindsey Wilson College?? If so, what years were you there?

  24. Bucky Small Hooves

    The injuries in Bloomington were not due to the insanity of the IU fans. A heavy midwestern co-ed inflicts a lot more damage than a feather-lite SEC hottie.

  25. BUCats

    Reminds me of the JWall, Cuz and Randall Cobb picture

  26. House

    It’s not Lupus.

  27. zack

    Yea i think matts right cause i remember in the music videos he walked with cane.

  28. PsychOfMSE

    He has H1N1. Swine flu.

  29. Robert in SC

    Dont make fun of lupus matthew. deadly disease.

  30. Jax Teller

    I heard Michael Bivins from Bel-Biv-Devoe has cataracts is bling in his right eye.

  31. Lando CALrisian

    The bass singer for Boyz to Men does have a disease, but he also had a falling out with the other members.

  32. Jax Teller

    Sorry, blind…

  33. Tyler

    I made the road trip to the Houston game a few years ago and their fans cussed at me and gave me the finger because Billy G kept complaining about the lack of Dr. Pepper and peanut butter crackers at the convenience store and how he was going to whip them

  34. Bastard Yak

    Dude from Boyz 2 Men has scoliosis.

  35. CatomicBomb

    My favorite caller is me, although I have never called in….

  36. Craig

    Fake Barney is THE WORST caller. When he comes on, I pull my earphones off and go take a bathroom break or get a cup of coffee so I don’t have to endure his annoying shtick.

  37. NJ

    Matt, Ray Charles could’ve called the case of “lupus” better

  38. RUPPS_rhetoric

    Sweet Dee from “Always Sunny” had Scoliosis in High School.

  39. Tyler

    I saw Tom Crean at Bullit East the other night and he had the same look on his face after the game-winning shot after he ate the chili cheese dog

  40. Oregon Trail

    I will destroy all your wheels and axles, and you shall die of dysentary. All that bear meat you have, that’s mine.

  41. zack

    I thought only George Costanza had Lupis

  42. Jax Teller

    The drummer from Hanson has Irritable bowel disease

  43. GoBigBlue

    5) the guy has the quality wins and loses reversed for UNC.. soo you can’t believe his opinions.

  44. ukclassof93

    The Truth is by far the best! Fake Lou Holtz is great too but a bit hard to understand!

  45. T Jones

    I’ll be accepting applications for a running mate for midnight runs to white Castle this week. I’ll officially be riding solo after this week. Turn all apps into my secretary Brian Long. Thanks

  46. Jax Teller

    Eloy Vargas definitely does NOT have scoliosis

  47. The Original Amy

    Scoliosis and Lupus are two very different issues. Scoliosis affects your spine and Lupus is a horrible skin related disease that also affects numerous parts of your body. Get with it Matthew. Not really comparable at all.

  48. blueblooded

    I talked to Kige, & the Boys to Men guy has the anorexic.

  49. KingTut

    He has “Cat Scratch Fever”….

  50. Bucky Small Hooves

    I love this “win, when?” segment. We need to review the entire upcoming schedule weekly. Then sing 100 bottles of beer on the wall.

  51. tfordstyle

    47. He’s off this morning. He also forget that T Jones destroyed everyone NC threw at him in the first half. It’s obviously not talent lol

  52. Lando CALrisian


    So is the real Lou Holtz. lol

  53. Dills' Butterface

    When you read the schedule before didn’t you think….Indiana “When”….I mean Win?

    It all depends on WHO shows up for the game!! Bama, Vandy, Florida are all possible losses, unless we bring our A-game and then we win all!!

  54. random hero

    Why isn’t Drew Franklin on more? He is radio gold.

  55. Ric Flair

    What about WKU when they were good during the Gillispie years?

  56. Janman

    Lmao, hey Drew win or aka when.

  57. KingTut

    I really wish I didn’t have an overwhelming urge to stab Dave Ramsey in the temple with a fork…

  58. JD West

    The hate days need to be switched; UT for football, UL for basketball.

  59. Bucky Small Hooves

    What if the Transy academic team plays UK’s? Who do you pull for? I would think Transy is the favorite, their thirst for knowledge is so robust they steal books from the library. That is going to be the worst movie ever.

  60. Bumpy

    Matt, the guy that voted for Kevin is actually a Uofl fan that has a cats pause account to stir things up

  61. Just wondering

    How did Drew hook up with KSR? Did you’ll have a casting call in Hopkins county at the local Elbro?

  62. Jax Teller

    So you’re saying Dave Ramsey started the Occupy Talk Radio 1080 movement?

  63. Wildcat4life

    Somebody should tell Kevin that there was a road to final four special covered by WLKY after the UNC game. Does Louisville have a final four special after a game?

  64. Hoss

    I think JT should replace the B2M guy, but they should write new songs for him where he only sings lyrics written by Mike the investment banker email guy. #teamkevin

  65. KingTut

    I don’t want to talk about him Matt, I want to stab him. With a fork. God, keep up….

  66. Jax Teller

    61 — I think he bought KSR a drink then flashed his impeccable eyebrows. Ballgame.

  67. Transy Clay

    UK couldn’t hold it’s own in the Beck center. Literally, they would be so astonished and rattled from the student section being within reaching distance of them and the gym being smaller than the Cancun Ball Room.

  68. Biceps of Butter

    The Truth is literally…um…special.

  69. CatsFanInKnoxville

    The actor to play The Truth has to be Jamie Foxx. He did a great job playing the homeless Nathaniel Ayers in “The Soloist”.

  70. DirtyD

    Didnt Gerald Wilkins play for the mocs “Dominique’s lil bro”

  71. Chris

    Cuba Gooding, Jr could play the Truth but he would have to play it like he did in Radio

  72. Wayne Rooney

    Sheray was so bad, when they used to have the DC All Star game, he wasn’t even in the main game of national stars vs the top DC area stars. He was in the undercard game of local DC players…

  73. Dom Papa

    Matt you should read your site. Some very good rite’n going on.

  74. Travis

    What are the fantasy team names for the BBN teams? Mine are Muffin Tops and Fire-Breathing Rubber Duckies…no UK names this year. How did you guys do in the first week of playoffs?

  75. Just wondering

    Thanks Jax, I figured it was something like that, or maybe a Make a wish type deal.

  76. Thick Rick

    slapnuts – win
    the truth – win

  77. Bucky Small Hooves

    Stay away from Canadian basketball. Way too much pot involved.

  78. TylerH

    Why aren’t you guys doing the show live from the Mason County Board of Education? #OccupyMaysville

  79. Salem Cat

    Looks like Drew has been on Wikipedia.

  80. Transy Clay

    God Is Not Great, The Truth Is Not Great

  81. BlueFins

    I haven’t voted for best caller, but I would like to start a Occupy KSR Phone line protest to keep the Truth from calling. At least for the next year! Our collective IQ drops when he calls.

  82. BCO

    Congrats to Christopher Hitchens, who is now the smartest person in hell…

  83. tpb400
  84. KingTut

    Ridge Runner, just got his Christmas present….

  85. Jax Teller

    KSRU with college students writing, if Annie can pass the math test does that mean she can get a post?

  86. CatsFanInKnoxville

    I met Hitchens at Transy when I as there as a student. I believe it was 2004 or 2005. He was giving a talk on Henry Kissinger, saying that he should be prosecuted as a war criminal. I don’t agree with him, but he was entertaining as a speaker.

  87. KidCody

    I go to UL. PLEASE let me know when the turtleman will be coming.

  88. Salem Cat

    Since when it is a mistake to hook up with a hot girl?

  89. he says she

    Who Cares about Dale Earnhart??

  90. Pin The Tail On The Beez

    Dont hate the player Chester, hate the game.

  91. juice

    I think we will hear it from the truth all the way till we hang the 8th banner this year!

  92. Transy Clay

    I love Ashley Judd’s driving husband, that foreign guy, with the fancy name.

  93. NoJortsNoProblem

    I don’t blame Dale Jr. for anything. He snagged a hot UK girl just like me. I also love the Dale Sr. tributes that UK are throwing up this year during made 3’s.

  94. zack

    I think if you told chester he had lupis he would believe you.

  95. Jeremy

    I hate jr he is a sack boy

  96. Oh Napier

    I’ll be with Turtleman on the U of L campus. It’ll be a bloodbath!!!

  97. cats1068

    I voted for JT

  98. PittDaddy

    I bet Chester bought a John Cena Rise Above Hate t shirt

  99. KingTut

    There’s worse things than giving Dale Earnhardt Jr. your sloppy seconds…. Has to mean you’re doing pretty good yourself….

  100. Salem Cat

    Dec 16, 2011. The last day anyone will ever mention Chritopher Hichens.

  101. hodetrips

    Best part of the next 7 games–ALUMNI BAND will be playing.

  102. random hero

    I wish Beezer and Drew were on once a week, switch up the style some.

  103. cats1068

    New show. The Weasel and the Sack Boy.

  104. Al's IndiCats

    The reason Slap Nutz hates UK is because Kyle stole his Toothed Redbird Gal also

  105. Paducah Patty

    I enjoyed listening to Christopher Hitchens speak. Didn’t agree with him on everything but he was a gifted and talented man.

  106. PittDaddy

    I wish Tony V would paint his dang house already.

  107. ukjonese

    if UL beats the Hoosiers we will have to hear the cards are better than the cats. I’m tired of Hoosiers and card fans not knowing their place….retreaded tractor tires on the farm! Go Cats!

  108. Jim Ross

    Is it me or is that a house slipper and not a moccasin?

  109. Jeff Harral

    Flavor Flav would play The Truth in a story of his life.

  110. Da Truth


  111. zack

    109, I was thinking old dirty bastard but i think hes dead

  112. Mark Krebs

    I’m about to go all Travis Ford on this acting thang!!

  113. Salem Cat

    Hichens, What a brave man to take on a monster like Mother Theresa.

  114. Fevin

    Scheduling the Louisville way:
    win at home vs. Tenn-Martin
    win at home vs. Lamar
    win on the road at Butler: Butler also lost to Evansville, Valpo, and Ball State
    win at home vs. Arkansas State
    win at home vs. Ohio
    win at home vs. Long Beach State
    win at home vs. Vandy: Cleveland State beat Vandy at Vandy
    win at home vs. IUPUI
    win at home vs. FAIRLEIGH DICKERSON

    They way UL schedules is a reflection on what they feel like their program is…CUPCAKE

  115. StanTheMan

    Dude Louisville Sucks

  116. secretagent0014

    Ordering from fanoutfitters is just like line four on the fanoutfitters hotline, it never delivers.

  117. Transy Clay

    Cats 402 to Mocs Zip, but MKG will be held to under 200 points.

  118. Samantha Ryan

    Speaking of spreads!! #Liveaction

  119. harold

    Hey Matt, do you have a box set of Waylon Jennings greatest hits??

  120. CatsFanInKnoxville

    Does Poole leaving hurt the APR/Scholarships?

  121. tr

    My favorite caller is a combo… it’s every U of L fan that calls saying they have better things to do than watch ball games, like going to 4th street!

  122. zack

    Scotty hopson

  123. Stacey Poole

    I’m at White Castle!!

  124. Line 4

    I really dislike Kentucky Chucky. I wish he would be put on line 4 every time. By far, my most disliked. I love the Truth. Scotty Hopson was top 10.

  125. BCO

    Rondo wasnt top 10?

  126. Matt Jones Mom

    What about Bender?

  127. Scotty Smallballs
  128. TrinityPills

    Rivals had Scotty Hopson at #5 nationally and #2 at his position.

  129. tr

    Hopson was 4th in Rivals

  130. The Rev.

    Best caller – Jon Hoods twitter. Would anybody like to go to the lake?

  131. PsychOfMSE

    Hopson was top 10 on all the major recruiting sites.

  132. 7aintenough

    You can count Rondo, even if he was an Oak Hill guy

  133. MJ

    Hopson was top 10 in a least a couple of rankings.

  134. RYNO


  135. Chris

    Scotty Hopson was top 10 on Rivals

  136. BC

    Scotty Hopson was the #5 overall player rated by rivals in the 2008 class

  137. Floyd

    Houston was top 5

  138. Bobby Budnik

    Hopson was #5 by Rivals. Get it right or pay the price.

  139. Catsantonio

    Hopson was #9 according to ESPN

  140. wildcat sue

    i wish drew franklin was on the show more often. he’s perfect

  141. HugoCabrera

    Whoa..whoa, before this guy starts his analysis, is he a radio or .com guy? I need a coach. One who watches tape.

  142. cats1068

    Matt , a shout out for Corey Peters’ 13 yd fumble return for a TD last night vs the Jaguars. Show him some love.

  143. kyrgaines

    I think Carlos Hurt was his name…. last top 5 player that transferred to Moore H.S. and signed with Louisville.

  144. random hero

    Two of the Mocs are from Science Hill, in Johnson City Tn, where ETSU is and where I’m from.

  145. Joker

    I love Twitter!! #Rise

  146. jross69

    Jason Osbourne had to be top 10

  147. Transy Clay

    Chris Early follow Mr. Cobb

  148. TrinityPills
  149. Ukclassof93

    Carlos turner.

  150. HugoCabrera

    Hopson shot up in the very last Rivals rankings. Was always a top-15 player, but spurned KY, which gains you a few spots.

  151. Kidnut

    LOL, Matt’s reality distortion field is up about Scotty Hopson

  152. tr
  153. Line 4

    Has Matt Jones ever been to Dudley Baesler’s house off the Athens-Boonesboro exit? My father-in-law bought that house last December.

  154. Straightbent

    Megan Dills story has now hit front page of Yahoo…..

  155. kyrgaines

    149…good call. Got him mixed up with the kid that stabbed his g.f. from fairdale.

  156. tr

    Just because he had a terrible flat top and his head leaned to the right didnt mean he wasnt a great high school player.

  157. Dills' Butterface

    Hopson was #5..go look up the Caldwell Co. vs UHA box score, Hopson’s Sr yr, where you will see that he got lit up for 40+ by Matt Fraliex, a junior, who signed with Murray but later transferred.

    Hopson was the most Over-rated player in the class. He was/is lazy which is why he didn’t end up at UK.

  158. ukjonese

    I’m sorry but rhythmic slapping sounds.. that’s kinda funny (NOTE: I do not condone rhythmically slapping our youth)

  159. Mr5Below

    Happy birthday to Kaleena Azabookie and Allen Edwards!

  160. Last caller

    Was he the old man from Beavis and BUTTHEAD?

  161. 7aintenough

    You all need to look up a version of “Teach me How to Dougie” called “Teach me Bout Kentucky”. I’m not sure who exactly sings it, but our friend Terrance Jones actually has a verse in this. It’s worth a listen, kind of funny to be honest

  162. mhmm

    Will there be an old school podcast from the King of the Bluegrass?

  163. harold

    rumor is World Wide Wes has gotten involved with Bazz, looking good for the Cayts!!

  164. Kidnut

    Drew is talking about all the anvils on Dixie Highway taking out short timers.

  165. Jax Teller

    There might be a lot of buffets on Dixie Hwy, but none of them can compare to the chocolate fountain at the Golden Corral.

  166. zack

    This guy has to be willis’ biggest fan he mentions him every call.

  167. HugoCabrera

    Drew –
    Lexington New Year’s Eve @ TrusT with DJ Crooked vs. Louisville’s New Year’s Eve Latin Dance Party
    Where you at?

  168. harold

    Did Larry just finish wind sprints before he called in?

  169. Al's IndiCats

    I watched Rex Chapman play in the King of the Hill when he slammed a most awesome dunk I ever saw from a white kid.

  170. philip

    D Franklin does write the funniest stuff on KSR site, hands down!!

  171. cats1068

    Jax Teller, you are dead on it. And don’t forget about the cotton candy machine.

  172. Josh

    Rajon Rondo has as sweeet new website

  173. harold

    Jason is the best caller on the show!!! He needs to call Paul Finebaum!!!

  174. Bobby Booshays momma


  175. zack

    Annie gets knowledge from KSR, for her 16 entrance exams to cooking school.

  176. cats1068

    Matt, where’s the Cory Peters’ love after his TD on national TV last night?

  177. Blue Genius

    Annie got confused on what to study when she decided to take the “bar” exam. ; )

  178. RidgeRunner

    Turtlman is coming. Are you ready? MUHAHAHA

  179. RidgeRunner

    Will pay for spelling lessons…

  180. Jax Teller

    178 — Best day of your life?

  181. TeamHung

    155 Turner was the jackwagon who stabbed his girlfriend. BTW who suggested Bender? That moron thought he was going pro after they won state his sophomore year. What a great college career he had….oh wait. No he didn’t, I believe I saw him working the drive-thru at White Castle on 7th street last weekend.

  182. correy peters

    yeah you see me rumblin

  183. Paducah Patty

    I feel bad for Annie. Sounds like she thinks she’s bad at math so she automatically is, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  184. Mr. Clean

    I was walking in my backyard the other day when I fell into an abandoned mine shaft.

  185. sheff

    im listenin to ksr at larue county school Go big blue!

  186. RidgeRunner

    Jax teller… I hear ya man. Makes me wanna go out and catch a tree frog or somethin’! heh? Good stuff!

  187. KentuckyRosie

    at the beginning of every season since Buke left, i find myself thinking “Man, we would be great if buke would’ve come back.” He left so early I still think he would be around. *memories*

  188. zack

    Edwards played pretty good in the 98′ Duke game, he was solid.

  189. Allen Edwards

    I hit that 3 that one time, and I’m from South Beach!!

  190. Ric Flair

    Mason County Choir boys vs Nelson County Geometry class in a fight for the Intercontinental Championship!

  191. Jax Teller

    Alex is in orchestra class for the ladies.

  192. Big Blue Nation

    Allen Edward was the difference maker in 1996 in a 5 point win on the road over the Tubbt coached Georgia team, closest game all season in a win.

  193. zack

    What do these kids go to Maysville Juilliard school for music.

  194. RidgeRunner

    185..Expect Occupy movements there soon.

  195. Kidnut

    Deron Feldhaus scored 25+ points in the big win against LSU in Rupp.

  196. Jax Teller


  197. harold

    Allen Edwards with a reverse dunk against UCLA in the NCAA tournament. Kris Johnson then stated that he wished he went to UK because of the fan support. Every game is a home game for UK

  198. Lando CALrisian
  199. Scotty Smallballs

    This Alex kid has to be a senior. My senior year I took “Co op” and “Teacher’s aide”

  200. RidgeRunner

    196…LOL –what more can ya say.

    Come Getcha Summmm

  201. ShepKAt

    Wazoo IS carrying the game – check wazoo site

  202. secretagent0014

    Anything from 98, Edwards was awesome! Also another memorable Edwards moment. There was a big after party at Commons after the big uk nba all-star game in 98. A fight broke out and there was a shooting, when Jimmy Robinson was shot. Anyways, everyone scattered and Allen Edwards was in front of out apt. hiding behind an electrical box. So all 6’6″ of Edwards was hiding behind this tiny electrical box.

  203. Fake Shane from Grayson

    The game is on Wazoo tomorrow. I have air antenna (yes, old school rabbit ears), and Wazoo ran a scroll across the screen yesterday that they WILL carry the game.

  204. TrinityPills

    Felton Spencer was born in 1968. Not exactly a recent high school grad.

  205. Dills' Butterface

    Danyell Macklin went to Fresno State/ Western Ky and then to Lindsey Wilson College and he was a BEAST!!! He played in high school in Louisville.

  206. Big Blue Nation

    Allen Edward was the difference maker in 1996 in a 5 point win on the road over the TUBBY coached Georgia team, closest game all season in a win.

  207. RidgeRunner

    1998 big moment for our team is how Cameron Mills killed his role coming off the bench & hitting 3’s. Crazy!

  208. Champ


  209. Charlie Day

    AT&T Uverse totally pwns Insight. Twice the channels for the same price and better services.

  210. paulprp

    Danyell Macklin played HS at PRP. Went to WKU, then transferred to Fresno State to play for Tarkanian

  211. Jax Teller

    Looks like the game will be on ESPN3 as well.

  212. B

    UVERSE – The game’s either on FSN-South (Have to buy the $5 premium HD tier) or on the Full Court Package

  213. Matts waitress

    Hey guys what channel is teen mom.

  214. Insane cat posse

    Edwards was a BEAST in practice!!!!!!

  215. harold

    1998 would equal the 2011 team

  216. harold

    allen edwards=antwain barber

  217. GeorgeMuresan'sManhood

    from coach Cal:
    TV coverage for Saturday’s game vs. Chattanooga on CSS: Insight – channel 505 in Kentucky with a digital cable or mini-box. Also: Dish Network – HD channel 429, non-HD channel 420; DirecTV – HD channel 631 (YESHD); AT&T U-verse – YES (channel 702 in most of KY)

  218. cats1068

    Corey Peters, clap clap clap clap clap, Corey Peters, clap clap clap clap clap…

  219. Dills' Butterface

    210…I didnt put them in order. I was @ LWC when he came to LWC. He was good as long as he had his “green” before the game.

  220. Paducah Patty

    My last day of work/school until 2012!! I’m going to try and not get hit by an anvil on the way home.

  221. KentuckyRosie

    This is what drew requests at Drakes to get all the girls to his table.

  222. renee

    CAl posted this on facebook:
    TV coverage for Saturday’s game vs. Chattanooga on CSS: Insight – channel 505 in Kentucky with a digital cable or mini-box. Also: Dish Network – HD channel 429, non-HD channel 420; DirecTV – HD channel 631 (YESHD); AT&T U-verse – YES (channel 702 in most of KY)

  223. Mossiello Hater

    Went to Basketball camp Tubby’s first year, coming back from Gym one night Mossiello see me walking behind him. I hear him say ” I guess this kid is gonna chase me down for an autograph”, he stops…I laughed and kept walking, what a JERK!!!!

  224. Dills' Butterface

    Danyell was a really good player, he just didn’t ahve a very good work ethic. He wanted everything to be handed to him.

  225. Ukclassof93

    Oh Ive got it now, there are Two drews. Clears a lot up for me!

  226. TylerH

    Matt, I’m also a little concerned with your recommendation for the movie ‘Before Sunset.’ Is that the movie you watch by yourself after you go to Qdoba and read?

  227. Dills' Butterface

    Wow, how old does the Leprechaun Masiello look these days?

  228. Karen Sypher

    I came out under Pitino, and you couldn’t melt me down and pour me on a job!! 🙁

  229. HugoCabrera

    Serious question: If Tubby coached the last three teams, how many banners?

  230. Chris

    Tubby was a good coach he was just stuck in one style of play, he was the only one to hold Rondo under 20 points.

  231. tpb400

    Pitino in 92, no player on Grant Hill…laettner makes shot.
    Cal in 2011..drops 4 players behind half court and point guard gets picked…watford makes shot.
    Tubby Smith in 98 picks Duke up full court and Avery misses a 40 foot off balance shot.

  232. Dills' Butterface

    The people that say Tubby won with Rick’s players have never coached a team, or been part of a staff, in their life. It is not easy to take over a group, get them to buy into your system and then make all the necessary coaching moves to win the games he did.

    It is crazy to hear people say that. It is dumb. I bet Tubby could do better with Louisville’s teams than Rick has done in the past 11 years. Tubby can’t recruit as good as a lot of coaches, but he can coach!!

  233. Jax Teller

    Can somebody please send the Chris Johnson quote to Shabazz…I think he might be interested in hearing that.

  234. Waterboy

    KSR business opportunity. Make KSR shirts.

  235. Dean

    Preston LeMaster

  236. zack

    216 thats dumb

  237. Dane Brammage

    Those moccasins are Coach John Shulman’s.

    If you scratch the picture, they will smell like Chris Early’s butt.