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BREAKING: Tony Trocha exists

Thanks to the fine people at City League Hoops TV, we now have actual proof that Tony Trocha does indeed exist. Trocha has had his share of headlines in Kentucky basketball newswires over the past few months, but the 6-foot-10 Colombian big man couldn’t be found on YouTube — or even a Google image search — until now.

Finally, Tony Trocha has a mixtape. Finally.

Watch him ball at the adidas Nations.

And in case you missed it earlier this week, Trocha is done with high school, will enroll in college in December, and has an offer from UK.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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30 responses to “BREAKING: Tony Trocha exists”

  1. Trocha's Rep

    Come on down!

  2. Seriously?

    This guy would get less playing time than Vargas. He’s a billy Clyde recruit

  3. AWAT

    I really dont think we need this guy. I think we are set with Noel, Cauley and Wiltjer (though he will play forward) in the big’s spot. Waste of a scholly IMO.

  4. Rockfield, KY

    looks really slow, unathletic for 6’10”, and raw

  5. what the what

    all big men highlights are the same:

    – dunk
    – dunk
    – block
    – SWAT
    – mediocre footwork leading to another dunk
    – dunk
    – oop

  6. tltaworl

    He has an offer for a reason.

  7. CATS

    He pretty much looks like our other big men to me. Dunks and blocks. We only had one glimpse of his jump shot in this video and it looked nice. Not sure how consistent he would be with it though. Even though I would like to keep more scholarships open for the 2013 class, I don’t think I would mind him coming mainly because our roster next year looks like it’s only gonna have Willie Cauley-Stein as our center. This guy would be a nice backup to him. All of this of course depends on if Nerlens stays or goes to the NBA. Right now it looks like he is going to the NBA, but I really wish he would pull a Terrence Jones and stay for his sophomore year.

  8. John Wall

    he looks ok, kinda slow

  9. Smyrna_Cat

    mix-tapes are useless … it is nice to see one for an atheletic player like John Wall. Beyond that, it is silly for posters to decide whether we “need” a player based upon a tape. I trust Cal.

  10. Kaboom

    A guy who can come in an get a jump on training with Cal half a year before the recruits in his class make it on campus sounds good to me. Its not like theres that many great centers in 2013. Ill take a kids with tons of very raw talent and a smart mind being somewhat developed by the start of the ’13 season as opposed to any other big man option so far.

  11. Kaboom

    And we cant be too sure Cauley will stick around multiple years, though I wouldnt do him the injustice of comparing him to Orton.

  12. Devastatioin INC

    his jersery says #105? That is kinda weird.

  13. asdf

    Why do they still call it a mixtape if there’s no longer any actual tape involved?

  14. 502Cat

    What about the dude dishing it to him? He had a few really nice passes in there.

  15. Will Totten

    Looks like the kind of player that would struggle off the bat, not terribly athletic for someone his size, but has all the physical tools to be good down the line. I hope he comes to UK, you can never have too many 6’10 guys on your team, especially ones who project well down the line

  16. Mr. Stokes

    I can teach him how to stretch so Mr. Jimmy will not make fun of him!

  17. Smiffanator

    This guy is not very impressive.. He is not very athletic, he has terrible foot work, does not have very good ball awareness, and does not seem to be to inclined in basketball smarts. It does not seem that he puts himself in a possession to score, he just waits to the ball gets to him then tries to shoot over them. Great big men can get by with out great athleticism by fighting to always be in good scoring possession (most young big men are not taught this anymore). From this tape he does not seem to be worth a scholly.

  18. Will S

    Shocked that Cal offered him a scholly. But who are we to 2nd guess the recruiting expert. I’m sure there’s a reason.

  19. Suffo-Cats

    Looks like raw big man that would benefit from going against the best in practice… A two year developer to me. Bring him and let Nerlens, WCS, and the coaches turn him into a pro. Will be able to play Euro-ball at worst, at best a mid first rounder.

  20. James K

    I am really not seeing this one. Bad hands, not athletic, slow shot… are we just networking here or what?

  21. James K

    And I don’t think James Young is all that great, either. Not seeing either. Pass, Cal! Pass!

  22. Mr. Blonde

    I think we are seeing our first 4-year Cal recruit.

  23. bpisforuk

    reminds me of a freshman Perry Stevenson…i don’t see much playing time for him at UK outside practice unless he improves greatly.

  24. Jack

    I would like to see him at UK. You can never have enough 6-10 Players with skill. He has a lot to work on, but he isn’t a one and done player. Look how much better he has gotten since his last video. He can only get better.

  25. Fat Cat

    He would be a good get considering that he would potentially develop and stay for four years.

  26. G-Unit

    OMG you all, this guy is being recruited for NEXT year… no Center prospects are giving UK a look…. Noel is 1 and done and Cauley said in a skyped interview he is coming to UK to try for a title and then go make big money… Both will likely leave, especially with a weak draft…

  27. Bill K.

    LOL, I love the armchair QB’s. If Cal wants him I trust Cal!

  28. Parker

    “G-unit”- he is not a “NEXT” year player he is a mid-season transfer…

  29. G-Unit

    28 – Cal is recruiting him with 2013 in mind… not 2012… thats what I mean. We already have 2 7-footers… you get this guy and he gets a 3 month jumpstart on learning the system and improving…. thats what i meant

  30. Dave / NM

    I say give the kid a spot and develop him for 2013.