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BREAKING NEWS: Billy Gillispie Checks into Alcohol Rehab


After a couple of days of speculation and a report out of Houston, it has now been confirmed that Billy Gillispie has entered the John Lucas Center in Houston, Texas to begin alcohol rehab treatment. As many know, Lucas struggled with his own addictions in his post-playing days and his rehab center is well-known for its ability to help those with similar struggles. Gillispie had been reported to be in Houston working with Lucas and it is likely that after that time, he made the decision to enter the facility.

As many know, we have been hard on Gillispie for some time on this site, especially for his actions in the past year. Having said that, I believe in redemption and know firsthand the way in which alcoholism can ruin lives. I applaud Billy Gillispie for his decision to seek help and I wish him nothing but the best. I have spent a great deal of time making Gillispie jokes and his problems with alcohol have been a punch line for many on this blog. That ends today. The first step in changing behavior is to admit having a problem, and that step is often the most difficult. With Gillispie’s decision, he has taken that action today and I pray that this becomes the step necessary to turn his life around.

Article written by Matt Jones

80 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Billy Gillispie Checks into Alcohol Rehab”

  1. MGH

    Most responsible and intelligent thing the man has done in ages. All the best.

  2. bnoe

    i guess this answers the “Where in the world is Billy Gillispie” question that has plagued this site for months.

  3. HoratioCane

    Really? No more jokes? I’m going to set the over/under on number of days it takes a KSR writer to crack a BCG joke at 6.5

  4. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    Best of luck, Coach. Hopefully this is a turning point.

  5. ukforever

    Well said Matt….and good for Billy G.

  6. fearnloathing20

    Jesus Mr. Jones you truly are megalomaniac. “I will not make fun of Billy any more.” Clearly your gripping writing and intelligent gaffes were too much for Billy because clearly his deep obsession with what you say is the reason for his problems. For Billy I thank you Mr. Jones for your benevolence and mercy on poor Billy. You have done a great deed today and we shall sing your praises to the heavens.



  7. WildcatDJ

    The guy is a really good coach when he is not staying drunk. See UTEP and Texas A&M. The bright lights at Kentucky got the best of him.

    Good luck to him in his recovery.

  8. John Wall Is My Hero

    good move on clyde’s part. i also know first-hand what alcoholism can do to a person and a family. nice post matt.

  9. silvereagle

    #7’s log in name provides insight to the hostility he displays

  10. spurlock14
    Amateur, but at least I tried!

  11. TheWaitFor8

    I guess bcg is taking up the bledsoe mantra…best of luck to him in rehab

  12. TheWaitFor8

    …I may b a little skeptical though…do you think this could be a stunt his lawyer cooked up to try to get negotiations back in his favor….thoughts?

  13. AssistByJohnWall

    Did anyone know about the “Silent Duck”? Gez, glad that secret is finally out…

    Let’s see what the President is up to;hl=en&amp;v=Cg89ZnNJ_KQ

    Fisting, not to be confused with fist bumping.

  14. mashburnfan1

    13} get a life. It is not a stunt it is a sickness. Thank goodness BCG now understands he has a real problem. The UK contract is not the problem he will get paid a lot if not all of that money. The main thing is the health of BCG and the risk his illness put many others at by drunk driving etc. Best wishes to you BCG, hang in there as some people still believe in you and you have many fans.

  15. bestdamnukfanperiod

    Wonder if they will make him eat Pop tarts?

  16. Gaytor Hater

    Let’s be honest here. What choice does he really have? This can’t help his case against UK. He really does need help and i’m glad he’s getting it but let’s not kid ourselves. The man had to do this to help his image. I guarantee you someone was in his ear about this.

    15. Alcohol abuse is not a sickness.

  17. TheWaitFor8

    Get a life? I just wished him the best in my posy right before that….just being a little cynical that’s alll. Just saying its quite a coincidence he chooses to get help now. If it is sincere I do truly wish him the best. Chill out, I guess I’ve just seen one to many public figures do things to sway opinion rather than do so bc they truly believe in. Whew…my prayers are with him just hope its sincere that’s all.

  18. TheWaitFor8


  19. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (17) Alcoholism is, though. If you disagree, just check with the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, or the American Psychological Association

  20. PuddingTime4543

    I hope he gets the help he needs. Good luck Coach!

  21. AssistByJohnWall

    #17 – Gaytor Hater – Alcohol abuse is a disease

    You must be a youngun’

  22. Todd_Svobodas_Lunchbox

    Alcoholism is a disease, but 15 is naive as a 4 year old girl if he thinks PR and damage control didnt play a role in this. Had he not been pulled over in Anderson a couple of weeks ago there is no way he goes into rehab. This helps improve his chances of getting another coaching job somewhere and a better settlement from UK. Best wishes to him nonetheless, hope he can make some posititve changes in his life. There’s no way to say this without it sounding condescending, but Clyde definitely needs a little dose of humility if he’s ever going to change for the better.

  23. SagaciousMind

    I think he made this decision after being presented the option and realizing that taking initiative will not only benefit him now, but in the future as well. He will benefit himself now by getting his disease under control so he can go back to a healthy lifestyle. Yes this decision may affect him professionally and from a job standpoint, but I do not believe that is his only reason for checking into rehab. He may not be married, but he still has family, a mom, and I am sure they helped play a vital role in him realizing he needed help and this being his best option. If he makes it through rehab, goes to AA and stays sober, then he will have done this to better his life, not just for publicity so people would consider him as an option. He has made took a very crucial step in getting his life back together, and not an easy one to take. After many years of drunken incidents, I think he might have finally realized he does need help. Best of luck to him.

  24. AssistByJohnWall

    #23 – Todd_Svobodas_Lunchbox – I appreciaite your opinion, BUT… it’s a limiting assumption which you are unable to prove and only interject to insult Gillispie even further as someone who is permanently flawed.

    I like to think that everything is possible and have proof that no matter how bad people are or can be they have just as much potential to be good. Therefore, it is possible that Gillispie had a ‘realization’. It’s possible that lawyers and public relations (PR) people aren’t behind every move that everyone makes.

    We are human, we make mistakes, and when put up against the wall, we can only hope we have friends that are still there to give us guidance. And hope that we will then listen.

    How do you know Bill Self, who is a good friend of Billy’s didn’t approach him after the DUI and tell him what he needed to do or he could forget his phone number?

    How do you know Billy didn’t see that dreadful mugshot of himself and say, “Yep. You got whipped son.”

    You don’t know. Neither do I. You say he’s doomed. I say he’s not. Give the human being some credit for a change as if you don’t then you projecting a bad future for yourself if you ever get knocked off the tracks.

  25. John Wall Is My Hero

    agreed 25. maybe billy say my photo with him on top of mt. fuji and said ironically i’ve reached the highest peak in japan but at the same time
    have reached a new low in my life. i like to think that photo is what drove him to rehab. at least i’ll keep telling myself that.

  26. ukpastor

    Good for Billy. If he is able to overcome his problems he will have one heck of a story to tell that could help lots of people. Sometimes we are put in terrible situations we don’t understand in order that we might be a help to others later.

    I’ve gotta say, I didn’t like BCG much as a coach, but if his coaching/people abilities were being hindered by his addiction I think we as the BBN ought to reach out to him and show him a little love. Matt is right, and we should all believe in redemption.

  27. HackRichards

    This is his make or break point. He will either rebound and become the BCG we wanted him to be OR the alternative is NOT pretty.

    If Tony Dungy, Cameron Mills and Joel Osteen went to talk to him also that ultimate decision presented to him would be highly in his favor and make it easier for a recovery.

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    […] UPDATE: Caught this through A Sea Of Blue, Matt Jones has a great post that I hope the UK faithful reads. Kentucky Sports Radio […]

  29. BravoBigBlue

    My initial reaction is good for him – I hope it helps. But when I really think about it, his alcohol abuse is only one of many issues with this guy. Look at how he treated the players, former players, Tom Leach, Jeannine Edwards, sponsors, boosters, etc. He is an a-hole, period. Good for him that he is at least seeking help for his alcohol problem. However, my opinion of him has not changed one bit because of this.

  30. AssistByJohnWall

    Holy Crap! The date today is 9/9/9. That’s the number of the beast inverted, which is actually the real number of the beast.

    Both numbers retain the counterclockwise spiral and the significance is ENORMOUS.

    Someone go protect John Wall until this day is done.

  31. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    All I know is that going into treatment is about so much more than basketball. We’re talking about this guy’s life here. Not “life” as in “livelihood”, but as in his heartbeat and brainwaves. He could die without treatment, not to mention what could happen to those who might cross his path/lane.


    Is it true that Billy Only enter the Lucas Center in order to get an Inside track on the Recruitment of Jai Lucas?

  33. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    ^ok, that was sorta funny

  34. UKDini

    Yeah, and there are no guilty people in prison either. Good for Billy G to get help. Let’s hope it doesn’t help his settlement and let’s also hope he never gets
    a head coaching job again ever. Keep believing the good, expecting the bad is the money winner.

  35. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (35) no one’s saying he’s a victim, but to say “alcoholism isn’t a disease” is just uneducated

  36. Muser24

    Geez people, some of you speak like alcohol addiction doesn’t involve choice. There’s a thing called personal responsibility. Every night Billy Gillispie made a choice whether to go out and party or stay home. And, though some professionals may call it a disease, ask people dying across our world of real diseases whether it is or not. When you have a choice, (no matter how weak a person you are) it’s hard to label it that. Obviously he has a “problem”. I have no issues calling it that. But society has started to look upon alcoholics like people with brain cancer. I don’t have the same compassion for alcoholics… especially those who step behind the wheel. If he would have killed your child on the road that night, we’ll see how much compassion you’d have for his “alcoholism”. This is his third encounter with a DUI. I view him as a pathetic human being.

    I’m glad he’s going to rehab, but that shouldn’t wipe his slate clean. I would also like to see him become a better person first. I question his motives too, but that doesn’t really matter, as long as he fixes himself. But let’s not kid ourselves, this move is for his career as much as it is for anything. If he finishes, it will help his career, personal life, and his public perception. There is nothing wrong with fixing those things. But I hope it’s a true change from his heart.

  37. Muser24

    If you think denying alcoholism as a disease is uneducated, you are wrong.

    This is one of a thousand articles out there. One good point made “Just calling it a disease doesn’t make it so.”

  38. Orville Schnellenberger

    Well written Matt. Thanks!

  39. booted

    Muser…a lot of other diseases and illness are “choice” as well. Do you have sympathy for lung-throat-mouth-liver cancer patients? What about Aids? What about diabetes or people who have heart attacks?

  40. Beatle Bum

    Here is one fan that hopes he gets his life in order and gets things back on track. Money is not going to make him happy. As a fan, he is in my rearview mirror. As a person, I hope he gets better.

  41. Cman

    Yes, he needs this for his image, yes, he needs this for his legal situation, and yes he needs this for his future. Does it matter as much as how we get to where we need to be as much as the fact that we actually get there?
    Well said Matt and I agree, Billy Clyde will need our prayers. What he is doing is very hard for most and impossible for some. Let’s pray he will be successful with the rehab… Cman

  42. BigBlueFan

    There is no good excuse for treating the players and this program the way he did. I will continue to mock and make fun of him.

  43. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (38) Right. I will trust a random website over the AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION

  44. Basteballer

    Muser: Having a “choice” isn’t the only factor. A mentally ill person “has a choice” over whether to do self-destructive things. But saying they have a “choice” isn’t telling the whole story.

    For instance, you have a “choice” whether you’ll be a self-righteous bastard… but you don’t HAVE to be. Yet, I’m sure you can find yourself in the middle of an episode and not even realize it! It can happen involuntarily! It may just be a result of poor upbringing. Perhaps you weren’t raised with good social skills. Or… just maybe… you are genetically wired to be surly and cynical. It’s POSSIBLE that you have a chemical imbalance which leaves you predisposed to irrational thought patterns. You may have some emotional psychosis which renders you incapable of compassion. It’s not your fault! Yes, with help you may be able to modify your behavior. Still, it will be a lifelong struggle. I wish you well. My thoughts and prayers are with you in your darkest hours. Godspeed, my friend.

  45. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    And if you’re trying to say that alcoholism is “all in your head”, then just know that there is more biological evidence of the disease state of alcoholism than there is of the disease state of autism.

    “Yeah dude, that kid with Augsberger’s is totally choosing to be the way he is.”

  46. phat jones

    Damn, #45 laid the smackdown! Enjoyed that.

  47. bluemadness

    Good for clyde and i cant stop laughing at #31

  48. Thomas Beisner

    47 comments debating if alcoholism is a disease and no one has linked this?

  49. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (49) the Magic Johnson one is still my favorite medical commentary

  50. Gina Head

    My God. No wonder the world is so jacked up.

    Alcoholism is a disease, yeah boy. Just like smoking… and being obese. Yep.

    Personal responsibility is long dead in this country, and that’s why it’s jacked. We are the country of excuses.

    I smoke… yep, I’ll probably get lung cancer if I don’t quit. Do I want sympathy if I do get it? Uh… no. It’s a choice I made, a risk I took to do something I enjoy (and I do… a lot, unfortunately).

    But everyone “feeling sorry” for BCG is exactly why he is doing this. This screams “PR” to me just as much as my ad on the left side.

    Something you choose to do to yourself deserves no sympathy, in my opinion.

    This includes alcohol, drugs, obesity, whatever. Perhaps I’m heartless, but oh well.

  51. Gina Head

    Gina Head for Prez, btw. You’ll be in concentration camps before ya know it.

  52. kentuckydoll1

    Very classy, Matt!! Great write up!! I wish Billy all the best and am so very proud of him for taking this step!!!

  53. Mr Schwump

    So is he rooming with Tipton?

  54. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (51) And cigarettes aren’t addictive, either. Whatever.

  55. booted

    51- and you are the reason our health care is the way it is. While you will get lung cancer and die, we will all be paying your medical bills through our higher premiums. Nice personal responsibilty on your end!

  56. booted

    51 – now if you just sit in your lonely apartment, suffer and die with no medical help, then you will be taking personal responsibility for your actions.

  57. agcoats11

    The post really resonates with me. We should focus on things that are good and noble. Gillispie is seeking help from addition and his fellow man must support him. Thanks Matt for showing mercy.

  58. Indycatfan

    Being with or around someone who’s an alcoholic, you can talk to them until your blue in the face. Being from an alcoholic family the first thing her therpist told us is if you can’t help them up….you have to help them down let them hit rock bottom….Yes they do have a choice, either in seeking help or taking that first drink in the am. But they don’t see that as a problem. If he’s doing it (rehab) as to help himself and getting his life in order then he will be in my prayers. But if he’s doing it to try to get out of the mess he’s been in, he’s fooling noone but himself. I wish him nothing but the best and hope he’s doing this to be a better person.

  59. Big Blue KY

    Nicely said Matt…I truly wish him all the best and hope this turns his life around for the better. I’m just glad he took this step, a lot of people can’t admit they have a problem.

  60. kyeric

    I will admit that I have liked and continue to like Billy Gillispie (along with every other UK coach). Best of luck to him finding some answers to his problems and hopefully a good coaching job again some day.

    That being said, I will bookmark this post to see if Matt goes back on his word. I appreciate the sentiment, Matt, but no jokes about Billy G. ever again?! No way you can hold out, my friend. No way.

  61. AssistByJohnWall

    To all the people thinking alcoholism isn’t a worthy of being called a disease I can only say one thing…. your not old enough to make a qualified judgement.

    Live some years and you will see how it is a disease to the bone.

    What your missing is how it becomes a disease. Most people who suffer from this are self medicating. They can’t stop the thinking. It’s a human condition that a majority of people live with in todays society that is derived from a self identified ego. Alcohol starts off as a way to get a buzz with friends and enjoy the moment, it slows the pepetual thoughts and dulls the pain temporarily. After years and years of this a fog sets in that can be so thick that the person is at a crossroads. Give up the booze to insanity or keep drinking to dull it.

    You have no clue what your talking about when you deny this problem that plagues our society.

  62. TheWaitFor8

    Gina, while others will sit here and bash you for ruining our healthcare system b/c you smoke (not sure that’s very sensible, but I digress), let me be the first to thank you. Without tobacco, Kentucky would likely be one of the poorest states in the country.

    I’m not a smoker, but I’m not going to attack them for smoking. KY is the most tobacco dependent state in the US. I assume you don’t eat fast food booted, b/c if so then you are the reason for the health care problem, ahhhhh! See how linking smoking and the health care crisis don’t make sense now?

    Never did I think mentioning that he may being doing this, for less honorable reasons than trying to get off alcohol, would cause such a frenzy. Good luck to you BCG, hopefully you aren’t doing this to get a couple extra 100K from UK.

  63. Muser24

    40) You are right, I have less sympathy for people that bring it upon themselves…that is called consequences. The person with aids who sleeps around, (I realize not all people who have aids did something wrong) or the smoker with lung cancer. But that isn’t the whole issue. Those things are diseases even though they involve choice. HERE is the difference. If you call alcoholism a disease, than by that measure you must call ALL addictions diseases. So then, is an addiction to pornography a disease? Is an addiction to gambling a disease? Is an addiction to hamburgers a disease? Is an addiction to exercise a disease? I realize there are genetic dispositions to certain behaviors, but that doesn’t excuse them either. You can’t compare autism to alcoholism, not because they can’t find what causes it, but there is apparent, obvious disease there that effects behavior beyond choice. It’s an addiction, not a disease. And I don’t want evidence of alcohol being a disease, I want people to use common sense. If you drink to much it’s still a choice. It’s the collapse of our morals in this country, that leads people to make excuses for their behavior: “I beat my kids because my dad beat me”. Pathetic

  64. Gina Head

    55) They aren’t? Hm… ok.

    56,57) LOL. Yeah boy. Not even gonna bother with you.

  65. Gina Head

    63) LOL. True statement. I’m not really proud of the fact that I smoke. Grew up around a lot of family members who did so, and always swore I would never do it, but oh well. Didn’t really do it to support the tobacco farmers, but I know that is EXTREMELY hard work, and I know a lot of people who do it. So, that’s ONE good thing about it, I guess. Hah.

    You completely owned booted, btw. Nice job.

  66. Muser24

    65) 51 was being sarcastic.

  67. Gina Head

    66) …I’m confused. 51 was me?

  68. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    Is it really possible that all the idiotic behavior and seemingly lack of coaching ability and prowless was really the bottle? Could it be that submerged under liters of Ole RED EyE lurked someone that actually had the ability to make intelligent basketball decisions and treat players like humans instead of toilet accessories? WTF??????????

  69. Muser24

    Sorry I meant 55

  70. GummyBear

    49..Beez, great episode!

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  72. slappy

    63- “KY would likely be one of the poorest states in our country without tobacco?” What? Pretty sure we already are one of the poorest in the country, dude.

  73. slappy

    Yup, we’re checking in at #44. Thank God for tobacco though! :-/

  74. Davender Fan

    As a recovering addict I hope BCG “gets with the program”. 12 steps will work for you if you let it. Addictions are a disease regardless of the legality of the substance or behavior the person is addicted to. As many of us in recovery know too well about the “family disease”, it is often heriditary. If BCG really buys into a 12 step program, his other objectional personality traits should improve as well. Example, most addicts are liars. Honesty is one of the areas that 12 steppers learn to deal with. Bottom line is an addict who doesn’t seek and accept help can only end up one of three ways “jails, institutions, or death”. Although I desperately wanted BCG gone, I really hope he gets his personal life in order and makes a comeback some day.

  75. ballplayerstu

    Well said 75. I used to bash him but now that he’s serious about his problem, then I’ll support him!

  76. buzzking

    Wrong but funny as hell.



  78. wyldcatzrool

    75- Well, if BCG does do the AA 12-step program…it’s gonna take him some time to get through steps 8 and 9…that is, of course, assuming that everything we have all read and heard is true…nevertheless, I do hope he gets his life together…as I would hope the same for anyone in that situation…

  79. sortleader2