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Brandon Knight’s Mom Has Some Stories


I don’t know about you, but I like behind the scenes gossip. It is those juicy nuggets of interactions away from the spotlight where one can find out exactly what individuals are truly like and learn the real story behind events. And with that in mind, it is interesting to note that Brandon Knight’s mother is writing a book, showcasing some stories of her son’s recruitment and time at Kentucky. Apparently Knight’s mom kept a diary as her son became a national basketball star and used it to remember anecdotes about the high school and college process. Fox 56’s Jennifer Palumbo has interviewed Knight and his mother and has a great series on the news in Lexington this week (make sure and check it out at 10 pm every evening).

The book/diary is scheduled to come out in the near future and includes stories such as this one about Bill Self and his attempt to recruit Brandon Knight to Kansas:

Kansas came to visit today. Coach Bill Self’s opening line was as follows. “Brandon, I didn’t recruit you, and quite frankly, I don’t deserve to be here.”. Huh? So I had to ask him that if he didn’t think he deserved to be in my house, why was he there? I think he was surprised that I called him out. He gave me a line of crap (which I don’t even remember) and went on with his presentation. I don’t know if I like him. We plan on visiting Kansas, so I hope I’ll be able to get a more discernible read on his character.”

Efrem really likes Kansas. Brandon likes Kansas as well… I just can’t get over the fact he’s never really seen Brandon play. How can you claim you love a kid so much, but you’ve never seen him play?

Bill Self may be many things, but smooth salesman apparently is not his forte. You gotta know your audience, and in this case at least, Self whiffed.

Article written by Matt Jones

20 responses to “Brandon Knight’s Mom Has Some Stories”

  1. pioneer

    I may have to buy that book now!

  2. GreenbayCatFan

    awe, i hope they didn’t have anything bad to say about his time at UK.

  3. JaredCaterIsMyHomeboy

    Suddenly all my fears of ever losing a recruit to Kansas went out the window. Unfortunately, most parents and players alike aren’t nearly as intelligent as the Knights.

  4. echo 1

    She reminds of Butch Mcrae’s mom in the movie Blue Chips. She scares me.

  5. anthonyeppsdrivingschool

    @4. HAHA awesome reference

  6. facts

    Why was the post takin off the site for awhile. Any conflicts with validity?

  7. seanfromhtown

    i hope he was wearing the green shirt and dookie chain

  8. lexslamman

    Hey, he might not be the smartest person on earth, but at least Bill Self is honest. Too many coaches these days lying to recruits, especially about our program.

  9. Al's IndiCats

    Self Whiffed? FRom what Brandon’s mom just said, I think he had all three strikes on his first pitch before he walked to the plate.

  10. kingrex

    this book sounds like a bad idea…

  11. BigBlueWestCoast

    I think this book sounds like a brilliant idea. An inside look at the CBB recruiting scene from a intelligent, balanced parent’s perspective? Sold.

  12. Friend of the Program

    I’m strict roman catholic

  13. Friend of the Program

    I’m strict roman catholic

  14. Friend of the Program

    I’m strict roman catholic

  15. Hite

    I have feeling that she is going to call Cal a snake oil salesman. She never really held anything back during her time in Lex last yr.

  16. JR

    Seems to me like Self was being honest and humble…as in “I know i haven’t been recruiting you like other coaches, and I probably don’t deserve to be here, but thank you for the opportunity nonetheless.” it’s particularly convenient that she can’t remember the line of crap…fortunately for us I think she has provided enough of her own to fill the void.

  17. sdcro

    Snake oil? Our entire offense last year was tailored to suit BK.

  18. CatAttack

    I like BK, but all of this smells like greedy desperation because her meal tickets ain’t producin no meals right now. I would never spend my money to see this trash get paid.

  19. friend

    Yes, Self really ‘whiffed’ on this considering he went on and found a higher ranked recruit in Selby later that year.

  20. ChiTownChi

    Sounds like a baby mama with a big attitude. Her boy is her meal ticket, and now she’s trying to cash in on it. People of low intelligence/work ethic tend to find classy, hard-working people like Bill Self to be threats.