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Brandon Knight and Stacey Poole Visit


In addition to the big win against the Cards, yesterday was also important on the basketball end of things. No, I do not mean that Calipari got a chance to meet Muhammad Ali and send out twitter messages about everything he was doing, even as UK was losing. Rather, Brandon Knight and Stacey Poole were on their UK visits and the excitement in the crowd was obvious. Nearly every person I saw at the game asked me (a) why do you still let BTI write and (b) how are the visits with Knight and Poole going. If the pictures are any indication, the visits went well. I returned home last night to at least 20 pictures of the players with current UK players and fans, as everyone seemed to recognize them and speak to them. It is an NCAA violation for us to run the pictures, but you will just have to take my word that if pictures with hot UK blonds are any indication, both players (especially Stacey Poole) enjoyed the game.

As for the actual visit, the UK student section led a “Bran-don Kni-ght” chant during the game and he waved to the crowd. But more importantly, all indications are that the visit went well. Poole expressed his preference to more than one person that he would like to see himself in UK blue and Brandon Knight told at least one source of mine that UK was “an amazing place.” Does this mean that the kids will end up here? Not necessarily, but as least as it pertains to Poole, a decision should be coming very soon. He has said that he hopes to have a decision by Tuesday, so news could leak at any point. We hope to have some comments from Knight very soon to share on the blog, and Dustin is staying on top of all of this today.

It is movement time in recruiting and these next few weeks are huge. But if the visits yesterday was any indication, things are off to a very good start for Cal and the Cats.

Article written by Matt Jones

16 responses to “Brandon Knight and Stacey Poole Visit”

  1. Blue_Lawlz

    Wow. This sounds great…I’m so pumped for UK Athletics, this is the beginning of an era.


    ERA…..did someone say “era?”

  3. Dennis


  4. soup

    Still talk of Will Barton decommitting from Memphis as well. How much stock should we put into this, Sir Rumbaugh?

  5. bnoe

    i wasn’t aware that Knight had 2 syllables. how did that chant even work. Also, the bolding was mediocre.

  6. bigdaddy

    bnoe you’re mediocre!

  7. asdfasdf

    Hartline>Brady… Ok maybe not, but lol’ing at the Pats right now

  8. CalTheCat

    Matt, unless you work for the NCAA, there is nothing they can legally do about you taking pictures. UK can report it and nothing will happen. I work for my company, and another person from another company cant come in and tell me I can and cant do something.

  9. mygrassisblue

    Evan daniels tweeted that cameron clark to oklahoma

  10. amatney

    From meeting Poole yesterday, I think he will commit to UK Tuesday. Just a hunch.

  11. BigCatDaddy4263

    My money on Poole committing by Tuesday to UK and Knight will soon follow along with Selby, Payne and Irving…

  12. asdfasdf

    9. Take it easy there bud, he just said he can’t post them bc if he posts them then it is a violation. Calm down. Didn’t say anything about the picture takers themselves

  13. CalTheCat

    12) Whos rules would be be violating? I mean, McDonalds im sure has some rules at their store, but I dont work for them, so their rules dont apply to me. Unless Matt works for the NCAA, then they can claim its a violation all day and night, but there is nothing that can be done about it, and the school isnt going to get in trouble for something like that.

  14. ash2448

    This reminds me of the old lady who said she can buy a car for anyone she wants and if she wants to give a car to a UK player she darn well would. The difference here is that if Matt posts those pictures which would be a minor violation, UK would ban his access to any information as much as possible, possibly including no access to games in the future, and this site would be pretty crappy.

  15. CalTheCat

    Your posting a picture. Your not giving any player anything, thats the difference. Hell theres even a picture of Knight up top. Why would it matter what enviroment he is in, its still a picture of Knight himself.

  16. ash2448

    I agree, the rule doesn’t make too much sense. But this is the NCAA’s rule. They have a TON of rules that don’t make sense.