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Brandon Ashley Picks Arizona


This is the first piece of 2012 news that bums me out. My favorite player in the 2012 class, Brandon Ashley has decided to go to Arizona next season. The West Coast Power Forward had long been suspected an Arizona lean and Sean Miller has been attached at his hip for over a year. But, John Calipari had made some moves on Ashley and he was desperately trying to get Ashley on campus for Midnight Madness in October. However today Ashley ended the speculation by choosing Arizona, making the third Top 40 commitment for the Wildcats.

The Cats will be fine, but Ashley was my favorite…now I have to get a new one…maybe Alex Poythress.

Article written by Matt Jones

29 responses to “Brandon Ashley Picks Arizona”

  1. 3 fan

    Damn. That kid can play

  2. t

    Sean Miller will be the next UK coach will Cal hangs’em up. There’s no doubt he’s a future superstar.

  3. UKStudent

    Poythress was already my favorite…well him and Shabazz

  4. CadizCat

    No big deal. Wish him the best.

  5. Irene

    If cal wasn’t in the dominican getting his ass kicked we would be getting top recruits by now.

  6. ???

    Come on, Irene.

  7. tdogg4033011

    5) he’ll get who he wants & needs …… notta worry in the world !!

  8. Marcus L. Owens

    Dont get me wrong I wanted and liked Ashley too but to me none of these guys from this so call “great” class of bigs truly stands out as a ultra elite one and done talented cant miss prospect and to be honest I dont even see a Terrance Jones type with size, versatility, shooting, shot blocking, ball handling and lottery upside in this group. I simply dont see it. The only true one and done impact big from the class just committed to play a UConn, THIS YEAR. Whether its Mitch McGary, Brandon Ashley, Kaleb Tarczewski, Anthony Bennett, DaJuan Coleman or Perry Ellis none of these PF/C are on the level of a DeMarcus Cousins of Even a Daniel Orton in my opinion what I see are a bunch of Cole Aldrich/ Patrick Patterson/ Morrison Twins types in this class, no low block scores no shot blockers, mostly PF’s all listed a 6’8. All that being said it doesnt matter which big we get what matters is that we get one of these stand out wings preferably Shabazz Muhammad and Archie Goodwin those are the two that we cant let get away. After that Alex Poythress and TJ Warren would nice compliments to Bazz and Archie. Warren because of his scoring ability and Poythress for his size and ability to play both forward spots in the DDR offense. That’s why Im not opposed to signing Cauley, he isnt far behind all these 6’8 5star guys that will be on campus for 2-3 too. I like Devonta Pollard too. The point im taking so long to make is that this class will be decided on the SG and SF position not C or PF if we get Bazz and Goodwin we will be just fine and at last check those two are still available. Good luck to Brandon Ashley it was nice knowing you. NEXT!

  9. stratblend

    If I’ve gotta go with a Center in this class, I’m putting my money on Mitch McGary. You have to assume he’s a 2-3 year guy.

  10. cornbreadmafiacook

    eh, nuts.

    let’s hope he ends up having a game to match the name…girly

  11. mic the 1

    arizona is making moves…….

  12. bosshogg24

    Let them stay in the Pac 10, it will be the last we ever hear of them!

  13. Seymore Peters

    I agree with Irene this trip to the Dominican is a waste of time. All he’s trying to do stroke his ego. Tubby would have never done this he loved this University and its fans. He respected the fans to much to coach some third tier country to a 1-10 record. BRING BACK TUBBY… Or atleast Saul

  14. WildcatsOne

    #5. You blow.

  15. bosshogg24

    Seymore, you need to go and be with 10 loss Tubby, we had enough!

  16. you've got to be kidding me

    13 you’ve got to be related to Pitino to come on here and make statements like that….go back to Louisville and swing on his nut sack. It’s not needed here. And only a UL fan would want Tubby or Saul back in Lexington…since that’s the only way UL could compete with UK is for Tubby to not recruit like he did.

  17. Future Wildcat

    I can officially say im starting to get a little worried about to 2012 class. With davis,teague, gilchrist, jones, lamb, miller all likely leaving we need a solid if not spectacular class to compete in 2012. I have all the faith i the world with coach cal but we need to land a recruit soon.

  18. truth

    Archie Goodwin, Mitch McGary, Alex Poythress. UK will get those 3, and maybe Shabazz

  19. rbo

    Fedex must be losing packages of money again.. ;)

  20. Childress02

    Cal will get his 4 guys….Maybe 5, #5 and #13 needs to go to hell….you two are idiots……

  21. doubting thomas

    Things do not feel good for this class. I ain’t saying it won’t work out, but things just don’t feel right. I thought the room went silent when Cal walked in to these aau games over the summer?

    I see more bad news ahead. At this point the best we can hope for is a two year rule. Poytherres sounds like our best guy and he is a maybe. I’ll take him but, he would have been my bledsoe, Orton, lamb, or wiltjer back in the day. O’hh the good ol’e days

  22. blitzedanddazed

    Archie Goodwin is the key to 2012. Shabass is a lock to UCLA. Alex Poythress is a 60/40, while McGary is a 70/30.
    Cal is looking at some players that might surprise some fans. Cal is going to sign at least two players that he
    projects will remain in college for two to three years. More on which players fit this description later.

  23. DeWayne Casey

    hey #19
    We did not use Fedex…it was
    World Wide Emery Air can depend upon them to get the $$$ through !

  24. Big Blue 66

    this is one of those where the leader for a long time (Arizona) has him there for a visit, he leaves, Cal calls and Sean Miller calls up and says, you visit UK and theres not spot for you to come back to…..(bluffing)….kid takes the bluff and commits

    And I think alot of these coaches are also telling kids that they have an “inside” source thats telling them the NBA will extend the time before you can enter the NBA and UK will have all their players back and they wont see the court

  25. T. Doff

    I hated Lute the Poot Olsen; spurned KENTUCKY back in the early 80′s, and we got saddled with Eddie ‘Make-his/er’s-Mark’ Sutton.

  26. Walter Becker

    @23, that’s my song, bro.

  27. SagaciousMind

    I could be wrong, but im pretty sure when Olsen turned it down, Rick Pitino was named coach shortly after. And i agree with some of those statements regarding Ashley and Miller. But Cal will still pull in a top 5 recruiting. Just like he will continue to do so while he is at UK.

  28. CaliUKFan

    Like Tobias Harris and C.J Leslie, I hope this commitment silences Cal critics that think he cheats to get recruits.

  29. Paul Schmidt

    #22 you are off base as Shabazz is a UK lean…mark it down..Goodwin,Poythress, McGary, Coleman and Warren are the top players UK is in well with.. UK WILL get 4 of these and possiblely 5 of them…Pollard is also on the radar…