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Bob Knight forgot his meds, doesn’t know what a shot clock is

Bob Knight coached college basketball for almost half a century, and after all this time, he still doesn’t understand why there are two clocks above the backboard.  Knight and Rece Davis had a brilliant exchange while reviewing the incredibly awful controversial call to count Nerlens Noel’s basket late in the game when it appeared the shot clock had ran out before Noel got it off.

It went a little like this…

Knight: “The 17.3 was up there and the 0 was on the bottom.  I don’t know what that meant.”

Davis:  “Yeah, the 0 was the shot clock.”

Knight: “Well, what was the 17.3?”

Davis: “Game, game clock.  What was remaining in the half.”

Deadspin has a clip of the exchange, although it lasted longer than what you’ll see there.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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33 responses to “Bob Knight forgot his meds, doesn’t know what a shot clock is”

  1. Jus Sayin

    UK took possession with the clock at 52.2 seconds, the game showed 17.6 and it was out of his hand thus UK had the ball 34.6 sec. RIGHT CALL.

    Maybe Vandy should get a better shot clock…(guy on espn)

  2. Chief

    Poor Drunk Bastard!

  3. $EC

    Really? Because the refs obviously dont know what a shot clock is either.

  4. bee-rad

    Regardless of Bob’s rambling, Reece Davis and pretty much the rest of BBN does not know how Vandy’s shot clock works. It doesn’t show tenths of a second, therefore when the clock showed 0 there was still time left to shoot.

  5. Cotton Mash

    Thanks #1. Part of me wants to think that Knight was sort of thinking the same thing but
    was hurried and failed to get right words out. I’m giving him a break.

  6. The Adjustment Bureau

    There was a post on here written by Mrs TT about Cal telling Poythress:

    “Either you want to change or you don’t.”

    but we took it down. And you have no recollection of it. Nothing to see here.

  7. Real blotto

    BK was confused cause there’s no second hand on the shot clock.

  8. Lurch

    Who is the stiff in the yellow sweater workin the crossword puzzle?

  9. Culver

    I’ll take a Hood, with mono coming off knee surgery, over Poythress & Wiltjer every day…and Goodwin & Mays on a lot of days. And now I get why Harrow was ill at the beginning of the year. He had a severe yeast infection he couldn’t shake!

  10. Nope, you're wrong

    4) actually fella, clocks like that that show no tents of a second are rounded up. So when it says 1, there is either 1 second left or .9 or .8 and so forth until it hits zero. When it says zero, the clock is out of time

  11. Believeblue

    That clock is irrelevant, the official has to go by the audible sound.

  12. Mark

    Looks like Bob and the old geezer behind him got into the ganja a little too much. Ahhh just puff that Memorial Magic and It’ll make you null and void

  13. Booyakasha

    “That’s a situation in which,” the old guy doesn’t remember what year it is.

  14. JCPostel

    Knight was uncharacteristically nice about the Cats and complimentary towards Cal. I’m actually not miserable after listening to him, even with the 2nd half.

  15. UK Freshmen

    Face it. We have a recruiter for a coach. What did Cal accomplish the past week? Oh yea he was kissing 17 yr old butt a go knows where.

  16. concerned

    Not a BK fan, but wish he would retire before he goes out the H Cossell route.

  17. Pat Summitt

    That guy’s losing it.

  18. concerned

    Forgot to mention, wish #15 would also retire before suffocation secondary to kidding his own ***.

  19. Gavin S.

    It’s kind of ironic that Bob Knight’s career as an announcer came to an end while calling a UK game. ESPN really has no choice but to phase him out at this point.

  20. UKalltheway

    As concerning whether the Noel’s shot was within the allotted time, time out was called with the game clock showing 25.5 seconds left. Underneath the shot clock showed 8 seconds left. So, 25.5 seconds minus 8 equals 17.5 on the game clock. So, Noel’s shot has to leave his hand before the game clock gets to 17.5. It did as the replay showed that by 18.1 or 18.0 the shot had left his hand. The referees got it right and Mike Davis — err, Kevin Stallings was totally wrong.

  21. IntensityN10

    seems more like he was on some strong meds the whole game more than he forgot them…i feel for the guy

  22. dude

    He also used the word “dunkshot”. I had to rewind to make sure, but he did say it.

  23. holler baller

    He was wasted. Probably been drinking all day so he could get through not being able to blast UK.

  24. Some Guy in Kentucky

    I am not a Knight fan, but I thought he did a good job calling the game last night.

  25. BNClay

    Night also had line near the end of the game something like:

    “Well, if the shot was a violation, it was a shot clock violation, because it clearly wasn’t a time violation.”

    What the heck is a time violation? Pretty much he was saying that the game clearly was not over yet. Lol, poor guy needs to be in a home.

  26. Cato

    I’m disappointed in you Drew Franklin. If am taking your blurb correctly, you insinuated the call was incredibly awful with the strikethrough there. Setting aside all of my bias and looking at the Noel play for what it as, it was out of his hands in time. The zero on Vandy’s shot clock disappears when the shot clock strikes true 0 (not 0.9, 0.8, 0.7 … etc).If you watch the play again in real time, it is out of his hand before the buzzer goes off. Don’t fall into the same trap much of the media did by failing to recognize this. It was NOT a gift call. It was bad in-game analysis. The call on the other end when the ball was not off Mays’ hands. That was a TERRIBLE make-up call that shouldn’t have been made. Ultimately, the Cats should have done better and it wouldn’t have mattered.

  27. The Hoff

    #8 – He guards Knight’s Krackel bars.

  28. ESPNAnalysis

    The shot clock said 0 with the ball in his hands. Violation. You don’t subtract game clock from game clock to get 35, you go by the shot clock. Bob knight was refering to the game clock situation. Nerlens makes the shot with 17.3, Stallings calls a timeout as Vanderbilt takes the ball out and the clock continues to run to 15.3, then after the timeout there is only 7.6 on the clock.

  29. 13th. Grade

    I’ve spent most of my adult life hating Bobby Knight. However, I actually felt bad for him last night. He spent most of the first half complimenting not only the team, but Cal specifically. Not sure why he became so confused at the end. It seemed straighforward, but we all have those moments.

  30. whatgamediduwatch

    ESPNanalyis- What are you talking about? Vandy inbounded the ball with 15.7 and they came down and shot a 3 to cut it to two. They called another timeout at 7.6.

  31. whatgamediduwatch

    ESPNanalysis- What are you talking about? Vandy inbounded the ball with 15.7 and they came down and shot a 3 to cut it to two. They called another timeout at 7.6.

  32. alltimeukfan

    I agree with #29 and Knight did a respectful job of complimenting the good and criticizing the bad.
    What needs to be taken away from this game is our inability to attack the zone properly, for when Stallings went to the zone wisely in the 2nd half we collapsed. As Knight pointed out, UK was not spread out enough to attack the zone properly, we should not dribble and pass in the same direction (use fakes more often), attack zone with dribble not pass, and most critically we usually had no player properly positioned a few feet from baseline to cut inside or out to basket.You’ve got to create driving lanes by swinging the ball against the grain. I don’t know if this is poor coaching on our part or low basketball IQ, but it’s a little late in the season for our team to act like it doesn’t know what to do with the zone.YOU CAN COUNT ON IT EVERY TEAM WILL ZONE US, and if we don’t learn zone 101 soon, this season will be a bust.

  33. Dr. Evil

    If I hear shot-fake one more time I’m going to puke. Learn how to tell time Old Man.
    Oh yeah–Go Fish!