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Blue-White Game Stats

Matt will have more coverage later, but for now, here are the stats from the Blue-White Game

Blue beat White 95-87

Blue Team
Ramel Bradley – 28
Bobby Perry – 28
Woo – 14
Derrick Jasper – 13
Sheray Thomas – 10
Mark Coury – 2

White Team
Joe Crawford – 31
Randolph Morris – 24
Jodie Meeks – 15
Eric Allen – 10
Michael Porter – 5
Perry Stevenson – 2
Jared Carter – An unimpressive zero

Article written by Matt Jones

15 responses to “Blue-White Game Stats”

  1. T. Walters

    Damn that’s well done. For once, you typed like a man.

  2. Oakei

    Man, Those frosh are hot. Jasper will be a start PG THIS year and Meeks is going to develope into a scorer.

  3. Mwildcat

    whos Eric Allen?

  4. wldctky

    It says Blue 94 White 88 on the uk athletics website

  5. dp

    Looking forward to Matt’s take. One thing that jumps out from the stats at the UKathletics site — did Porter really have 7 TOs?

  6. Mr. Mujumdar

    Hey Matt, with respect to Jared Carter didn’t you mean to say a not so surprising zero.

  7. Jared19

    I watched the 2nd half and Porter was dominated by the athleticism of Jasper and Bradley. He did have some impressive moments as well. Just going to take him time to get used to this level of play

  8. dino

    funny how tubby put his starting
    pg and everybody’s backup to him
    jasper on the same team. Is he looking
    at porter mort at the backup and Jasper
    playing elsewhere??? Just a thought.

  9. Ryan

    I think the 89.3% from the line is the most impressive stat to me. Know how many more games we would have won last year if we had shot like that?

  10. Paladin

    One observation, Bobby Perry can’t guard Joe Crawford. He schooled him on multiple occasions.
    He might be able to match up with a slow 3, but not a quick 3 or a 2. JMO.

  11. lexslamman

    Bobby Perry can’t guard Joe Crawford.

    In all due respect, #10., I don’t think many people can guard Joe Crawford this year.

  12. Big Willy

    I guess Joe Crawford couldn’t guard Bobby Perry, either. There wasn’t a whole heckuva lot of defense being played out there today by anyone. Typical of Blue White Games. I thought they looked good overall. I’m excited and looking forward to this season.

  13. Ace

    The biggest surprise to me today was Eric Allen. I expected Joe, Ramel, Bobby and Randolph to play well, but I have never even heard of this Eric Allen kid. He’s got big time athleticism and has a good stroke from outside too. He’s as much as you could hope for from a walk-on. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had offers out of high school from other programs, ala Cameron Mills back in the day.

  14. Marshcatt

    Why wasn’t Eric Allen at BBM?


    eric allen is a walk-on(from last year)????
    i think i read where he was either hurt or decided to get his grades
    in check before trying to play this year