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Blue got in to the Auburn student section

Quick–name all the awesome things in this picture.

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29 responses to “Blue got in to the Auburn student section”

  1. Steven

    Best part is that Auburn dude’s face on the right.

  2. Orlando Cat

    The guy on the far left flicking us off with his middle finger.

  3. Eric K

    Hell yes! BBN is everywhere! GO CATS!!

  4. MHFaulkner

    This pleases me greatly.

  5. Orlando Cat

    Correction: The guy on the far left flicking us off with his pinky finger.

  6. Wildcatfan812

    All smiles dressed in BLUE…no smiles dressed in orange

  7. L1C4

    UL > uk

  8. Wildcatfan812

    L1C4 = LOSERS!

  9. Bank$hot

    Good grief. I hope we don’t lose to Abuurn

  10. Wildcanfan812

    Never mind I am an idiot.

  11. Wildcatfan812

    Troll…stole my ID

  12. Ryan Harrow's Flu Bug

    Does anyone have a link to the game? has no feed at this time. Any help is appreciated!

  13. L1C4

    I meant to say UK > UL.

  14. Rick's Empty Viagra Jar

    ABUURN is that the other school in Alabama? Did they lose to Morehead?

  15. Dunbar Bulldog

    I see BNorr (in white shirt) has not forgotten his Big Blue upbringing while at Auburn U!

  16. Troll

    The very best part will be the look on those UK fans when they get there ass beat and realize they are going to the NIT.

  17. Rick's Empty Viagra Jar

    16 – also passed Auubrn spelling 101

  18. Jaglets

    Awesome girl in the middle next to google eye

  19. Ripped Arena

    Hell if we had half the students around the court at rupp arena that Auburn has around theirs we would be unstoppable at home. When rupp goes through renovations they should seriously look into getting the donators into boxes and the students around the court. Imagine how hard it would be for teams to come into a packed house with rowdy die hard Kentucky students around the court.

  20. thenamerobdigity

    The haircut, bottom left. What is that?

  21. HazardKiddKat

    Those should be Kentucky Vet Students attending Auburn. They do this every year.

  22. BigBlue

    Hair cut is actually called the Bama Bangs

  23. Te'o's gf

    That’s a poor attempt at Bama Bangs with a little Kentucky Waterfall Mullet action thrown in for good measure.

  24. xcoach

    Te’o’s girlfriend in the third row. Wow!!

  25. Dunbar alum

    15- Dunbar reppin’ hard at AU, BNorr in the white on the right, Mitch throwin up the 3 goggles and Big Brost in the front with the NO 1 Greater shirt. Also a Sims twin between BNorr and Mitch is from the 859. Props to them for reppin the #BBN all the way from Auburn.

  26. Lance Armstrong

    I spy a “Live Strong” bracelet.

  27. AUBleedBlue

    As a Kentucky native and both UK and AU alum, the only games that had any type of crowd were the bama game and UK game which was typically 50/50 UK to AU fans. When I was at Auburn I would say I met 40-50 people a year that were from KY and not in vet school and that number gets bigger if you add those from KY in vet school.

    Either way great win for the boys in blue.

  28. L1Csuck

    Had to come here and hate cause I just realized we can add another year to our NCAA Championship drought.

  29. Siva

    If I could have just gone 2-9 from the field we could have won, but I didn’t want to risk going 1-10 so I just threw it away 2 times…wheeew!