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Billy Gillispie arrested for DUI

Pulled over in Anderson County, per reports from various news outlets. When he was pulled over, at 2:45 a.m. mind you, apparently he told police he had been golfing with his passenger, Charles O’Connor, 42. He also refused to take a breathalizer or blood alcohol test. I can’t fault Clyde for not wanting to cooperate with the tests, though. I mean, when you tell the cops you’ve been golfing at 2 in the morning, I think you’ve proven yourself plenty drunk enough to skip the sobriety tests and head straight for the back of the squad car. I’m sure there will be more soon. Stay tuned.

Update: Now with video! (courtesy of WLEX)

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.

76 responses to “Billy Gillispie arrested for DUI”

  1. UKIreland

    I guess this should bring an agreement between UK & BCG pretty quick!!

  2. meeksppatshow

    Officer should’ve called UK officials and bribed him…. No DUI no money from UK….. or DUI and continue with lawsuit… lol
    I guess when you bite the hand that was feeding you, you can’t find people to drive you home as easily…. What about all the times UK cops let him off the hook ?
    Go back to Texas Clyde !!!! We owe you NOTHING

  3. F. B. I.


  4. Jonah Hex

    Why is it everytime Ricky P does something stupid to get UofL in the headlines, we have something stupid happen to steal the spotlight? And while the Memphis thing or this isnt really about UK…it is in the media.

  5. Braddy

    Better get all you can get Billy G! Gonna be hard to find a job now!! C YA

  6. Dribble-Drive High-Five

    Golf isn’t a tough enough sport unless you play in the dark while drunk.

  7. Cal Purnell here

    Is Malones gonna hold a Fundraiser to Bail Clyde out?
    Stick with Dr. Pepper Clyde, Dr. Pepper Clyde…………

  8. Orville Schnellenberger

    Golf at night? That gives a whole new meaning to “Driving Under the Influence”. LOL!

  9. F. B. I.

    Nice one #6. When he got thrown in jail this morning, Bubba commented on his unbelievable passion and said that he tried very very very very very hard to defend himself.

  10. cobrecat

    Maybe Billy and Ricky were meeting to go table hopping.

  11. pcslex

    Going crazy in front of the media, or getting a Dewy while trying to negotiate a contract settlement … BCG, “All in boys!”


    Lol, Hilarious! Sadly if he didn’t take a sobriety test then he didn’t really get a DUI & his lawyers will be able to get him off with minor charges.

  13. Thomas Beisner

    someone needs to tell Mr. O’Conner how this works. Clyde is the famous coach. O’Conner should be driving and laying on the floor listening to Gillispie have sloppy, after hour relations at Golden Corral.

  14. Dribble-Drive High-Five

    Beisner, the cops didn’t find the hookers in the drunk. They were headed to Perkins!

  15. Dribble-Drive High-Five


  16. TheCaliparinator

    Golfing, that was the best u could come up with? A perfect example of a man who is doomed to make bad decisions. Be it gameday practices, not going to Rotary, shunning former players, or drinking and driving and using midnight golf as an excuse, bad decisions are BCG’s calling card. That sound you heard last night in L-burg was six mil and a career being flushed down the toilet. I knew something like this would happen. I had the same feeling when Otis bought a car on Andy Griffith.

  17. cityoflights

    Wasn’t his other DUI in Texas? He could be looking at mandatory jail time here. What say you law dog?

  18. UK Matt

    I hear Scypher was the passenger in the car.

  19. father torque

    I heard he’s being held on 6 million dollars bail. badump, bump.
    Thanks, I’ll be here all night.

  20. Christopher Johns

    I’m shocked. You can get a drink in Anderson County?

  21. BigCat40

    Oh Billy, Karma is a motherfather!!!

  22. catdawg

    Can’t wait for that dash cam video to come out. Officer, “Sir, can I see your drivers license.” Billy G.,”Can you repeat that I couldn’t hear you.” Officer, “I need you to step outside the car sir.” Billy G., “I’m Billy Gillispie and I can get you an autograph picture of the worse lose in Rupp history.

  23. catdawg

    LEX 18 just had some nice video of him in the transport van. I’m not feeling you Billy.

  24. RCFOM

    Does anybody know if the jail he was taken to posts the mugshots online? I am dying to see what he looks like drunk at 2:45 in the morning after playing golf.

  25. dominator

    What the hell was he even doing in KY…doesn’t he get it? Last place on earth he should be drinking again…and driving. What a moron. He deserves all the hell this will bring and more.

  26. STLouisBBFan

    He was playing golf at Champions Trace at 2:30 pm yesterday . . . that’s 11 1/2 more hours of drinking before the arrest. He is being held in Franklin County jail according to radio.

  27. Red Rooster

    This will be the last chapter in his book.

  28. STLouisBBFan
  29. Flop

    As funny as this is, we’ve had way too much negative press for current and former coaches lately.

    Based on the current pattern, Tubby Smith should be popping up in a Girls Gone Wild video in T-Minus 2 months.

  30. STLouisBBFan

    Link indicating his incarceration status . . . they will send you an email, if you want, when he is released.

  31. Red Rooster

    Unfortunately for BCG, he and UK were closing the deal. Now, not sure how that will affect his chances at a settlement.

  32. WildBlue

    Unfortunately for Billy G the lure of the Wild Turkey Trace Golf Course in AC was just too tempting.

  33. catdawg

    Maybe they settled and it just hadn’t come out yet. So Billy G. went out to celebrate. Its five o’clock somewhere.

  34. mattrw33

    #12, you’ve obviously never defended a DUI case in Anderson County. They are vicious, often asking for jail time on a first offense (if there are past offenses even though not within 5 years). I’ve represented people on DUI charges in 20+ counties in Central Kentucky and Anderson is the absolute LAST place that one would want to be charged with that offense.

  35. Kige Ramsey

    Wonder if BCG got whipped playing golf at 2 am

  36. catdawg

    Sounds like the rest of the state needs to follow Anderson counties example.

  37. quietude38

    Somewhere, Dario Franchitti is laughing and pointing out that he had the good sense to not be drunk when he got pulled over in Anderson County.

    The newspaper used to run DUI photos in the district court log every week, but stopped not long before I went to work there a few years a go. Maybe they’ll make an exception this time.

  38. dough122

    Isn’t refusing a breathalizer automatic 6 minths license suspension. He really didn;t need to take one, come on, shorts and loafers with no socks screams shit-faced drunk!

  39. btcoop71

    Somebody go put Tubby in a padded cell, since all the other ex-UK coaches are going nuts.

  40. STLouisBBFan

    This is one good reason why so many fans liked Tubby Smith. You will not see him in Porcini’s or Franklin Co. jail.

  41. dchagy

    What a hoot! I guess (when you don’t have your personal driver anymore) life’s a bitch! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person…

  42. mattrw33

    Refusing to be tested means that he will face a pre-trial license suspension but he can file for reinstatement. Most people end up pleading guilty and the pre-trial suspension time is credited against whatever their eventual license suspension turns out to be (30-120 days on first offense w/in 5 years).

  43. beaverlip

    Ricky P you have been reraised!!

  44. quietude38
  45. Jonah Hex

    This is actually pretty sad. He is like that crazy ex girlfriend from Waynes World.

  46. catdawg
  47. catdawg

    I love how the officer didn’t hold the door open for him. Didn’t look like Billy was expecting the door to come back at him that fast.

  48. Cobb

    He should lock his liver in a bathroom stall until it gets some toughness.

  49. Chuck Norris

    Maybe he was night putting with his buddy Mitch Comstein…

  50. 3 fan

    what makes you madder?
    The fact that Tubby simply quit the last three years he was here? or

    That BCG is simply that big of an idiot?

  51. father torque

    Somebody get Cutler over to Frankfort. I’d love to watch him chase Billy to his car when they release him!

  52. Indycatfan

    This is way too funny, good thing Alec Cutler wasn’t trying to scoop this one cuz Clyde could’ve also been cited for speeding.

  53. high and mighty

    what a dumbass! he cracked at UK and has now officially lost his mind.

  54. Dribble-Drive High-Five

    50 – C., the fact that we have to wait until September 19th for a home football game.

  55. Indycatfan

    Actually I’m wondering what his handicap was? Stupidity, or Wild Turkey

  56. AssistByJohnWall

    #48 – Cobb – LMFAO

    I hear he pulled a fast one by not signing the ticket

  57. zap brannigan
  58. Dr. UK

    Does Golden Tee count as “night golf?” If so, I could have been arrested about a hundred times during my time in Lexington.

  59. R. Smith

    #48 – too funny

  60. kyeric

    Pitino, yesterday : “Just change the channel…just read something else”

    Pitino, today : “Thank you, Billy Gillispie. Thank you.”

  61. Jack Bauer

    Thank god he had on a Dallas Cowboys polo. I wouldn’t put it past the drunk to still be wearing at UK shirt.

  62. AssistByJohnWall

    I wonder how much my Billy Gillispie signed bottle of Makers Mark will be worth now?

  63. R. Smith

    When asked by the cop what he was doing, Gillispie replied he was honoring Ted Kennedy, then tried to reference 9/11, the holocaust and the spanish inquisition

  64. Rock_Cat78

    62) You might want to make sure the contents are still in the bottle.

  65. bogeyboy99

    Sad day for the Commonwealth…Cal, Pitino and now Gillispie all getting dragged through the mud.

    62. It’s probably worth more can claim he drained it.

  66. mattd05

    “Ricky P, you have been check raised, my friend”

  67. dstnshpp

    “Well I simply went out there and got whooped today,” former coach Billy Clyde said while commenting on his most recent DUI arrest.

  68. AssistByJohnWall

    How drunk did the passenger (Charles O’Conner) have to be to:

    1. Not be driving Billy around instead of Billy doing the driving
    2. To be arrested as well yet he wasn’t even driving

  69. AssistByJohnWall

    Somewhere Dusty Mills is laughing his ass off

  70. R. Smith

    69 – and then he took an order from the drive-thru

  71. TOMPAV83

    45 – “I don’t even own A gun, let alone multiple guns that would necessitate a gun rack”

  72. catdawg

    He’s FREE on his way home to Louisville. LOL

  73. Rhythm_Bruise2354

    I bet he gave him a 20 dollar bill and his discount card to the UK athletics online store and said ” We can let this slide.”

  74. Mr Schwump

    He looks like he got whupped.

  75. Billy Gillispie caps off horrible day for Kentucky coaches | - Your primary source for all sporting news

    […] Another question is whether Gillispie actually thought telling officers he was out golfing — at 2:45 a.m. — was a surefire alibi. Apparently so. […]


    34) No I haven’t defended anyone in court. I’m not a lawyer..I just know some lawyers who have told me they can get anyone off of DUI charges as long as you kindly Decline any Sobriety tests. Then again, I don’t know any Lawyers who practice law in Anderson county. Matty Jones, whats your take on this: What will Billy G end up with when its all said and done?