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Billy Gillispie already causing problems at Texas Tech


Well, that didn’t take long. Sports by Brooks is reporting that Billy Gillispie is already causing problems at Texas Tech. Since his hire in March, several staffers have reportedly left the program, including two secretaries, longtime trainer Jon Murray, and assistant coach Chris Beard.

Most troubling is Beard’s departure, which occurred after “multiple, heated altercations” with Gillispie that included the coach cussing out Beard in front of Texas Tech Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt. The last incident had to be physically be broken up by Hocutt, and spawned from Beard’s concerns over Gillispie’s mistreatment of his employees, players, and “fast and loose” recruiting tactics. However, reading Texas Tech’s press release concerning Beard’s exit, you would never know things were less than friendly:

“We hate to lose Chris,” Gillispie said in the statement. “He did a fantastic job and we appreciate the effort. He has been an important part of the program for several years and in the time we were together, it was obvious he has a great love for this university and this community.”

Beard could not be reached for comment.

“I’ve enjoyed and appreciate the opportunity to coach at Texas Tech University,” Beard said in a statement. “My family and I have equally enjoyed living in Lubbock. I wish Texas Tech nothing but the best.”

Sports by Brooks’ sources say that Beard never made the final statement, and was paid a large sum to sign a confidentiality agreement and make a quiet departure. Beard served as a Texas Tech assistant for nine years under Bob and Pat Knight, and agreed to stay on under Gillispie, who had apparently been a fan of Beard’s for some time, courting him as an assistant coach in the past. Needless to say, Kirby Hocutt and the Texas Tech athletic department are more than concerned about the situation and “Gillispie’s increasingly erratic behavior and well-chronicled fondness for, shall we say, a spirited off-court lifestyle.

Another sad turn for Gillispie, who is clearly squandering any second chances he’s been given.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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52 responses to “Billy Gillispie already causing problems at Texas Tech”

  1. Tiger's Trojan Head Cover

    Alex Legion’s mom called this…..

  2. Fastcatercats2009

    no I don’t want Chris Beard’s asst. getting me Dr. Pepper’s and Crackers…he’s MY Asst. coach…

  3. Bob

    Seems a tiger can’t change his stripes after all. Good grief.

  4. kfund

    Sorry… “many” thought that?
    Odd, I didn’t.

  5. Hoss


  6. BigBlueStreeb

    That dude has got some serious issues. Can we say Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew?

  7. Kernel Sanders

    Odd, no mention of 2:00 a.m. rounds of golf in Lubbock…(yet)

  8. Dr. Dick Fitzenbutts

    It seems to me that a guy who by all accounts is essentially broke after his involvement in two separate Ponzi schemes, would try a little harder to hold on to what has to be his last shot at a major coaching gig.

  9. Z.Rex

    Dude worked for Knight for years, and couldn’t last 2 months with Gillispie…. that says volumes.

  10. Football man

    Talk about “Can’t get Right”!

  11. TCBMan

    Gosh, this makes Barnhart look that much more stupid for hiring this Guy at UK. What in the world was he thinking when he thought Gillispie was a good fit. At least he had the good sense to fire the SOB before he totally destroyed UK.

  12. Jax Teller

    Beard didn’t have the ever elusive “toughness” required to coach with Billy G. What a sad, sad man. Sounds awful familiar to what happened when he first got to UK. I remember several run ins with the Admin staffers that left all together or accepted other positions. I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  13. DirtyKroger

    BCG is one of the luckiest dumb arse I have ever seen!

  14. bluetooth

    did he sample some of b knights leftover dna and mix it with some 4loco ? clyde must be a total tyrant . why in the h did we hire this clown

  15. UKChillFan

    I think Mitch hired him because he beat Pitino in Rupp during the NCAA. Samething happened in Knoxville when Marquette beat UK, UT hired that crazy guy, Kevin O’Neil (I think). Sometimes people just make mistakes, Mitch made his, recognized it and went on to do the right thing.

  16. Powerlifter165

    I have a hard time believing that a guy who coached under Bobby Knight would have a problem with the “mistreatment” of players.

    I personally saw B Knight cuss out a woman at a Reds game years ago when she asked for his autograph. The guy is the King of douche bags.

  17. ukfastkat

    Let’s all just forget about this flawed and failed human meltdown and embrace OUR coach and the class and prestige he has restored to our BB program and our university.
    Good riddance, Gillespie!

  18. come on

    Texas Tech has to be feeling pretty stupid right now. After the way he treated his players and people in the administration here, which has been documented, any school to hire him to coach young people must be completely blind.

  19. Always > U ..ofL

    I don’t know what to say. I just hate that man so much. I hope they lose every game and then those players get a good coach like Ramon, Jorts, and Perry did. Poor kids.

  20. T.J.

    It’s so easy to attribute the way he acts to alcohol. But honestly, the dude is just a prick. Alcohol or not.

  21. Ben

    BCG will never change! He is slime and needs to be flushed down the toilet with the rest of the sh*t. It is only a matter of time before it all falls apart. That will be the final end of BCG.

  22. Guck Foodman

    17. I’m a middle-aged guy who still finds that funny enough to laugh out loud.

  23. Neil

    Wow, if these reports are true, then BCG is one of the dumbest people on the planet. After all that came out about him at UK and the problems he had, one would think he would be on his best behavior and straighten himself out. Unbelievable really

  24. Always > U ..ofL

    T.J my friend you couldn’t be more right.

  25. IrishPokerDog

    Sports By Brooks? Oh, Lord. I don’t trust what he comes out with any more than I trust Pete Thamel. I’ll wait for someone else to carry this story before I put any faith into it….

  26. Holden McGroin

    Paging Dr. Phil, Paging Dr. Phil.
    If Clyde screws this up this fast, he deserves whatever he gets. I had hoped he would do well, but it looks like the second chance (i never thought he would get) may have been a mistake. There’s a bunch of people at T tech right now, saying “told you so”.

  27. UKGoBigBlue

    As the saying goes: if it’s predictable it’s preventable ! All of this was predictable, like any of this is shocking news. Someone needs to seriously look into if Billy is bipolar & get him on some meds.

    Billy will be lucky if he last 2 years.

  28. DavenderCatTheSequel

    Texas Tech needs to:

    1) Get tougher
    2) On a daily basis

  29. Loserville sucks

    You can’t fix stupid, and BCG appears hellbent to prove it.

  30. I call shenanigans

    Texas Tech is getting what it deserves. I cannot believe anyone would hire Clyde after hearing the way he did these same things at UK three years ago. Of course, he is turning into a mini-Bob Knight so I guess he will fit right in at TT. They’re used to having an asshole bully coach.

  31. Standard and Poor must be racist, right?

    This is only the beginning. There will be plenty more stories coming out of Lubbock.

  32. SoCalCat

    The bathroom stalls are packed with evil doers….

  33. Mack

    If the NBA does not play maybe Jorts can be a coach for Clyde.

  34. kyrobman

    Dude gonna get fired before he ever gets started. BCG “I will stick a bucket on your head and lock you in a bathroom stall if you can’t handle the pressure. If that doesn’t work then you can ride in the equipment van” so ol’ boys quits before he has to endure all BCG crap.

  35. BravoBigBlue

    Couldn’t happy to a finer university or a nicer coach. Good luck to the both of them.

  36. Mr. Bill

    So much for “Poor guy, he was just a bad fit at UK”.
    So much for “Poor guy, he just had alcohol problems”.
    So much for “Poor guy, he deserves a second chance.”
    So much for “I don’t believe Gillispie did any of those things at UK- poor guy”.
    So much for “They’re just not tough enough in Kentucky- Gillispie’s a Texan! Woohoo Yehaaa!”

    Is it really just alcohol? Does he have a drug problem too? Does he, in all seriousness, have serious psychological problems? Is he just an idiot? Just an asshole? Or some combination of the above?

  37. andyouthinkiminsane

    What an idiot…I just do not who is the bigger idiot…TT AD for hiring Billy G., Mitch B. for hiring him or Billy Himself…has to be Billy himself. Here, place your mouth over the barrel and pull the trigger!

  38. Nutwrap

    25. Gotta agree with the skepticism you are having. I have only seen this article so far and take everything from that site with no expectations of validity. That being said the only thing truer than the fact Sports by Brooks spits out ridiculous, sourceless, knowledgeless articles, is the fact that Billy Gillespie is an alcoholic jackass (or any of those things in 36’s post) who pisses everyone off. So I don’t know who to believe.

  39. Enquiring Minds

    Poor Ole Bill needs a drink!!!!!

  40. wheeler

    Would someone check to see if any Texas Tech players are locked in the bathroom stall

  41. Jones Returns

    9….Amen! Dude’s got serious issues

  42. JP

    Lets talk about somthing that we care about!LIKE THE 8TH BANNER coming soon to a theatre near you

  43. It's a Celebration

    If true, sounds like he’s off the wagon again. Dude has a serious alcohol problem.

  44. Bertway

    Wonder what Jasper thinks of all this. Hejaz made a break for it, but Clyde lured him back in. Poor kid.

  45. Holler Baller

    Really sad, I was hoping he would get his act together at TT.
    Hope he doesn’t resort to night golfing down there to ease the pain.

  46. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Sports By Brooks is just lacking the toughness necessary to write what really happened.

    maybe next time

  47. Bobby Knight

    Clyde makes me look like a Teddy Bear.

  48. Jimmy Buffett


  49. logancatfan

    Billy is a good fit fo them Texans. He aint gonna have no girly boys on his teams. The better git ready to rock n roll cause Billy is gonna kick some tail.

    Ifin thet Beard guy wus any good they’ed made him the boss coach Good riddinance I say.

  50. Cleatonite

    Beard almost got whooped…. Gillispie is officially nuttier that squirrel turds. He is the homespun Stalin of college basketball.

  51. Tokyo now Tampa Satchel

    Shakes his head with a knowing smile…

  52. The Hoff

    I hope they have big bathroom stalls at Texas Tech.