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Big Day on KSR Radio Today


You are going to want to tune into the radio show today as Dick Vitale and John Calipari will both be on the radio show with me to get you ready for the Kentucky-Maryland game. Calipari will be on to talk about the Hurricane Sandy telethon at 10:15 and Dick Vitale will be on at 11:05. Should be a lot of fun, so I hope you will listen at the link below:

Article written by Matt Jones

15 responses to “Big Day on KSR Radio Today”

  1. SoreLips

    How are you going to kiss BOTH azzes at the same time Matt?????

  2. KSR1080Fan

    Hopefully there will be time to discuss the IU/NCAA ruling and more about this Mark Adams and his “Indiana Elite” AAU team.

  3. UnKnown Fan

    This is a ridiculous, absurd, and unfair ruling by the NCAA. Neither Jurkin, Perea, Adams, Crean, or Indiana Univeristy did anything wrong yet they are punished. The NCAA continues to prove itself incapable of running things fairly. High school athletes have all kinds of benefits but the NCAA looks the other way,

  4. ChiefdCat

    Matt, get a pledge from Vitale while he’s on the phone. It’ll be one step closer to the access needed to write that book next season. Also, please convince Cal to come on the Billy G podcast and share some of the stories he has heard. You guys have a great product.

  5. Bradley

    3. Actually IU is paying an assistant to hand deliver Indiana Elite AAU players. It’s Adams brother. A lot going on shady there.

  6. SeoulCat

    What link?

  7. barn

    dook vitale = biggest ass kisser of all time. sure he loves UK now ’cause he can jump on the glory wagon and share the limelight

  8. Yab

    Awesome!, another day to tune in and hear KSR avoid talking about the best coaching candidate, Bobby Petrino. Can’t wait.

  9. barn

    what’s the latest on julius randle, wiggins, the unc ‘investigation’, jules camara?……..

  10. coach search

    Wow, when will Obama be on the show. I just laid off three employees that would not listen to reason, maybe they can get HOPE from an Obama interview today.

  11. coach search

    Sorry wrong blog

  12. KES

    10. are you head dishwasher and laid off 3 assistant dish washers? idiot

  13. RealCatsFan

    Love him or hate him, the college basketball scene will be a little bit more boring and vanilla (and quiet) when Vitale and his hyperbole are no longer around.

    #10, I seriously hope you are just kidding about laying off 3 employees, and hopefully it has nothing to do with how they voted. To do so would be possibly illegal.

  14. KDP

    #10 Forwarded to Kentucky Attorney General for investigation of political oppression.

  15. UK#1

    Hey Republic Party you may want to win your home state if your going to run for the President of the US. Even Mass didn’t vote for Romney.