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Big Blue Sports Network: “Working on It”

Hit by a deluge of emails from fans after the post here today, the BBSN is now saying they are “working on getting the football game live” for the fans in Kentucky. If so, it will certainly be due to the power of the fans, as the original plan was not to put the football game on…..nice job folks if it does happen, and a great job making the BBSN make the correct call

UPDATE: The story we heard is now official….the game will only be available on PPV… there you go, basketball scrimmage wins out over football game

Article written by Matt Jones

18 responses to “Big Blue Sports Network: “Working on It””

  1. Robshairgel

    That’s a Damn Shame!!

  2. Robshairgel


  3. JimmyJam

    id rather watch the blue/white game.

  4. JimmyJam

    id rather watch the blue/white game.

  5. RonH

    You get to talk to Rachel today Matt?

  6. pimp juice

    it isn’t Kentucky’s/ BBSN fault. the home team controls the scheduling which affects tv options.

    and stop being such cheap-asses and throw down the $30 for the Cats!

  7. RCFOM

    Anybody know if the game will be on ESPN 360?

  8. ukwildcatwildfan

    #7, that’s what I was wondering

  9. wldctky

    basketball scrimmage wins out over football game… it should

  10. Al Purnell here

    Please still send Rob Bromley to the football game though!!!

  11. catlanta91

    Vanilla is by far the most popular flavor of ice cream in America. I think this explains why Bromley has been around so long.

  12. cats1068

    Matt, the basketball did not win over the football game. If it isn’t on Raycom, CBS or ESPN, then it has to be delayed, only shown on the 2 teams’ hometowns or PPV. So it has nothing to do with basketball. I know you think football got slighted but that’s SEC rules.

  13. Seymour

    #7 & #8, should be on ESPN 360 at 12:30. I suppose that is EST.

  14. lexslamman

    I can’t see where the B&W game is televised.

  15. s-ram

    I don’t think the B&W game will be televised.

  16. jauk11

    #9, did you happen to notice the ratio of fans that wanted the actual game instead of a scrimmage in the other blog??

  17. jauk11

    Not an official tally because the same posters posted numerous times and I excluded some posts that were just kibitzing but there seemed to be 55 posts favoring the football game and 5 favoring the practice. Probably not a contest if they were both games but come on, it’s football time!! Blog is below.

  18. CatFanInKnox

    If this was the BBSN’s decision (and not Miss St.) then this is a silly decision.