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Big Blue Madness Campout Time Lapse


Article written by Drew Franklin

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20 responses to “Big Blue Madness Campout Time Lapse”

  1. Steely Dan

    hilarious. Poor fella

  2. bluemanchew

    yellow tent man must have bought new tent and then found out parts were missing

  3. hawkeye tim

    I think yellow tent guy will flunk out of school by the end of the year.

  4. cannot stop laughing

    I never, ever use “LOL”, but I literally laughed out loud- belly laughed – at that poor dude. He never did get that tent up! Someome needs to drive by the camping area and give him a pat on the back, or a hug. Apparently whomever he called on his cell was no help either.

  5. gannon-BBN

    he literally fought with that thing for like 2 hours hahahaha

  6. Aaron Perkins

    Im the guy in the yellow tent! Haha. My friend was supposed to help me but he didn’t show up. And no I will not flunk out at the end of the year.

  7. DB11


  8. Eric K

    BBN, hell yes! GO CATS!!

  9. Josh

    Explain the problem with the tent to us then Aaron – do you know how to setup tents in general?

  10. 96cats98

    haha! The pic in the Show Thread post looks like he finally got it up (the tent) and it’s the smallest one there! What’s that thing sleep, like one midget???

  11. OneAndDone

    In the previous posts’ comment section I said that someone needed to post the video with the guy in the yellow tent. It happend and now the comment has been removed. Why? Come on guys

  12. OneAndDone

    Disregard previous comment ^. Epic fail me…

  13. Katie

    Hey Aaron- my 6 year old cub scout can give you a hand next time!

  14. RealCatsFan

    Aaron, please tell us that you are not majoring in civil engineering! 😀

  15. RUPPS_rhetoric

    4) Couldn’t agree with you more. That was phenomenal. Nice laugh at lunch time.

  16. Willie Taggart

    They teach tent-pitching at WKU.

  17. Willie Taggart

    Western KY Red is the new Yellow.

  18. Wowzers

    You think that is bad there is a tent near me that is hardly even up but just pretty much shoved in between 2 tents. If it holds up when he gets into it I will be surprised. No way he says that more then 1 person was in that tent. Will have to send a picture of it but if anyone is here it is on the right side of memorial near the back of line number 2. Good luck to the guy but no way that tent that is not even all the way up will stay even semi up.

  19. blueswade

    bless his heart….

  20. Joyce Whittington

    Bless his heart!