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Big Blue Legend Cawood Ledford Gives a Voice From the Past

This is one of the cooler things I have found on YouTube in a long time. Legendary UK Announcer Cawood Ledford created a summary of the 1969 season and it was released on a record that went out in the state. Someone has taken that record and put it out on Youtube for people to hear. In it, you can listen to Cawood’s great distinctive voice and get a little history on some legendary UK players as well. Definitely worth the listen for old timers who remember Cawood and the young folks who never heard his voice. Take the time to take a listen:

Article written by Matt Jones

33 responses to “Big Blue Legend Cawood Ledford Gives a Voice From the Past”

  1. AllLeftistsAreEnemiesOfTheUS

    I miss Caywood Ledford…

  2. Smitty4UK

    I miss Caywood, no offense Tom Leach I love you too!

  3. Cking98

    Hearing cawoods voice again is sweet. I will never forget listening to the 1st half of the 92 duke game. No one has or will have the ability to paint the game in your mind as he did when you were listening to a game unfold.

  4. Willis

    I thought I heard Cawood say “Free Enes”…

  5. Skeeter ZX22v

    Vaughn Wedeking!!!

  6. AllLeftistsAreEnemiesOfTheUS

    I also miss my spelling prowess. Oops.

  7. Matt in Franklin

    Spent a lot of time as a kid listening to Cawood announce the games while stripping tobacco, but Leach is a more than ample replacement…needless to say I still watch the games on TV with the volume off, radio on. GO CATS!!!

  8. NavyBlue

    If you play this backwards, at one point midway through it you will hear “Don’t hire Gillispie or you’ll lose a lot of games and your opponents will run past you like you’re nailed to the floor.” Really creepy stuff.

  9. UKlex83

    I have this record in the original sleeve in a record frame hanging on my wall.

  10. Mean Gene

    Today is National Help Find Shabaka Lands day. Take to twitter and ask your favorite College Basketball writer about the whereabouts of our guy Shabaka Lands.

  11. Mark

    During my time as a student at UK, Cawood’s was the only autograph I ever requested. Now I’m 34 and that was 14 years ago, but when I asked for the autograph, he grinned and said “What’s your father’s name?” I found a photgraph of Cawood wearing a headset, framed it with the autographed valet slip from the Radisson that read: “Gary, Best regards. Cawood Ledford, Go Cats!” Still the coolest father’s day gift he’ll ever receive.

  12. A.R.'s Cats

    As a kid, in the 50s 60s LONG before ESPN’s 300 stations, I’d listen to Cawood. He’d tell you straight up if the Cats were up to snuff or merely walking out on to both the field or the court. When he called the game…..YOU WERE THERE! Nothing against Tom or anyother announcer for that matter, but they’ll never be another one like Cawood…..

  13. Mean Gene

    We must find Shabaka Lands! We can’t let Pitino get away with aborting another human being!

  14. DerbyDemon

    I loved Cawood; I grew up listening to him. But, there were some times you’d have to question whether Uncle Cawood was watching the same game you were! I still miss him. They’ll never be another one like him.

  15. TRUTH

    Tom is the modern Cawood equivalent, both are legends.

  16. catinhat

    Very cool.

    Sounded like Rupp was recorded in a bowling alley, at the 1:36 and 1:55 marks.

  17. UKgirlinNC

    …very cool! What a legend!

  18. UKBoo

    Cawood was the only person I ever met where I was totally speachless. Thank God my dad was standing there to answer him when he asked my name. God I miss him.

  19. ToddP8

    I might have 2 extra tix for BBN Upper Arena that my girl’s friend might not be able to use due to her having to go out of town for a wedding. I don’t want to say it’s a sure thing but I will know in the next few days. I don’t want any $ for them, I’ll just let a True Big Blue fan have them. Email me at & I’ll let ya know what’s going on with them. But like I said I won’t know for sure until probably Friday.

  20. John Mark Trent

    When Casey broke his leg Rupp lost his last chance at another championship…I remember this team and watched with frustration as Gilmore etc. beat UK…a star (of sorts) was born in that game, Parker for UK hit several key baskets…and of course Cawood was ‘the eyes’ through which I saw all UK games…”the Cats are moving left to right on your radio dial…Casey pushes the ball down the court…quick pass to Issel inside the key…back out to Casey who shoots…write it down….”

  21. Kansas Sucks

    Haha, I love it when Rupp says, when talking about having jsut won the SEC Tournament, “Let’s see, 25 out of 36 is it? That’s not to bad.”

  22. KyFan 2000

    I remember listening to Cawood, he was one of the greatest.

  23. Gazzawin

    Nice to hear Cawood bring up Uncle Mike. God Rest His Soul!

  24. RobCary

    Cawood was the greatest, bar none. He had all kind of chances to go national but stuck with his beloved ‘Cats’. He also told it like it was. If they weren’t playing well, he called it.

  25. gobgblu37

    Cawood was the voice of Wildcats and I miss him so much. Also after the 77 football season, UK put out a LP with Cawood recounting each game and some of his boardcast of each of those games. I worn it out lol! GBB!!!

  26. KyFan 2000

    I remember Cawood, he was one of the best.

  27. HomeJersey

    Cawood Ledford made me a UK Fan. He also called one helluva Kentucky Derby!

  28. Katdaddy

    This is a treat Matt. MANY Thanks for posting!!!

  29. oilliecat

    when the cats lost to j-ville i cry like a baby

  30. oilliecat

    thank u Matt

  31. j5Cats

    Anybody else have the 45rpm record that came out after the 1977 National Championship? Lyrics were something like,”Silk and steel, King and Kong. The worked together hard and long, and in St Louie that great day, brought home the NC double A.” I know it was cheesy, but for a 6 year old Harlan county boy, it was better than Elvis. My mom still has it put away somewhere.

  32. SanAntonioCat

    I grew up as a boy with the great Claude Sullivan, but it was Cawood who defined Kentucky as the greatest sportscaster in UK history.

  33. girlwildcatfan

    Cawood was the best!!! Go Cats and Free Enes!!