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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

“Big Blue Fan In The Morning”

Here is a special treat for your ears tonight. It’ll be stuck in your head for an hour.


Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

35 responses to ““Big Blue Fan In The Morning””

  1. josh

    Everything about that video was….PERFECT!

  2. Fillyb

    Maybe we can play this before kickoff…..the house would be jumping

  3. Carter

    Maybe the best youtube video ever, get that guy on the KSR radio show.

  4. Sarah White

    He has a great voice!

  5. Simon Cowell

    Simply aweful! You have to be kidding me. Thank you for wasting 3 minutes of my life. No chance. You’re not moving on. I don’t care what Paula says.

  6. 9-asty

    As far as my favorite songs go it’s 1) the national anthem and 2) Big Blue Fan In The Morning

  7. DevilDog

    You’en’s just witnessed greatness.

  8. LexingtonTown

    I bleed big blue and I love you.

  9. The King

    After watching that video my wife had hot flashes. Not sure if it was because she is 36 weeks pregnant or if it was the video, just to tough to tell.

  10. Dragon

    He is the songbird of our generation; like a mix of Fergie and Jesus.

  11. Hoot

    Umm, that was terrible. That is an awesome jacket though.

  12. TJCats

    Please tell me this guy will be on the show soon.

  13. Sladet87

    Insightful lyrics. “Most of them were 18 too!” I believe he was quoting out own Michael porter with that one.

  14. Krispy Kreme

    Someone needs to put out a Golden Alert because this patient needs to be back under professional care.

    That being said…America definitely has talent.

  15. flemingcountycat

    Kige’s dad?

  16. Mayor In Black Skintight

    Sturdy Dan, is that you?


    i’m pretty sure he was free stylin’

  18. cm punk

    LMFAO. Who up ?

  19. Red Rooster

    I want to have lunch with this man

  20. Incredible Bulk

    I wonder about all the fan songs lost to time before youtube came along. The world may never know

  21. Orangello


  22. Orangello

    I’d pay good money for that sweet jacket.

  23. Orangello

    Again. Wow.

  24. UKOnMyMind

    I’m crying for so many different reasons.

  25. BigBlueDrew

    I long for the good ole days in Lexingtontown.

  26. Big blue fan shortly after dawn

    Hey Kige Ramsey. The gauntlet has been thrown down.

  27. Jon K Rogers

    Seriously? Awful…….I vote to keep Jimmy Rose in the competition.

  28. Frankthetank

    Shake that hat bro….SHAKE THAT HAT!!

  29. funkycat75

    Whatever he’s paying those shorts, it’s not enough.

  30. Teachable Mo'

    What is Man that Thou art mindful of him?

  31. Trey Diablo

    Seriously people, don’t encourage this type of thing. I’m sure it was from the heart but save it for your family and friends. It tilted too far on the creepy scale. Louisville Sucks!

  32. Daniel


  33. The Majority

    What an amazing voice and look, PLEASE get this superstar on the show!

  34. T.j.

    T.J.says ruff!ruff!!

  35. Joe Schroer

    Dear Big Blue Nation: Thank you for the comments!!! I forgive those who didn’t like my wardrobe. It was a little bit warm when I made the video and perfomed the song in Northern Bullitt County–6 weeks ago. I made one mistake–I should have plunged my good U of K body into my friends’s swimming pool. Again, thanks for the comments and thank you Mr. Matt Jones for allowing me to sing my song. Goodbye for now–Big Blue Nation. Sincerely, Joe Schroer