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kudos to 420grover for the wallpaper

Back in Louisville and it simply doesnt get much better. The last 48 hours have been crazy, but wonderful and are exactly why being a fan of a college sports program like Kentucky is so great. For me personally, the past 48 hours have seen my bar exam results, Basketball Media Day, Midnight Madness, White Castle Challenge….and oh yeah, only the best Kentucky football win of my lifetime. It simply doesnt get any better. Rarely do weekends live up to the hype….this one exceeded it.

Know what else is amazing? Next week might even be better. ESPN College Gameday is coming to town, an event I thought I would never see in my lifetime and will create a scene unlike any other in the program’s history. But that is next week. For now, bask in the glory of realizing that your football team….the one that you have followed for your entire life as it struggled, lost game after game in painful, agonizing ways and nearly always broke your heart….has just won a game of our lifetime. I thought it couldnt get better than a few weeks ago when “Stevie Got Loose” against the Cards….well he got loose again against the Tigers…..and this one is even better.

Article written by Matt Jones

67 responses to “Best….Weekend….Ever”

  1. J

    hell yea….GO CATS!!!!

  2. blue catfan

    Sweet!Go big blue!Put a dagger in the gators sec championship hopes next week.

  3. lexslamman

    I’m still drunk… actually, still getting more drunk. UK rules!

    Any word on the bb recruits who saw this amazing feat? Are they ready to sign on the dotted line?

  4. WildcatFan

    This win means a chance at a better bowl, better recruits, bragging rights,
    and so many positives. Basketball recruits were there too.

  5. Doug Hardin

    Congratulations on passing, counselor. I got my own good news letter this morning from the Bar Association as well. Greatest day of my life.

  6. Jacob Adam Brooks

    anyone know what that thing that stevie johnson does after he scores means? the thing with his hands?

  7. uofkcats

    Recruiting has to be the result of this new found UK Football Glory.
    EJ Fields is a great start. Now UK needs to lock up Dexter Heyman.

    This weekend isn’t over yet. I was just going to watch the horses run
    tomorrow then fly out Monday morning but with all the luck that I am having
    in Lexington, my wife and I are going to thrown down a grand or two tomorrow.
    Things are going to well to stop now.

    Looks like I will be flying back next weekend to go to the UF game and boo Corso.

    I hope UK wins, I just hope the next weekend isn’t as crazy as this weekend. I can’t
    handle another weekend like this, it would kill me. Oh Screw it, lets do it all over
    again next weekend, why not?


  8. uofkcats

    WHAT IF, TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What if Singleton committs next week, along with John Wall?

    Then what if some top football recruits committ?

    Then what if Terrence Jennings gets arrested for doing crack with Bud Mackey?

    What if Tipton on, lets say Wed, gets fired from LHL

    What if then on Thursday the SEC sits Tyson Jackson out for a few games?

    Then what if UK beats UF?

    I would be the best 10 days ever

    IT will be the greatest 10 days of my life.

  9. b. king

    Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a week what a week. Kentucky beat the #1 team….

    In football.

    Holy @#!%!!!!!!! Go big blue! bring on the gators!

  10. billy g cant get no centers at uk

    joker needs to be the new head coach,because that win was all because of his offsive calling….number 9 again sunday.

  11. Doach

    my dick is as big as this upset wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  12. UKfan215

    It has been a perfect sports weekend. We had BBM with a bunch of quality recruits present. We won the biggest game perhaps in the history of UK football today. We immediately received a verbal from a key instate recruit afterward. And to top it all off, my NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon won for the second straight weekend in a row! And that doesn’t even include Keeneland or this gorgeous weather we are having. The sun definately shined bright on our old Kentucky home this weekend!

  13. Steady

    Rich Brooks for president.

  14. joker phillips

    why brooks get all the love? All i do is help put 43 points on the board againist the number 1 team…

  15. billy g get some damn centers

    were going to be #10

  16. bakert

    I wonder why the win LSU had over UK a few years back is called the “Bluegrass Miracle?” Wouldn’t that imply UK did something amazing. This is THE Bluegrass Miracle. The other is something I want to file in the place where I have Laettner’s miracle shot in 1992.

    GO CATS!!!!!!

  17. tdr76

    Biography: E.J. Fields
    Despite his high school not having a track, Fields was the Class A 400 Meter Champion as a sophomore and is arguably the fastest player in the state of Kentucky.
    Junior Year (2006): In 12 games, Fields ran for 1147 and 14 touchdowns

    Coach Comments: “Obviously his speed is his best asset, but he is also a physical guy and most people don’t think that he is. He will not hesitate while on defense from coming up and laying a hit on you and he doesn’t shy away from contact when running the ball.” – Frankfort head coach Craig Foley

    Fields runs a 10.7 100-yard dash, 48.7 400, and 20.7 200.

  18. CadizCat

    This senior class in football is the equal to the basketball Unforgettables! They are special.

  19. Steven Seagal

    Can you imagine the recruiting weekend that all UK sports had? Midnight madness, beautiful ladies at keeneland and maybe the greatest football game in our history! This weekend helps all UK sports.

  20. RodneyfromMcKee

    Matt, congrats on the bar! I will be 40 in 3 mths and I can’t remember a time when we(UofK) were the sweethearts of the entire country! Although a lot of pride comes from being so “hated” over the generations, its nice being Cinderella for now. Its the BeachBoys “Good Vibrations” all week………maybe all year?

  21. Proud Kentuckian

    Econ Prof, if you read this, tell your father thanks! Divine intervention is most definitely playing a role this season. I’m as giddy as a schoolboy!

  22. CatFanUSFBullFan

    What a weekend. My beloved Cats beat LSU. My beloved USF Bulls destroy UFC (Rob, what an ignorant article that UCF could beat USF; care to eat crow?) and are on there way to a #1 ranking. Awesome to be me this year. (ok, i don’t expect USF to go undefeated, but right now it is all sooo good!).

  23. Bleeding Blue in Cincy

    Go Cats…what a weekend!…Does anyone have any idea when the game might be
    rebroadcast on ESPN Classic, etc?

  24. mdc

    i agree with 16!!!


    I think the crowd did great last night… I was proud of the older folks that usually sit on their tails the whole game. Go CATS!!! Lets win em all baby!

  26. mdc

    lones seiber performance last night was HUGE!!

  27. mumbler

    Sports reporters giving huge props, too. This is great.

  28. bigwillski

    That was a helluva win guys unreal! Now I am not sure what else
    the basketball recruits want but I am 100% sure they will not
    get anything close to this anywhere else. What a freakin weekend
    wow!! Go Cats!!! I would expect at least 1 to 2 committs after
    this weekend. On the football side this is going to start a pipeline
    of recruits very nice. Powerhouse in Basketball and Football??:)

  29. DonQuixote

    Wow! Just wow! I love this team. Lost the turnover battle. Didn’t have our starting RB, stong side LB, FS and we still won. WOW!

  30. Orlando Cat Fan

    Foxsports has declared UK as stepping up to elite status. I don’t know about that, but I sure am enjoyng the glow of this win. Let’s see how the season unfolds before we declare our greatness. We have a very tough game next week and I hope they start working on Florida tomorrow. I am glad the Cards won and helped out strength of schedule. It was a good day througout the state.

  31. Alan

    6. I don’t know. It is probably something like what Bradley’s diamond season is. But you can get a good looks at it…on the front page of 😀

  32. Alan

    Season? LOL. *sign

  33. MARK MAY

    LSU # 5……. USF #1…….. PER ESPN

  34. Corey

    If Kentucky would have beat South Carolina last week they would have went into the LSU game as the #5 team in the country (moving up from #8 the previous week because #5 Wisconsin, #1 USC, and #7 Florida all lost that week) and after beating #1 LSU they would have then likely gone ahead of LSU b/c they beat them, ahead of #2 Cal b/c they lost, ahead of #3 Ohio St. and #4 BC b/c Kentucky beat the #1 team. So if Kentucky would have beat SC they likely would be ranked number one right now but top ten is still great.

  35. David

    The greatest UK football wins in my sports lifetime … #3, Penn St in 1977, #2, beating #1 Ole MS in 1964, and my new #1, LSU in 2007! Go Cats!

  36. Alan

    34. Yeah, but would have beaten LSU if we had beaten USC? You can never tell. Hindsight is best avoided.

    Has everyone else noticed how much publicity UK is getting right now? First, we have front page articles Friday for BBM, and now we have front page articles for beating LSU.

  37. Rajon's Poke

    New Ap Poll, We’re ranked higher than USC,Get the **** outta here!!!!

  38. Rob's Hairgel

    Forgot to take Rajons poke off,Geez I was Drunk last nite,Go Cats!!!!

  39. boweevul

    Quote of the night from Dicky Lyons Jr. post-game: “If I died right now I’d be happy for the rest of my life.” LOL — he said this to Dick Gabriel on post game interview.

  40. Aaronedge

    #6 – My first thought was that Stevie Johnson’s gesture was something related to the “Birdman” gesture, from the rapper Baby. Here’s a pic –

    Not sure how that ties into Stevie, though, haha.

  41. Macon_Volfan

    Congrats on the big win Cats. Hope you help us Vols out again by beating UF. See you after Turkey Day.

  42. Prime34

    any news on the basketball recruits??? Marc you out there?

  43. I love lamp.....

    Legend of the “Lou Holtz curse” gets even stronger…..Go Cats!!

  44. Mr. Bentley

    Monroe commits to G-Town per cbs sports, and oh yeah.. LETS GO GATOR HUNTIN!!!

  45. Mr. Bentley

    ALSO, its crazy to see UK on the front page of all the college football and college basketball pages! Its a new era. Shake the world.

  46. Mardi Gras Miracle

    The name comes from the team that wins.

    I begged the entire first half for Locke to play. Dixon and the gang were very timid going into the line, and we needed someone that would take on those big boys full speed. Locke is that guy.

    The kid has got IT and is gonna be a superstar! Write it down, Locke will win the Heisman before he graduates, so long as he can stay healthy! The kid is a stud!

  47. GoCats

    I help Gillispie declaw gerbels

  48. YankeeCpt
  49. JK

    Lets stop calling this the “miracle” in the bluegrass! Coach Brooks had this team prepared, and combined that preparation with what I can only assume were flawless adjustments at halftime (how else could we beat them 13-3 in the 2nd half?). Congrat Coach Brooks and to the team…you deserve that pride you are feeling right now!! GO CATS, NOW IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIOP PICTURE!!

  50. Chris in Louisville

    cbssportsline has a good 7 minute vid praising the cats

  51. veeper

    Being a long time cat fan — 50 plus years — i am now smiling. And only words can describe it best — read em here. It says it all —————————

  52. veeper
  53. AL
  54. jdggoose

    I hope the administration buys Brooks a Hummer!

  55. danknugz

    # 9 AP poll….# 7 CBSSportsline….coaches???

  56. CatFan4Life

    Last night was Unreal, it still hasn’t sunk in yet. In the 11 years of having season tickets, that was the most exciting game I’ve ever seen. GO CATS!!!!!

    No. 6 I think it’s a “W” for Wildcats, but I could be wrong.

  57. uofkcats


    OL proved me WRONG


    LOCKE is the FUTURE


  58. CarloTheDon

    I live in the middle of Pac-10 country and have to deal with Cal and USC fans on a regular basis. This is the best football weekend of my 37 years! I remember tearing up three times in sports. 1. Satan Laettner’s shot. 2. 1996 3. yesterday.

    I LOVE Locke! He is our secret weapon. We will need him next weekend, Big Time. You have to match speed with speed. Go Cats!

    Thank God this happened on a recruiting weekend. Who wouldn’t want to be a Cat after yesterday.

  59. billy g get some damn centers

    now we are going to get everything from the gators,they are despert for a win..

  60. 420grover

    Thanks for using my wallpaper Matt. For anyone who wants a widescreen version there is one posted on that “other” website.

  61. Kyle Mann

    Let’s also not skim over the fact that Kentucky scored FORTY-THREE points on one of the best defenses in the country!

  62. 10, 2, and 4

    Stevie Johnson on the “sluggo” play working this time – “It was lovely.” My thought exactly.

  63. mdc

    52–that article at msn.foxsports was AWESOME!!

  64. bcgobsession

    JacobAB/6) The hand signals that Johnson is doing is a fraternity sign– I think its for the Q dogs (or something like that)– I think the hands are like dog’s ears. I could be way off base, but there were several b-ball players back in the mid-90s that did that & would often “bark” too.

  65. SEC Weekly Wrapup

    […] LSWho. I kept waiting for them to implode like they usually do, but it never happened. It’s a great win for UK’s program. Les Miles goes from hero to zero in a single […]

  66. UK kid

    Everyone go vote for the ESPN U poll where we vote. So lets all go vote UK #1 in that as they should be

  67. BirdyG

    actually the sign stevie does is for the sigmas… it represents the dove… the ques throw the hooks, like jd craigman, woodyard and burton do..