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Baylor basketball recruiting is child’s play

In less than a week, we’ve seen three Baylor recruiting tactics leaked out from the recruits, and all of them are questionable. It’s not that they’re dirty or illegal moves (we all know Baylor wouldn’t do something like that); Baylor’s recruiting method appears to be rather childish. It’s almost like a 12-year-old oversees the contact with the players.

So check out these three examples of how Baylor is attempting to lure in its recruits and then let me know what you think. Maybe I’m just looking at it the wrong way.

(Keep in mind, John Calipari shows off his ring and photos with Jay-Z.)



“Rashad, Baylor’s NEXT step is the Final Four… We are waiting for you to come and lead us to promise land! You will be the King of Baylor!”

Maybe this is how everyone does it. I don’t know. Believe it or not, I didn’t get a lot of letters from elite basketball programs when I was a senior in high school. But to me, the King Rashad approach is laughable.

If I’m Rashad Vaughn, I drop Baylor from my list as soon as I see this corny letter. I bet he’s not the only one to get it, either.


Litter the porch with flyers.

How did Baylor approach Julius Randle as soon as the fall contact period started?

They littered Julius Randle’s front porch with flyers from the coaching staff. According to yesterday’s USA Today story, Randle’s mother stepped outside for a jog and found over 30 flyers scattered everywhere. It’s like a high school prank done by grown men.

Now go pick all of them up, Scott Drew.


Text messages. A lot of them.

Also from the Julius Randle story:  “(Randle’s mother) gets a text from Baylor that just repeats the word “Baylor” over and over.”

WHAT? Who does that? How old are you, 10?


If you were Rashad Vaughn or Julius Randle, would any of this work on you???

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

34 responses to “Baylor basketball recruiting is child’s play”

  1. Rick Roy

    Absurd to the point of unbelievable. Next up- “Scott Drew will not stop poking me on facebook” – Jilius Randle

  2. Eric K


  3. Duke Sucks

    It works for them. They are usually top 5 clas since Drew got there.

  4. Dr. Funke

    The pet lions are a nice touch.

  5. Juan4UK

    Your looking at it the wrong way, obviously. Each one was very well received and unique. So there you go. One might say your beard is out of date, but if it works for you……

  6. RUPPS_rhetoric

    No. 3 makes a good point. He has been reeling in the talent lately.

  7. JImmy Dinklewinker

    matthew Mitchell does the same thing..i know because i was the one who had to design the flyers…hundreds of them for free without ever getting a thank you, dont know why everyone likes him so much, he is so rude and mean unless the camera is on him!

  8. Jones Returns

    Has anyone seen my bacon?

  9. Not surprised

    Anyone who has been to Waco knows you’re gonna have to be creative to try and make ppl want to come to that town.

  10. I Say

    3 True, it’s hard to hate when he’s had top 10 classes the last three years

  11. cracka

    3 – he’s been there since 2003 and 1 year they made top 15 … just 1 year

  12. Experienced

    3- the counterpoint to that is look at the type of guys he has brought in. This type of recruiting brings in players that love attention-and the ball- they had the talent to compete with us last year but not the chemistry.

  13. MemphisCat

    I guess it works to get the recruits attention, I guess this happens just to get in the door then the real bartering starts on why you come to Baylor. If it works why not keep it up, it has worked before, so keep it up.

  14. UKBlue

    Baylor is going to get hit with NCAA violations, so Baylor is irrelevant.

  15. Nathan

    7 – Learn some business sense. You wanna do flyers, negotiate a price before you do them. Don’t complain about it after the fact because you were too stupid to negotiate.

  16. Wild(and wonderful)Catfan

    Just seems a little desperate to me. You can’t fault the enthusiasm, though.

  17. Ridge Runner

    actually…im a thinkin’ $$ works for them. Not this propoganda.

  18. barn

    is this a rerun?

  19. Duke Sucks

    We are talking recruiting classes#11. It’s Baylor not exactly a power school. Drew inherited as bad or worse mess then PSU. So hell people give him his props. I don’t think he will ever be a serious threat to us, but he done good for them. After the murder they had its good for them to get some good news.

  20. 44 Stitches

    Drew Franklin didn’t say it didn’t work for Baylor. He said it was childish and the approach is laughable. I think the one word Baylor tweets to Randle’s mom are weird. Yes the other attempts are laughable.

  21. 44 Stitches

    text not tweets^^^

  22. cracka

    19 – i know you were talking about recruiting classes … you said they usually have a top 5 class and i’m telling you that’s not true … sorry for bringing facts to the convo … i agree that he’s brought in some top guys like pj3, q miller and deuce b but they’ve not been top 5 “usually”, they’ve only done it ONCE

  23. Duke Sucks

    #21 I agree they are strange. I was just saying he was doing pretty good with it. We are lucky to have the best recruiter in the business combined with the best program with the best recourses. I think it’s kinda cool what some of the others are trying to do to recruit some of these kids now. The old line of too many stars will hurt you in the draft and freshman can’t Win it all have forever been shot to hell

  24. Julius Randle


  25. Scotty Sharp

    Scott Drew is the biggest hypocrite in college basketball. He sells Christian values but runs a devlish program. I cannot stand his type.

  26. Scotty Sharp


  27. Scotty Sharp


  28. shot spalding

    baylor should try cigar man

  29. anthonydavisarmpit

    I think all coaches somewhat use tacky tactics. Cal flaunting pics with celebrities, Roy with his 30 rings, Coach K riding team USA, etc….If I were being recruited, I don’t need someone to tell me how great they are, what they have done, or that they really want me. I already know that! So, I would expect the in home visit to be about explaining the experience of the campus life, how life for me on campus will be (scheduling), general day to day bball life on campus , and why they think I would fit with their system and why is it any different than the college down the road.

    Cals big selling point should be all the exposure you will get compared to everyone elese. The TV time, interviews, NBA scouts at every game, etc… You know the Kentucky Effect! That would narrow it down to about 3-4 schools to compete with that have about the same exposure as UK.

  30. anthonydavisarmpit

    With that said, Cal obviously knows what 18 year old kids want to hear. He is the master of recruiting.

  31. MemphisCat

    I think Coach K using the Team USA thing is pretty weak for a recruit, what is he going to sell them, that he will pick them up for Team USA if they pick Duke. I didn’t know there were any Duke players on Team USA, but there was a UK Wildcat. (There will be more next time around with J Wall and Boogie)

  32. Biglaw Dawgin'

    My thoughts exactly–these recruiting methods are childish. If I received those type of ploys, I’d be thinking “these dudes are bush league.” It’s the old smoke and mirrors trick, try to throw as many shiny distractions out there in order to get the person to not focus on what they’re really getting. Kind of like the douche who tries “buying” a girl to like him. “Hey, check out my cool car so you won’t focus on my personal and physical deficiencies!” Side note: Scott Drew drives a Masareti.

  33. julius randle

    No, Now where is that UK hat I need for the press conference?

  34. Scott Drew

    Baylor, Baylor, Baylor, Baylor, Baylor, Baylor, Baylor.