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Baron Davis Is Reportedly Being Shopped

While it might be far fetched to call the emergence of Eric Bledsoe in the NBA a surprise, for him to be succeeding this early hasn’t been exactly what we expected.  But with Eric performing better than most believed, the Clippers are reportedly trying to trade Baron Davis.

Part of the reason has to be his large contract, the fact that he is out of shape and injured, but if the Clippers didn’t feel comfortable going into the future with Eric Bledsoe as their point guard, they wouldn’t be trying to get rid of Davis.  With the young core of Bledsoe, Griffing and Gordon, the Clippers could actually become a pretty entertaining team to watch.  Especially if they can get anything for an aging Davis.

Article written by Will Lentz

9 responses to “Baron Davis Is Reportedly Being Shopped”



  2. Old Blue

    “Griffing” is a beast

  3. echo 1

    The best thing that ever happened to Eric Bledsoe was playing with John Wall. He learned to compete with the best player in the country. Now, he has taken that lesson to the NBA. Dude is motivated and hungry. Had he gone to any other university, he wouldn’t be in the NBA today. Eventually? Yes. But, not this soon. Sorry Baron, you have a pit bull on your arse.

  4. tdogg4033011

    3) I totally agree with your statement

  5. diller

    It was fun to watch Bledsoe last night. If the big white dude with the red beard didn’t suck real bad, they would have won big.

  6. SpasticColitis

    I’ve been able to watch almost all games of Wall, Boogie and Bledsoe and I must say-in last two games(starts) for Eric-he has looked best of the 3. Wall just lacks around him and Boogie can’t stop fouling. Eric has a real sense of control that I didn’t expect him to have this early. If Gordon didn’t shoot everytime he touches it, the Clips have a chance to do something in the West.

    By the way, go to and you can see almost every game.

  7. SpasticColitis

    Btw, I’m watching Wall play the Cavs now. Wall has 10/7 near end of 3rd.

  8. tombanjo

    free enes sign at the wizards game.

  9. gay glazer

    Watched Fourth Quarter of Clippers game last night. Wow did Bledsoe look good!!! Griffin/Bledsoe could be Stockton/Malone part 2!