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Baby Boogie playing at the Eddie Ford Kentucky HoopFest


Yep, same stare.

Look familiar? That’s Jaleel Cousins, little brother of our beloved Boogie, DeMarcus Cousins. He’s playing for the Birmingham Storm in this week’s Eddie Ford Kentucky HoopFest in Louisville.

Jaleel, who was enrolled at Tates Creek during DeMarcus’ time in Kentucky, is almost a carbon copy of his big brother when it comes to looks (6’10″, 265 lbs.). In an interview with Jody Demling of the Courier-Journal, Baby Boogie (as I’m calling him) says working out with his brother inspired him to take his own skills to another level:

“I never really played like I was supposed to play. I only liked to play pickup. I just didn’t get serious until before this summer when I started working out with my brother. He has really helped me out a lot. It’s just getting started for me. (DeMarcus) has been through it and he told me I just need to play my game and see what happens. So that’s what I’m doing.”

Jaleel will be a senior this fall and, so far, has received interest from Murray State and East Carolina; but, you better believe that others are watching, especially if he turns in some impressive performances this summer.

Wanna see him play? His team plays tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. on Court Three at the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center in Louisville. Go.

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38 responses to “Baby Boogie playing at the Eddie Ford Kentucky HoopFest”

  1. cattttttttttttttttt

    holy crapp I thought that was Demarcussss!!.. creeepppyy

  2. UK fan

    What year is he, lets sign the kid already. We can call him Carl Jr.

  3. gog8ors

    Let UK offer this kid a scholarship and see if Cal can develop him into a lottery pick. We’ll see how good Coach Cal really is.

  4. Holden McGroin

    i name him Woogie. bring him on Cal!

  5. Back On Top

    Oh, please, please, please… let him choose Murray!

  6. Nathan

    if u want to watch the game from home for free you can visit and watch the live broadcast online. you can also watch games that have happened the past few days including games with TJ Warren’s team Garner Road 17U. ihigh is a company based in Lexington so you know its good!

  7. tdogg4033011

    6) thanks dude …..

  8. test


  9. Manchester

    Can you imagine feeding those two.

  10. DTDCatsFan5

    What other UK prospects/potential prospects can be seen tomorrow and what time?

  11. tdogg4033011

    and by the way, that picture is creepy … looks just like big bro !! I say give him a scholly,
    Calipari dont like 13 scolorship players anyhow, lets take a chance. If anything, we’ll have
    little boogie on the sidelines.

  12. StopHammerTime

    He was enrolled at Tates Creek and lived in a golf course neighborhood with his mom. The media got wind of this and lil bro and his mom did an eviction move and split in the middle of the night. They went back to bama.

  13. John Wall Dance Off

    John Wall does the “John Wall” in a dance off in new ESPY’s commercial.

  14. UKeith26

    holy crap hes got the same scowl! hilarious!

  15. t

    How can a 6″10 265 pound kid with those genetics not be at least a mid major talent? He must be really bad to be that size and have no offers.

  16. RondosDribblingHand

    CBSSN has Kasey Hill playing right now. Channel 152 on Dish. You can tell he’s gonna be a great point guard.

  17. mocha

    Kid can cut through you with that stare….and through glass with those nips.

  18. Matt'sHair

    sign him up now!!!!

  19. t


  20. T

    Bob gibbons is reporting via twitter that Robert Carter wll commit to UK in the near future

  21. T

    Someone call Daniels to get the scoop

  22. on to the next one

    You don’t even have to give him a scholarship. Just a spot to play. Demarcus could easily pay for it. Like clay Matthews did. And you know UK would do something to make it practically free

  23. dylan

    i dont even care what hes ranked, lets sign him

  24. Allday33

    If we have a scholly spot for Eloy, we at least have a walk on spot for Lil Cuz. Can always use a 6’10 265 lb brother of an all American center. Give him a look cal.

  25. RondosDribblingHand


  26. RondosDribblingHand


  27. babydangy

    Well with the lockout and everything Boogie could take baby boog and help him. He has to have talent, he just has never really wanted to play till he saw the success of his brother.

  28. can't see


  29. win

    bay bay Boogie
    Hobo McCoy

  30. Coach K


  31. GoRacers!

    Murray State needs a big guy. The racers have been playing five guards for a few years now. Go get him, Racers!

  32. Wakecat

    Preferred walk on offer if he’s a good kid (i.e. no head issues). A. As a commenter above stated, Demarcus could cover the tuition. B. Cal rarely uses all 13 scholarships anyway, so if one is left over, this kid can have it on a year-to-year basis. Can’t teach 6’10″ and 265lbs.

  33. T


  34. Carl

    Boogie II, bring it on.

  35. Dawood Khan

    Legacy Walk On if ever there was one.

    Hell, Cal could pay for it. If he’s not on Scholly, he’s not subject to the same limitations is he.

  36. KING REX #3


  37. ChicagoCat

    Let’s give this kid a preferred walk-on and show the world BBN takes care of it’s own! Cal can turn him into something by his junior/senior year I bet.

  38. fiddlestix

    For some reason, I like that kid’s looks! Someone beat me to Boogie II, but just barely.