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Aww, poor Duke


Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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23 responses to “Aww, poor Duke”

  1. Scott


  2. ltylerj


  3. Lisamac


  4. Oops

    I bet his fingers smell like wojo’s azz…

  5. Go kitties

    Hey lets not revel in this too much we have our own game to play tonight

  6. SECOnNotice

    5 All the more reason to enjoy the moment.

  7. Bob

    Marquette looks like a bunch of brutes.

  8. Bob

    Go Racers!



  10. Ktucky084

    I agree with 5. Let’s take care of business tonight first

  11. Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

    Just jinxed UK

  12. Claw

    The day we lost to Vanderbilt (seems like ages ago) was the best day of my entire life. Had two female friends come over to console me and we took a road trip together. Ended up driving through dangerous conditions on a mountain road in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Were just happy to come out alive. Anything the Cats do good from now on out is icing on the cake. Hope for the ultimate prize but have so much enjoyed a special season.

  13. Sarcasm

    Has anybody else seen the UPS commercial? Wow!

  14. Mudcreekmark

    We should show a little respect to one of the classiest, best run program in the country. Duke has always been one of my favorite teams in America and I admire their program and coach so much. Not really, I’m just f*cking around. I hate those azzholes and their rat face coach. The only thing that compares to a big win by the Cats is a lose by Duke to a 15 seed.

  15. Han

    Did anyone see Anthony Davis interviewing Terrence Jones for Tipoff on TNT? I caught the end of it. Looked like Jones was messing with Ant a bit.

  16. Mr Furious

    How’s this for a new ups commercial?
    When a three drops in your eye….
    And you’ve lost to Lehigh…
    That’s logistics!

  17. Dane Brammage

    @14, I am glad you axed. Becousin: I’ve seen many bretheren discuss herein.

    First, and again, it should be a violation of NCAA rules. If it is not, it should be as it is clearly an unfair recruiting advantage – similar to the credit card commercials coach K did a few years back.

    Again, if you are a UNIVERSITY that wants to PAY for a commercial (example, halftime both schools do a promo) that’s one thing.

    The UPS, and the the credit card commercials are different and should not occur.

    Boycott UPS.

    Boycott UPS.

    Boycott UPS.

    When I research that credit card co., Boycott them too.

    FOK Dook


  18. Ridge Runner

    They are called PukE for a reason.

  19. twnky

    Amen #5

  20. meg

    Someone get a replay of the tnt Ant &TJ funny interview!!

  21. LuvDaCats

    Too funny

  22. Outhouse Lightning

    What can brown duke for you?

  23. Tampa Satchel