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Auburn Basketball….A Lifetime of Nothing


I find it easy to find something to pick on with most teams. Tennessee has the headbands, Vandy the slide rules, Florida the Tyus hair and Louisville the Porcinis. But what is there to care about when it comes to Auburn basketball? Is there any defining characteristic that reminds you of Auburn, one way or the other? The reality is that Kentucky has owned Auburn like no other team in the SEC in modern times. The Cats are 24-1 against Auburn since 1991, with their only loss in 2000 while Auburn was ranked #4. Think about that…since Pitino was here and not on probation, Kentucky has beaten Auburn like a drum every year and only lost once. Heck, even Billy Clyde was 2-0 against the Tigers.

So what is there to dislike about Auburn basketball? Anything? I admit that I dont know one player on the Auburn team and have nothing except their lineup of bad losses (Central Florida, Missouri State and Troy) and the fact that they got WAXED by 22 by Sam Houston State…the team the Cats played earlier this year. I know their coach (Jeff Lebo) has no hair and their arena (the aptly named “Who Cares Hall”) is always empty except when Kentucky comes to town. Thus I struggle to find anything relevant to talk about when it comes to the Tigers. But I am here to try. So after some thought, the eleven things that come to mind with Auburn basketball:

1. Charles Barkley — You have to go back to the mid 80s and the Round Mound of Rebound played there. The Cats beat him in the SEC Tournament finals and he cried on the court. To Cat fans a bit older than me, it was a big moment.

2. Chris Porter — The best player in my generation at Auburn. He was a JUCO transfer and could flat fly…led a team that was supposed to be special…it wasnt.

3. Cliff Ellis — Seemed to coach at Auburn forever. Played jazz music in his spare time even though he looked like a science librarian.

4. Veterinarian Students — Back in the day, Kentucky always seemed to play at Auburn on the old JP Sports Network. Joe Dean would call the games and they would make a big deal about the fact that there were a lot of UK fans there because they were Vet students at the Auburn school. I always wondered how there could be that many Vet students from Kentucky. I still dont know.

5. Sonny Smith — Coach of Auburn in the 1980s and very funny. My first year covering the SEC Tournament, he came up to me and introduced himself and said, “do you work for CBS?” and I of course said no. He then handed me a cup of liquid and said, “Good, have some Dr. Pepper.” Oddest and best conversation ever.

6. Dameon Fishback — He played at Auburn in the mid 90s and was from Kentucky…always had big games against the Cats, prompting people to ask, “why didnt UK recruit him?” The answer was because our guys were much better. He now calls games with Buzz Baker.

7. White guys with floppy hair — They always have one and he makes five threes against us. Wait and see…it is guaranteed.

8. Person Brothers — Chuck and Wesley. They both were very good and Wesley could shoot like no other. Scott Padgett said Darnell Dodson could be a “Wesley Person-like player” and meant it as a compliment. I told him he was getting old.

9. Bert and Blake — Not really basketball related but two of my best friends from Middlesboro were brothers and they both went to school at Auburn. I never understood why. Then I got Facebook and saw the various girls they dated. I now know why.

10. Auburn Elvis — (pictured below) Every year at the SEC Tournament, we see this guy dressed like Elvis who supports Auburn. He always comes up and talks to us and I look forward to it every year. Because he only comes to Auburn games, he is only there one day. But it is a great day.

11. Mamadou Ndiyae — Truth be told, I remember almost nothing about his play. But he did inspire the my favorite Sportscenter nickname…..”Aint Nobody Love him Like His” Mamadou Ndiyae.

Maybe we will add to the list this year. I doubt it…

So Matt Jones, Barry Booker and Auburn Elvis walk into a bar…

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. Anonymous

    UK and Auburn set up an exchange with Vet and Dental schools. There is no Vet school at UK and no Dental school at Auburn so each school saves a select number of spots in its respective class for the other school’s students. Quid pro Quo. Of course, the Auburn dental students here don’t rep their undergrad alma mater like the future Wildcat Animal doctors down there, so you wouldn’t really know about the program without the wisdom of Joe Dean.

  2. Chris Collinsworth

    Prove it.

  3. GoCats2

    Great list Matt. The Barkley SEC tournament game was the 1st game I can remember sitting all the way through watching. I was 11 years old so I listened and watched games with my Dad but it wasn’t until then I was really into the games. We won the game and I was hooked for life. The terrible second half against Georgetown crushed me but I will always remember the Barkley game.

  4. NodaVet

    UK has not Vet school, only an Ag school… hence people (i.e. women) who desire to be Vets, go to AU.

  5. CaptainObvious

    Is she hiding 2 midgets under the top of her dress?

  6. ccode

    Matt Jones,

    Kentucky and Auburn have a contract for 36 which may have recently been bumped to 38 seats for Kentucky residents to attend their residents. Kentucky also has a contract with Tuskeegee for 2 seats as well. There is no agreement for an exchange with the dental students though this is usually what happens. The written agreement is that Kentucky students will get instate tuition at Auburn, but the Kentucky government must pay the difference. The agreement is with the SREB (southern region education bored and not really between the schools) Kentucky recently looked in to building a veterinary school, but then realized the cost and back out as fast as they brought up the idea. See the minutes from the meeting below:

    Now you know and could probably find the contract with your law knowledge as I could not find it.

  7. UKAJB

    “Nobody Packs Lunch Like MAMADOU”

  8. cliffroy2003

    Matt slingin’ some comedy. A+ Mr. Jones!

  9. The Situation

    There is definitely a situation behind that pin. Damn!

  10. cliffroy2003

    Two “BAD” situations……

  11. GummyBear

    #1 and #6 beat me to it, but I always wondered the same thing. Since I became a dog owner when I got married, every vet we went to had his/her degree from Auburn. So finally, I asked my current vet why that is and he told me essentially what #6 explains in his comment.

  12. nybrasky


    11 – Sounds like Clay Travis’ theory that every meteorologist went to Miss St.

  13. KY-TN Aggie

    As the University of Kentucky and Auburn University are the land grant institutions in their respective states, several partnerships that have been built. Another such instance is with the forestry programs. UK and AU also partner on some of the research being done in Robinson Forest.

  14. yo

    There is also an agreement in which AU owns us in football, and we own them in basketball.

  15. wh

    now if we only could ship down our fat chicks and bring up some ladies as pictured!!!

  16. ukblueblood

    #6 – ccode is dead on.

  17. cats

    Great post Matt

  18. giggity

    UK is 83-17 all time vs Auburn…. which translates to UK winning _____% of games vs Auburn? Think hard, it’s a tough one.

  19. BigCatDaddy4263

    I also was going to post this as well about the VET School and Dental School at UK and Auburn… However, my freaking ex-wife who got her vet degree destroyed my mind and took all of my freaking money when she divorced me…. NA, I’m not pissed… I got to watch some pretty good football down there on the plains in the early-mid 90’s

  20. Anonymous

    As an Auburn and UK alum, as well as current UK grad student I can attest to the picture above as being a representative of about 94% of the female population on the plains.

  21. TheWaitFor8

    I have no doubt that multiple people will get that wrong giggity

  22. Catfan110

    14. We must have broke that agreement this past Fall.

  23. AdamB

    Because there are only 23 vet schools in the country and Auburn has one of the best (along with one of the few in the South…UT has the other..which is why I go there…unfortunately)

  24. MIDDAY

    Dom Fucci should have made this list. Dom could have played any sport he wanted at several colleges. Great HS baseball coach in Lex now. He had a great hair line too.

  25. super

    I love tig o bitties!

  26. 83%

    not that tough

  27. Laker Cat 18

    If that’s the new haircut Jones, you wasted your money. Unless it was free, which is entirely possible.

  28. Not shy

    White shirt is same chick in 20 years… worth it for 20 years though.

  29. Rockfield, KY

    Damion Fishback played at Greenwood High School here is Bowling Green and I believe he played with jason Lathrem for a short period of time.

    As far as Auburn goes, there isn’t much to dislike about them other than they are an SEC school not named UK. The football games are a blast, the bars are fun, and the women are hot. I’ve always looked forward to traveling down there for a game. Surprising enough, the women really like guys from Kentucky down there and there are quite a few UK basketball fans. They need some sort of team to cheer for I guess.

  30. Funbags

    Who is actually thinking about Auburn….I can’t get passed the boobs!

  31. cliffroy2003

    SVP show, Ryen just pick John Wall over Derrick Rose in a NBA mock team draft, get this, with all NBA players being picked for their teams! BTW Scott Van Pelt picked Rose.

    Wall is so good, his stats are ranked in the NBA….

  32. catfanb

    Matt looks like he is headed to Aspen in that pic

  33. Catfan76

    Very first UK game I attended they played Auburn during Rex Chapman’s freshman year. That was actually a close game as I recall. Also, a little known fact about Sonny Smith, he used to coach high school ball in Kentucky.

  34. Wildcater

    who wouldn’t hit it?

  35. Fashion Police

    That sure is a nice Dale Earnhardt #3 Purse – not.

  36. Girl Wildcat Fan

    I remember the Round Mound of Rebound crying like a baby!!! Extremely good game and the Person guys were lights out shooters. Good memories.

  37. Jim Cantore

    They have storm surge in pools at Auburn.

  38. Richard L. Girth

    I will be in the first row, mid court of the student section. I will have my UK2K shirt on.

  39. KY_Wildcat_AL

    Go Big Blue…
    Grab a Tiger by the tail…

  40. Laker Cat 18

    31. Can we get a visual of the new dome trim soon? Can’t wait to see this.

  41. macon_volfan

    With my new iPhone 3G-S, there will be no more out of focus Barry Bookers. I promise!

  42. ccode

    23…There are 28-29 US Veterinary School at this point. With the recent addition of Western University of Health Sciences in California. See

  43. The guy that always says first

    Porter was flat out bad…still never have understood why he couldn’t make it in the NBA. Guess his mid range jumper just wasn’t enough.

  44. Joe

    Why does nobody actually remember Auburn?

    Earlier, I took a guy on catspause to task because he talked about Chris Porter being a great three point shooter, when he was 12-for-39 career in two years at Auburn.

    Now Matt busts out that Daymeon Fishback “always had big games against the Cats”. No, he didn’t. As a freshman, DF played against UK twice… total numbers, 11 points on 3 of 12 shooting. As a sophomore, he had four points against UK on 2 of 10 shooting. As a junior, he played UK twice and totalled six points on 2 of 8 shooting. As a senior, in Auburn’s last win against UK, he did manage 17 points. But he played against UK six times and pretty much sucked in five of them. Fishback’s career totals against UK- 6.3 points per game, 14 of 42 shooting (a robust 33%). Auburn lost five of those six games, three of them by 24 or more points.

  45. HoustonWildcat

    I met Porter and his massive fro in Atlanta at the Ritz years ago at the SEC tourney. I also have a pic of Camara me mamadou. I am 6’3 and felt like a little guy in that pic.

  46. Joe's friend

    BURN JONES!! He just called ur A$$ out!

  47. getting old


  48. honestABE

    Is that Bubba Gump, Elvis, and Tom Petty?

  49. bofkentucky

    Re: 6. Dameon Fishback

    in a few short years from not recruiting guys like Dameon…we were getting the likes of JP Blevins, Josh Carrier and Brandon Stockton out of 4th region.

  50. John B

    There’s a tape somewhere of Barkley, after a loss to UK, sitting in the floor crying like a baby. Priceless.

  51. GasCan

    #45 – Why does nobody actually remember Auburn? Because their Auburn! But thanks to you, we have an expert on all things Auburn.

  52. yum

    look at the funbags on that hosehound!

  53. GummyBear

    Btw, isn’t it a law or something that you can’t mention Chuck Connor Persons without mentioning the Rifleman? which was one of the better nicknames in SEC lore.

  54. Anonymous

    37 That girl in picture gives a whole new meaning to round mound of rebound

  55. GummyBear

    As well as a great TV show in the ’70s.

  56. BravoBigBlue

    Is that Charles Barkley in a bad wig on the right?

  57. Sh*tSandwich

    At least Auburn’s fans have huge… spirits.

  58. Cal Purnell here

    This is GREAT!!!!I forgot about ol Chris Porter and Daymeon Fishback.

  59. Ronzo

    Add to Auburn great basketball players….John Mengelt…he was super…ask Joe B.

  60. WAH

    damn that girl is absolutely smokin hot

  61. Jonesy

    Porter’s first team (98-99) was the best in school history (29-4, #1 seed in South region, but 2 of those were to UK, lost in the tournament to an Ohio State team that later had to vacate the final four appearance that year), but it was his second team that was the disappointing one, which ironically was the one that beat UK on Doc Robinson’s late 3.

    It’s a pity y’all aren’t coming down next year for the new arena, but at least you’ll get your biggest win of the conference season in your last trip to the craphole that is BEMC. FIRE LEBO NOW!

    Oh, and Chuck Conners Person wasn’t just his nickname, that’s his actual given name. No BS.

    War Eagle anyway…

  62. Jonesy

    oh, and we don’t have any floppy haired whiteys this year, but you were thinking of Mengelt, John Caylor, Lance Weems, Scottie Pohlman, and Adam Harrington. Lebo ended the line, which is another reason to fire him yesterday.

  63. Bigdownthere

    I don’t care what anyone else says, thanks for the picture that chick is hot! I think I married her….

  64. Oh Boy

    After seeing that picture, I’m going to Auburn’s campus as soon as possible.

  65. make a road trip please?

    wow that girl is awesome. anyone wanna head to the game?

  66. UK+Cal=8

    I think we have ourselves a situation.

  67. Bill Chambliss

    Former Georgetown College coach Bob Davis went down to Auburn back in the 70s and had some pretty good teams, as I recall. He probably has at least 1 or 2 of the 17 victories they’ve rung up against us over the years. They had a real stud player named Mike Mitchell, if I recall, who had a pretty good run in the NBA.

  68. indycat

    My favorite part about Barkley was during that SEC Tourney Final,
    he was seen gobbling Goo-Goo Clusters during timeouts. I can’t see a Goo-Goo Cluster now without thinking about him.

  69. Cat fan in Nashille

    KY students are considered “in state” at Auburn so about a 1/3 are from KY and they all go to games to support the Cats!!!

  70. BluegrassBabe

    I had no idea so many vets/vet students read this site. I took all the pre-vet classes at UK, but decided I just wasn’t ready to leave Ky and go to Auburn (among other reasons). Maybe I will someday. Kudos to all of you vets out there who suffered through Alabama, and keep cheering the Cats once a year when they play!

  71. John Doe

    Do all law school graduates look ambiguously gay like Matt Jones? I had a friend in law school who was very effeminate, much like Mr. Jones. Just wondered if it was a law school trend.

  72. dk

    As a Cs fan, you forgot Marquis Daniels.

  73. stegbrent

    We need to have a contest where you put up all of the fan of the day photos from this year and we vote on the best pic.One of my faves is the sexy north carolina girl with the soft looking bare feet.

  74. Auburn Elvis

    Yeah, UK’s pretty much owned the Tigers.

    BTW, last year, in Tampa, I enjoyed THREE WHOLE DAYS of the SEC tournament thanks to a 1st round bye and the overrated Gators.


    Auburn and the STATE of KY have a little system set up. It has nothing to do with UK dental.Each year, Auburn’s Vet school saves close to half of the incoming seats for KY residents, in exchange, the state of KY pays the school some money since UK/the state of KY does not have a vet school. UK has no exchange set up with Auburn or the state of alabama. There are two dental schools in the state of AL.