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Archie Goodwin Has a New Tattoo

It looks as if Mike Marra will not be the only college basketball player in the state of Kentucky next year with a clown tattoo. Archie’s new tattoo is a bit scary to me (I find clowns creepy), but not odder than the white guy at the KSTV Casting Call this weekend that had one of Lil Wayne. These kids today with their rock and roll…

Article written by Matt Jones

51 responses to “Archie Goodwin Has a New Tattoo”

  1. UK Girl

    He looks sexy!! Can’t wait to see him in Lexington soon!

  2. amcfarland


  3. Kerry


  4. James K

    For me to CONSIDER a tattoo, it would have to be a symbol that I could like for the rest of my life. A seriously creepy clown… yeah, that would not qualify.

  5. BlueDeuce

    Awesome! Going in the next week or so to start a new one myself. Can’t wait to see him on the floor next year!! Is it basketball season yet?!

  6. Paducah UK fan

    not that I am supposed to, but I just “Do not get it” with this tattoo thing.

  7. bham

    He knows those are permanent, right?

  8. blitzedanddazed

    Archie does his version of “The Tighten Up!”

  9. cats11

    So Jones thinks a Lil Wayne tattoo is weirder than a circus clown tattoo.

  10. Bledsoe's Biceps

    To each his own. I’m not a tattoo fan to start with, but that creepy clown is weird no matter what.

  11. nolablue

    The clown head is popping up out of a music box, which has spider webs on it. It just
    keeps getting worse and worse. *laughing* Clowns AND spiders!

  12. JC

    Is that clown tattoo John Hood?

  13. CatFaninFlorida

    OK, was umm he drunk when he got this? Had to be.

  14. UKpharmer2

    Is that the state of Arkansas on his abdomen?

  15. Paducahfan

    I am so proud.

  16. jwcatfan

    11.) I think it is a clown popping out of a box that is on fire. These tats are totally designed to look coolest when the hoopster has his jersey on.

  17. Two pack

    At least it doesn’t say thug life

  18. SexnNursinHomes

    Nice tattoo. But everybody knows that the best tattoo is of the Tazmanian devil drinking a beer and smoking a joint.

  19. matthew hh

    when is the john wall’s no tattoo fad going to catch on? not soon enough

  20. Rich

    19) oh if you were only right.

  21. Nick

    That is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, I loved the lack of ink this year’s team had

  22. SeoulCat

    Who cares what kind of ink the kid elects to get. He could get a tattoo of a massive flaming phallus eRUPPting across his left deltoid for all I care. As long as he can put the ball through the hoop, nothing else matters.

  23. Block Party

    SMH . . . it’s 2012, people. Everybody that has a tattoo is not a thug or a freak or a s*ut. In case you haven’t noticed, tattoos have become pretty mainstream. You don’t have to like them, you don’t have to get one, but you also don’t have the authority to judge those that do. And for the record, as long as he wears long sleeves, Archie hasn’t done anything to jeopardize employment outside of basketball (at least from what you can see in this pic), so relax a little.

  24. Face it, Clowns suck

    This makes me want to cry. Damn clown ruin literally everything. EVERYTHING. He should be forced to wear a Joe Crawford style Champion brand t shirt to hide that nonsense from me. And Joe B. He hates clowns too.

  25. macon_volfan

    #23-wow. What a level headed comment. One that would have never been made about all the ink on the ‘thugs’ the Vols had…..

    Wonder if this guy’ll wear a headband, too. Yikes.

  26. MCaron

    A garbage truck worker ^

  27. MCaron

    Also… not real sure you should be mentioning that cause, ya know, the people you are referring to were rolling around with drugs and guns. Being what you might call… thugs. Let’s let Archie be himself.

  28. Laker Cat 18

    25. It has nothing to do with tattoos or headbands. This is why some of your Vols are thugs.

  29. Maxbps8

    #19…Agreed. i hope he wears a sleave to cover that up. i appreciated the fact that UK was on of the least tattoed teams in MM and by far the least in the Championship. Not a fan of ‘obvious’ tattoos.

  30. jonathan

    Any footage on Lexington’s casting call?

  31. DowntownShown

    You guys are right. Tattoos are for low-bred thugs. Shame on him. He should be denounced of his scholarship and play either as a walk-on, or look for a transfer, lose a year of eligiblilty, and play elsewhere. No room here for these type of tattoo players. We will not accept these type of tattoos to represent a possible run at #9. What will CBS think if ONE SHINING MOMENT has to show this type of “graffiti” on the year ending video? As my daughter says…UK rules….others DROOL. GO BBN!

  32. tipin

    am i the only one that sees eddie murphy!!!

  33. RoadKillJohn

    I’m so glad he has his priorities in order and that he has the money to spend on this wonderful body art.It helps keep the economy rolling.

  34. Can fan

    No wonder we win under Calipari. Archie is absolutely RIPPED for a high school kid. With the amazing athletes that Calipari is recruiting, it really is not even fair. Go get um Archie!!!

  35. Memphis Raines

    I’m not tatted, and hopefully will never be. He obviously likes clowns, let him be. It’s not on your body, chill out.

  36. Memphis Raines

    I wanna know what his chest tat says though..?

  37. maxbps8

    #36…It says, “ARKANSAS.” And #35, chill-dude, people ARE actually allowed to have an opinion different from yours. This kid is now representing UK and with everything else this doesn’t help the CoachCal and KentuckY image. Then again, Tattoo-Rob didn’t seem to hurt KU’s image with commentators. i still don’t like it. JMO.

  38. Happy Gilmore

    Laugh now Clown!!!

  39. Sheriff Buford T. Justice

    Going to tattoo a clown face around my penis and an ice cream cone on my mid-thigh. Perfect

  40. What

    #37 No way that says Arkansas. Theres a B at the begining and what looks like and H towards the end

  41. Notnew

    This tattoo is not new… He had the tattoo at the Jordan brand classic and it doesn’t really stand out since no one noticed or commented on it. I think it will be ok.

  42. Hello

    @ #40. Ummm that absolutely says “ARKANSAS”. Learn to read, and then come back. Thanks!

  43. old_school

    How do these kids get the money to pay for these tattoos?
    I hate being in line at the store to pay for my gas and these tatted up folks buy their food with foodstamps, text out on the latest iphone and then brag about their latest ‘ink’ while buying $10 worth of lottery tickets. (And before you holler – it’s both a white and black thing)
    This is pathetic and it shows just how far UK has fallen.

    I know, I know – we got a banner. But nothing is free – and we’ve sold out big time. Now we’re going after the ex-Xavier thug. Trust in Cal? Yeah – you all go right ahead.

  44. Roland

    Has a Jack Nicholson “Here’s Johnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” look about it

  45. Hoss_Cat

    #43 become a cardinal fan! We don’t want you in our fan base.

  46. Rice'

    and 43 – You truly are a dumb ass. Sounds like a Card fan to me.

  47. Hoss_Cat

    I do have to say though that that’s truly horrible looking.

  48. bg cat fan

    Who gives a sh!* about tattoos? I wish there were more college and pro players that decided to be what is now the very few and go without any ink. I think it looks ridiculous!

  49. Mike Marra

    That is wicked sweet!

  50. kyrifle

    Everyone has their own right to destroy their own body in whatever manner they choose. However, when a player puts on the UK blue and white, they have a responsibility to carry themselves in a positive manner on and off the court. I believe the use of his art form displays a negative image that will carry itself further off the court. Coach Cal should place some restrictions on the use of tatoos and let players where a game T-shirt if necessary. A player in the UK blue and white has certain responsibilities in building character. Go Big Blue! – thank you to Mr. Polson in how you carry yourself on and off the court.

  51. old_school

    kyrifle – Well said. But this is a ‘playaz first’ program now. It’s all about using the name on the front of the jersey to market the name on the back.

    UK has now become what most UK fans hated a decade ago and apparently they’re willing to sell their integrity for success.