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Archie Goodwin finds Shabazz Muhammad for a dunk

Video by Tim Brown,

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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20 responses to “Archie Goodwin finds Shabazz Muhammad for a dunk”

  1. Ryan


  2. Dom Papa

    White players vs. Black Players???????

  3. 00BBN00

    2. You didn’t watch the game did you? Plenty of racial mixing on both sides. Except World team had the only Asian…

  4. macsauce13

    Looked like teammates to me!

  5. patrick from huntington

    Hope thats not the last time that Archie looks for Shabazz.

  6. caliparty

    good to see Archie and Shabazz getting it done. However, anyone who actually watched the game will tell it was mostly the Shabazz and Kyle Anderson show unfortunately.

  7. snoopaloop

    6. Agreed. Kyle Anderson was underwhelming and Shabazz jacked up a million shots.

  8. RealTalk

    Shabazz shot the ball 27 times! Thats too much. Let him go to UCLA. I think he will be a ball stopper on offense and we dont need his scoring that bad. We hav enough talent for number 9 but only if we play as a team.

  9. enes

    If we get Shabazz expect trouble. The NCAA has warned schools who are recruiting him. Even if The NCAA clears him we know they can still go after the school who lands him with sanctions. If the NCAA could be trusted it would maybe be ok to get him but we all know the NCAA cannot be trusted. Stay away from Shabazz, he can bring a vacated season.

  10. RealTalk

    Offical Box Score:

  11. Big Blue 66

    i love how a bunch of idiots come on here, see one exhibition game and can out scout Cal and his group. STFU and leave it to the man, the myth, Cal.

  12. BlueCat

    6 you are right. Muhammad was a ball hog and only looked for his own shot. I hope he comes to Kentucky, but if he does Cal will have a job molding this guy into a team first player. Right now he’s all about Shabazz.

  13. BlueCat

    11 I don’t don’t see where anyone was trying to out scout anyone, but merely stating what they saw in this game. FTR Cal isn’t a myth.

  14. Big Blue 66

    13, and you are one of those idiots. making statements about how Cal will have to work on this and how we shouldnt recruit him…blah blah blah, none of you know anything about it so STFU and quit acting like you have the experience or skill set to even offer an opinion. you literally saw one exhibition game with this kid and you completely have indepth knowledge that he will have to become a team player and Cal will have a job molding him blah blah blah….just shut up please, you dont know the kid, you dont know enough about basketball and your assumptions are ridiculous.

  15. Blue Bayou

    May this be one of many. #9 is on the way.

  16. Dom Papa

    3, Only clip I’ve seen of the game… Gotta admit in todays game, not many all white 5’s on the floor at the same time. All great players or they wouldn’t be there.

  17. Once again

    Let him go to UCLA….please

  18. Bigcat4453

    It was pretty evident that the USA team needed Muhammad because he hardly if ever left the floor. Evidnetly the USA coach felt he couldn’t win without him… He was a man amoung boys last night..

  19. big tim

    i think shabazz dad wants him to go to ucla and shabazz wants to be at ky

  20. Big O

    19. You are correct and Dad will win. This is about big time bucks- Adidas style! Forget Shabazz and move on.