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Anthony Davis to the Hornets

It’s not Charlotte!!!!!!! It’s not Charlotte!!!!!!!!!! It’s not Charlotte!!!!!

The New Orleans Hornets pulled off the upset in the NBA Draft Lottery, moving up from the third spot to win the rights to Anthony Davis. Charlotte will pick second, followed by John Wall and the Washington Wizards at No. 3. Let’s hope MKG slips a spot to the Wiz.

Here is the draft order:

1.) New Orleans Hornets
2.) Charlotte Bobcats
3.) Washington Wizards
4.) Cleveland Cavaliers
5.) Sacramento Kings
6.) Portland Trailblazers
7.) Golden State Warriors
8.) Toronto Raptors
9.) Detroit Pistons
10.) New Orleans Hornets
11.) Portland Trailblazers
12.) Milwaukee Bucks
13.) Phoenix Suns
14.) Houston Rockets

It was an omen…

Article written by Drew Franklin

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43 responses to “Anthony Davis to the Hornets”

  1. EightLetters

    I wish it would have been Washington….but I am SO GLAD that it is not Charlotte. Hopefully we can get MKG to the Wizards.

  2. Manbearpig
  3. Another Perspective

    I don’t think MKG is a good fit at Washington. Damn! This is a quandary. I hate to think of him falling in the draft but I want him with the right team.

  4. Blueballn

    Already wearing a hornets hat!!!!

  5. Charlotte, NC

    Screw the Hornets’ organization AND New Orleans! Steal our team and then steal our draft pick… The ONE team I ABSO-F’IN-LUTELY despise! Well it was nice cheering for AD when I he was at UK…

  6. Korean Tacos

    At least they’re not using bent envelopes to rig it anymore.

  7. Jeff

    3. I agree I sorta hope he falls to 5

  8. Charlotte, NC

    I knew it wasn’t a sure thing, but still, I’m a little bitter… lol

  9. Bonesy

    Terrence Jones will go to Portland at #11

  10. Mike

    I hope Detroit picks up Jones. Would be awesome to see Knight and Jones reunited, as well as a team with 3 former UK players.

  11. Laker Cat 18

    I’m very happy for our Cats. Davis steers clear of Charlotte and that train wreck they have going on right now! Hopefully the Bobcats take their homeboy Barnes and leaves Kidd for Washington.

  12. Charlotte, NC

    MKG to the queen city please!

  13. john4uk

    Just sick about Charlotte losing the #1 pick.I live in the Charlotte area,and was looking forward to seeing AD play here.Had a chance to buy season tickets for $43 had Charlotte won the pick.Now they go to $86.Oh well,i’ll get to see AD when he comes to town to play Charlotte.

  14. CRAP

    I was hoping for washington, and then charlotte, just because I could see AD play there in person. But seriously, the NBA owned team, just got a new buyer and gave them the #1 pick to sweeten the pot and make amends for letting CP3 walk.

  15. Jordan

    Need to start a #MKG2DC tag

  16. Mass Confusion

    Shoot It !! was the first thing that came to mind when the NO owner started speaking

  17. BJ Mullens

    Guess this means Jordan will use his Bobcat’s picks on some UNC guys.

  18. SeriouslyTho

    Why this fascination with UK stars all on the same NBA team? I personally want them as spread out as possible preferably so that there is at least one UK player on each team. That way, in my own twisted world, UK always wins the title…

  19. Charlotte, NC

    17. We sure hope not!

  20. RaleighCat

    Charlotte can suck it. They didn’t need a 2nd team after Shinn screwed them over & bolted to NO. Charlotte is about as bad a sports city as Atl. Soooooo glad Davis isn’t going to languish there.
    Jordan is too stupid as an exec to take MKG. Look for Robinson or Beal there. Barnes may be Jordan’s pick. He’s really that clueless.
    Go Hornets!! UK with TWO #1 overall picks in three years. WOW!

  21. NJT

    This does not bode well for Anthony Davis or Kentucky. The NBA just guaranteed that Davis will have to spend his entire career playing in the city of his FINAL COLLEGE LOSS. What recruit will want to pick UK when they are going to be forced to deal with a loss for the rest of their basketball career?

  22. WeareKENTUCKY

    I live in Charlotte and was praying he would come here! Who knows, maybe us NC Kentucky fans get to watch more of MKG. Anyways, congrats to Anthony. It was a blessing to have him as a Kentucky wildcat.

  23. OogieBoogieMan

    21… WTF? Fail.

  24. BJ Mullens

    NJT is having an off-night

  25. ESPN Wrong Photo

    Insider has their new draft and with the 29th pick…it shows the Bulls drafting John Jenkins, but with a picture of Doron Lamb…way to go 4 letter network…

  26. Rixter predicts Terrence Jones to the New Orleans Hornets with pick number 10 from Minnesota Timberwolves…..

  27. newton nc wildcat fan

    To all the nc cats fans. I’m adopting a baby in July and need to sell my 1965 Buick Wildcat convertible. Blue with a white top. Email me if you are interested and you could own the coolest ride in the carolinas.

  28. Jerry Tipton

    21 – Not funny! BJ Mullens…your name is BJ. This does not bode well for your ability to be respected by your peers. Good luck with that.

  29. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?

    good fit for him. they already have another potential star in eric gordon in addition to two first round picks

  30. Professor_Nash

    As a diehard member of BBN and a life long Hornets fan, even after they traded Grandmama/Zo and moved, I am really pumped up. I can’t wait to go back to NOLA and see the Big Brow play again this time in a different uniform.

  31. nolablue

    Ahhhhhh… all of us Hornets season ticket holders just breathed another huge sigh of relief. Thank you, Mr. Benson.
    Thank you, NBA. WELCOME TO NEW ORLEANS, MR. DAVIS!!!!! 🙂

  32. Hilbert

    I hope MKG slips to 3rd…………Why? Because Kemba Walker is a hot dog and he stinks. We all know it and I’m saying it. Also, T Jones will have the best pro career out of the UK big 3. Watch and see. I said it right here.

  33. Charlotte Resident

    Jordan, please take MKG and give me a reason to watch that garbage you call an NBA franchise!

  34. DurhamCat

    Raleigh sucks. Bunch of crybabies like #20. Is Raleigh a better sports city or something? Nice support of the Hurricanes there guys… AAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

  35. RaleighCat

    Raleigh is home to the Stanley Cup ’06. Only the hardest trophy to win in all pro sports. Played for it in ’02 as well.

    Durham is home to violent crime, crack houses & Dook.

    I win.

  36. Yesterdays

    MKG is not going to the Wizards. You cant have him and Wall on floor together since both are below average shooters.

  37. ComicKevinJones

    If Anthony Davis had been in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina he coulda blocked some of the shots directed at the helicopters that were trying to help people.

  38. DurhamCat

    35. Meet me on Alston Ave and say that.

    And my comment about the ‘Canes was referring to the ZERO support they are shown in Raleigh DESPITE their success. Geez sometimes you just have to spell out for people… Must be a State grad…

  39. BlueBallin'

    Glad AD isn’t headed to the Bobcats; but no one finds it funny that the team the NBA used to own & just sold got the first pick?

  40. NateDog

    37. Incorrect. Davis would have blocked the entire storm system of Katrina from even getting close to New Orleans.

  41. Lindsey Jessica

    Hello! I just wish to give a huge thumbs up for the good information you’ve gotten here on this post. I might be coming back to your blog for more soon.

  42. bluebloodtoo

    John Wall and MKG? That sounds like big trouble for any team that can’t control the fast break.

  43. rachel thomas

    woaaah, thats me!! lmao.