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Anthony Davis shoots down Brittney Griner engagement rumors

The hot rumor on Twitter this morning was that Anthony Davis and Baylor women’s basketball star Brittney Griner were engaged. It’s not the first time the two have been linked romantically…it seems that because the both are dominant forces in their sport and yes, have a bit of an odd appearance, they are destined to be according to everyone with a keyboard. Sadly, Davis shot down the rumors (and Calipari’s hopes for a Davis/Griner offspring one day) this afternoon:

In case you’re curious or still clinging on to hope, this is what their baby might look like:

Thanks to our own Kristen Geil for this

Ladies, have no fear: Anthony is still on the market.

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18 responses to “Anthony Davis shoots down Brittney Griner engagement rumors”

  1. bluefan

    Now, you know that baby would have a unibrow.

  2. Robert

    Brittany Griner’s pregnancy was more entertaining when it was the Arnold movie called “Junior.”

  3. BlueRedNeck

    Don’t know about a baby, but I would highly recommend that Anthony perform the Crocodile Dundee “just checkin’ mate” maneuver on Brittany before going any further.

  4. HilljakLinbeard

    No Unibrow on that baby = FAIL!

  5. catlanta31

    No way Griner can get pregnant. The whole reason she skipped the Olympics was the fact they demand gender testing. I’ll bet doughnuts Griner is asexual.
    Give AD some credit.

  6. Chicago Chris

    Let’s all be dicks.

  7. Ad23

    First off I ain’t gay and griner is a dude

  8. Juanna Mann

    I was more believable as a woman

  9. mudcreekmark

    I’d love to see those two get together. There kids would be 12 feet tall.

  10. Yeahright

    Brittney Griner likes chicks- not d*cks!

  11. Miller

    I’d immediately put a cease and desist on my Anthony Davis fanhood if he ever dated that thing.

  12. Facts

    Griner’s balls are as big as her Adam’s Apple.

  13. Jughead

    They will have to move to a state that allows same sex marriage.

  14. Bird in Kentucky

    Davis wouldn’t marry anyone with a voice deeper than his.

  15. Jughead

    I am proud that AD used the word “corny.”

  16. BobTinKY

    No idea about Ms. Griner’s true “nature”… but I agree with #12… don’t know ANY women with an Adam’s Apple.

  17. ADBG Lovechild

    I’ve already claimed the top spot in ESPN100 for the 2030s…no one else should bother picking up a basketball.

  18. Austin Powers

    That’s a MAN, Baby!