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Anthony Davis Posters FOR SALE!!!!

Bid on a free poster!

There are currently 64 listings for the Anthony Davis poster on eBay. Yeah, that same poster UK gave away for free last night at the game. Some of the auctions are going as high as anywhere from $100-$150. Again, the poster was free. It cost exactly $0.00 if you were at the game.

That’s absurd.

Here’s my problem with it:

(A) People were stealing posters. I arrived to the game about 30 minutes before tipoff and one scan of the crowd told me posters were getting jacked. Entire rows were empty, waiting on people who hadn’t arrived yet, and the row was missing all of its posters. UK didn’t intentionally skip that row or any of the other rows that didn’t have posters. No, someone arrived early and went through and scooped up as many as they could before the fans arrived to their seats.

That’s not right. And you know it. I hope all of your 20+ posters were wrinkled up when you got home, asshole.

(B) eBay sellers are making outrageous money on these things. I’m not upset with the people who listed their posters on eBay. They own it because they attended the game; do as you please. It’s just upsetting to see the exchange of money (a ridiculous amount) for a free product like this. Chances are, the people bidding on eBay are just diehard fans who don’t have the means to attend a game in Rupp Arena, so they want this limited edition poster to feel like an elite fan. Now their wallets are getting robbed over it.

Again, I don’t hate the player; I hate the game. Which brings me to my next point…

(C) Anthony Davis made nothing off these. That’s just how it goes. UK printed these to honor his outstanding season, gave them out for free to his biggest fans as a tribute to him, and now there is a profit being made.

That’s college athletics for you.

(D) People are paying a hundred dollars. Be disappointed in the sellers all you want, but it’s only happening because there is a demand. I might be in the minority here, but I see that poster of Anthony Davis for what it is — a poster. It’s not autographed, it doesn’t play music, it doesn’t dispense John Wall shots; it’s a poster. I got mine, admired the photography, and couldn’t even tell you where it is now. Assuming it’s in my backseat, I’ll give it away to whoever wants it.

If you’re a UK memorabilia collector and have the money, bid on it. I get it. It is cool. But if you just want it because it’s Anthony Davis and it’ll look good in your garage, move on.

(E) See A. You should be ashamed.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

127 responses to “Anthony Davis Posters FOR SALE!!!!”

  1. memphis wildcat

    I heard the posters poop ice cream

  2. maddman

    Its sad, my son (9 yrs old) wants one bad to put in his room. Guess I’ll be the sorry individual that tries to buy one on Ebay. A friend went to the game with his wife, their seats did not have posters. Some sob took them. Thats not right!

  3. What?

    Stealing the posters was clearly wrong… the rest is just capitalism. Welcome to the world of collector’s items.

  4. ktmiln2

    If they’ll just make them available for sale to the public, problem solved.

  5. Sarah

    Okay, you just said you would give it away to whoever wants it. I want it. Will that be good enough?

  6. Larry Madden

    Hey I woiuld like to have the pster if you don;t want it. Have never been to able to get to see a game.

  7. DUDE

    First off you are lame individual if you are grown ass man paying $ money for picture of a kid. If you got one give it to a kid.

  8. Disappointed

    Strong statement this makes about the state of our country when….1) people steal this openly and 2) when folks that witnessed them stealing turn a blind eye.

  9. gocats

    4 – they are limited edition (30,000) so providing them to all that want one at this point would not be possible unless they reprint and that would not be one of the originals. if it is a thank you to ticket holders they should pass them out when you enter and your ticket is scanned to insure each ticket holder received their poster. if someone truly wants a poster it is cheaper to buy the poster on ebay than it is to buy tickets, gas to the game, food and possibly hotel and parking in downtown Lexington.

  10. ATB (Always True Blue)

    #2, tell your son you will take him to a game next season, tickets to the games when the students go home as well as some of the early season games are always available and cost about $40 (I say this because people think its impossible to get tickets to a game and its not, some games are hard, and there is a season ticket lottery every year and no waiting list like the rumour always says). It will be nose bleed but he won’t care. #4, you are right UK needs to sell these as a merchandisable item through the KSR shops and Kennedy Book Store then the problem is solved.

  11. Jimmy

    “Anyone who steals these posters should be murdered.”

    -Brad Beal

  12. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    And that is why you hand that kind of stuff out at the gate when their ticket is swiped instead of wasting the time it took to put one in each seat. Stupid planning on UK’s part.

  13. Poster_child

    DON’T BUY ON EBAY!!! I just called Kennedy Book Store and they are reaching out to UK requesting the posters. They said if they get them, they plan to give them away free with purchase.

  14. DB11

    I brought one back home, it was the one on my seat. I debated selling it online, only because i’m a broke college student. It’s currently hanging above my bed

  15. Bruce Pearl says...

    Hey wasn’t I at the game!? I guy has got to supplement his meger grocery store income to support the lifestyle the wife has grown accustomed to. Stop hatin!

  16. UKFanInCincy

    AD is getting a free education. Just sayin…

  17. jq

    Jones, must be the “GENIUS” who came up with the poster idea!

  18. Chuck

    I was at the game last night and got in plenty early. I really don’t think they thought through this very well. It would have made better sense to hand them out after the game as people were leaving. When I got there they were littered everywhere and tough to get around to even get to your seat. I just think there was probably a better way to distribute them. This is not the first poster to be handed out at rump, they had one at the 100 anniversary that they handed out.

  19. AD Poster

    Thanks for posting my Ebay Ad Drew….

    I went to the game, bought my two tickets, and sold my two posters.. Like you said, I’m a grown up who doesn’t need a poster when it will fetch $150… It’s called Supply and Demand..
    If someone went and decided to keep the poster, you are crazy…

    I could’ve taken more than my two but know that is stealing..

  20. Reality Is

    UK can’t print more and sell them. You can’t sell a poster with a player on it. Just like you can’t sell jerseys with the players name on the back of them. They can print them and give them away, however it isn’t super cheap to print 30,000 of those things.

  21. Matt C

    Hey Drew let me get that poster. I’ll buy you a twelve pack.

  22. AD Poster

    I should sue KSR for posting because you may be killing my profit now !!!!!!

  23. lytleac

    Whoever pays $150 for a poster is crazy.

  24. Just Wrong

    I went to the game last night and sat in the Student Section in the upper levels and there were extra posters everywhere. After the game, I picked up an extra one to give to my mom that was laying on the ground but still in good condition. As I was walking out a Man and his little boy turned around to me and my friend who both had 2 and asked where we got them. We told them they were on our seats and they said there weren’t any on theirs where they were sitting. They turned around and I couldn’t help but feel bad for having an extra one, even though they were everywhere in the upper levels. I tapped him on the shoulder and gave them the extra one I had. They were at the game and deserved a poster, enough said. If you get the leftovers when the game is over, obviously I don’t have a problem with it. But taking it from peoples seats before they get there is just plain wrong, especially if you stole them and you’re going to sell them on EBAY.

  25. BlueMike

    I would love to have one of these posters, but living in Louisville makes that very difficult. The greed associated with this is sickening, stealing them at the game and then selling them for insanely inflated prices on eBay because people like me can’t be at Rupp is ridiculous. I thought it was odd that on eBay I noticed that several people were selling multiple posters and was wondering how they got so many. Didn’t think anyone would stoop so low to stealing them from others. Shame.

  26. Reality Is

    19. Why is someone crazy if they want to keep theirs? I have no problem with you selling yours, but it’s dumb to say someone who doesn’t sell theirs is crazy.

  27. wicked

    They will not be anymore printed… end of story.

  28. Bledsoe's Biceps

    Good post Drew. I have a very large collection of UK memorabilia, but there is no way I will pay anything close to that for this poster. Especially if it is not signed by AD. Is it cool and would I like to have one? Hell yeah. But the people that are paying these prices will never be able to recoup their cost. And if that is not their intent, then that’s a steep price to pay for something to let their kid tape to a wall. The price will drop to reasonable levels once the initial hype and hysteria fades.

  29. 3 fan

    I was at the game. The problem I think is that a) some people would steal pennies off a dead man, and b) none of the ushers did anything to stop the people stealing.
    I watched people just take a whole row of posters and the ushers just look at them. All they had to do was say “HEY!” and people would have run.

  30. Reality Is

    24. Kudos to you. That kid probably has a bid of $150 on that poster you gave him by now! jk

  31. Hash

    I completely agree Drew. It makes me sick too. Most of us that don’t have the means to attend games are the ones getting robbed. Those buttholes that went to the game and jacked a bunch of those things and are now trying to sell them to people who are actually fans should be ashamed of themselves. I didn’t go to the game but was lucky enough to have a friend that was thinking of how much I would appreciate something like that get me one. You know what, not once did I think of putting it on ebay…I went straight to Michaels to get it framed and it will now hang in my UK room. That is who those posters are for.

  32. antennae

    Drew i’ll take yours … my 9 yr old son wants one and i am not paying that … i will pay shipping and buy you a beer !

  33. Hoss


  34. UKALEX

    Just save the picture to your computer and go to your local Fed Ex and have it blown up and printed out. It will look great in a frame. I’m a HUGE UK fan, but this poster is not worth 100+ dollars. Sorry, AD!

  35. Bicycle Seat Sniffer

    Us (BBN) people are crazy!!!

  36. AD Poster

    I sold one for $100 and have the one for $152.50 that is mentioned above…
    If you have more than two listed you are probably a thief unless you have more than two tickets to the game.
    FYI… We are asking these prices because it’s what it is worth…

    Think of a Michael Jordan rookie basketball card… There is a few, it’s worth money because it’s rare..
    It takes about 20 cents to make that exact card…

    It’s called Supply and Demand… As for the fans that went to the game and didn’t get one, I feel bad for them…. The ones that stole them will have to face a higher power down the road.

  37. Jenny

    “(C) Anthony Davis made nothing off these. That’s just how it goes. UK printed these to honor his outstanding season, gave them out for free to his biggest fans as a tribute to him, and now there is a profit being made.

    That’s college athletics for you.”

    So you guys are going to stop selling the MKG=MVP and Bow to the Brow shirts?

  38. PBrown

    I would love to have one of these posters, I was looking for them last night during the game because I assumed people would put them up for sale from their phones. I’m a die hard fan, from Lexington, KY, going to college in Virginia, and now I have no chance of getting one of these. I was willing to pay $20-30, but $150? COME ON MAN!!! And stealing the posters??? That’s messed up. Just really really messed up.

  39. Stealing is bad.....

    ummkay. #UK PosterThiefHateWeek

  40. Stealing is bad.....

    ummmkay. #UKPosterThiefHateWeek

  41. SuperTroy18

    Unbelievable. That is such a shitty thing to do. Sheesh.

  42. Hoss

    37- Cowboy Mouth?

  43. Michael

    I agree with Drew. I especially like the last sentence in section A.

  44. PBrown

    Also, I would just like to throw it out there, on eBay you can get an Anthony Davis signed UK Basketball for $125 or a ball signed by the entire team for $200… I know what I’m putting my money towards instead of buying a poster that’s 3 feet long.

  45. Huh?

    Um, how f’in dumb is it to put the posters on the seats instead of handing them out at the gate? Since when did the honor system ever work?

  46. notv

    30,000 is a lot of posters.

    My question is why put them in chairs, instead of handing them out at the gate?

  47. jONEs

    What’s sucks is on some of these eBay auctions they have 4-5 available posters.

  48. Anti Mark Hamilton

    I was at the game. A lot of people in the student section sat down in their seats without even realizing they had posters. Then they just put them at their feet and left them there! I was a student and graduated in 2009. I sat in section 35 and half of the section was yelling at us and others because we were standing up…

  49. Maverick

    I went to the game and sat in the upper level student section. My buddy and I took our two posters and placed them below our feet so they would not get stomped on. After seeing several other students (mostly girls) just pushing the poster out of the way and taking their seats, we began to ask if we could have their poster if they did not want them. We ended up with seven total. Going to keep one for myself, and give the others away. So it was possible to leave with more than one poster without stealing. I am sure some people did steal them, but no one was stealing any in my section. Shocked that people will pay $150 for a poster, but that is the nature of the beast. With that said, I will take $1,000 for all 7. haha

  50. johnwaynelives


  51. HOO HOO

    How do you steal something that’s free? No different than taking all the cheese dip at Sam’s Club on Sunday’s. I don’t see anybody getting their panties in a bunch over that

  52. WestWorld

    How to get your Davis Poster. Take a cropped screen shot of the poster from the photo on KSR – – Go to Walgreens Photo — upload the jpeg of the screenshot and proceed to checkout.

  53. HOO HOO

    37) Boom. Roasted

  54. Al's IndiCats

    44, I’m with you. I’ll buy the ball for a couple of hundred that won’t fade, tear, or if I need to roll it up and smack my IU neighbor on his nose because he shits in my yard.

  55. WestWorld
  56. Rupperee

    UK should stick it to these poster stealing clowns by expanding the 30k poster run to a 300k poster run! I saw a lot of media members with more than one. I guess they were presented with ‘extra’. Cough

  57. CatFanInHoosierLand

    Hey, Drew. No offense, but this statement doesn’t make sense. If they have enough money to buy a $150 poster, I’m pretty sure they have the means to but a ticket to Rupp.

    “It’s just upsetting to see the exchange of money (a ridiculous amount) for a free product like this. Chances are, the people bidding on eBay are just diehard fans who don’t have the means to attend a game in Rupp Arena, so they want this limited edition poster to feel like an elite fan. Now their wallets are getting robbed over it.”

  58. Tom

    Good article Drew! Although I didn’t attend the game, I couldn’t help but to think “what if that was my 9 yr old son’s poster”? Or any kid for that matter? This really upsets me that our fans would steel these posters. I could care less what they do with them once they have (1).
    BTW, I’m the guy you thought was booing you @ Dickman’s Sportsbar. LOL. Dreeeeew!

  59. Eric

    Drew, everything you said I agree with 100%. This is absurd and makes me mad too. I didn’t go to the game and get one, but I will not bid on one to have it. Crazy.

  60. Dude

    #37 fact check – actually fan outfitters sells the t shirts.

  61. Dee

    I’d love to have one of those posters…..I’d gladly pay shipping expenses….

  62. Bob Loblaw

    One of the seller’s comment: “Perfect condition. I picked up 3.” = a-hole

  63. CadizCat

    UK should sell them for cheap just to spite these douchebags.

  64. AD Poster

    UK can’t sell them, how many times do we have to say that? and, if UK makes more in spite of the people selling them, then they will be sued because they are making more than what they said would be available..

  65. AaronJ

    Reading this stuff makes me want to do the unthinkable and punch a kitten in the face!

  66. uklaw95

    As long as Staples will allow u to print it out (sometimes they are hesitant due to copyright fears) why not just go have it printed urself? UK could actually just send the jpeg to whoever requests it. Problem solved.

  67. UKfanlivinginred

    That’s stupid. I wouldn’t pay over 10 dollars for that.

  68. AaronJ

    @64, they aren’t going to get sued if they make more posters lol. They could charge a small amount of money to pay for expenses but take in zero profit.

  69. here's a thought

    Why didn’t someone like the blue coats hand them out. I understand this would hold up the line, but it keeps those away from grabbing a lot.

  70. gocats53

    1. I think it was mismanaged. If you are going to put the posters on the seats, they should have been rolled with a rubber band placed around them. It was difficult to get to your seat, and my seat had three posters on it. So, I took the two extras. If the posters weren’t laying on my seat, I MIGHT have thought twice about taking them.

    2. My experience: I didn’t see anyone take whole rows. Some people in my section would sit down and push the posters to the side, totally disregarding them. Others took one or two more their share. I didn’t see anyone hoarding posters. There were posters laying in all empty stretches of seats around me until game time. If you really wanted one and you got there before tip off, the were there… at least in my section.

    3. I could care less if people got there at game time and their poster was gone. Everyone on this site knew that these posters would be in demand and they were being placed on people’s seats… so, if you wanted to make sure yours was there, you needed to get there early.

    4. I placed one of my two extras on ebay and I’m giving one to a friend who contacted me the day before asking if I could get one for him because he lives in Oregon. There is nothing wrong with making a profit on something that I was given for free. This is America.

  71. J. A. Brooks

    this is an easy problem to fix. stop buying them. tell everyone you know not to pay the absurd 150 people are asking… if decrease the demand, the price will fall. lets tart a KSR campaign not to let the poster thieves win…

  72. SoWhat?

    I sold 2 for a total of $110. Who cares if you like it or not?

  73. kitten

    leave me out of this

  74. J A Brooks

    Gocats53… u basically just said it is OK to steal. you’re taking the “its their fault for showing up late” argument which is on par with the “but the keys were in the car” approach. you should watch bait car my friend. stealing is stealing. Those posters belonged to the people who had those seats. Anyone that discarded them, well that’s one thing… but saying it’s peoples fault for showing up late is pathetic and ignorant.

  75. PACatFan

    I live in Syracuse and was hoping to get on eBay and buy a poster for $10 or some amount around there, but when i saw the lowest one was going for $35 I said forget it. Sucks cause I really wanted one.

  76. Bledsoe's Biceps

    36 & 63) Working awful hard to try to increase demand and maximize your profit aren’t you? Yes there is a high demand RIGHT NOW due to the short term hype, but comparing the potential value of this poster to MJ’s rookie card is ludicrous. If you really thought that was true you would hoard them and wait for the value to increase.

  77. Poster Whore---ders

    #70 sounds defensive – since he took 3 – just sayin’. I got to the game plenty early. No posters for me. But the guy next to us had a roll full. I hate poster whore—ders.

  78. DavenderCatTheSequel

    I thought I heard last nite they printed 30K so far, meaning they’ll be printing more for public consumption, meaning you’ll be able to buy one for $5 in a few days @ Kennedys, Fan Outfitters, Linens & Things, meaning it is idiotic to pay $100 for that poster.

  79. AD Poster

    #76, whatever works… : )
    KSR is trying to destroy my profit so i might as well build it back up.

  80. AD Poster

    btw.. thanks to ksr, i have 2,044 views and 79 watchers… WOW…. This one poster will be worth more than any because it’s been featured on KSR today.. i’m taking a picture of this and putting it with the poster for more value.. : )

  81. TheRealHambone

    Of course “we’re” making money. It’s “our” right. I mean… after all “we” beat Florida last night! Isn’t that right Michael, Choo Choo and all the other members of the “we” club?

  82. NYCWildcat

    When I was at UK, I used to see those fat lady attendants in the yellow jackets at the top of the eRUPPtion Zone stairs steal the stuff laid out for the students ALL THE TIME! Bitches!

  83. Kemp's Pawn & Lube

    If UK was serious about the promotion of Davis, and wanted to keep the thieves from profiteering, they could easily print thousands more and distribute them through the usual market channels. I’m sure the campus bookstores and several sporting goods stores would be happy to sell them for a couple of bucks. I’m all for making money, but not from stealing. If you found 2 or 3 on your seat, then good for you. If you took some before others arrived, you should transfer to L’ville.

  84. Jon's UnderShorts

    In past games this things like this would be distributed with Game Programs to control the horders. Buy a game program get a free poster. Seems that system would have worked better. Passing them out at the gates would make everyone late to the game.

  85. UK can't sell

    these posters will not be released for sale by UK. it would be an NCAA violation to sell the image of a current student-athlete. if you want the poster, buy it on ebay. if you don’t want the poster, don’t buy it. pretty simple really

  86. Jon's UnderShorts

    Does anybody have link to this poster that’s over 70kb in size? Right now the files available wouldn’t print into a great postcard!

  87. Kemp's Pawn & Lube

    So there you have it. They can’t sell. They can still print and distribute more for free, unless there’s another NCAA rule against that. We have more home games. Doubling the supply can’t hurt. Heck, it’s more publicity for Davis too.

  88. DavenderCatTheSequel

    Or I can wait & get one @ the local McDonalds for free.

  89. Get8in12

    88 – was the poster sponsored by McDonald’s? I don’t think it was but if so that is a great idea

  90. DavenderCatTheSequel

    No, UK can mass produce them & give them away like they do schedules (@ McDonalds & other places) if it gets outta hand.

  91. Get8in12

    if it gets out of hand? i think it is out of hand

  92. Cousins Fake Teeth

    Wow people, get a life. Who cares if it was free and people are charging. Its a free country and stop acting like a whining little b!tch because you didnt get one.

  93. itsaposter

    I agree w/92. 10 years from now you will not care about this poster, but go buy it now. If you really want it put that effort you are putting into complaining into buying the poster. All of these socialist thinking the whole state should get a poster are pathetic!

  94. Outbid

    I want one, wasn’t at the game. I bid (more than I wanted to) on E-bay this morning up to $35 then it got out of my price range for a poster. I don’t understand why UK just doesn’t print more and sell them for $10 a pop. Don’t they need new dorms or something? They have a product people will pay for – there are more than those 24,000 fortunate UK fans that had tickets at Rupp last night, then there are the rest of us.

  95. The Captain

    Lets get the info on these people selling on ebay. Im sure they are close by, and find an appropriate way to deal with these thieves.

  96. I have 3

    I have 3 posters. Went to game with 3 family members. We kept 1 and are selling 3. $100 each. If you want one post your email and I will contact you to complete the transaction.

  97. Cousins Fake Teeth

    The posters will be $10 next week. Ill wait.

  98. WKU Hilltopper

    36. The posters may be worth 100-150 dollars one day, if they are signed and if AD has a big NBA career, wins a title this year, etc. Unsigned not as much. Regardless, if you want to compare it to the MJ rookie card why wouldn’t you keep it and then sell it when it’s worth more? You’re just trying to make an arguement to buy the poster that YOU have for sale. Ridiculous

  99. WKU Hilltopper

    It’s just sickening that you people are asking for over $100 for a FREE poster! Like Drew said, you paid $0.00 for it. It’s just ridiculous what people will do these days for money.

  100. Real Cats Fan

    #55, it depends on the resolution of the image. To enlarge most JPG’s to poster size requires a very high resolution, or it will look fuzzy. It would be better to have it in some type of vector format like PDF. If so, someone will print some and try to sell them for a profit, and you can bet that UK Athletics will then be out to shut them down.

  101. jdalle3

    If you pay 150$ for a poster that was given away for free you’re an idiot

  102. UK lifelong fan

    I’ve been a UK fan my whole life. I’m 30 years old, and I haven’t seen a live UK game EVER. Never even set foot in Rupp Arena. Wish I could attend a game for once without having to pay the jacked-up prices on StubHub.

  103. NumbersGut

    This intrigued me so I did some number crunching from what I found on ebay. With about 90 posters up for bidding, they are currently going for an average of $70 a piece. Multiply that by the 30,000 posters that were distributed, and you have about $2,100,000 in sales off a kid’s wingspan. That’s also $2,100,000 in net income considering those who are selling them got them for free…Also keep in mind that these auctions aren’t even finished yet and the prices will only go up. Davis is making nothing off this and it’s a damn shame. I have no problem with people trying to make money, after all we live in America, a capitalist economy. But I do have a problem with the fact that athletes who are on these posters, and who’s numbers are on jerseys, don’t get to see any of this profit. The NCAA really does need to take a good hard look at all of this.

  104. UK34

    79. I’m completely fine with you making a profit but with numerous “buy it now” prices well under your highest bid, the only new bids you will get will be from people who will not pay. I’ll be surprised if the current high bidder intends to pay…

  105. UK lifelong fan

    In response to 103….Hmmm, assuming these numbers are correct, and assuming his wing span is the same as his height (82 inches), that equates to over $25,000 per inch.

  106. UK34

    102. The Blue/White game is never sold out and you can sit in the lower level for $10. Also, you can pick up very cheap seats outside of Rupp before the majority of games. Stubhub is not the only way to get in.

  107. UK lifelong fan

    106. I’d rather not risk driving 3 hours to Lexington without knowing I’d be getting in for sure. I live down in Bowling Green.

  108. I saw AD poster do it

    I know the guy selling them on here (AD Poster) and he did steal them from other seats. C’mon man, come clean. Don’t buy from that clown, though I know our moron fans will.

  109. westtncat

    Drew, your rant is ridiculous. This very website on Monday was advertising the poster as “the greatest poster ever for those lucky fans that don’t have them stolen from their seats.” What did you expect. Anthony Davis is being proclaimed as potentially the greatest college basketball player in history. I am more in shock that the posters weren’t popping up on ebay before the end of the game. Society in gerneral has no morals, so if you want to rant about somebody, rant about how UK was stupid for dropping the ball and not handing them out to individuals when their tickets were scanned.

  110. AD Poster

    Hey 108, meet me in person, prick.. I have TWO tickets, I sit in Section 230…
    I had TWO on Ebay and I have TWO season tickets that I pay for… Go to my auction,
    send me your email and I’ll gladly meet you in person to show you my ticket and my wifes ticket
    and you will see TWO posters for sell under my name…

    The attention that you all are giving these posters today is only INCREASING THE VALUE !!!!!

    KEEP IT UP…… It’s the most talked about POSTER EVER… .Who wouldn’t want one ?

  111. westtncat

    Another thing, everyone is saying they were free. Well technically they weren’t, because you had to pay the minimum of $35 to get in the gym to get it. I guess for the lucky fans that had their tickets given to them, the posters were free.

  112. cayts

    I had my poster jacked by one of these a holes!! give me yours!

  113. Lovely

    There were a couple disgruntled Florida fans in the crowd. (I saw orange.) I don’t see anything wrong with asking them for their posters, since I can’t see why they would want one except to sell.

  114. Sean

    I wonder how much my autographed one could get…not that I’d ever let it go!

  115. TheFakeJamaalMagloire

    My wife went to the game with her friend and both there posters got jacked. People sitting around them said the two old ladies in front of them stole them. Of course they didn’t know how to accuse two “nice” old ladies of stealing so they didn’t do anything. Obviously, the people who were stealing are complete dbags and all should have their season tickets revoked. The people who just sat there and watched people steal the posters are just as bad. All you have to do is yell at them and most people would stop after being caught. The few who don’t, turn them into security. Of course I also blame UK. If you hand the poster out as people enter Rupp everyone gets their poster and this whole issue is resolved. You don’t see the Reds putting Joey Votto bobblehead on the seats, they give them out at the gates. Why can’t UK do the same?

  116. bluebiscuit

    This seems to be a lot of self-righteousness gone wrong on your part, Drew. Anthony Davis doesn’t make any money off of all the photos you post of him on this blog, and he doesn’t make any money off of all the times you all mention his name on the air. But you all make some money off of him, since companies advertise with you all, knowing that a bunch of people will be coming to your blog and your radio show to hear about Anthony Davis. You all practice some capitalism thanks to the UK athletes, and then whine about it when someone else practices a little capitalism on ebay. These posters aren’t hurting Anthony Davis, their existence and this little kerfluffle over their sales will just add to his aura.

  117. Delacat

    Hey does anybody know where I can read about 115 grown men bitchin about a poster?

  118. westtncat

    Amen to bluebiscuit!

  119. AD Poster

    Amen to delacat

  120. TheFakeJamaalMagloire

    Delacat, it is not about the posters. It’s about the principal. There are principalities in the whole thing. Stealing is wrong and the people who were taking them are a$$#@!^$.

  121. #occupy_ebay

    Wow, a lot of hype over this. Stealing is wrong but can’t you just write bad reviews on the ebay sellers with tons of posters available (the ones obviously selling stolen posters). Seriously, I don’t do ebay often but it seems like if enough people are ticked about this as it sounds then just give the seller bad reviews and post something like “sells stolen property” that should take care of it. I don’t know, maybe you can’t do this without purchasing it.

  122. ComicKevinJones

    Totally agree with 37. And 60, yes Fan Outfitters might sell them but you don’t think KSR gets a cut of that?! Do you think they advertise it out of the kindness of their hearts? Hell no. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not knocking them for doing it, because I sure would if I were in their position, but I also wouldn’t turn around and knock on people for cashing in on Anthony Davis the same way KSR and Fan Outfitters has.

  123. Jen

    Some sorry SOB stole my posters and when I got to the game it took all the excitement out of the game. I sure let the assholes around me know it too. At the end of the game as ppl were moving out I seen the Guy behind me with 5 posters when I tried to take 2 that were owed to me he said those are my posters and he got a coke chucked at him. Sure I could have stole some posters when ppl walked downstairs at halftime but my mother taught me better than that. And in the end even if its just a poster karma will bite you straight in the ass! Grow up BBN and have some class!

  124. Ricky Penetrator

    @ 123 – jen, if your mother taught you so well, why are you “checking cokes” at people? if you threw a coke at me, i would take you to Porcinis for an after game meal.

  125. jakereed

    I was at the game with a friend, I got there early and our two posters were laying across our bleacher seats along with all the other posters intended for the guests sitting adjacent to us. We rolled our two posters up, and left the additional posters around us alone. A few minutes later, an old man just walked atop of the posters laying on the bleachers, he didn’t care that he was leaving a footprint on them (asshole). Anyhow, there were four fans sitting next to me, I made friends with them, and asked them if I could have their posters if they didn’t want them. At the end of the game, they took two of their four, and told me I could have the other two. I have a total of three of these AD posters… and I DIDN’T STEAL ANYTHING! Not everyone with more than one of these posters is a thief! I did see some hoarders before the game, that was STEALING… however, I saw a lot of folks after the game picking up the ones left behind by poeple that didn’t take theirs with them… this is NOT STEALING.

  126. BigDanB

    Response to C.
    Anthony Davis gets enough, and most other collegiate athletes get enough (football and bball players mostly). People think they don’t get enough compensation for the effort and money they bring into the athletic programs at these universities. But think about how much money it takes to afford these athletes to come to play for the universities. Tuition, tutoring, food, athletic clothing=FREE. Private jets, catered food, nice hotels on road trips=FREE (look at LSU trip on Their participation on the field or court is a source of funds for their sports and all other sports supported by that particular athletic department. So who cares if someone’s dumb enough to buy a free poster.

  127. joe boyles

    they should have gave the posters ONLY out while exiting the game……one for each person that walked out….. this would have COMPLETELY cut out people “jacking” other fans posters….i may self couldn’t afford to go to the game (or buy one off ebay for a ridiculous price tag)..but very much wants one.