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Anthony Davis linked to the Kansas Gonzalez Twins


Many of you may not know the two young women up above, but they are all the rage for the high school and college basketball set. They are the Gonzalez Twins, Dyl and Kota (short for Dylan and Dakota) and they are the next big thing in women’s college basketball. The two young women are headed to Kansas next year, but they have already spawned tons of admirers in the Twitter world and have met celebrities ranging from Kevin Hart to Magic Johnson. Some even joked when Andrew Wiggins picked Kansas that he was doing it for the Gonzalez duo (which would be more understandable than if he had picked for Bill Self). But now as the world admires the Gonzalez Girls, they seem to admire Anthony Davis. Our favorite Unibrow has been rumored on the social media sites to be dating one of the girls (I think its Dyl, but I am not a specialist on telling twins apart…I still dont know which Collins twin is gay). The girls posted these pictures recently of a visit from Davis with them:



Then, Dyl got the speculation going even further with this tweet to Anthony this week:

Now I of course have no idea if the two are an item, and honestly I don’t care. But I do think it is interesting that these two women, who will be the stars of college basketball…at least from the fan point of view…next year have found their way into a rumored fling with Anthony Davis. It shows just how far Davis’s media profile has risen and just what a future star he is. Plus, I think it is a better rumor than when everyone said he was dating Brittney Griner. Do your thing Anthony.

Article written by Matt Jones

24 responses to “Anthony Davis linked to the Kansas Gonzalez Twins”

  1. Archie

    It’s aint even cuffin season yet cuh!

  2. Black Flag

    Archie gon haf done eat he feet, looks like. Kid made a terrible call to go pro. He is sliding down the draft faster than Slick Rick’s sperm down a skank’s leg. I don’t think Cal wanted him back, and told him to go, but kid should have transfered. I’m telling you- he may not even be drafted. In any round.

  3. shelbyjoe

    AD’s life just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it? Brow down fo sho

  4. Bledsoe's Biceps

    Oh heeeellll noooo. Matt Jones has been possessed by the spirit of a teenage girl. 🙂

  5. ljblue

    I thought for sure this was Tyler’s piece….

  6. Catlogic15

    Those gals do nothing for me. They look like Milli Vinilli.

  7. Michael F. Jox

    I miss you 😩😩😩 @antdavis23

    I send that tweet to Anthony all the time. What’s the big deal?

  8. DTuck

    They need to send their kids to UK. Cal better get on this thing early.

  9. Huh?

    Anthony Davis is dating a girl that’s in high school? Is that even legal, age-wise?

  10. Random Nibbler

    Agree with #6, flat lining…

  11. lol

    9. You’re seriously asking if it’s legal for a 20 y.o. to date an 18 y.o.?


    Matt, the Collins twin that is gay is the one that likes boys.

  13. Dumbledore

    Anthony and Dylan – go forth and make the next LeBron.

  14. SexnNursinHomes

    I’d lick they asses. The Gonzalez twins, not AD. Sorry, AD

  15. Yngvie Malmsteen.

    Ridiculous indeed.

  16. Jen

    Perez Hilton + Dave Baker = Matt Jones.

  17. Bobbum man

    Brittney Griner = Juwanna Man

  18. Alex

    Ain’t mad.

  19. Chicago Chris

    #7 haha

  20. UKBlue

    They look like high end escorts. Hope to God AD got insurance just in case one of theses gold diggers pops up pregnant.

  21. Reality

    They look like Gila monsters.

  22. Yeah

    They look like skanks to me

  23. joebob

    #6, #10 and #22 are blind or queer. Please GTFO of here

  24. LoveDaGonzoTwins

    He’s dating Dylan 🙂