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Another Jersey Pic

Not to get all jersey happy, but here is what the back looks like of the white version. Sort of Ed Hardy-like dont ya think?:


Article written by Matt Jones

222 responses to “Another Jersey Pic”

  1. Nuke99m

    Uh…. No

  2. NBA league pass

    so what is the bottom, below the 54 supposed to be?

  3. Owensboro CatFan

    New Jerseys=FAIL

  4. ....

    so disappointed!!!!!!

  5. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    is that a vulva????

  6. I luv my cats

    what in the world

  7. Nuke99m

    NBA – I think it’s a poor excuse for a wildcat head

  8. Nuke99m

    Or a vulva

  9. tltaworl

    Thanks Nike, now we are just like Duke was at the beginning of the year. I thought they would pull something better than this. But to tell you the truth, who cares as long as we put ’10 in that last box on the shorts.

  10. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    Texas and Duke anyone?


    They look like Duke’s jerseys. The ones that i have made fun of all year. Please say it isn’t so.

  12. Kernel Sanders

    #2 Is it supposed to be a Wildcat? What is the point of the image if you can’t read it from more than 2 feet away? Pass on this one (but of course it will sell like crazy, which is all that matters for Nike)

  13. I luv my cats

    not pretty

  14. tltaworl

    Can we get a pic of the shorts?


    Texas was wearing unis with similar background patterns last night. Looked like he had a Ed Hardy shirt under his jersey.

  16. markpopewasdope

    say it ain’t so this is trash looks like somthing they would were on jersy shore.

  17. joelio

    Who knew John Gosselin would have a hand in the new unis??

  18. Cal Purnell here

    I like the shorts, but these jerseys suck. Why didn’t they just start the season with them since DUKE did?

  19. C-ville Wildcat

    I have no idea what the picture is supposed to be. Since when do stars (the actual design, not a player) get associated with UK? It looks like something you would get at an urban wear store. Who made these, FUBU?

  20. DJ Pauly D

    Yo yo yo, I hear one player is coming out with a Blow Out!!

  21. JF

    WTF is that shit? Awful…holy crap that’s terrible!

  22. NKY

    Not first

  23. NKY

    I do like the checkered pattern being continued though, the only highlight of these designs.

  24. Cal Purnell here

    And the Black DETECTOR looks like something the UT Vols need on their uniforms!

  25. Tom

    22) New Jersey sucks more then the new jerseys…

  26. Ted Striker

    Surely you can’t be serious?

  27. V92

    Looks stupid!

  28. KentuckyHouse

    Why are there F-ING roses on either side of Memorial Hall??? Roses??? We don’t run the damned Derby in Lexington! Jesus Christ, did UK not have ANY oversight on the design of these??? Did they just say thank you sir, may I have another to Nike??? We’re UK for Christ’s sake!!!

  29. The Situation

    These things are uglier than I am a douche bag!!!

  30. Student

    It looks like the Cloverfield monster.

    The ear’s size make it nearly impossible to tell it’s a Wildcat.

  31. Rupp Runt

    If the current players like them, and they appeal to recruits, that’s really all that matters. Of course Nike wants to sell more jerseys and that’s the genesis of this, but being partnered with Nike is good for the university. Would we rather be with Adidas and have Loserville-styled uni’s?

    I do agree, however, that the bottom is odd. It reminds me of a pentagram. Which is not a positive.

  32. Ane Ode to Boogie

    HATE THOSE P.O.S. JERSEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NIKE CAN SUCK MY BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WE AIN’T NO G.D. DOOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Onions McOnion

    These things smell like ONIONS

  34. Nike

    Surely you people arent that naive? Nike is designing these types of jerseys for all the elite programs. A couple years ago it was the tight fitted, flex material that teams like Ohio St. UK Texas and everyone is wearing. Now these new tattoo looking designs are going to be worn by all of us again. It shouldnt be a total shock to see these if youve been following college basketball. Just because Lebron gave us shoes doesnt mean Nike was going to make super unique specialized jerseys ONLY for UK.

  35. Kidnut

    The jerseys aren’t that bad. I am just not sure what is to the left and right of the Wildcat though.

  36. Bottom of jersey

    Just figured it out… it’s the top (from nose up) of a face of a Wildcat. It’s like one of those damn hidden image things.

    Still really damn ugly

  37. buk

    Is it just me, or are jerseys getting uglier and uglier across the board? I was hoping they would bring back something with a little more of a classic feel to them. Not digging the designs on the jerseys.

  38. Laker Cat 18

    Fellas it’s not the jerseys. It’s what’s in the jerseys. As long as it says KENTUCKY on the front and has no red in the color scheme, I’m good.

  39. cranky hank

    Damn it I’m tired of this subdued crap Ican’t make out anything… Hazel where in the hell are my glasses.

  40. Cal Purnell here

    34) AWESOME

  41. uksuperblue

    I want our Converse sponsorship back!

  42. WTF

    Why does the Wildcat have a star on his head and roses on either side of his face? What the hell is going on with this?

  43. Jersey hater

    What does RTL on Memorial Hall mean and what does the star say?

  44. Ted Stryker sucks

    Looks like somebody puked the University admissions catalog onto the back of that jersey.


  45. BluegrassBabe

    The more I see them the less I like them.

  46. Addy

    i was expecting cool and different, this is just lame

  47. fafafooey


  48. Nike

    You bitches shut up, just because you aren’t “hip” and “cool” doesn’t give you the right to dis our works of art.

  49. BluegrassBabe

    45. RTL = Refuse To Lose. Cal’s slogan, was on the Memphis jerseys IIRC.

  50. labtec

    didn’t we make fun of Duke at the beginning of the year for the same jerseys? why are we copying what the DOOKIES do? i’d rather have denim that copy laettner

  51. yeahyeah

    Apparently the Jersey Shore has taken over Nike, now all we need is Patrick Patterson to fist pump and get his GTL on.

  52. Idiots

    These uniforms will surely cost us the season!

  53. VaCatFan

    Looks like Duke’s with the almost invisible design built into it.

  54. GasCan

    did Georgia O’Keefe design these?

  55. Katurday

    You get free admission to the Florida game if you can find Waldo.

  56. Antelope

    If you can make something better, best start applying to Nike. Haters

    Go Cats!

  57. WTF

    These are disgusting

  58. Patrick Barkers Hind End....

    i think patrick barker designed them

  59. Wildcater

    Martin Newton could pull in any better contacts with his old pals at NIKE than this crap? Count me very unimpressed with these things.

  60. Ane Ode to Boogie

    There is nothing ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ about these jerseys. I’m sure all the players and recruits love having roses all over their jerseys too for whoever brought that up earlier.

    This is just the played out style Duke, Texas, and several other teams are wearing, complete joke. At least the old jerseys were unique, these are terrible.

  61. Wildkatninja

    59- preach on, AAAAAAAMEN!!!!

  62. Traveling Fan

    are you shitting me????

  63. PPat's Dunk

    At least we still have Kige sporting the Santa look at the bottom of the page!!!

  64. Tj

    Design is the same as the Texes jerseys!

  65. Wildcater

    Can’t we get an exclusive Lebron line of jersey to go with those new kicks? Now that would be cool.

  66. asdfasdf

    I like the jerseys and you can bet recruits and players do too — with Cal here, their opinion matters more than any fan’s, and I love that about him

  67. Charles Barkley


  68. FatCat

    The lower half looks like a Magic Eye picture… what am I supposed to be looking for?

  69. Sad Face

    So who’s gonna be the first to put the John Wall aka J-Woww aka The Revelation dance to techno music?

  70. Student Manager

    Players I have talked to are not big fans of the jerseys. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter, but they definitely do not like them.

  71. Round Mound of Rebound


  72. Duke Fans

    those are almost as cool as our sweet unis.


    If the players like them, then i like them. If you wanna hate on em, then leave comments to yourself. You all will critisize just about anything and everything, down to our players wearing a head band, our socks, the color of the gatorade cooler at the end of the bench, our warm ups, blah blah blah i’m sick of it! These are for the players not you rednecks and social security drawing fans…shut up!! We are 22-1. Get back to just cheering for your team no matter what THEY ARE BLUE AND WHITE. Good lord you ppl are sum negative nancys…its 2010 if you havent noticed, styles have changed for the better….

  74. LeBron James

    Every time you make fun of my jerseys, a Malaysian is slaughtered.

  75. All Caps?  Really?

    #75. They’re ugly. Go Cats.

  76. Wildkatninja

    72 you don’t know the players, you are full of it

  77. Affliction

    Hey that looks like one of my t-shirts!

  78. Steven Pearl's Crossover

    I bet Jon Gosselin loves these new uniforms…

  79. Steven Pearl's Crossover

    #75…see Hooked on Phonics

  80. #72's a liar


  81. Sigh...

    To #75, then why spend the money to make new ones if it doesn’t matter what they look like? Obviously they want a jersey fans will buy and wear around. These look too rediculous for me.

  82. Student Manager

    78, If you do not believe me, I do not care but I see the players everyday. Most don’t like them, others do not care, but they don’t want to look like Duke anymore than we do.

  83. KY12

    These are not the jerseys, when has nike ever released the actual jersey before the team has worn them. This is just a standard jersey release. Trust me, these are NOT the jerseys you will see on saturday. Cal would not allow the jersey to be seen before the game.

  84. Uni's Past

    One word, “Denim”….

  85. Douggercats

    February 9, 2010

    Your 2010 NCAA Men’s Final Four tickets have been shipped to you via UPS. For your protection, we are unable to provide your shipment tracking number in this e-mail. Should you not receive your ticket package by February 15, please contact the Lucas Oil Stadium box office at 317/262-3389. Please DO NOT contact the box office before this date, as your shipment may still be in transit.


  86. father torque

    Hahaha, I called the Ed Hardy look in the first thread we had on here about the unis. I was kidding, but lo and behold look what we got.

  87. Derek

    @ 75

    1. How do you know the players like them? Have they released a statement saying, “we love these new jerseys”. No, they haven’t, so I have no idea how you presume to know that.

    2. I’m pretty sure you saying, “styles have changed for the better”, is just as subjective as someone saying they don’t like the new jerseys.

    3. So everyone that doesn’t like Ed Hardy-style printed jerseys is on welfare?

    4. You suck.

  88. Steven Pearl's Crossover

    KY12…sorry brotha these are it…

  89. Sigh...

    I agree with 85. And why would Dick’s have these? Would they not fall to another company before them? Very suspicious.

  90. Will

    The only thing I like about these jerseys is that I have a feeling they will have to add another number (10) in the background after this year…

  91. ThatsAShame

    This is the best set of comments I have read in a long while. Very funny stuff – Cloverfield, Magic Eye, slaughtered Malaysians, etc. I am having a hard time eating my carrot sticks.

  92. For Shizzle

    85.) Last time I checked, Cal isn’t Phil Knight. Nike will do what they want, when they want.

  93. BTI = BTI




  94. Erin Andrews Peephole

    I’m shocked!

  95. Me

    72- Wrestling Buddies arent considered players

  96. amsterdamcatfan

    85 – I tend to agree with you. At least that is what I’m hopeful of. Not a fan of the jersey at all.

  97. KY12

    The jerseys will have black somewhere in them, these are not the jerseys they will wear saturday. Plus, Texas and Duke already have these so that’s weak. I refuse to give up hope.

  98. Student Manager

    As for the Affliction/Ed Hardy look that some posters are trying to argue is cool, that is clearly not the cool look with the players we have and recruit.

    Its the cool look for suburban white kids and people who think they are future MMA fighters, but not our players. The new jerseys are designed for the final consumer, not the players/recruits.

  99. Odd

    Is it me or is that Cousins star tatoo on the back?

  100. wildcat?

    I really am struggling to see this wildcat

  101. KY12

    Phil Knight is a green and yellow wearing pansy

  102. nybrasky

    This is apparently what Nike is doing with a lot of jerseys. We’ve all seen Dook, Texas wore ones like this last night and the USA Men’s Hockey jerseys (maybe others, I don’t know) have similar background images. Personally, I don’t really care and from afar you can’t even tell.

  103. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    3 is correct.

  104. Steven Pearl's Crossover

    Student Manager…please stop.

  105. Thedenimthatsinem

    Now that I can see the wildcat they are better, but It’s not about the nautical stars on the jersey, it’s about the prodigal stars that wear them

  106. Sigh...

    #100 if this is true.. Why do 70% of the people posting hate them? Clear this is not what people want to buy.

  107. Student

    Michigan State also has a pattern.

  108. DennyCrum'sHair

    if you stare at the long enough you will see the sailboat.

  109. nybrasky

    Apparently these “designs” first debuted with team USA b’ball in Beijing, though I don’t remember hearing anything about it.

  110. Duke's Uniform


  111. Student Manager

    70% of the people on message boards also bash Affliction and Ed Hardy shirts, but you see them everywhere.

    Point is you have to change the look to bring in new sales, most ‘adults’ are not going to buy these jerseys anyway, but every kid in the area is going to want the new UK jerseys so that is what the change is for.

  112. KY12

    I like the retro look with some black in them to match the shoes, but no one consulted me, see what happened. I still think they wear different jerseys saturday though, even if it’s just a different color scheme.

  113. FatCat


  114. bill

    at (113) The only places in Lexington, Ky you will find that Ed Hardy crap is at that Baker’s 360 place or Drakes. This new jersey is awful.

  115. GordonShumway

    Looks like a horse merging with a wildcat to me.

    And 110: I see a schooner.

  116. Pat Forde


  117. Sigh...

    Point is you have to change the look to bring in new sales, most ‘adults’ are not going to buy these jerseys anyway, but every kid in the area is going to want the new UK jerseys so that is what the change is for.

    Well considering I’m 17 and speak for over ten people/friends when saying that “looking like Duke is not a good sales move for Kentucky.” What is your rebuttle?

  118. Old Man Who Doesn't Get It

    blah,blah,blah…these kids and their long hair, their loud music(ipod w/earbuds) and their Ed Hardy uniforms… If you don’t get it, you might be getting old and out of date. Think about it guy(who still wears the gold chain outside his sweater).

  119. bill

    (110) It’s not a sailboat, its a schooner!

  120. Old Man Who Doesn't Get It

    A schooner is a sailboat! stupihead!

  121. Student Manager

    116, False, I see them on campus all the time.

  122. Alex

    Looks like Ed Hardy raped a starter jersey.

  123. louisvillesucks

    You know when you have one of those moments that just reinforces that you’re not young anymore? I just had one.

    I had to Google “Ed Hardy” after seeing it 15 times over the last two posts. BTW, I agree…that IS what these new jerseys look like.

  124. coffeel

    No Names on the back?

  125. UKJeffy

    Paltry subterfuge; perhaps a phallic hidden somewhere as well?

  126. Old Man Who Doesn't Get It

    “A schooner is a sail boat! Stupidhead” 🙂 quote from the movie: Mall Rats, not a slam on 121, but thanks for the post deletion.

  127. Catville

    We need to bring in Robert Langdon to decipher what some of these intricate designs mean.

  128. Jagoff

    126.) the jerseys they sell in stores never have names on them

  129. Old Man Who Doesn't Get It

    nevermind, it’s back now.


    to derek, i meant what i said and can care less about what you think. i seperate myself from this fan base cuz you all sit here and serve your own fans and talk down to me like i’m out of my mind or completly insane for MY remarks towards the jerseys, i’m 23 so maybe my age has something to do with it. I would love for you to say what you have to my face, but that’ll never happen fortunate for you. I choose not to attend games at Rupp for this reason right here, our fans are against eachother for some reason other then when we win…its stupid. I hate having to sit down in rupp and act like im not cheering and get all the “DOWN IN FRONT” SHUUUUT UP i’m cheering for my team that i drove here to see you low life bastards, making me mad thining about it. Go cats, but you fans irk me beyond belief.

  131. nybrasky

    The article about the Texas unis claims 70% lighter…our other uniforms must be terribly heavy.,218355

  132. Derek Anderson

    You guys probably hated the denims as well

  133. Sigh...

    #132 – I’m 17. Age has nothing to do with it

  134. UKpride13

    Guys these aren’t necessarily the new Unis. Dick’s has an agreement with Nike and through their team apparel they would put out replica jerseys to sell. This is a common style for this year and could just be they are selling this one to the general public. I don’t think Cal would let the jersey’s come out like this. Think about it, as big of a marketing guy as he is.

  135. NashvilleCat

    I wish it still had the Wildcat with the dong-tongue…now that would’ve been funny.

  136. Hellen Keller

    You don’t like my design?

  137. GoCats!

    Didn’t take time to read through the 140 posts, are these the twill/sewn ones? If so, I’m going to get a pair of shorts.

  138. i like kentucky

    obama would probably send this jersey back if cal had sent him one of these

  139. Katurday

    I like my Wildcat apparel post-op thanks.

  140. GordonShumway

    138. What does hiding from the nazis have to do with anything?

  141. Just what John Wall needs

    70% lighter! Like John Wall needs anything else to speed him up!

  142. KyReds

    F- on the jerseys! They do not look as good as the 1`s we have now!

  143. GordonShumway

    138. What does hiding from a certain brand of german have to do with anything?

  144. moorekh

    Did the UKAA actually pass these??? They are UGLY! But like the old saying went, “It’s not the denim; it’s WHAT’S in them!” Maybe this team’s slogan could be, “It’s not the Affliction/Wildcat/Sailboat/Female Reproductive parts/Wrong City for Roses, it’s what’s in them!”

  145. Catville

    I like these Kentucky uniforms the best…or maybe just what is under the uniform

  146. Brandonuk

    Those things are HIDEOUS!!

  147. pcefrog5

    137- they did bring it back not as the tongue but as it’s nose.

  148. thedenimthatsinem

    haha 149, the nose looks like a weiner

  149. georgiasucks

    If these are actually the new jerseys, I bet the guy that put the display out at Dick’s has already been fired…surely to god they weren’t supposed to be released this way…perhaps he misread the line on the package that said “don’t open until 2/13/10”

  150. T-Ride

    This SUCKS!

  151. Riley Martin

    At least they aren’t the stripies we had back in the day that looked like a chinese checker board.

  152. Ronnie from Jersey Shore

    I LOVE these! Perfect for the club. ‘That’s one hit son!’

  153. Offended by Ignorance

    Fortunately for all the won’t ever be asked to wear one of them…

  154. Classsof89

    Where’s the Coal? I can’t find Coal anywhere on them!?!

  155. dhighdrated

    153 – i think you mean Backgammon board.

  156. Chris in NKY

    Rorschach test????

  157. Ed Hardy

    Are you kidding me Matt? Those abominations make my clothes look like gucci suits.

  158. Charles Barkley

    That’s turrable.

  159. Fist Pump

    HUGE mistake. These are some the new, Jersey Shore, outfits for season 2. I haven’t got the slightest why they say Kentucky on them… strange

  160. Riley Martin

    129 – I feel a new book from Dan Brown coming soon.

  161. buddylove

    Eh, whatever. Let’s start the game.

  162. Riley Martin

    157 – No, chinese checker board. Look it up.

  163. Ridiculous

    it looks like Ed Hardy used our current jersey as a jizrag

  164. tc32

    Ugly, ugly, ugly.

  165. richie

    those are just ugly…

  166. blue-tinted reality

    so who decided that a picture of what’s left in haiti would be a good background for our uniforms?

  167. Pitino's taint

    I thought then vulva was supposed to be on our uniforms.

  168. buddylove

    165… chinese checker board looks like a star of david… if you mean the icicle shorts of ’92, they def. look more like a backgammon board.

  169. i like kentucky

    169 – not cool

  170. The Bromley Abides

    Next thing you know, Snooki is going to come out on top of the pyramid at games

  171. Riley Martin

    171 – You win. I fail. The end.

  172. Karen's Krab Schack

    Who the hell designs this crap?

  173. I love to smell my wife's underarms

    That’s horrific!!!! Why do we have to copy cat Duke all the time? Duke has black in their uniforms and Duke has that stupid gothic design. Let’s be original, let’s be UK, let’s stay blue and white and leave all the other crap to the other people.

  174. charles barkley

    the new jerseys are turrrible

  175. Tod Oldham

    You weird jersey guys are the only ones that hyped this up any way. You all probably wear Dockers and carpenter jeans, with your basketball shoes. I’m surprised you guys are so in to men’s fashion. You should all go on Project Runway

  176. Gaytor Hater

    I thought Cal wanted to be the “gold standard” for college basketball. Wearing the same design as Texas and Duke have been all year is not setting the gold standard.

  177. Ghosts of Jerseys Past

    Denim > than these

  178. Ane Ode to Boogie

    At least denim was original, these are a joke.

  179. Les from Memphis

    Loud noises!!!

  180. Student

    156 wins. That was great.

  181. peter

    I like the color scheme…

  182. it's not a toomah

    man i was so pumped when i heard we were getting new jerseys. i was considering buying one, but i wouldn’t wear that damn thing if you gave it to me. lame.

  183. WildcatsOne

    This is giving me a headache.

  184. Cliver

    Even worse than the shoes…

  185. KentuckyHouse

    142 and 145, I think you’re confusing Helen Keller with Anne Frank. Helen Keller was BLIND…get it? FAIL.

  186. juan

    welcome to the f*ing future mi amigos…

  187. Hambone

    Just god awful. I mean GOD freaking awful.

  188. Dude Perfect

    I saw these on the sight as well and thought they were terrible….but……I just saw them at Dick’s and completely changed my mind. They are sick! Very light weight, conservative design on the front (not much different from the ones we have now) and the Ed Hardyness on the back is WAAAAAYYY more subtle then the above pic would make it seem. I think after they play in them several peoples opinion will change.

  189. ky tradition

    please say it isnt so. doesnt anyone get it? Lexington isnt like the rest of the country we still wear khakis here. NO graphic tees are worn here! I hope this is not the real jerseys. P. Patt take a stand and do NOT wear this horseshit.

  190. Tyrag

    I have never read so much junk over the picture of a jersey. If the players like them that is what matters. Maybe you would have liked the new ones to have looked like the 80’s style that Kansas was wearing last night. When you see the team with them on Saturday they will look great because the will be worn with pride be OUR team. And when you get down to it, its whats inside the jersey that I am most interested in. Oh yes, everything on the back relates to one of the great schools in America and the great commonwealth of Kentucky. Take some pride in that.

  191. BigNik

    They look stupid!! Texas has the same type uniforms and so does dukes. Way to drop the ball Nike/Lebron.

  192. tdog28xxxxx

    i just bought my wall jersey for 80 bucks i like them they look better in person and the shorts have a gray strip going down the side for the white ones the shorts shown here are wrong

  193. LeBron

    I thought you were going to go with LB23 brand not these stinking Nike Elite jerseys! I need to recall the UK LB23 shoes. Ya’ll can wear Air Force Ones, turds.

  194. LeBron

    Here are the uniforms I designed for OSU.

  195. Sean

    This jersey is garbage. The bottom looks like the goat’s head pentagram. Yeah I said it. Nike put satanic stuff on our jerseys. Boo to them.

  196. D

    I thought you had to make the Elite Eight in the past four years to wear Nike Elite. I thought that is why we got bumped off of Nike Elite in the 2002-2003 season?

  197. LeBron
  198. UKJeffy

    This could be a design for a future car tag. All the Kentucky references; Derby roses, campus buildings, Horses, etc.

    All it needs now is a slogan.

    “Kentucky the State of Confusion.”

  199. D

    No doubt (201). These look like an Affliction T-shirt not a UK uniform.
    I was hoping for simple, but good fitting with a little black around the numbers or something to accent the new LB23 shoes. I would like to keep the Mr. Wildcat strip as well.

  200. BigNik

    Its Ed Hardy meets the Kentucky Derby..which equals gay!

  201. BigNik

    Am I the only one that’s getting sick and tired of all the horse references on our basketball gear?

  202. D

    204, I’m with you. I don’t want checkered flags, roses, or random buildings behind the numbers. Watermark-like features on jerseys are for Puffs.

  203. UKSouthpaw

    They could have done a better job with the Wildcat head and I could have done without the roses, but I like the Memorial Hall and the championship years.

    I definitely like that they are lighter weight and supposed to be cooler than the old uni’s. I think they will look better on the court than on a hangar. Also, these are like the Texas and Duke jerseys in that they have a design on them, but the designs are certainly all different from each other.

  204. Bluecatdixiecrat

    that looks like a tramp stamp, may as well put a tapout logo on it

  205. jerseeeyy

    those jerseys are a situation. gtl baby.

  206. brendan Groneck

    i wish it had black in it

  207. Jonathan Murphy

    I seriously am depressed. Why couldn’t we go clean? Or old school? Like the celtics. Something classic. Anything but that crap.

  208. George CantStandya

    I think the roses are a Derby reference.

  209. The Fake Mr Ed

    If it had the dong-tongue it would be perfect.

  210. LeeW

    These things are so ugly they wouldn’t turn down The Situation.

  211. Ane Ode to Boogie

    204, yeah we missed the opportunity to be original and have a horse inspired nickname long ago, no reason to bring in the horse shit in now.

  212. A-twizzy

    hmmm, please tell me this is an early April fools

  213. wack unis

    awful id rather stick with what we have just terrible, bring back the denim anyday over these!

  214. TheMonroeKelly
  215. person under the age 40

    I like them.

  216. kygal2009

    I really don’t care what kind of uniform they have as long as the players like them. They are the ones who have to wear them and the uniform should be one that the majority of the team wants. As long as they aren’t indecent and cover all essential areas adequately and they don’t have anything written on them objectionable (and of course, they won’t) who cares?

  217. 78969810

    Please say it’s not so. If these are the new uniforms, let’s hope they’re “one and done.”

  218. person age 25 that is not a tool

    They are embarrassingly terrible

  219. Classsof89

    Only thing that would make them better is if you could hold them up to a light and see the faint images of Mr Wildcat, Cawood, and Coach Rupp! GO CATS!

  220. Espn

    These new uni’s are going to look sick as soon as 3D debuts. We’re going to own everything next year. I wish Cal would have said we are going to be getting the Nike HyperElite jersey’s come november and not hyped them up so much. It’s a real disappointment. I also heard the Jersey Shore cast will be at Gameday

  221. apex

    these are worse than the denim unis…

    maybe ugly uniforms = national championships