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Andrew Wiggins named Naismith’s High School Player of the Year

Wait, wrong Wiggins.

And now in “not surprising news”: this morning, Andrew Wiggins was named the 2013 Naismith High School Player of the Year. Was there ever any doubt?

In case you missed it yesterday, watch him dunk on some fools:

Don’t forget: Wiggins will be in Rupp Wednesday night for the Mississippi State game. I hope everyone in attendance will make him feel at home.

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23 responses to “Andrew Wiggins named Naismith’s High School Player of the Year”

  1. MemphisCat

    J. Parker’s dad is very angry, if Wiggins had stayed in his own class, a Duke recruit would be Naismith’s Player of the Year. Now if Mr. Wiggins comes on over to BBN, it would be like Christmas all over.

  2. Jimmy Dykes Caddy

    According to the PALM READER at CBS Sports, Wiggins is the 21st best player in the 2013 class and should go to a mid-major in order to really shine. At leat that is what I expect that he will have to say.

  3. RealCatsFan

    At what point in his life does a man look in the mirror and think to himself: “I need to pull my pants up higher. Four inches below my armpits just isn’t high enough.” It’s an interesting juxtapositioning to today’s youth wanting to wear their pants down around their ankles. Can we find a happy medium, people? 🙂

  4. NL

    That video has to make you smile. Please pick us

  5. TN Cat

    Which is higher? Andrew Wiggins vertical or those pants?

  6. Jimmy Dykes Caddy

    God love him, at his age he has gained the right to wear his pants wherever he wants.
    However, I suggest just about rim high on the basket picture on his shirt…they are on;y at bottom of the net now.

  7. Roland

    Some UK fans in Rupp will Wigg Out (volume wise) Wed nite.

  8. RealCatsFan

    #6, when I get to be that age I will be lucky if I remember to wear pants…

  9. hoptownukfan

    If he’s so scared of attention why did he stare down the guy and taunt him after the dunk. Me thinks that the hype about him not wanting attendion is BS>

  10. Jimmy Dykes Caddy

    # 8, I agree on that. And, you know what, we likely won’t care what anyone thinks about our paints, if we do remember to wear them. The older I get the more I find myself thinking that way already. LOL

  11. Mac-Fu

    I met Mr. Wiggins with Mr. Wildcat in Atlanta a few years ago. It was the highlight of my trip! Nice guy no matter where his waistband is.

  12. Roland

    10, I hope you have shades on your windows and never back light them at night.

  13. Steve Fitts

    Wouldn’t it be cool if, next season, the old white Wiggins got to root for the young African-American Wiggins? We’d have to rename Rupp the “Wig-wam”!

  14. yoo hoo

    9 – I agree. Hate how he stares at the guy he dunked on, but maybe I’m just an old guy and that’s how the kids roll these days.

  15. RealCatsFan

    Hard to say what might have gone down before the dunk and the stare – the opponent might have challenged him or trash talked him, or even made a defensive play or something like that. Emotions get carried away with all the testosterone flowing!

  16. bluesman

    Gee!!! that stare down was mild copared to most i’ve seen looked more like a glance if anything.

  17. NotSatire

    That was funny Ms T. #3 Grew up watching Goober. #6 I suggest suspenders. #13 That’s Billboard material right there, Wig & Wig.

  18. lil c

    He reminds me of the little old man in the movie UP! lol

  19. lil c

    I say if UK gets Wiggins, they hang #9! Without him, and they just go with the six they have already. I say atleast final 4. imo

  20. Dcper

    The dude that got posterized knew not to make eye contact afterwards…….

  21. tk

    love the dunk. don’t need the staredown.

  22. Yoda

    I’m not an “old guy” and while that dunk was nasty, the staredown was a total lack of class. The dunk said everything…no need to pursue the guy to mid-court still flexing and staring. I don’t care if the defender was talking trash or taking cheap shots, let your game do the talking. MKG or T-Jones would flex and yell to the rafters, but generally not blatantly in somebody’s face. Think about Darius Miller’s dunk last year: it was WAY harder than that and Darius didn’t feel the need to act like Mr. Tough Guy.

  23. paul jarvis

    I day Iam glad hes on our team nothing else matters, stop the chatter, just watch the feet patter, it makes me gladder that hes in blue and white…………….