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Andrew Wiggins lets loose at Senior Prom


Last night, Andrew Wiggins took a break from the recruiting saga of the year to kick back and enjoy his senior prom. Check out the photo Wiggins posted in Instagram earlier this afternoon, along with these from the Herald-Dispatch:




At least he’s not wearing garnet, red, or baby blue?

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39 responses to “Andrew Wiggins lets loose at Senior Prom”

  1. ukboi

    the white dude is wearing a blue tie……that means Wiggins is going to UK

  2. Mr obvious

    Looks like a shy kid to me. Defiantly don’t like attention.

  3. C Mills

    “Ok what color do none of the teams have in their color scheme? Orange? I’ll wear orange.”

  4. Hook em

    Burnt sienna baby!! Don mess wit Texas!!

  5. dave

    this is awkward.

  6. UK Fan #5

    One of UK’s biggest rivals is Tennessee, who wears orange, hes trying to throw us off, its a sign, he’s obviously coming to UK.

  7. Keith Myath

    Some of y’all take this stuff too seriously.

    Especially that dude posting over and over again as different people.

  8. Seymour

    What else ya gonna do in Huntington WV except celebrate that you’re gonna soon be out of there? I’ve been celebrating that since 1990.

  9. J

    Hate to say this but think Tennessee orange wouldn’t be so bad on wiggins. I could see him suited up for Martin at UT lol!

  10. JKY

    Fonzi and everyone else how took time to complain, how bout you all go jump off a cliff and make sure there are rocks at the bottom. No one gives a shit about your opinion, and the best thing about your opinion…it doesn’t matter!!

  11. Creepy

    Hey great post! I couldn’t wait to see pics of a 17 yr old at his Senior Prom. #Creepy

  12. W.W.B.B.N.D?

    Does Wiggins want KSR to show his pictures? They should check with him before running them.

  13. Just Curious

    I dont mean to come across as defensive as I am in no way affiliated with the site. I would argue though that posting prom pictures of UK recruits is EXACTLY the thing that made this site so popular which is what I don’t understand. I will fully admit the Pitino posts last week and pretty much everything by Stuart Hammer is absolute garbage, but I don’t see this post (and ones like it) as negative. If KSR had sent someone to prom to take these pictures, you would have a point. This is lighthearted, the same vein as the Coury Rec-Specs picture from the “glory days” of KSR.

  14. Bob

    Rockin’ the white shoes. Nice.

  15. uk29

    if you dont like this post, why are you worrying about it? why are you taking the time out of your day to talk crap about it? seems like you actually care. get a life and leave TT alone.

  16. Matt Jones

    Just for the record, all the negative comments in this post came from two IP addresses. Andrew Wiggins tweeted these pictures out and he has nearly 100,000 followers…not exactly keeping it secret.

    As for the site “going down hill” and “numbers dwindling”…March was our most visited month in history and April was 23% higher than April last year…even though last year we were coming off a title.

    The only difference is the negativity in the comment section…something that will be fixed soon. I look forward to that day

  17. Mack

    Many of these pictures were in the local Huntington online newspaper, don’t think they were secret.

  18. SKat

    Amen Matt. Many of my friends (admittedly we are an older crowd) no longer read KSR because the predictable negativity and idiocy in the comment section taints the entire site. I have hung in there because I still prefer KSR for up to date UK sports news and I do appreciate the humor in the site as well. The comment section is out of control however. These problems with comments affect every website that allows anonymous posting. I look forward with great interest to your forecast improvements for the site.

  19. blueaville


  20. WKU

    You have to have a really sad life if you take the time to make several negative comments under different names. Really? Go outside. Enjoy the world. Seek counseling. Something. Just step away from the computer, man.

  21. George McFly

    good deal, Matt. So much looking forward to a less negative comment section.

  22. Dude

    I’ll gladly admit that I posted 2 comments that were not exactly positive. I’m sorry for posting my opinion that I find it odd to post pics of a 17 yr old at his prom. Oh well, I really do love KSR and have visited this site from it first started and listen to the show everyday. Keep up the good work.

  23. Mack

    Did anyone notice that Wiggins looks taller than most of his classmates?

  24. JB

    We live in a voyeristic society and this is just an example of media feeding that appetite. I understand why KSR posts things like this but let’s all be honest… It’s kinda creepy and it’s not unreasonable for things like this to make people uncomfortable.

  25. NKY_UK_fan

    So, where are pics of Wiggins at after-prom in one of those sumo suits? Yep, I went to after-prom. Only once.

  26. Catlanta1

    Oh, c’mon. The beautiful young woman picked her dress and told him what color to wear. Nothing sinister.

  27. Holy-Thumb

    I love the photo bomb in the last picture. What the hell is she doing with her hands?

  28. W.W.B.B.N.D?

    I do think that the player that is ” The Next Lebron”, and is on the private side, should be asked if he wants KSR to run his prom pictures as a post the week before he picks his college. Is that negative? If, he wants it, fine. If he does not, why make him mad?

  29. RealCatsFan

    #27, not sure, but I think she may be Gomez Adams’ long lost daughter!

  30. Toothless Temp

    Matt, how do you expect to fix “Negative” comments from happening? Are you going to censor every post and review them before you allow them to put on the site? I’m very very interested to see you stand by your comment of “The only difference is the negativity in the comment section…something that will be fixed soon. I look forward to that day.”

    Have it Obama!

  31. Biglaw Dawgin'

    Great photobomb there on the last pic.

  32. D Trump

    Who in the world is that hideous looking creature that photobombed that last pic??

  33. Kay

    I’m glad to see the kid having a good time & acting like a teenager! And as anyone who goes to the prom will tell you, the boy has no choice…whatever color dress the girl chooses, that’s what the boy has to wear lol

  34. JW4UNC

    Other than the negativity I have stumbled across this site several times in the past year following recruiting. I have enjoyed KSR & this is coming from a die hard Tar Heel fan. You do have the bet recruiting class EVER coming in this year. Can’t you just let us have this one?

  35. Logic

    Maybe he’s wearing orange because his date had an orange dress..? Who knows, maybe he is subliminally messaging you all..

  36. Roman Empire

    JW4UNC – Thanks for your wonderful comment concerning KSR and UK’s recruiting class. It’s really rare that a fan, especially a fan from UNC, would offer such a comment. But since UK & UNC have a common enemy in D–e, the old proverb ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ comes into play here. As for your question. . .I hope not. I truly hope not friend!

  37. c.combs


  38. King Ghidora

    “Dude” has a long history of negative comments in many forums. He was a regular in a UK usenet forum if it’s the same person I’m thinking it is. He had a whole lot of “friends” who recognized him there.

    BTW if a certain person really is leaving Huntington that alone is reason to celebrate. I happen to like the town very much. My daughter has a very good job in that town now and a good friend is a regular on a local tv station.

    And BTW watching people like Wiggins and Patterson and Mayo play basketball in the area is pretty entertaining.

  39. cobwebcat

    What is wrong about these photos? When I was his age I was acting a lot crazier… He’ll make a decision when he is ready; if he goes to my Lexington alma mater–great. If he doesn’t it is his choice. I am just tired of the hype.