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Andrew Wiggins has a new highlight reel

What were you doing as you entered your junior year of high school?

I bet none of it looked like what you see in this new mixtape of Andrew Wiggins. You’re looking at one of the best high school players to ever do it. The kid is unreal. He’s like a video game character.

Come on down?


Article written by Drew Franklin

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25 responses to “Andrew Wiggins has a new highlight reel”

  1. Wiggins!

    I’m number one here too! Go Cats!

  2. Zehn

    Oh, I looked exactly like this…. on an 8 foot goal.

  3. bus puppies

    I don’t care if we miss on all our other recruits; land this kid and we’ll hang another banner. Kids amazing.

  4. LeX

    I dunno, I still maintain that john wall has had the best mixtape of any of our recruits.

  5. mawoods15

    gotta have this guy!

  6. hooch

    I’m not trying to be a wise guy – I’ve never seen him play – does he have a consistent jumper?

  7. Roggensak

    The dunk at 1:12 was pretty nice! But I like the part where he slams the ball through the orange hoop!

  8. jill

    Only way he goes to UK is if Cal pays him LOL. He is going to UofL because we have better facilities and play in a better conference.

  9. nassau65

    jill, f-off. you are becoming very tiresome. If you have better facilities and play in a better conference, then find a better website to post your drivel, bitch.

  10. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?

    4) this is the best mixtape ive seen since wall

  11. fishon

    8- what are u smokin? wake up alice LOL

  12. Gogh Big Bleu

    Wow, this dude is unreal. You can’t teach what he’s got.

  13. BigBlueBallz

    I heard that Epps decommitted from UL solely because of Jill. I don’t mind Louisville or any other schools’ fans and their input on here, but seriously she makes them look worse than they already are.

  14. AMG

    Reminds me of a young Alex Poythress.

  15. duh

    #13 I agree jill is an embarassment to all UofL fans.

  16. browdown

    First, number 8 has got to be joking. If your conference is so good then why did syracuse and pittsburgh leave for the ACC. Anyway, this kid is absolutely insane! I really hope he fits into Cal’s system and embraces Cal’s team first mentality. If I were as good as he is I would have a really tough time sharing the ball lol.

  17. I Say

    Idk, Derrick rose’s mixtapes are insane too. Him and jwalls are pretty even

  18. Carlothedon

    Damn! I hope he ends up here! Reminds me of myself at a young age on my nerf hoop

  19. Impressed

    Not bad, but can he dunk?

  20. LeX

    Jesus christ, I went back to the john wall highschool mix tape. This is what pure talent looks like.

  21. bige

    Fun to watch

  22. Anthony

    The first word that came to mind was, EXPLOSIVE!!!

  23. Ukfan

    This mixtape is the closest I’ve seen that can compete with John Walls high school mixtape, which still remains as the greatest mixtape of all time.

  24. theSkinny81


  25. Real Cats Fan

    I agree with some of the others that JW has set the standard for mix tapes – he had some incredible moves and some impressive blocks in that reel. That being said, I think Wiggins may be a better pure athlete. Take a look at how high this kid can get – his head is level with the rim most of the time. Oh yeah, almost forgot – let’s see, I can go to Louisville and MAYBE get drafted at the end of the first round, or go to UK and be on the front of every magazine and an instant lottery pick, not to mention a NC ring. Hmmm, tough decision – NOT! 😀