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Andrew Wiggins’ Father Says Wiggins Will Reclassify


One Wiggins mystery is now complete. Andrew Wiggins will reclassify to the class of 2013, his father tells USA Today.

“It’s time,” Mitchell Wiggins told USA TODAY Sports. “It’s time for him (to show) that he is the best in college right now. I think he is ready for the next step. Academically-wise he is doing great. Maturity-wise he is doing great. He has a lot of talent. He is ready for the next step, and everybody knows it is time. It is Andrew’s time. Next year is coming soon and he is ready.”

The Class of 2013 is one step closer to being the best in history.

Article written by Matt Jones

52 responses to “Andrew Wiggins’ Father Says Wiggins Will Reclassify”

  1. ltylerj

    Come on down?

  2. Just Fell Off the Turnip Truck

    Is this a guy Cal should be looking at?

  3. all access


  4. KSP

    Cal better get this done….

  5. catlogic15

    I hope he gets a call from the Harrisons this afternoon.

  6. AaronJ

    Hope we get this guy, we will be very good w/o him but Wiggins is one of those rare talents that will probably be an NBA superstar giving UK major publicity for years to come.

  7. The Stickleyville Slingshot

    This kid sure gets a lot of haircuts.

  8. Walter Kronkite

    Even if we don’t get wiggins, we will still have the #1 recruiting class- next year, and probably every year while Cal is here.

    But my gosh, if we DO get him…

  9. AW Looks Like Avery Johnson

    Bum Bum Bum

  10. rainman

    One smart decision down, now makethe next one!!
    University of Kentucky!!
    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  11. Robster

    Best in history, “IF” he becomes a cat.

  12. Chad

    A lot of the things i have been hearing lately make me think Wiggins is a “ME” player… That’s not the type of player we want.

    He openly told people he wants more people to recruit him?!?!?! Seriously?

  13. BBN

    Would Wiggins and Randle have a combo news conference / ya know, so the media just has to show up at one location. I would love to hear them say “UK” at the same time – as the Harrisons did.

    Cal should talk the future guys into announcing at Big Blue Madness. Think that would pizz off billy the kid?

  14. Bicycle Seat Sniffer

    12 – Dumbest comment on any thread ever.

  15. cracka

    aaron gordon will be here in about 2 weeks … says uk will be his last official visit … also said he’s really good friends with marcus lee

  16. anthonydavisarmpit

    We haven’t had a commitment this week. Come on down Mr. Wiggins.


    next year class is 2nd best if cal gets him….cal best class could have been wall,henry,cousin,dodson,bledsoe and the other kid he signed at memphis if he stayed there.

  18. I'm Batman

    12 – you are an idiot. You don’t know this kid. Do some research instead of forming an opinion based on message boards. People these days…smh

  19. Fishstix

    Wow forget the rest of the recruits. Be on this kids doorstep everyday. He is better than all the rest of the recriuts put together.

  20. Jones Returns

    It almost feels to good to be true…I have never wanted a recruit more than Wiggins…could it be?

  21. wow

    I just cant over how much this guy looks like Jodie Meeks. Its seriously his twin

  22. wow

    cant get over**

  23. Seymour

    Well, #14 and #18, how can he be dumber by repeating what he has heard. Neither of you know #12 and yet you have formed and posted an opinion on his intelligence. Now I ask, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the dumbest of them all?”.

  24. SupCats

    How many scholarships do we have for 13??

  25. Nick

    18 … aren’t you also forming opinions based on internet message boards? you probably don’t know that guy either.

  26. I'm Batman

    23 & 25 – 12 is takling about his character based on a story that came out. If you can’t see that all of that was to create hype, then you don’t follow recruiting closely. Has nothing to do with his character and is all for marketing purposes. Anyone with insight will tell you that he didn’t suddenly become open to other schools, but to create more hype for when he announces. It’s what high profile recruits do now. Read more than 1 article.

  27. Spider Man

    26 – That doesn’t change the fact that you did exactly what you were complaining about 12 doing….

  28. Nerlens Noel

    I think that is a UK logo he is getting shaved in the back of his head.

  29. bigbluejon

    He’s just making sure he can commit on All Access next week in case it’s the last episode

  30. Bob Loblaw

    This is the new Jorts free throw pic

  31. I'm Batman

    27 – I never said anything about character which is what I criticized him for doing. It’s the same thing people did with the Harrison twins and under armour. If you read around, you would have seen that people in the know do know what they are talking about. Wiggins has been UK bound for several months.

  32. Doubting Thomas

    I doubt we get this guy.

  33. BBN

    I really want this guy to commit to UK, but I have a bad feeling about it for 2 reasons. #1) UK already has 2 really good wing players signed for next years recruiting class. #2) Wiggin’s friend Xavier Rathan-Mayes has already committed to FSU, who is on Wiggin’s list pretty highly. Anyone else concerned at all?

  34. drew

    I hope he and his brother are really close. Remember his brother said he should go to UK. Lets hope he looks up to his brother and takes his advice.

  35. I'm Batman

    I love it when my boyfriend gets me from behind!! Its so exciting!!

  36. tom

    33-BBN, if he doesn’t decide on UK, I would rather him join his friend at Florida State instead of signing with UNC or Kansas who have visits with him this week…according to reports.

  37. I'm Batman

    Anyone else find it humorous that people resort to immature actions when they can’t compete logically or intellectually? Good job 35. It’s not my fault you can’t debate properly.

  38. Thursdays

    And the streak of good news on Thursdays continue!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Superstar!

    That fact that he wants to prove that he is a superstar and he is the best in college basketball makes me nervous. He can still be a star here, but he isn’t going to be the sole player in the spotlight.

  40. TampaCat

    Nerlens will come back in 2013 with Wiggins and the gang next year. He wants to polish his game and be a part of the 40-0 run and a Championship!

  41. Chill

    33 – you were worried about the Harrisons, too. You were also worried about Noel last Spring. How’s about you stop being a chicken little and relax.

  42. Cha-Ching$

    It sounds like he’s opening himself up to the highest bidder wanting other schools to recruit him. I would be happy with Randal and Gordon.

  43. Billy Clyde

    I’d rather have Alex Legion.

  44. Han

    It was clear he’d reclassified when he wanted more people to recruit him. He wants to feel the love and decide if there’s any situation out there that would be better than UK or FSU. I still like our chances because Cal still gets guys to the NBA as fast as they’re able and UK and Cal provide a great atmosphere to prepare for the NBA all around.

  45. Linda Taylor

    The USA Today article talked a little about his girlfriend, also a basketball player at his school. UK would be the closest school in proximity to his girlfriend of those he is considering. Is that important? Only Wiggins knows, but we can guess that it might help sway him UK’s way. That article kind of made me feel sorry for him. I do wonder if he is ready emotionally to make that step up to college and if the “fish bowl” existence of a UK basketball player is what he wants. It certainly would help prepare him for the craziness of being in the NBA better than anywhere else.

  46. J A Brooks

    I’m not sure we get him now… there’s already a logjam. I know he’s the best player in America so I’m sure Cal will try to get him I’m just honestly not sure if he’ll want to come now. If he does though. WOW

    1st Team

    1. Andrew Harrison 6’5 Freshman
    2. Aaron Harrison 6’5 Freshman
    3. Andrew Wiggins 6’7 Freshman
    4. Kyle Wiltjer 6’9 Junior
    5. Willie Cauley-Stein 7’0 Sophmore

    2nd Team

    1. Jarod Polson 6’2 Senior
    2. James Young 6’6 Freshman
    3. Jon Hood 6’6 Senior
    4. Derek Willis 6’8 Freshman
    5. Marcus Lee 6’9 Freshman

  47. kreskin

    Why wouldn’t he come to UK? His grandfather has attended more basketball consecutive games than anyone in the history of UK – maybe even college basketball. And isn’t his name actually Andrew Bob Wiggins..? Should be a no brainer….

  48. Duke Sucks

    Don’t blame the kid for wanting more schools to recruit him. Taking all those visits getting treated like a king every where you go. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity why not take full advantage of it. There is no harm in checking everyone out. In the end this kid knows where he wants to go. Didn’t LeBron do this in the pros because he said he didn’t get to for collage. Take your trips young man because in the end he will be at UK.

  49. YourBoyBlue

    I’d LOVE to have Wiggins be a Cat, but as of right now Randle should be top priority based on what is coming in with next years group.

  50. YourBoyBlue

    BTW, I’d do backflips down an I-75 if we get them both.

  51. YourBoyBlue

    Down I-75 lol

  52. UnknownFan

    Since WHEN are parents allowed an opinion about their own kids?????