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Andre Drummond skipping college?

The best big man in the 2012 class might be skipping college and heading straight to the league. Before you say, “Hey, he can’t do that!”, you should know that it is possible under the current NBA rules. Adam Zagoria points out that Drummond will be 19 years old in 2012 and he’ll be one year removed from his original graduating year of high school, 2011. Andre was held back a grade making him part of the 2012 class but he has all of his core classwork completed. So, somehow, he can return to high school and play basketball and then go pro if he wants to. Don’t worry – I don’t understand it either. Whatever happened to going to high school for four years?

Still, many around Drummond believe he’ll go to college and that his favorites right now are UConn and Kentucky. Even if Drummond wants to skip school and enter the 2012 NBA Draft, we have no idea what the rule for draft entrants will be after the new CBA.

Personally, I think he should go to Kentucky – and I’m completely unbiased.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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15 responses to “Andre Drummond skipping college?”

  1. Tom Handy

    Drummond + UK = Puppies and Kittens saved from euthanasia, so it must happen….

  2. Johnny


  3. Chandrathan

    Maggard has been reporting for months that this guy would never play in college.

  4. tsnmitch

    Mitch DeCursey is now predicting Knight to be a bust.

  5. njl

    courier journal reported louisvilles top targets for 2012 and drummond was one of them…too bad u of l will not get any of those players…

  6. enough already

    so if he’s got all his core classes why not go to UK this fall?

  7. C

    Go to and vote Brandon Knight in the sports nation poll! He is in last and no UK player ever is last in polls!

  8. kywildcat_96

    Just got a tweet from Jonathan Paige. His sources say that this report it true

  9. justsaying

    I’m sure Zagoria thanks you for the link.

  10. T


  11. beepthacreep

    off the subject but the U of smell fans are at it again now saying wayne blackshear is better than DORON LAMB, LOL BAHAH PLEASE MATT PUT THIS ON THE FRONT PAGE

  12. Jordan

    i thought they said he dropped us from in list?

  13. BigAbes4UK

    Please let this happen! This cat is beast!

  14. hoss_cat

    what’s to understand? He was held back and has all his credits. He’s 19 and is 1 year from his graduating class. Are you a complete freakin WATERHEAD or what?

  15. hoss_cat

    Whats to understand? The kid was held back a year and has all of his credits. He is also one year from his graduating class. Are you a complete WATERHEAD?