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An Anonymous Kentucky Fan Tells His Story

We received this e-mail from a Kentucky fan who would like to remain anonymous. It’s a story of his trip to the Kentucky-Indiana game on Saturday and the ruthless encounters he experienced while in Bloomington.


Allow me to preface by saying I visited Bloomington countless times as a UK student and always had a tremendous time. Though the campus and its student body were vastly different from my alma mater, I found IU to be a beautiful place and a lot of fun for a college man. Naturally, when I bought 6 tickets from the IU ticket office back in October for my Dad, brothers, a friend, and me, I was pumped to go back.

We arrived in town around 12:30 pm Saturday and parked near Kilroy’s, a pretty standard college bar. Walking past the first storefront a college kid opened the door to offer us a warm reception.

“You’re going to get your ass kicked wearing that blue.”

We laughed it off and kept walking to Nick’s, the “alumni” bar and pizza joint that is loaded with Indiana regalia and lore. A really cool place that reminds you a bit of Two Keys. In that 3 minute walk no fewer than 3 separate groups shouted from their cars and/or across the street, “F*** Kentucky!” It became obvious to us at that point the phrase would be the tagline for the day, and it was.

After throwing down a couple large pizzas downstairs (excellent, friendly service), we made our way to the 2nd floor which is a large open room with a bar in the center. We filed in one-by-one and were met with a chorus of boos from the 99.5% IU crowd, boos that we took in stride. It was actually really funny and almost felt like a friendly welcome, strange as that may sound. We had no idea that would be the only moment of light-hearted banter from the Hoosier fanbase we would get all day. The day turned very dark shortly after, and I will never forget the almost surreal experience.

As we enjoyed cheap domestic drafts, IU fan, after IU student, after IU alum berated us with “Kentucky f*ggots,” “Leave hillbillies,” “F*** Kentucky,” and “You are not welcome here.” Man and woman, boy and girl. If we were keeping statistics it would not be hyperbole to state we heard something along these lines once every 10 minutes, and we estimated that 1 in 7 Hoosiers we came across the entire day verbally assaulted us. It was the most uncomfortable I have ever been in an American town. Frankly, it didn’t even feel American. We couldn’t fathom the abuse we were taking nor where it was stemming from. It was that vitriolic.

Here is what was perhaps most bothersome. I have visited a lot of college towns following the Cats: Tuscaloosa, Athens, Columbia, Oxford, Nashville, Knoxville, to name a few. Though each of those trips included experiences with confrontational folks, it was always isolated and invariably there were reasonable, friendly “hosts” who would buy you a beer, tell you to forget about it and to have a good time. And perhaps it’s just an SEC thing, but most folks will even thank you for making the trip.

The difference this weekend was that the entire fanbase were of the confrontational variety. There were no friendly faces, nobody with any concern or regard for the small number of Kentucky fans that were flat under siege in their proud town. Not one time did an IU fan step up and check their counterparts (save for a very close IU friend who did so repeatedly). Not one time did any ask if we were enjoying ourselves, or if we were being treated okay, or offer to buy a beer. The 6 of us were basically the “untouchables.” Subhuman Kentuckians that somehow found shoes for the weekend. It was obvious; to them we weren’t just the opposition, we were inferior people.

There are too many incidents to even begin to write them out. It was constant. Most all are best left alone at this point, frankly. Unprovoked near fights. Middle fingers point blank to our faces. Looks of disgust. People walking up and mocking us with ridiculously exaggerated southern accents. It goes on and on.

I would only say this to Kentucky fans. If someone thinks so highly of Kentucky and Rupp Arena to spend money to follow their team to Lexington, be hospitable and respectful. Even if in Volunteer Orange or Cardinal Red, they are fellow college basketball fans, and that shared passion is literally enough to start a friendly discussion over a beer. I thought we would find that in Bloomington given their program’s rich history, alas what we found were thousands of hate filled, cold, nasty people that ruined what should have been a grand day for college basketball. Even still, next December when Indiana comes to town, treat them with dignity and perhaps they’ll “get” what college basketball should be about.

Shockingly, that’s my little brother’s hope for what good can come out of the profound misery that was our day. After the game as we made our way through a packed Kilroy’s, a chant of “Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!” came roaring down on us, along with dozens of fingers pointing downward in our direction. It lasted for a good 2 minutes, long enough for a Hoosier to pour his beer out on my brother’s head and for another to throw something cumbersome enough to leave a bump and bruise on his forehead. Even still, the Kentucky “hillbilly” whom was ironically told all day has “no class,” stated this morning that he wants Indiana folks to visit Lexington next year for the game. He has no doubt that they would be treated properly, have fun, and perhaps they’d return the favor next time Kentucky travels to Bloomington.

That will be for one of you other hillbillies to discover, however. This one won’t be going back. Just don’t forget your shoes.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

822 responses to “An Anonymous Kentucky Fan Tells His Story”

  1. White Tipturd

    google me

  2. Jimmy

    This is a travesty. It makes me burn with the fire of ten suns. I can only hope that we meet IU again this year – and we beat them when it counts.

  3. Yo Bro

    What did you expect, seriously?? It’s Indiana and this story does’nt surprise me at all. They are indeed the WORST human beings in this country.

  4. tubby knows

    What else do you expect from the bobby knight lovers of the world. Screw those chumps, they should be in the same boat as Xavier and Cincy, no class.

  5. ronkat

    By the way Drew, the probably spit in your pizza. I, too, have had similar encounters when visiting Bloomington for a UK game…FOOTBALL! Can you believe it?

  6. Mike

    Personally, if an IU fan pours beer on me or my brother’s head there will be a brawl.

  7. IU Referee

    You all be nice to those nice IU folks, they put a nice wad of cash in my pocket before the game started, such nice people.

  8. SexnNursinHomes

    So I’m sittin’ here watching an old Muppets show and it got me thinkin’….. You think Jim Henson ever was in a situation where he was taking a shit and was out of t.p, so he wiped his ass on a Muppet?

  9. j8

    All these reports should make Cal’s decision a whole lot easier on which game to drop…unfortunately it will probably be UNC.

  10. ronkat

    Additionally, I have never observed this kind of behavior against IU fans or any other fan visiting Rupp, Lexington or Commonwealth. OK…maybe Louisville and Tennessee fans…but they don’t count.

  11. Former IU fan

    I grew up an IU fan. I remember the ’75 squad and the ’76 national champions vividly, and went to the games as a young boy.
    While the Sampson years were disheartening in hindsight, I have to openly state that under Tom Crean the past three years I have disavowed my passion for the basketball Hoosiers. There is a new breed of fan in Bloomington these days that is VERY ACCURATELY described by the UK fan above. 100% spot on in fact. It starts with Crean and trickles down to the woofin’ mentality of the players, and now the thuggish fanbase. This is the new IU and I want nothing to do with it. The win over UK was an anomaly. Mark my words, IU will spiral downward. Look no further than Tom Crean for proof.

  12. ItsGonnaBeGreatToGet#8

    good luck in the NIT Hoosiers…#Lucky

  13. UK fan gone wrong

    I had something similar happen to me in Kilroy’s after the game. I had drank and knew the situation after all day of drinking with these fans could be crazy. By the end of the night to make a long story short I started to break up a fight between another UK fan and IU fan and got blindsided with a punch to my right eye. When I turned to go towards that person I was grabbed by Kilroy’s employees and kicked out because us Kentucky fans were trouble. The guy knew me because I go into Kilroy’s a lot since I am an Indiana student but he says man tonight just go home it will only get worse in here.

  14. Hoops Malone

    What do you expect? They grew up applauding the behavior one of – if not the – biggest jerks in college basketball.

    I say F them. I’ll go to Bloomington next time…and I’ll take my four ex-marine buds with me. We’ll be the guys you read about in the paper the next day – the guys who beat the hell out of any hoosier dumb enough to sling an insult in our direction.

  15. Cal'sFrontButt

    “IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! It’s about these PLAYERS!”

    Yes. The fat a s s has spent the whole call yelling and bitching about referees, his team and the university not having new dorms for the students.

  16. Hoops Malone

    #5 – I don’t believe it does…not to this extreme anyway. There are some jerks in every crowd but I think UK fans are 99% respectful to all visiting fans.

  17. frank

    Expected. What a vile fanbase

  18. JVice

    #7 – this didn’t happen to Drew. Please read the caption.

  19. ronkat

    Why are there Hoosier fans on this board? Oh by the way, did you know most Hoosiers are thrid and fourth generation hillbilly, too?

  20. Roland

    If ya don’t feel GOOD about your self, you attack others. IU fans haven’t felt good about themselves for sometime. Now, thanks to a rattled UK team, IU fans can feel good about themselves.

    Maybe next time you visit, it will be better. NAH. JUST KIDDING.

    It will be an IU rally call for this year, “We beat Kentucky”. that’s IT. IU’s only thing to brag about for the 2011-12 basketball season.

    It was a enjoyable game to watch until the last few seconds.

  21. JR

    You gotta remember these people adore Bobby Knight, who has such a pure tongue.

  22. JVice

    5 is the new 7

  23. Joe B.. Dorm

    Most of us have the good sense to stay home and safely watch the game on TV.

  24. slappy

    Classy post. IU, as a school & community, obviously needs to check itself. I understand they’ve been a basketball non-factor for decades now, but there’s absolutely no reason to act this way about it.
    Maybe the most ironic (or idiotic) aspect of all this taunting is that, you know, they’re Indi-freaking-ana. When did they become this place where they can pretend to turn their collective noses up at anybody? Utterly ridiculous and shameful.

  25. benny

    This is no surprise too me. I live in south ky between lake Cumberland and dale hollow. I have worked in grocery stores and fast food. We have alot of vacationing people that come from Indiana. I even have family from Indiana. About 75% of them think they are better than us an about 25% are just complete buttholes.

  26. GetClassy

    I’m a Bengals fan, been to Pittsburgh, even they had more class than this. I’ve worn UK blue on Louisville’s campus during a UK v UofL weekend and had people talk shit, but jokingly and good natured, never with any malice. I used to have a lot of respect for IU, but this is pathetic. If you’re an IU fan with some class you should feel embarrassed reading this.

  27. ronkat

    OK…22…I got it…Anonymous!! JEEEZ

  28. nolablue

    Yankees. What part of that don’t y’all get???

  29. HospitableRupp

    At Rupp Arena we take a REAL PRIDE in being hospitable towards other fans. We want to show off what we have to offer at Rupp and the Civic Center. We want the enemy to have a great time and say good things leaving Rupp Arena about the experience. I am sure you get a jerk or two on very rare occasions but Rupp Arena and the experience you get from UK fans coming in is a 360 on what the poster above described.

  30. Kyle Macy's Socks

    Though I appreciate the conciliatory nature of your story and comments, I must say that my experiences with Hoosier fans almost mirror those that you unfortunately experienced this past weekend. They are without a doubt the biggest bunch of rude rednecks when it comes to the IU/UK basketball rivalry.

    It seems odd because I’ve spent literally tons of time in Indiana for business and Indianapolis remains one of my favorite mid-size cities in the nation. Back when Knight was there and the games were held at Freedom Hall and the Hoosier/RCA Dome, it was a very fun atmosphere with the arenas divided half red and half blue. However, their fans were extremely nasty then. It seems that their past years of struggles have done nothing but made them more bitter and nastier.

  31. MHFaulkner

    You risk this treatment if you wear enemy colors. They’re a traditional powerhouse and have been awful for years. They are hungry to be “established” again and will do anything to get there. So, they were assholes.

    Rule 1 – Don’t wear your UK gear into the IU alumni bar on their biggest game in years. That just makes sense.

  32. DT in DC

    You should send this story to Tom Crean and see if he replies. It would be interesting to see how he defends his fan-base.

  33. Tyler

    30 – you don’t hide your UK gear because you’re scared of the other fans. you wear it proudly if you’re a true fan.

  34. iWantToBeTheDrewFrankling

    CLASSLESS. I want them in the tournament this year so bad. 2nd round, 1 vs. 8 in Louisville. We will beat the dog shit out of them.

    I hope we give them the same treatment next year. I’ll pay hundreds to get tickets for the game next year just to do it.

  35. Huff

    Reading this after having read the UNC fan’s write-up of his trip to Rupp paints two entirely different pictures of levels of class between the two programs’ fanbases. It’s sad. I’ve had to say it several times to friends on facebook that are IU fans (along with their pathetic buddies posting on their page), but is it that hard to win with some class?

    My favorite has been watching the irony of IU fans saying that we have a cheater for a coach. I like to point out that their glass house has the name “Kelvin Sampson” on the mailbox. Funny…they take that route when Cal hasn’t been personally punished (or named) by the NCAA, but they had a coach who was nuked by the NCAA within the last five years.

  36. Big Pun

    Baton Rouge / LSU fans make this story seem like it belongs in a children’s book. Suck it up.

  37. GetClassy

    I agree with 31. I’d like to see what he’d have to say.

  38. Larry Winn

    I’m an IU grad. who, along with my wife, attended every the home games (and the away Purdue games) for 3 years (including Knight’s 1st 2 years there). Although an IU fan, I was furious that when KY visited, the IU cheerleaders passed out sheets calling on us to boo the poor KY hillbillies whom the game “was being piped into.” I guess an inferiority complex makes people want to feel superior to someone. Apparently, the fear of being perceived as southern haunts many IU fans–even across the decades. Sad to see such lack of class at a place that gave me thrilling memories. The dark shadow of Knight still looms.

  39. Larry Winn

    Poor proofreading. Delete the “every.”

  40. CrazyUKfans

    We may be wackos, passionate but when other fan bases come to town we want them to leave with a smile on their faces and a L in the loss column. I always engage other fans and have civil conversations and wish them luck. There is as the other poster mentioned a huge level of pride we take in that hospitality in Rupp. Never once have i seen something anywhere near that nasty. Not a once.


    I lived in Indiana at one time.. and yes.. they HATE KENTUCKY. I hope the game is no longer played. Their fans deserve that much respect. Coach CAL, I hope you read this article and comments… CANCEL IU>>>> NOW.

  42. string music

    For a team that has not been relevant in years, you would think IU fans would have a bit of humility built up….I guess it’s just pent up frustration from Tom Crean taking so long to turn around a program that Kelvin Sampson killed in as much time as it takes Bobby Knight to choke a player.

  43. IU traveler

    I have been to many games following the Hoosiers for almost 20 years… Yes what I read is very disappointing yet happens almost everywhere whether we like it or not. I remember a similar situation where I was in Lexington for the game and someone hit my cousin in the back of the head with a beer bottle, just because we were wearing our trusted cream and crimson.

    If you are going in the middle of a hostel environment like that, then you have to prepare. Going into a college town of 20 thousand drunken students wears a rivals colors is honorable. But the name calling is going to happen, every rival game I attend that always happens.

    IU has changed with out a doubt, this was the biggest game of the Tom Crean era…That game is what college basketball is all about and I am very disappointed in the Hoosier fan base for what they did. But we are not “thuggish” and we are not spiraling downward. IU has the 2nd best recruiting class coming in 2012 behind Arizona.

    GOOOOO HOOSIERS! 9-0 by the way 😉

  44. Rich

    I dont know why folks wanna hate on IU now. I hope they do well from here on out. They got a #20 ranking today.

    I hope they beat OSU when they come to play at Bloomington.

    OSU loses to KU by 11 and we beat them by 10. So does Sully make up for that? I don’t know.
    I think OSU wins the game with Sully playing but I doubt its a beatdown like the one we gave KU at a neutral court — at one point we had a 17pt lead. First of all I don’t think Thomas steps up like he did in the KU game if Sully is on the floor.

    Later in the year we will have a good idea about how UK/OSU compare for real.

    By the end of the conf. seasons, UK and OSU will have both played
    @South Carolina
    Florida at home

    I know games can be abt matchups but I think we’ll have a good basis for comparison after those games.

    From here on out, only games I’m worried about are Louisville, @Vandy, @Florida, @Miss St.

    If we come out of those 4 with 2 wins, I’m fine w/it. We’ll continue to improve as the season goes on and we get Twany in January which should help depth issues some. God I hope he’s better than Jared, etc. We’ll be able to play a lineup that has 2 guards at 6’4 and 6’5 and then Jones and Davis and Miller can handle the ball as well. That’s a lot of size with 2 guards on the floor.

  45. _Blackhawk

    Been to wining games and losing games at Rupp with a friend of mine who is a UNC fan……he is always treated the same way…..someone says Your boys are going down Carolina and after the game regardless of the out come those same folks shanks his hand and say good game….followed by a good luck the rest of the year. And IU fans say we’re classless.

  46. Hell is coming with me

    Good f**cking thing I wasn’t there! It would take an act by God to stop me from making a blood bath in that crap hole! The next time I see a punk wearing an Indiana shirt, I’m knocking the rest of their teeth out! Hope and PREY we meet again! I’ll be there ready to open a huge can of whoop ass on an IU fag!

  47. Rich

    43. The Hoosier fan base was a little too raucous disrespectful for my taste. But that doesn’t matter to me. The team had class and they played well. They played hard as hell and never gave up even when UK’s overall talent started to overwhelm them toward the end.

  48. UKGrad04

    I kinda don’t see what the big deal is. Given the events that transpired leading up to the game, how was this a surprise? Now, I should qualify–I’m 6’3, 220, and I’ve never been maliciously taunted when I’ve traveled with the team, but if you’re truly that disgusted with how you’re being treated, do something. Dogs that bark don’t bite. Treat Indiana like prison: kick the biggest guy’s ass the first day, and watch the rest sort of melt away. Am I saying you should go pick fights with opposing fans? Of course not; we’re not barbarians. But I am saying someone sticking their finger in your face is assault, and while I don’t know all the laws, I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to break said finger–and, if need be, the accompanying nose–in defense, especially as you’re walking through a tidal wave of vitriol.

  49. Cat Lady

    Hope Cal cancels the contract to play IU after the horrible way IU fans treated our players and our fans all last week. The bottom line: IU needs UK a lot more than we need them! Afterall, WE ARE UK. and who are they: NOBODY!

  50. IU Sucks

    IU sucks. IU got the benefit of the call. I agree with #34. I want the Whose Your Daddy Bitches in the NCAA tournament 1 vs. 8. Yes, we would beat the dog shit out of them. I never liked Tom Crean when he was at Marquette. I hate Tom Crean now. I hate Indiana. Words can’t entail how much I hate IU. Like they say, when you cross the river, you’re on the other side of the world.

  51. FourThinInches

    All big ten’s team fans are huge @$$Holes. I had a room mate, ohio state grad, biggest A hole ive ever known. They all suffer from napoleon complex.

  52. TheDecker

    If the series continues I hope they go back to neutral sites. Tickets are easier to come by and the better team usually prevails.

    I’ve lived in Central Indiana my whole life and the majority of my friends are unfortunately IU fans. Over the years we have built up a neutral respect for each others programs. They have always been polite as I have been to them, but this week has been completely different. UK has won 14 out of the last 18 meetings and not once have I ever rubbed it in their faces. As soon as Watford hit the three my phone exploded with text msgs bragging about the win. Lets just say I have lost all respect for their fan base.

  53. string music

    49 I like your style

  54. BlueTexan

    Wow…what a trip. I am not surprised by the action of those at IU…after all, The General get away with slapping Joe B. I’m just sick that members of the BBN were treated with such disrespect. However, I’ve been through similar situations…particularly in Knoxville! It doees ruin the reason for traveling.

  55. IU Sucks

    I just hope we get IU again. I hate Indiana, and I hate people from Indiana. “You Guys” are f***king a**holes. Go to Hell Bobby Knight, Tom Crean, and you f***king Hoosiers.

  56. Opti

    Drop the Indiana series…

  57. Blueburg

    Crude side effects of a rabid fan base. I’m glad we can distinguish as UK fans between basketball and what really matters.

  58. UKGoBigBlue

    Pot meet kettle; I don’t get where Indiana thinks they are anything, Indiana is one of the poorest states in the country. Take away Indy & you’ve got a whole lot of nothing. Northern IN is beyond poor & it looks like a nuclear bomb went off.

  59. Did you guys catch that?

    Hey did you guys catch that??? 43 called it a rivalry. That was a good one.

  60. catcrawler

    It’s called the mob effect… we humans are so primitive.

  61. IU Sucks

    I’m surprised Tom Crean has not thrown a chair across the floor. Let’s face it, UK is a better team than IU. Yeh, they beat us in 1 game. How many times do they beat us if we played them in a 7 game series? Once, maybe. All I can say to IU fans is 1975 MidEast Rgional Final 92-90. Your first and last loss of the season that year.

  62. Ur Mom

    Ive never been to any road game in any sport and been asked how I was doing or offered to buy me a beer from the opposing fan base.

  63. IU Sucks

    It’s not a rivalry anymore. Hell, we owned IU’s ass for the last 3 years. I say we drop IU. UK has more class than that bunch of GD Hoosiers?

  64. Actually...

    43.) Kentucky has the #2 class in 2012. Indiana is #8 according to ESPN

  65. Wow

    That’s why I don’t go to road games.. I have already served enough jail time (years)… I’m smart enough now to stay out of places that might cause me to snap and end up back there….sorry for your experience.. I actually felt my blood pressure raise just reading about it.. Go big blue

  66. Yao Ming

    Ever been to Scottsburg, IN? Yeah, there are no hillbillies or toothless people there at all…lol, just the “meth capital of the world” as my IU friend says. What a joke…

  67. SagaciousMind

    I still find it funny that this game mattered very little to UK fans while IU fans treated it as the game on the century. When UK really played, it was obvious we are the better team and would have stomped IU. Unfortunate for us, the refs were paid off and we couldnt hit free throws or listen to Cal when he says foul. Either way, this game is a learning lesson for us and will only make us better. And we all know come march, UK will be marching to the final four while IU is sittin on the couch. I’d love a rematch with IU in the tourney though, they wouldnt have a chance. I just think it’s funny IU’s fans wanna call us rednecks and stuff when they arent any better, I mean, it’s Indiana. Look no further than Larry Bird to see how country that state is. Also find it funny that if IU was #1 and we beat them in Rupp, no one would storm the court. Cant call yourself a premiere program if you feel the need to rush the court.

  68. Krice Cook

    You were in a bar, correct? With drinking, and drinking…correct? You were not “treated” like this inside of Assembly Hall, right? Dude, WTF did you expect? I have been to a many of Lexington bars for basketball games and seen how some of them treat opposing teams fans. It is not with “open arms” so to speak. Something tells me if Watfords shot doesn’t go in, your story doesn’t get told.

  69. Davis Armpit

    Keep it classy UK fans in person and on this blog. We should turn the other cheek and show everyone how classy we really are. Let your neighbor actions speak for our great state. We should not degrade the other fanbases unless in a joking manner. Remember the golden rule…Do unto others as you want them to do unto you. This story has made me lose all respect for the IU fanbase and sickens me to think humans would treat each other this way over a something that doesn’t amount to anything. Win or lose, the sun will come up tomorrow and life will go on. Just remember how you felt reading this story next time you get the urge to make remarks to opposing fans visiting Rupp Arena.

  70. IU Sucks

    72 are you some sorry Tennessee fan or Louisville fan?

  71. Chad Huffman

    I have had season tickets to UK basketball games for close to 6 years and I have NEVER seen a rival fan treated that way unless they asked for it even then it was done in jest. I have never seen rival fans treated like that in bars around town either. I can see where if drinking is envolved some of this could be explained away but not to the level of this. I have been to EVERY rival stadium in the SEC and have been to bars before and after each and every game and I have had a off base remark or two thrown my way on occasion but I couldn’t even imagine some of this happening to me. I wouldn’t have made it home I would have been in jail or the hospital because I don’t think I would have been able to hold myself back or my brother if he had been with me.

  72. I was with anonymous

    and what he wrote is accurate, and somewhat tame, in some scenarios that he could have gone into futther detail. For those who think Crean or IU should be aware, I think IU Admins are somewhat to blame. They are the ones who fostered the environment there to an extent by telling fans to be sure that BLUE does not get into Assembly Hall, etc.
    My favorites chants were “It sure must suck to suck” and the lady with the KY shirt that read WORST STATE EVER talking about how rude and unclassy UK fans were..

  73. slappy

    For those saying “drop the series!!” because of this… Well, screw that. Continue the series, and let’s beat their asses 16 of the next 20 again.

  74. Brian

    Karma is a bitch.

  75. snoopaloop

    If that happened to me and my bro’s we would ZIPPEM UP! Now run and tell dat, homeboy!

  76. Apathetic Andy

    STOP with all the Hoosier crap on KSR. Dear Lord, let them go back under their holes. No more pictures of them storming the court or their vomit spewing fans.

    This is Kentucky, home of the Wildcats. We don’t obsess about the little people of the world. We only obsess about ourselves.

  77. What's a Hoosier?

    why does this behavior not surprise me?

    hoosier 1: an awkward, unhandy, or unskilled person; especially: an ignorant rustic. 2: hoosier [usually capitalized]: Indianan–used as a nickname.

    hoosier (verb) slang: to loaf on or botch a job. -Webster’s Third International Dictionary, 1976

    hoosier : A hillbilly or rustic; an unmannerly or objectionable person.
    Dictionary of American Regional English, 1991

  78. Amanda

    I am from Indiana and have quite a few friends that go to IU, but I was wearing blue this weekend when my boyfriend and I went to the game. We had signs shoved in our faces that said “calipari is a cheater” (even though they just got off probation for cheating) but fortunately we were surrounded by mostly mature, adult hoosier fans because we sat by older season ticket holders. There was a huge difference between them and the students who were ruthless. We went to a party after and everyone was friendly there (probably because they won) but we saw couches on fire and heard about riots and overturned cars. I just think people should be able to support their team without bashing the other team and their fans and I didn’t see that at IU.

  79. Blue Bones

    I hope IU and UK meet again in the tourney. We will have the last laugh. They woke up a giant.

  80. IU Sucks

    IU sucks. IU sucks. In the words of Bob Knight, “I chair about Indiana.” I’ve said it about 3 times now, I hope UK gets another shot at IU. The outcome will be different.

  81. saki7

    This is really sad. I think desperation brings out the basest instincts of people, and they’ve been desperate in Bloomington for a long time now. Also, if fans personally identify with a program, and the entirety of IU basketball lore is rooted in the Bobby Knight era, maybe it makes sense that much of the fan base reflects his sociopathic personality.

  82. Dunkman42


  83. IUsux

    Simebody should turn this in to th IU president. Those unclassy pricks should apologize for that kind of childish behavior. There’s no need to pour beer on somebody for wearin their team colors unless ur in a NY bar wit a red sox shirt.

  84. HaHa Kentucky

    I am soooo sorry you were treated so badly.

    I am also sorry I couldn’t say F*** Y** to your face myself.

    You are a moron toothless hilljack. Cry me a river.


  85. Dunkman42

    Even the best team money can buy couldn’t take us out!!!
    Kentucky repeat after me OVERRATED!!!

  86. dale

    ah yes, the beloved crimson and cream the colors of a used tampax.

  87. IU Sucks

    84 you’re a bitch. You classless Hoosier F**K. Just wait until UK gets you bitches in the NCAA this March. UK had a bad game and still had you beat.

  88. Truth be told

    Bottom line. If you UK ends up playing IU on a neutral court (tournament), they win by 20…atleast…guaranteed. It’s all good

  89. John Benson

    I am not condoning the students giving them a hard time, but I have seen opposing fans coming into crowded bars putting on the show, and the more I have read here the more convinced I am that these clowns were looking for trouble and found it.

    They were treated so badly and were so frightened that they moved to the next most crowded bar and found trouble. There was certainly no issues for the few UK fans that were at the game.

    This site is known for over the top attacks on IU.

    Sorry fellas, your sob story doesn’t pass the smell test.

  90. IU Sucks

    Right on “Truth be told.” Maybe we can all pour Woodford Reserve on The IU bitches at the Yum Center this March.

  91. I was with anonymous

    Just look at 84. Enough said.

  92. GO UK

    “HaHa Kentucky” is a rich kid from the suburbs. His mommy and daddy likely paid for his Xbox, his first car and his nice apartment right off campus. Please excuse his tone, he has impulse control. He is on medication for his behavior and still wets his bed on occasion.

  93. IU Sucks

    84 says it all man. What a douche. I’m glad I wasn’t with you anonymous. I would have gotten locked up. I would have gone the hell off.

  94. IU Sucks

    I bet 84’s moma slow jacks him.

  95. John Benson

    #78 Amanda…Come on! There was extensive news coverage all night and the next day in Bloomington. There were no “riots’, there were no “overturned cars’.

    Just stop the BS

  96. Krice Cook

    To#70—No I am not a Louisville or TN fan. A lot of you think this type of behavior only exists against you, and nothing can be further from the truth. I have seen UL fans do the same. I have seen Purdue fans do the same. TN, Illinois, etc..It happens everywhere—Including Lexington, KY. It is a shame that this happened and in no way do I condone it. But honestly, what did the OP expect? To have a “warm and fuzzy” experience at an IU bar during the UK game? C’mon, now. I lived in Lexington during mu internship and there were two or three bars my brother warned me of. I went there last year for the IU/UK game as greeted quite nicely in the arena…But in the bar before the game? Not so warm. It happens everywhere. Including Lexington.

  97. kycager

    ah! sarcasm, irony, great report. We should probably keep UNC based on the awesome review written about their visit to KY…. but we beat the tar heels! if this report is true and not IRONY?!? then we should at least host a 30pt blowout next year before we cancel our return engagement after taking yet another of their mcd all americans.
    1975…Bobby Knights wife crying…things never change, UK 2012. kycager out.

  98. kycager

    i think i could take #1 off the dribble (lamb, teague)….ky cager….”LIVE ACTION!”

  99. saki7

    Good move, 84) and 85), coming on here and pretending to be IU fans and making them look ignorant. I’m sure there are very nice Indiana fans across the state..they’re just not obvious because they celebrated, then carried on with their lives.

  100. Ddt

    Good thing it wasnt raiders fans theyd a killed u

  101. Krice Cook

    Like I said, if Watford’s shot does not go in, this ‘story” does not get told—Or garner any attention.

    PS- Nest year, grab some beer’s and STAY HOME.

  102. GetClassy

    Kycager, why wait til next year? Hopefully we can hand out a 30pt blowout in the Tourney and see where all the Hoosier fans are then.

  103. I was with anonymous

    Hey Benson, the story is 100% true. Look, all of us in this group are professionals with families, we did not go looking for fights. We were treated this way before the game too so win or lose, they were still crappy to the fans. You say the fans at the game had no trouble? We went to the game as well and there were plenty of issues in Aseembly Hall. Five steps in we were greeted with middle fingers in our faces Do you really think we would go to a bar looking for trouble with 5 on 500? It’s a shame you cant go grab a few beers after a game that ended at 7:30.

  104. Jd

    All I can says if someone poured a beer on top of my head. I would have pulled out my Kerahaw and unzipped him.

  105. kycager

    whats up with the monitr, u guys asleep? this is becoming HATEFUL?!?

  106. IUFan

    As an IU fan, I can’t say that this article is off base. I have followed many different sports teams and the IU fanbase is the most vitriolic, mean group of any of them. I don’t act that way, but so many others do. The people that act that way should really be ashamed of themselves, because they wouldn’t want to be treated that way if they went to an away game.

  107. schwing

    43, leave it to an indiana resident to not know the difference between hostel and hostile.

  108. WKU Hilltopper

    IU’s students probably don’t remember the last time IU was actually relevant. So, they don’t know how to handle an upset like Saturday. On a broader level, this is a huge problem in America: sports are becoming way too serious. Look, I’m a huge sports fan and I would go crazy if there weren’t games to watch; but at the end of the day, a game is just that, a game. People are taking things way too far. There’s nothing wrong with a little banter, but when you act like a complete jerk to total strangers, you know there’s a problem.

  109. UKFan

    I saw an elderly couple, maybe in their late 70’s in the parking lot after the game. The woman had what was left of her UK sweatshirt hanging around her neck. She had a really bad gash on her forehead, and one of the lenses was missing from her bent eyeglasses. I looked down and saw the husband looking for something next to the curb. I asked him what he was looking for and he told me one of his two teeth were knocked out when 3 IU students curb stomped him. The poor guy had a wedgie, and they had pulled his fruit of the looms over his head and around his neck. I cautioned the couple that Assembly Hall was the last place they needed to be after dark. Just then there was a loud explosion not far from us. As luck would have it, it was their pickup truck. A group of IU fans had pipe bombed their truck. As we were headed for our car we saw an older guy carrying a large box. He was really struggling. I went over and offerred my help. You will never guess who it was. Ted Valentine. Just as he was handing over this large , bulky box, he dropped it to the ground. The box had split open and stacks of hundred dollar bills were strewn everywhere. He told us thanks for the help, but he could manage. What a night.

  110. Wiki

    Looks like the IU fans live up to the definition of a Hoosier straight from wiki. “In other parts of the country, the word has been adapted to other uses. In St. Louis, Missouri, the word is used in a derogatory fashion similar to “hick” or “white trash”.[

  111. Bubba Earl

    Bloomington and Morgantown have become as one! Truly classless idiots

  112. Krice Cook

    I am so glad I have many of friends(and co-workers) who are UK fans. Otherwise, I’d believe the rest of the nation in their description of “UK fans”. Kentucky will be just fine, yet you want to try an tarnish or justify their loss to IU. Grow up.

    BTW- Next year? IU loses only Jones with a Top 5 class coming in. I wouldn’t be so sure about that “whooping” your predicting in Lexy.

  113. CliffFrankLou

    Had a concrete block put through my car once in Indiana. Police said it was because of my KY license plate.

  114. Callin The Kettle Black

    UK fans have GOT to be kidding me…get off your high horses, because the same exact thing happens at Rupp Arena…the same exact things are said to opposing fans; so get off your high horses and take a loos like a damn man..all you hear about are excuses and pity parties when UK loses..embarassing..

  115. I Wore Grey

    I was with the anonymous writer at Nick’s, though my wife and I decided to wear neutral colors. We were treated just as bad as our friends in Blue. If “looking for trouble” = going to a bar to grab a bite to eat and a few beers before a big college basketball game, then yes, that’s what we were doing. Don’t be stupid. As the letter states, we’ve been all over the country following the CATS. This was by the far the most hostile environment we have ever seen. Hostile to the point of being legimately scared for your safety. I’ve been to at least 10 UK-IU games over the years. Never experienced anything close to what we experienced on Saturday. The student body and university should be ashamed for the way they acted. Congrats on the big win, but act like you’ve been there before. You’re embarrassing the proud IU fans before you.

  116. Lamps korner

    This letter should be sent to the iu ad, president and coach. Disgusting treatment

  117. Again

    112. IU is ranked 8 right now in recruiting.. I’m not quite sure how that is a top 5 class

  118. MHFaulkner

    Know what we should have done?

    Won the damn game.

    Now, everyone stop yer bitchin. The butthurt is strong around here past 2 days.

  119. Hoosier Fan

    I live in Southern Indiana and work in Louisville. I graduated from IU in ’07. I went to the game with a friend of mine who was decked out in UK gear. He had an aisle seat, and only got booed and yelled at a few times as people walked by. The people sitting around us never gave him grief during the entire game nor at the end.

    If this is true then I’m embarrassed. Truth be told, IU has enrolled more and more out of staters who don’t get college basketball. They are just looking for an excuse to get drunk and pick a fight.

    I will say my friend never felt threatened and only got a few curse words which I felt was tolerable.

  120. UTfan

    Boooohoo give me a break. I’m a UT fan that lives in kentucky and I can’t tell you how many times I received the same treatment. Not to mention I went to the UTvsUK football game this year and was heckled just as bad as these guys were. Stop being hypocrits it happens to everyone. Yes it can be a bit extreme sometimes but I got the same treatment from Uk fans.

  121. JerryTownBlotter

    Just want to point out to #29 that it should be 180 not 360. One would only have to look at the scene in “Last Action Hero” to understand the consequences when this mistake is made.

  122. Disappointed

    As an IU student, I want to say that I’m appalled that you were treated so badly. Some sort of animosity should expected when traveling with the team, but not as much as you received. I will not make excuses for any students yelling F*** Kentucky or any of the other insults that came your way, but I will say this.. You were down on Kirkwood where many students had been drinking since 10am in preparation for the loss some of us thought was coming. I’m so sorry for your brother getting a drink poured on him – that is certainly not the way Coach Crean would want any of his fans celebrating a win. Please don’t let the drunk idiots you encountered ruin your perspective on IU fans forever.

  123. Browsa

    85 – So by your emphatic declaration that UK is, in fact, OVERRATED, your win becomes exponentially less meaningful. I happen to think that IU beat an incredibly talented UK squad and may substantiate their undefeated record against otherwise marginally talented teams. Repeat after me. YOU, sir, are an idiot!

  124. NCcat

    NO….this is NOT the experience most opposing teams have when they come to Lexington!! Most of what you endured could be criminally prosecutable!!
    Contrast this article to the one had by an UNC fan coming to Rupp:
    Stay classy KY!

  125. CAUKFAN

    One thing I learned early growing up is people who have to live in Indiana are dang jealous of Kentuckians. And why wouldn’t they be, Indiana is a true armpit. Aside from the Indianapolis 500 there is simply nothing up there. Ever heard of taking a vacation in Indiana? I didn’t think so.

  126. Hoosier Fan

    UTfan Says:
    December 12th, 2011 at 9:32 pm
    Boooohoo give me a break. I’m a UT fan that lives in kentucky and I can’t tell you how many times I received the same treatment. Not to mention I went to the UTvsUK football game this year and was heckled just as bad as these guys were. Stop being hypocrits it happens to everyone. Yes it can be a bit extreme sometimes but I got the same treatment from Uk fans.

  127. IU Sucks

    Hey UT Fan didn’t we just break the streak? Oakland was a tough game, was it not?

  128. Lance McAlister

    how ’bout my Hoosiers? “Boys, gonna run the picket fence…don’t get caught watching the paint dry”

  129. HardinCoCat

    52, I lived in Indianapolis for 15 years from 1994 – 2010. I had “friends” that I would basically not talk to during basketball season. I had to become a Pacers fan because it was the only way to talk basketball. I have always said the people of Indiana are great people as long as you root for the right team. I could feel things really start to get ugly when Cal got there. I don’t miss not living there during basketball season at all.

  130. JackieLuvsUk

    Something about iu (they don’t deserve to be capitalized) fans that just burns my Butt. Trust me if me and my “hillbilly” clan would have rolled up in there, shit would have went down. To get respect, you have to earn it! Because your subpar team beat the #1 team in the nation by a point is no reason to get all “hood” or “ghetto”. No class, no respect, none deserved! iu can suck it!

  131. HardinCoCat

    I don’t miss living there during basketball season at all. My mistake.

  132. Syrin

    Send this to the Dean of IU and the Athletics Dept.

  133. Hoosier Fan

    #125 who the hell takes vacations in KY?? Neither state is a vacation spot. Bringing up that point is incredibly stupid and has nothing to do with this entry or the game.

  134. IU Sucks

    I hate the movie Hoosiers. Your boy Watford got lucky. Like I said earlier, UK had a bad game and still had you beat. Watford just got lucky. Shove the picket fence up your can.

  135. ILCatsFan

    I went to college in Indiana and lived near Bloomington for a time. IU fans are without a doubt the most rude, obnoxious, and stuck up people I have ever met. The sad part is, they have no reason to be. They are as backwards and hillbilly as anyone I have ever encountered. I, for one, will be in Bloomington in 2013. I hope BBN comes out in droves. We need to take over the bars and get into ASSembly Hall. If anyone wants to start something, well, I have no problem making their day! Pricks! By the way, Crean is the biggest prick of them all! I can’t stand him and I wish him nothing but mediocrity in the Big Ten. I hate Indiana!

  136. KYStout

    “Michiana” is one of the most depressing places I’ve ever been in my entire life. Full of soul-less, no personality having shells of humanity that blended in perfectly with the gray skies and dirty snow of their home.

    This experience doesn’t suprise me at all. What a truly pathetic group of people.

  137. suckitup

    Lol at people saying IU got lucky…. How many losses do we have? How many do you have? Get over yourselves. And if you would have won there wouldnt be any “anonymous” people saying how bad the fans were. Your stupid.

  138. Rob

    @109 ROTFL

  139. Callin The Kettle Black

    Maybe…just maybe UK fans should have talked all that s#!t leading up to the game..disrepecting the IU program..may not have been you, but I heard alot of it…not saying they were doing the right thing, but they obviously had a reason to..

  140. James K

    True story: after the UK-LSU football game in 2007, a game that was very similar to our loss Saturday, there were college students getting in the faces of LSU fans as they tried to walk to their cars, and the taunts were the same. I WITNESSED it. Don’t think IU is the only place this happens. People need to draw the line between sports and reality.

  141. Kingscuba89

    I live abouth 7 to 10 minuets from Indiana. Most people that live right across the border are Kentucky fans. Pretty much sums it up

  142. IU Sucks

    Your boy Watford got lucky. Like I said earlier, UK had a bad game and still had you beat. I’d rather lose a game in December than lose one, say the 2nd Thursday of Friday in March like IU will this year.

  143. John Benson

    LOL, now there are even more people who were with these poor innocent victims (this was quite a crowd). And these folks were wearing neutral colors and were mistreated.

    Complete BS story. Nice try.

  144. Krice Cook

    #117—I just guess it depends upon which publication you look at. Rivals had IU at 2….Now 6th… had them 4, now 6th as well. ESPN has their incoming class at #1, now it is at 4. Athlon has them 8th. However you slice it, IU will be better next year than they are this year–And the years to come.

  145. travis

    @132 About to do just that.

  146. LOL

    Leaving WalMart and I piled carts around an indiana fans decorated car. Clarksville one[ Someone laughed and said now thats funny!!!

  147. IU Sucks

    144 like Cal can’t out-recruit your boy Crean. UK has had the #1 recruiting class 3 years in a row. About to make it 4in a row before it is all said and done.

  148. CalifCatFan

    That’s it. Discontinue the Indiana series. They don’t deserve it.

  149. WildcatLogic

    Enough vitriol, already. I think both coaches need to watch what they say to their fanbases before any heated game with ANY rival. Sports games today are not what they used to be and while the banter back and forth b/n coaches (Calipari & Crean) may have been in jest, obviously some fans REALLY took it to heart. Crean, for instance, had no business telling his fanbase to “keep blue out of the building”. That one statement can be interpreted in an aggressive, physical way and certainly only added fuel to a rival fire already burning. Add to that, a mob and a twelve pack of beer and potentially, you’ve got real big problems. All of us need to act like mature adults.

  150. Krice Cook

    #142—-Please explain how Watford “got lucky”? He had already hit two threes from almost that exact same spot. He hit four on the night. He entered the game shooting 47% from 3pt range, and….HE WAS WIDE FREAKIN’ OPEN. So tell me, exactly how did he get lucky?

    As for the Cats playing bad? Really? They shot 68% in the second half and 54% overall for the game. Though they committed 17 turnovers, 13 of those came in the FIRST HALF. Kentucky outscored IU 13-5 from the line in the second half….Teague went off for 15..If doesn’t Miller stepped up big time midway through the 2nd half, you guys probably get ran out of AH. NO, Kentucky did not play to their best, but nor did IU. Both teams had something to do with that.

  151. Pdnes

    After getting spit on etc at certain football and BB away games, I go out of my way to welcome the visiting fans at Rupp and Commonwealth. Best away experience, USC football game by far.

  152. John Benson

    This one time in lexington, I was kneeling in church praying and was wearing an IU shirt.
    Suddenly three nuns in blue habits rushed in and started beating me with rulers.

    So then I went to another church and there the pastor came out and putting his middle finger in my face.

    So then I went to another church and the priest came out and poured holy water on my head.

    So then I went to a bar and UK gangstas started shooting at me, then there was a riot and a pipe bomb thrown at me.

    Fortunately I got away on my trust Unicorn.

  153. I was with anonymous

    John, the guy and his wife wearing the neutral colors was not with our group but caught up with them for a bit before the game. Believe what you want, I can’t make you. But there are even some IU fans on here who says his story his believable

  154. IU Sucks

    152, you gay ass Hoosier.

  155. P.L. Wallingford, III

    If an idiot poured a beer on my head, somebody, probably me, but somebody would die. I’ve been aching for one last fight before I kick the bucket & that would just be an ideal way to go out, 100 vs 1….What a way to go!

  156. travis

    152 is clearly on LSD. Give him a break and a Dr Phil intervention.

  157. paducahfan

    this behavior and xavier-cincy tell me that college sports need to be reduced in size and influence

  158. Fred Garvin

    As a lifelong IU and Butler fan, I am very sorry to hear you were treated so badly. Since Bob Knight left, the students have gotten more and more rude. Profane chants etc. Makes me sick. Now, some of you are saying some pretty dumb things about Indiana as well. Really sad all the way around.
    I loved going to Freedom Hall when IU played UK. Half and half crowd. Great atmosphere. Never had a problem.

  159. Krice Cook

    Again, this “story” never gets told IF Watford’s shot misses. If it did happen, exactly the way you proclaim with no provocation, then I am truly sorry. But for you and other to sit on here nad act as if this same type of behavior does not take place in Lexington is not only asinine, but irresponsible. Quit acting as if Lexington and UK fans are “the most hospitable” bunch in all of college basketball—It is just not true.

  160. IU Sucks

    Krice Kook, I don’t have to explain anything to you, bitch. Any UK fan will tell you that the Cats had a bad game. It wasn’t all everything IU did. UK did not play as good a defense as they can. I believe if UK gets another shot at IU in March, different story. That’s all I got to say about that.

  161. WoW!

    Imagine what it would have been like if they lost.

    Crean is a snake and has gotten into bed with the local AAU
    to try and bail himself out— freakin’ Harbuagh-Wannabe.

  162. RickyPVoodooDoll

    Tom Crean, Coach Cal’s buddy(?) is the one that has encouraged this behavior from his fans. With friends like him Cal, you do not need enemies!

  163. Oh Rupp Arena Is BETTER?

    I have friends who are U of L fans that went to Rupp once for a game. They had their tickets taken away per the RULES on the back of the ticket. No discussion, no refunds, and no way to fight the unjustness of such a backwoods rule since it was clearly written on the back of the ticket. They did nothing wrong and just happened to be wearing U of L clothing. At least the UK fans got to watch the game if they had a ticket at IU since they don’t throw out people for wearing the wrong clothing. All fan bases have fans we wish would just go away but don’t you dare say it just happens in Indiana. To do so would be beyond ridiculous and shows you to be blinded by blue colored glasses.

  164. SpitOnByIU

    I went to the game…sat in section D, near the back. I was spit on and pushed over trying to leave my seat after the shot went down…simply awful people.

  165. i is for idiot

    At the SEC tourney in ATL I dont remember any out of control UK fans, just saying. the only way theses teams will meet again is if its in the tourney which will give iu plenty of time to prepare for UK cause lord know he helped guide that last shot in.

  166. Krice Cook

    See #160, your a perfect example to exactly my point: It happens everywhere…If you do not believe me, just go back and read your post.

  167. John Benson

    Been going to IU games and bars before and after for 25 years. Never seen one single issue.

    Not one.

    I don’t doubt that there were some cat calls and F-UK chants, this was an overhyped game against a tough rival on a Saturday evening where kids had been at the bars all day. A risky scene anywhere. But to paint the Iu fanbase this way is like me painting the UK fanbase by #46, 154, and 155 above.

  168. IU Sucks

    Krice Cook. You get the moral cookie for the day. You puss.

  169. Krice Cook

    #162- Crean encouraged this behavior? Wow. Ok. How? By saying, “don’t sell your tickets to UK fans, and lets keep as much blue out as possible”? Yikes!! Those are some pretty harsh words there.

  170. IU Sucks

    # 169 needs to go Back Home to F***ing Indiana. You Jim Neighbors queer dicksucking bitch.

  171. Yo Bro

    To the fans who were SPAT on, WTF? How in the world do you just walk away after being spit on, I would have gone ape sh%t.

  172. Krice Cook

    #168—You just keep proving my point here fella…I appreciate it. And #165, I am assuming #168 wasn’t at the SEC tourney in Atlanta—Or may be you just didn’t “see” him/her?

  173. nic j

    I am a huge Colts fan, and I go to games in Indy often. You can tell immediately that you have entered Indiana as soon as you stop off at any gas station. ZERO Southern Hospitality. Nothing but Yankee prick arrogance and silent, bitter attitudes. People who are assholes always come in last.

  174. John Benson is in denial

    English soccer hooligans is the best metaphor I can come up. Except “supposedly” educated. And if it’s come to that, then I’m all for getting rid of this rivalry. No reason people should fear for their safety. Not at a college sporting event. Not at any sporting event for that matter.

  175. nic j

    In Lexington, you will NEVER see this behavior. NEVER. FACT.

  176. Krice Cook

    Before I go #170, just one more thing: INDIANA 73 UK 72….Have a good night.

  177. lpool003

    I hope we drop IU from the schedule next season. Cal asked and the fans voted unanimously to drop that game. Karma is a bi$&% and I think Indiana fans are going to find that out pretty soon.

  178. John Benson

    Stay classy #170.

  179. i is for idiot

    AND DIDNT TOM CREAN SAY KEEP THE BLUE OUT LIKE TREAT ANY UK FANS YOU SEE LIKE A JEW DURING HOLOCAUST???? yes i said jew during holocaust. Cream turned the hate meter up for the game. scum, i hope the worst for cream

  180. Callin The Kettle Black

    IU sucks is so mad right now lol…hey bro, its december its take coach cals dick outta your hole and let it go man…life is not about uk basketball as much as you want to believe..nothing you SAY or DO will change how UK plays..your the reason that UK fans are HATED

  181. John Benson

    All UK fans are like #170.

    There, i can do it too.

  182. IU Sucks

    Glad you’re leaving Bitch Cook. Wait til March. We’re coming for your ass.

  183. Krice Cook

    Nic J, that is not a fact….I was there last year and saw and heard many rude comments/gestures by UK fans—many. C’mon dude, you cannot possibly speak on the behalf of A WHOLE CITY, can you? If so, that is just being naive….very naive. There are some nasty IU fans, no doubt. But the same can also apply to UK, UL, PU, Duke, etc…They exist in every fan base. Just so happens, one of them beat you this weekend and it hurt your feelings.

  184. Josh Skillman

    This mirrors how I was treated in Rupp arena last year when IU played there. UK fans spitting on us, cussing at us, & threatening us. It’s a shame it happened to my wife and I at Rupp last year. It’s a shame it happened to some UK fans this year. Both fan bases are better than that.

  185. John Benson

    Krice Cook…Game , set and match.

  186. Krice Cook

    Jones dribbles up the floor—-gets a screen from Cody. Jones in the lane, passes out to Watford for three——-“It went in”!! Christian Watford has hit a three at the buzzer to beat Top ranked Kentucky, 73-72″. Now imagine Don Fischer’s voice—-Ahh, sweet tunes to sleep on.

  187. IUgrad83

    I attended both schools in the late 70sin and early 80s. There were idiots at both schools then just like there are today. You just have to remember that most IU fans have forgotten what its like to win a big game. They stormed the floor last year after they beat an average Illinois team at home. That doesn’t excuse abusive behavior, but I think its a temporary thing. They haven’t beaten UK in a game that mattered in a long, long time. I’m just glad its a legit rivalry again. For years I’ve been embarrassed to bring it up with my IU friends because its been so one-sided.

  188. Bob Loblaw

    I’m sorry, but who drives to an away game without tickets to watch the game in the hometown team’s bar? Is this a thing that happens in real life? Maybe it is different with the author of this post, but it does seem like something someone would do when they are expecting to win and walk around tall after beating lowly IU.

    In this era of high definition broadcasts it just seems a little off. Maybe they went with good intentions, but I cannot imagine someone wanting to do this.

    I went to the UK vs. Notre Dame last year in Freedom Hall with three UK fans in IU gear. I was greeted to some adult language and a few middle fingers. I didn’t really expect anything different.

    If someone dumped a beer on their head, shame on them. I do not know what the Lexington equivalent of Nick’s would be, but do you all really think that a visiting IU fan would be treated any differently in terms of taunts and profanity during the IU vs. UK game?

    This rivalry is deeper than sports, and it is ridiculous. I love living in Louisville now and I loved growing up in Indianapolis. I didn’t like living in Lexington but it had nothing to do with UK athletics.

    I attend many IU games, I have never seen the treatment that was described in this post. Regardless, I hope it never happens to anyone again. We should all move on to what is really important, making fun of U of L fans.

  189. Yo Bro

    183, just gtfo. All fanbases have their bad fans but yes your ENTIRE fanbase is pure trash and I wish the worst on every one of them. Your arguing on Kentucky website, take your stupid sh%t to peegs. We own Indiana in basketball and are still ranked #3 in the country, will very possibly be playing for the National Championship while you hicks will fighting to make the N.I.T. Enjoy that hillbilly.

  190. IUsed to be relevant

    KSR is being taken over by trolls. Must feel nice that beating Kentucky is the only way to get a second of relevance. The number of IU fans on this site tells me how desparate they really were. kinda sad

  191. John

    I went IU and I am a huge UK fan, I was happy to see IU win, I was. IU deserved it in my opinion, they have been through a lot over the past couple of years. Plus, it’s good for the rivalry, for UK and for business. Would you rather watch blowout after blowout, or good close games? Now, with close games, you’re going to loose some here and there, such is life, but it makes it much more enteresting and the victories all the more sweet. The posted letter above, I can easily see it happening, very easily. However, let me make one thing clear, most of the student body at IU is from Chicago and the northest in general, not from Indiana. I learned a lot at IU about the rest of the country, esp the “north.” The general consensus is that Kentucky is in the deep south, which it isn’t, and by in large, their behavior is disgusting towards others. Yet I’ve heard and seen bad things that occur in Lexington. The average IU basketball fan is no different from the average UK basketball fan, but the student bodies are vastly different. They come from different parts of America, and have different up-bringings that stress different values. In all fairness, I have heard stories about UK fans hitting UofL fans at games, it happens on all sides, no fan base is 100% innocent.

  192. Bender

    iu calling UK a rivalry is stupid. They get lucky against a sloppy UK team and now they’re blowing up our boards. Savor the flavor bc it won’t happen again. Win some conf games and maybe you’ll make the tourny. #doingittherightway.lucky

  193. call..charge

    I have been a UK fan my whole life and I graduated from IU recently. I was at the game on Saturday, and I can tell you that this guy is not lying. IU fans were literally trying to start fights in the parking lot before the game. I love IU for the four years it gave me, but Saturday I was truly f*cking embarassed of my own school. I lost a lot of respect for the Indiana fanbase.

  194. Syrin

    Cal wanted to know what rivalry game to drop. HERE’S YOUR PROOF !! When your loyal fans are in PHYSICAL DANGER, DROP THE GAME !!!

    IU needs this game WAY more than we do. Don’t reward “gangtsa” (here’s to you Xavier) behavior. Keep our fans SAFE !!

  195. IU Sucks

    What Loser gets on UK’s site and quotes their play-by-man? I never got on IU’s sites and quoted Tom Leach. IU fans are all douche-bags.

  196. Mr. Bateman

    There is NO QEUSTION that the perfect storm occurred on Saturday, allowing an obviously mediocre IU team to hang with the Cats. Between the complete absence of Jones, foul trouble for Davis, Teague’s first half performance, and missed free throws down the stretch, UK appeared doomed to suffer this loss. Call it luck, “convenient” officiating, or whatever you like, but on a neutral court IU would get destroyed.

    During the last decade, I have cared very little about the IU game due to the fact that they are, and will remain irrelevant. As a result of stories like this one, the behavior of many of the fans (mostly students) during the game (this is why they do not allow signs in Rupp) and numerous articles written last week by IU sports writers, I wish for nothing more than the immediate demise of Hoosier nation. Sadly, due to a relatively weak remaining schedule, IU will probably have a fairly successful season (by their standards). This Cat fan, however, will react with glee when OSU obliterates the Hoosiers in Columbus.

    For all the IU fans posting on here, I have undeniable proof that you are a bunch of classless, uneducated goat-pokers. Ready?……Wait for it…….YOU ARE ON THIS BLOG!

  197. Krice Cook

    I took my wife, who BTW is a UK graduate, to the Vandy/UK game last year. We had a really good time and for sakes and purposes had no issues. But—–When this guy who obviously was , well, drunk, started the Cats cheer—C- A-T….then he looks at me and says, “C’mon man, you got to cheer”. My wife repleis, “Oh, he’s an IU fan”. This due goes on about a 10 minute tirade about how he cannot believe they even let me in the building…How we are the @#@!$ hole of the world, etc…Yeah,it never happens in Lexington.

    BTW- Besides that “one guy”…We had a wonderful time.

  198. raining blood

    My friend and I make shirts with characters bent over and Indiana as their asshole.. F indiana!

  199. What's a hoosier

    The only thing I know about Indiana, is that you just drive through it.

  200. HonestAbe

    Welcome to the hospitality of the Big 10!

  201. Syrin

    191 – Actual POLLS have shown repeatedly that UK fans are considered some of the most friendly civil fans in ALL of sports. Sorry, your generic blanket excuse doesn’t cut it.

    I lived in Muncie for five years, and I agree. Most Indiana residents are GREAT people. Very much like the people I met in Kentucky when I lived there. If you have a bunch of liberal NE and Chicago style thugs and jack asses, then your school HAS to call them out. They didn’t.

  202. John Benson

    Lot of Classy classy cats here.


  203. Brent

    lol @ #184…nice try.

  204. travis

    Let’s give Krice Cook (who names their kid Krice?) his chance to celebrate. We all know we’ll be cutting down the nets in New Orleans. Then we can laugh about it for the rest of our lives.

  205. IU Sucks

    John Benson get off this site. Oh, I forgot, you Hoosiers don’t have a cool site like KSR. Lots of Douchebag Hoosiers on here. Go back home to F***ing Indiana. Get Sergeant Carter’s dick out of your ass Gomer.

  206. John Benson

    Yikes! Do you guys kiss your sisters with those mouthes?…wait don’t answer that.

  207. IU Sucks

    Know I kiss your mama, then she goes down on me. If she doesn’t f***k goats.

  208. John

    When is the Super Bowl coming to Kentucky?

  209. Krice Cook

    The officiating was bad….We played bad….Jones was hungover, err, didn’t show up…Davis was in foul trouble, etc…Blah, blah and blah. IU shot 31% in the first half…had 11 turnovers…was 2-6 from 3 pt range, yet led by one. You guys crack me up…You really do. You act as if Indiana played some type of “game of the century” to beat you, when actually, they didn’t play that well at all. Sure they hit 7-9 from three in the second half—And that surprised you? Question? Why do you think Cal put Kidd-Gilchrist on Hulls? Better question, why in the world did he put Jones on Watford? Christina torched is butt for 19 and 9 last year. Guess he wasn’t convinced, so….Watford dropped 20 on them this year. Anyway. Good luck the remainder of the season.

  210. Henry Earl

    OH MY GOD, someone stuck up their middle finger and said “F Kentucky”?? Someone alert the authorities, stop the presses!! Seriously, stop crying. Things like this happen everywhere, and if you think similar (and worse) things haven’t happend to UL fans in Lexington you’re either on drugs or serious denial.

    I’m as big a UK fan as they come, it seems like some people are just looking for something to bitch and complain about because we lost. It sucks that we lost, but things will be okay, and this team will be okay, and I’ve got a feeling that playing in (and losing in) a hostile environment in December will help this team come March.

  211. Todd

    Not to say that there wasn’t a few drunk idiots but I know they were fare and few between. Stop lying and take your lose like a man. There is always some idiots where ever you go. Funny this is coming from the most classless fanbase I’ve ever known.

  212. IU Sucks

    210 what does that mean?

  213. Shane

    So u go into an IU themed bar with a bunch of drunk IU college kids and are shocked that they acted like a**holes? You guys provoked the whole situation by going to a IU campus bar wearing UK gear. Have some common sense at least.

  214. John Benson

    My “Momma” passed away @IU Sucks, but she would never have kissed you, that is for sure.

  215. IU Sucks

    Where’s Peyton Manning? Oh I forgot, Matt Painter is leading you to the promised land.

  216. wow

    211 is still hung over.

  217. Krice Cook

    #204—Who names their kids “Billy JOe Todd”? Isn’t ONE first name good enough?

  218. John

    Matt Painter is a basketball coach, not a quarterback. Where’s…….oh, that’s right. You don’t have any professional sports in Kentucky.

  219. Krice Cook

    “Jones passes out to Watford for three”—“IT WENT IN”!! Christian Watford has hit a three at the buzzer to beat Top ranked Kentucky 73-72″…..Ahhhhhh…..

  220. tdr76

    If iu can’t provide security for our fans, coachs, and players why would we want to play them?

  221. Krice Cook

    Speaking of “professional sports” in Kentucky—Greaaaat job with the NASCAR race. LOL.

  222. Mr. Bateman

    Krice, you are correct. Thank you so much for showing me the light! Your team shoots an average of 78% from three every game. Let’s see, that would only be an ALL TIME RECORD! I cannot believe that Watford and Hulls aren’t first team All Americans? How were they overlooked by the geniuses at ESPN, etc.? Can you explain this to me?

    That was sarcasm by the way. Sorry, I forgot for a second that you are an IU dumbass. Face it. Your team shot the ball out of its mind,got EXTREMELY lucky that Davis was on the bench, and benefited from Jones (who actually IS a first team All American)deciding he wasn’t in the mood to play. Move on, preferably to your own blog, and enjoy your 15 seconds in the sun.

  223. IU Sucks

    Krice Cook: Which goat did your mama name you after?

  224. IU Sucks

    Matt Painter, there’s an all-pro. He hasn’t even won a game. The Colts haven’t either.

  225. John Benson

    S C O R E B O A R D


  226. PureKentuckyGold

    So let me get this straight…you went to the IU campus decked out in your blue and people were not nice to you? Somebody call the governor! Torch the bridges! This means war!!!

    Seriously–how freakin’ stupid and immature are you? Use a little bit of common sense next time, and I’m sure you’ll be treated much better.

    People like you are why everyone hates Kentucky fans.

  227. Krice Cook

    My version of the final 5.6 seconds(UK’s huddle):

    Cal–“Guys, foul.We have two to give”…I can’t foul I have four…Me neither I have three—Let Jones foul, he can do it . Cal–“Jones, can you AT least foul tonight”…Jones–“Can I fles afterward”? Cal–“You selfish [email protected]#@!, just sit down”. Now, where were we? hence—NO FOUL.

  228. travis

    221 BTW we’re not mad that you won, we’re mad that Indiana fans like you are acting like you won the Super Bowl and it’s still December. And the fact that we now know how unclassy IU fans are.

  229. IU Sucks

    Just like IU will when UK gets you in March, b***h. Sorry bout your mom. Once I got past the goat hair, it was good.

  230. Oh No

    The most disappointed person in the world right now is Tom Crean. Since that no name hit a lucky three iu fans are going to demand a good year. Unfortunately Crean is like 6 and 50 in conf games hasn’t made the tourny in yrs and completely blows it down the stretch of every season. We’ve all seen how this story ends w Crean. Gets a big win then implodes.

  231. Norwegian Woody

    Is it any wonder Gunner Kiel wanted to back out of that “insitution?”

  232. John

    If by “institution” you mean the one that is consistently ranked MUCH higher than UK, then yeah.

  233. IU Sucks

    Hey John Benson
    Just like IU will when UK gets you in March, b***h. Sorry bout your mom. Once I got past the goat hair, it was good.
    Krice Cook
    You’re a f***ing douche bag. You s**ked Jim Neighbors. Sergent Carter, get your d*c outta my a**.

  234. slappy

    Funny that IU fans, of ALL people, go to the “racist” jab that quickly. I’ve been to a couple IU games and let me tell you the combined number of black people I saw in the stands at those games–> Zero. Not saying they’re all racist, because that’s just a completely ignorant thing to say, but good Lord… Sure didn’t seem like the most welcoming place to be if one were African-American.

  235. travis

    234 the KKK was founded in Indiana….

  236. KentuckyBoy

    Looks like I’ll be going to jail in lexington next year 🙂 Cant wait to stomp one of them Hoosier’s head in!

  237. John Benson

    It was “founded” in Indiana but found a permanent “Home” in KY.

  238. Krice Cook

    Mr. Bateman-

    I didn’t expect you to understand what i was saying, so I’ll type slower and maybe this time, you’ll understand. Indiana entered the game shooting 52% AS A TEAM from 3 pt range, or SECOND in the nation. Kentucky left our shooter OPEN in the second and the shots went in. Law of averages(MATH), says that was bound to happen since IU only shot 33% from 3pt range in the first half(2-6). I never said Hulls or Watford were All-Americans. I asked why do you think Cal put Kidd-Gilchrist, a 6’8″ F/G on Hulls? Because he knew Hulls could shoot.Not b/c he felt Hulls was an “All-American”, but b/c he knew Jordan could hurt UK from the perimeter. Is it that hard to understand? You and others act as if IU was just “throwing shot up” and that was not the case…They were WIDE OPEN looks. You give that to a good perimeter shooting team and eventually they’ll start to fall.

  239. IU Sucks

    221 I hate the Colts. I hate IU. I hate everything f***ing Indiana. Matt Painter is Purdue’s coach. He f***ing sucks like you do.

  240. Anon

    I am also a cat fan in Bloomimgton. Being a southern belle I never thought I would run across this behavior. Sadly- while at Yogi’s bar I was booed by a table of men walking back to my friends (all IU supporters) from the bathroom. I never said a single negative thing about IU, may have dropped some profanity at the refs but did my best to be courteous. As the time was winding down I had a guy (obviously intoxicated) point at me and say F. You. I was so shocked. Never have I seen a man say something like this to a lady. I was fortunate for good friends who made sure I made it safely to my car. And yes- they were worried I might notate it whole.

  241. MP

    Krice enjoys being choke slammed by Bobby Knight

  242. IU Sucks

    Hey MP, Krice has Bobby Knight’s D**K in his throat. Krice has Tom Crean’s D**K in A**.

  243. Krice Cook

    #239—–73-72…..Dude calm down. remember how you said “people never act like that in Lexington”…Umm, let me guess, you live in Nicholasville?

  244. J-Money

    You can put a redneck in a Northface jacket and some Sperrys (if you’ve been to Bloomington you know what I’m talking about) and give him a college degree but he will still be a redneck. I went 2 years ago and won’t go back. Had 7 guys behind me running their mouths to the one blue shirt they saw. I have NEVER said ANYTHING to an opposing fan in Lexington. Arrogant rednecks kids trying to prove that they aren’t.

  245. DirtyD

    Do not take this game off the schedule we need to give them a 25pt beat down at rupp first then go back and do the same at assembly hall then we can drop em!!! If we drop them now we will never hear the end of it!!!

  246. Krice Cook

    Now, can I whine and complain to the moderator? After all, you guys are calling me names, my family names, making derogatory remarks in a sexual manor, etc…Or, is this what should be expected by an IU FAN coming to a UK BOARD? Sure it is. Just like some goof going to an IU bar on IU’s campus to watch the IU/UK game—WHILE drinking. “I cannot believe they were not nice to me”. Geez.

  247. sesmith4205

    Sad story and I hope it is a little embellished, for IU’s sake. Not to excuse this type of behavior, but I experienced some harsh words and extremely arrogant comments throughout the week prior to the game. It’s sad, but most fans are extremely over the top and lose contact with reality in the process. It’s a game, an important rivalry game, but still just a game; both sides should respect the pride and heritage of the schools, the rivalry, and, most importantly, the game of basketball itself.

  248. Molly

    As a native of Indiana, I’m embarrassed by how UK fans were treated this last weekend. My brother goes to UK, and so in my family, we’re all UK basketball fans. I’d like to apologize for this disgusting treatment. All I ask is that you don’t think the entire state is full of IU basketball fans. There are good people here, too. That said- GO WILDCATS!!!

  249. Todd

    UK had 4 count them 4 fouls in the 2nd half and you think you got screwed bye the refs. All you need to know about UK fans.

  250. UK .. What a JOKE!

    Way to handle a loss UK fans…. See you next year at Rupp when it happens again.

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