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Amurrican UK Fans of the Day Want Quick Afternoon Notes


U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-of-K! U-of-K!

We’re in the middle of taping a commercial for KSTV so let’s run through this…

— Ken McDonald is out at Western Kentucky after the Hilltoppers’ home loss to Louisiana Lafayette last night. Apparently, counting to six is a major requirement for the head coaching job in Bowling Green, and McDonald just couldn’t do it. Former Kentucky Wesleyan coach Ray Harper will serve as interim head coach in his place. John Pelphrey is rumored to be a strong candidate for the job and I’ll give you two reasons why Western would be a great place for him to land back on his feet: (1) It’s a mid-major job in the state that loves him. (2) The opportunity for “Big Red” slogans. Do the right thing, Western.

— Thomas Boswell of The Washington Post isn’t impressed by John Wall. Boswell says he needs to work on his game before he can lead.

— Like I mentioned before, we’re taping a TV commercial today at the KSTV studio with Radio Ron and it has the potential to be hilarious. If not hilarious, it will be incredibly awkward and embarrassing. We’re ready for either but there’s no way it falls anywhere in between the two categories. It’s all or nothing and we’re excited. Look for it on your televisions soon.

— The leading scorer for Ole Miss was dismissed from the team yesterday after an unfortunate pizza delivery/drug bust. Police were knocking on the door where Dundrecous Nelson lives but couldn’t get a response from Nelson inside. When the officer turned to leave, he passed a pizza delivery guy who was heading for the same address. Nelson answered the door for the pizza and was confronted by a large pepperoni pie and Oxford’s finest.

Calipari is meeting with the media right now. We’ll have more at 4:00 when our KSR intern returns from the presser.

Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

24 responses to “Amurrican UK Fans of the Day Want Quick Afternoon Notes”

  1. mike


  2. Real Amurrican Hero

    A+ for concept, C- for execution.

  3. cdc_uky

    Better just go ahead and turn off the comments section on this one…

  4. CatFaninIndy

    I love me some John Pelphrey!

  5. Cats!!

    Can’t wait til all the fat, old hillbillies get on here and talk about how nasty these girls are (don’t get me wrong, they are) meanwhile their 400lb wife just polished off another pound of ice cream on the couch.

  6. WKU Do The Right Thing

    You are right, do the right thing…..Hire Ray Harper after he turns the program around instantly. He has won everywhere he has been head coach, and this will be no exception…Pelphrey?-Get out of here, Ray Harper can coach, you’ll see!

  7. over the hills and far away

    # 3. You got that right ! LMAO !!!

  8. Me

    I ain’t gonna lie. I’d hit ’em. No wait. I ain’t gonna lie, I’d never cheat on my wife. They are kinda hot, no? Wait. No, the are most certainly not hot. Wait, it doesn’t matter if they are hot, I’m not interested. Do you think if I sent over a bottle of wine, they’d find me attractive? Wait, nevermind.

    Yours truly,
    Rick Pitino

  9. Jackie

    God Bless America!

  10. cdc_uky

    The Dairy Club 4th of July party is crazy! Just say’in…

  11. Seriously

    Is the TV really on top of the cable box which is sitting on a mini table with a sheet over it? You can take the girl out of the trailer, but you’ll never take the trailer out of the girl.

  12. Silent Majority

    This is against Flag Code. Seriously. Look it up.

  13. joew

    i am pretty sure the girl on the right isn’t even in middle school yet.

  14. don

    #6 right on-ray is a winner. been a winner everywhere he has played/coached. bremen,kentucky wesleyan, oklahoma and he will win at western if given a chance

  15. lol

    Harper forgot more about coachingthan Pearl ever knew. WKU should keep him. Guy is the real deal.

  16. Ray Harper

    Hiring me WAS the right decision. This should have happened a long time ago.

    Seriously, though, I used to outcoach Bruce Pearl (who, for all of his goofiness, was obviously a very good coach) when I was at KWC and Bruce was a the University of Southern Indiana. We had some epic battles, but I almost always came out on top.

    I’m also known as a great recruiter. John Pelphrey’s got nothing on me.

  17. Dane Brammage

    Isn’t Dundrecous named for the Berber pasta dish couscous?

  18. Dane Brammage

    Isn’t Dundrecous named for the Berber pasta dish couscous?

  19. bigabes4uk

    Nothing wrong with those ladies- the are cuties.

  20. thehag

    #10-I always like the club’s halloween party better!!!

  21. TylerBlue

    They are not wearing panties!

  22. Real Cats Fan

    LMAO at the Ole Miss player! I guess he needed the pizza to satisfy a burning case of the munchies from that good gonja he was smokin’! Maybe the cops are on to something – dress up as a pizza delivery guy when they are making a bust or serving a warrant. Even if the perp didn’t order a pizza, he’ll open the door anyway for an opportunity to steal a pizza and maybe roll the guy.

  23. the dykster

    Go Tops!

  24. Dundrecous

    Next time I’ll go with Digornos(spelling????). Right after I kill my mom and dad for naming me Dundrecous!