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Aminu Timberlake is Ready….are You?

A name from the past is in the house and ready to relive some UK-Duke memories. The man “stomped” by Laettner, Aminu Timberlake, has shown up for the battle and is sitting courtside wearing a “I Hate Laettner” t-shirt. Fans are coming up and taking pictures and everyone seems to be having a good old time. He told me he was pulling for a big Cats win…and if Aminu is, so should you.

Article written by Matt Jones

16 responses to “Aminu Timberlake is Ready….are You?”

  1. WildcatFanNVaBeach


  2. SC Fan

    Anyone else nervous?

  3. Matthew

    I am extremely nervous and why are you not on the pregame show Matthew Jones?

  4. Fake Mrs. Darius Miller

    So anyone know what Mr. Timberlake is doing now?

  5. WildcatFanNVaBeach

    @2 Yep…only cause I really dislike them sum b#*ches. I live around around and work with a bunch of PUKE fans…dreading tomorrow!

  6. RUPPS_rhetoric

    That’s awesome! Very cool. #3 No need to be nervous. I know it’s Duke but its the second game of the season. This is a great test and chance to grow up. I’m excited, but not nervous. I don’t start to get nervous until March. Enjoy the game! Go Cats!

  7. SeoulCat

    #2, No. If we win, great. If we lose, it’s an opportunity to find out which areas need improvement and to grow up a bit. It’s still November; these games mean very little in the grand scheme of things.

    Awesome photo of Timberlake. I hope he paid his $15 to for a photo-op to stomp Laettner and put a little bit extra “umph” into his foot placement.

  8. U black sum bitch

    Me and Jon Hood are pulling for Duke!

  9. 44 Stitches

    @4… I read a article that I think was linked here in the comment section on KSR a few a days ago. Anyway I read a article that said he was a telecommunications executive in the Atlanta area.

  10. Catlogic15

    No post has ever been more perfect.

  11. Fake Mrs. Darius Miller

    Thanks #9

  12. RYNO

    Hey matt, on the live blog, will you address the fight you got into with beisner that caused you to be fired from kstv? I know it must suck to talk about getting whooped, but we would all like to hear it.

  13. KES

    4. he is getting ready to watch the game

  14. Gus Chiggins


  15. coach search

    How cool is that? Just remember, when you want to get up for the pUKe game, YOUTUBE, the stomp. Those feelings of forgiveness for LAETTNER from this morning will subside quicker than an erection on Rick Pitino in an Italian restaurant.

  16. hoodfan

    8,,, Hood (aka lakehair) would look even better if he was on Duke’s bench !