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Alex Poythress helping Cats recruit Tony Parker

They’re the best of friends, having so much fun together…

In the afternoon notes, Drew told you that 2012 big man Tony Parker announced he’s added UConn to his long list of suitors, which also includes the Cats, Duke, UCLA, Ohio State, Memphis, and Kansas. After doing some digging, I discovered that Tony Parker 1) is not Eva Longoria’s NBA playing ex-husband and 2) gets daily calls from current UK commit Alex Poythress, encouraging him to pledge his allegiance to the Cats. CBSSports’ Jeff Borzello writes:

Kentucky recently began showing more interest in Parker, and the Wildcats are in the mix for his final official visit. The Wildcats have already secured a commitment from Alex Poythress, Parker’s friend and AAU teammate on the Georgia Stars.

Poythress has been helping Kentucky recruit Parker.

“Their interest is good,” Parker said. “I get the Kentucky calls everyday from [Poythress], making sure I’m watching the game. It’s a great place.”

Next time I go through the Wendy’s drive-thru in Clarksville, I’m going to tip that young man an extra dollar.

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27 responses to “Alex Poythress helping Cats recruit Tony Parker”

  1. rick7621

    That a recruiting violation and if he comes to UK, I am sure it will be pointed out!!!

  2. ktmiln2

    How dare you make fun of the Wendy’s in Clarksville?!?! I come here for UK news, not your “jokes.”

    /being facetious, please don’t yell at me Ms. Thompson

  3. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?

    Remember Matt’s Subway story? You can’t tip fast food employees…it throws off the universe’s equilibrium.

  4. manbearpig

    #1 said it….come on Ms. Thompson!! Do you really need to give the Triumvirate ammo???

  5. Another Perspective

    1 & 4: That’s stupid. High school kids can “recruit” all they want.

    On the other hand, I was NOT impressed with Parker on ESPNU today.

  6. John Denver

    I can hear Tipton’s keyboard typing the story already.

  7. Dave Shelton

    Alex don’t do us any favors, Parker is another Reynoldo Sydney. We don’t need him at UK.

    Marquette down 16 to the cards nor lead by 4 at the half. The perverted wop
    looks stunned.

  8. MN CAT

    Damn–I wanted Eva’s ex running the point. Can you imagine?

  9. Steve Fitts

    #1 is correct! Technnically, that is an improper benefit, and the NCAA could declare him ineligible to come to UK. Pay the young man a compliment, but PLEASE NO CASH!!! The NCAA has a handbook on what boosters can and cannot do with respect to recruits, and the handbook is very clear that no cash can pass hands!

  10. catcrawler

    We need a big body, Parker seems to be a good start.

  11. Austin Aries

    10) Right over your head

  12. jymbo

    I live in clarksville, I’ll tip him for ya.

  13. UK

    i dont care just get shabazz please

  14. PanamaIce
  15. tennessee wildcat

    Just to let everyone know how much attention Alex Poythress is getting from UK fans, I was in there about two weeks ago and asked how was Alex doing. The lady at the counter said that I was the 50th person to ask that question on a Saturday. I asked her if I was the winner of a free value meal and she said heck no, but Go Big Blue!!! I am not kidding, that is a true story.

  16. 44 Stitches

    Parker had a bad game. I’ve been watching him play since he was a freshman down here in Georgia. Parker is a BEAST.

  17. large&inchargeinedco

    Tyler – don’t even joke like that, babe.

  18. manbearpig

    Um Tyler me and #1 are talking about you giving him a dollar as a tip.

  19. Another Perspective

    OK. Fine, Mr “me and #1.” Tyler is not associated with the university so she can give a kid a tip for doing his job. Happy now?


  20. Surprised

    #21 – Go ahead and test that theory… The watch Emmert an his hit squad swoop down on UK. The program goes on probation. Cal leaves and Tubby comes back. We lose 12 games every year for the next 10 years…. and it will be your fault 🙂

  21. Enlightened

    #7-Are you the voice of free speech? Wow…First amendment be damned!

  22. Poco Chang

    The right people are going to the NCAA about this!

  23. manbearpig

    #22 thank you!! Someone finally was able to get the joke!
    #21 Please remove that stick, it may hurt in the long run

  24. tb4uk

    please don’t recruit TP -he looked lazy and he whined about everything while he was on the court

  25. Number1CatFan

    This is about the worst set of comments ever. #22, you’re an idiot, along with some others I’m not gonna go back and find. Why live in fear, afraid all of this will be taken away, instead, live in the moment, love it while it’s here with us.