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According to CBS’ source: Kentucky Has Interviewed Florida State’s Mark Stoops

According to Jeremy Fowler of, Kentucky has interviewed the current Defensive Coordinator of Florida State, Mark Stoops, for the vacant head coaching job.  He’s a finalist for National Defensive Coordinator of the year.

Article written by Jonathan Schuette

77 responses to “According to CBS’ source: Kentucky Has Interviewed Florida State’s Mark Stoops”

  1. MHFaulkner

    Good name recognition.

    Nothing else.

  2. MattD

    I’m not crazy about stoops. He has a good defense because he has the best defensive recruits. With that said, his D looks about like Kentuckys against UF at the moment.

  3. Calipartytime

    He just gave up 37 points to the #3 SEC team with better talent than we have at Kentucky. Sounds like a winner to me….

  4. ...

    K. S. r. N. a z i

  5. kramer

    Bob Stoops gets me excited but not Mark

  6. Mike

    I thought having head coaching experience was a requirement? Next.

  7. Old Henry Man

    #6 he was a head coach at Arizona

  8. wildcat502

    I`d take him over some of the other coaches that I`ve heard being considered. He has a good rep in a furtile recruiting area

  9. cgipson82

    #7 that was Mike Stoops, not Mark Stoops

  10. Linda Taylor

    7 – That was actually his brother Mike who hired him as DC & DB coach.

  11. TCBMan

    #7 Mike Stoops was the head coach at Arizona.

  12. Chi-TownCat

    Better than dykes

  13. Old Henry Man

    My Bad, Mike and Mark, got them confused. Well maybe he will be as good as Bob

  14. dave

    NCAA ranks before UF game….
    FSU defense #1 YPG
    #1 rushYPG
    #5 passYPG
    #5 PPG

  15. blueblue

    Jim Tressell. Nuff said.

  16. Old Henry Man

    #14 against ACC Competition, Wake F, NC St, Duke, NC, G-Tech and Miami is not the SEC

  17. Jessdogky

    I would be happy with that hire. Heard about him earlier in the season as a rising star in the coaching ranks. Plus we NEED a good DEFENSE!!

  18. pump4uk

    NO!!!!!! See Arizona under him for the reaosn not to hire him.

  19. BBB

    Put Mike Pratt in charge of this coaching search. Its the only way we will get what we want. This is an insane joke! This soap opera should be called “As the Stomach Turns”. We’re waiting to see what MItch screws up next! WE’re the Chicago Cubs of the SEC. We’re cursed! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


  20. Blueprints

    Can we get some positive posts about Petrino?

  21. Gbb

    Anybody watching Kliff Kingsbury and T A&M? Impressive Offense that I think would work very well here. He’s young, but he could light a fire under this program and I believe he could set UK back in the right direction.

  22. tj

    So he’s the billy Baldwin of the family. Seems about right. Go Big Blue!!

  23. ChiddarCheddar

    He was NOT head coach of Arizona. Hard to imagine why Mitch won’t listen to you guys, huh.

  24. Doubting Thomas

    We need to hire a known winner and someone who is recognizable in the SEC. That means Petrino or Fulmer. I’d take either one of them over these young up and comers. Why would we fire Joker and then go hire someone who is just like him???? Let’s be smart and hire a known winner this time. Matt is going to lose his entire audience if he doesn’t quit being such a jerk about this. He is not the expert he thinks he is. He was dead set against Calipari if you remember!!!!

  25. Jingle Bells

    Is that his glamor shot? He looks pretty ghey.

  26. J Cat

    Are you kidding? Mark Stoops…..I just don’t trust Mitch. He does not seem to have a clue. Best coach available (without a doubt) is Bobby Petrino. Do not miss out on him.

  27. tyson

    Some of you guys are just insane. I mean, do you really think that Jon Gruden has been burning up Mitch’s phone to beg him to come here to be coach? May Harbough from San Fransico should be on the short list? WE ARE NOT GOING TO GET A “HOME RUN” HIRE! Name one coach other than from 60 years ago that came to UK and was better off for it! Coaches know that. Mitch is going to have to take a risk.

  28. dave

    16- couldnt find SOS at time. here’s some website’s:
    FSU sos – 83.8

  29. Jessdogky
  30. Dane Brammage

    Defense creates offense: ‘the Works’ in Basketball.

    Press = points.

    It ‘could’ work @ UofK.

    Could it?

    Hire the right O.C.

    KENTUCKY fans are looking for POINTS.

    Stoops wants to win by suppressing points.

    Think it: one win, maybe more, by a consistent margin of 7 to 3 victory – would be a win….you’s like?


    Stoops is better off in the – Big “10”.

  31. Big Blue 66

    Guys this would be a solid hire, we need a defensive guy, having florida and georgia recruiting ties helps and his last name cant hurt with getting quality supporting coaches. Having said that, geezz KSR, do you guys have any connections at UK or what, when you need CBS to break the mystery guy you are waaayyyyy on the outside.

  32. Rothchild

    UK must have heard “No” from a LOT of people to be considering Mark Stoops…. Wow.

  33. kramer

    OK I want Petrino but, if not Mark Stoops seems ok maybe he could bring in Jimbo F, and just maybe if BP doesn’t get HC job get him as OC…I know reaching, but you know got to put positive spin on things…Go Duke ( throwing up in my mouth little) beat UL

  34. Jen Jerr

    He’s a ginger.

    With an ax to grind.

    Will NOT win at Kentucky.

    FLA just kicked their asshh tonight.


    Beat down!

    a NO HIRE!!!!!

  35. Big Nash Fan

    have mercy that guy looks like the mounties retarded brother.

  36. Jen Jerr


  37. Floyd

    This is your new coach Kentucky- Fat Clay Aiken.

  38. Jen Jerr


  39. Mark stoops

    Don’t forget, I’m from Ohio….an area we need to recruit!!

  40. Dee Sanders

    I guess we’ll save gas money only having to drive to Nashville for the Music City Bowl once every 6 seasons. GO CATS

  41. @ 37

    Is he still hiring one of your brethren to carry …the flag?

  42. kramer

    How many times will we see the Laetner shot from 1992 tonight during the Duke- UL game??? I hate Pitino, and UL can’t cheer for them in any sport. The UL hate is the reason I want Petrino for FB coach, because if we hired him the UL fans would lose their minds, and it would be f’n hilarious!!!

  43. Floyd

    The Vegas odds are Peevey 2-1 AD in 2 years.

  44. Stigall

    According to matt jones, matt jones is the best and most trustworthy person in the world. Matt jones is exactly right and it’s exactly right that matt jones is exactly right all of the time. That’s exactly right. According to matt jones, harrisons arent coming here, uk has cooled on young, and all sorts of truths. Matt jones is never wrong.

  45. Real UK Fan

    So Mitch goes after another man with no coaching experience. I guess he will never learn.

  46. truth

    to people who say “37 to Florida” obviously do not know football or didnt watch the game. Their offense turned the ball over 5 times there is so much a D can do. I would love to hire him, and when they play louisville in the orange bowl they talk about him going to KY. All while they are spanking louisville.

  47. ukfan

    Since a majority of the fan base won’t like who is hired, this seems to be a act of futility

  48. Go For It

    The amount of uneducated posts is amazing. There are some very knowledgeable football fans on here so this is not directed at everyone. Stoops would be a great hire.

    Some of you may not be old enough to remember this, but his brother Bob Stoops was the DC at Florida before getting the OU head job. When he got the job, he hired Mike Leach as his OC. Now, we won’t get Leach obviously, but he may bring a young up and coming OC with an exciting scheme with him. I like this choice much more than Fulmer or some of the other names floating out there.

    One more thing, head coaching experience does not mean success. Remember, Bill Curry was a very well known coach.
    One more thing, head coaching experience does not mean success. Remember, Bill Curry was a very well known coach.

    Just becasue you have not heard of the person, doesn’t mean it will be a bad hire.

  49. Matt

    Well said #48 Stoops would be a very good hire. Name and coaching blood line would help secure solid staff as well.

  50. NostraDanis

    @44 – amen.

    @46 – you make a very good case … for hiring his brother.

  51. Jetblue

    I agree with 48.

  52. UKClint73

    #37 – That is hilarious!

  53. stoops who

    I’d take Mike Leach 10 times over Stoops.

  54. Matt

    Yes he lost to Florida this year, but the previous 2 years he beat them! People, this is a great hire here. This is as attractive a coach as Kentucky Football can hire. I, myself, was on the Petrino bandwagon but the guy just has a horrible shadow cast on him. Stoops or Kingsbury would be in my eyes, terrific hires. 80 % o this fan base will never be happy with anything anyway so screw it make an attractive hire.

  55. Joe

    80 % o this fan base will never be happy with anything anyway so screw it make an attractive hire.

    The Mitch-H8ters and the Petrino Lovers, yes, but most everyone else will come around, IF the team competes…and sadly, the fan base has been so abused recently that the new HC has very little time to show improvement. I’d imagine that if over the next three seasons UK 19-20 games that would buy some time. But honestly after 30-plus years of mediocrity, at best, the fans are really tired and rightly so.

  56. Roland

    My brother has a big penis. So I must have a big penis. (actually it is goldilocks style, or so I am told}

  57. Joker

    Have we ‘hard’ Tressell yet?

    Have we ‘hard’ …..

    Get this $He!$ right.

  58. true story

    best coach available – proven winner – has shown interest in job. never had NCAA problems – made a few questionable life choices (MJ Perrino), is top choice of one of the leading financial mags in the US… Mr. Barnhart, stop destroying UK. You and Dr. Todd set out on a mission to do just that to its athletics programs some years ago and you nearly succeeded, save for Boosters and Mike Pratt swooping in to say no. When a coaching hire had to be taken out of your hands that should have been grounds for your dismissal, yet still, here you are, determined to continue your mission to implode the football team. Building on the foundation of a coach who took a team going to bowls and took them to 2-10… you sir are without a soul. I won’t say you’re without a brain because you know damned well what you are doing to UK. The only question is… why?

  59. Max Arnold

    He needs to hire Bobby P. as if he blows this hire he will be out of a job faster than Mike Hamilton. Have some nuts Mitch, you do not have to socialize with him, just pay him to win! We want to win just like in basketball!

  60. soggyUKgrad

    I agree with #48….well said!! Stoops would be a great hire.

  61. Fecesforbrains

    You people whom have Probably never had a pair of cleared shoes in much less contributed To a team much less coached anything … Just keep on bitching UK won’t hire petrino so shut up… Kitchen isn’t an idiot and there are plenty of knowledgeable people helping on this deal recruiting and name recognition are needed innlexington with that said stoops is a very recognizeable name uk has had no defense for years … It’s a no brainer and a good hire … 3/4 of you know it alls would bitch if Jesus Christ and his disciples were named the next staff

  62. true story

    61. I think I speak for everyone when I say…. huh?

    I’m not sure a text-based forum is the place for you. Run along and get your Binkie or Metamucil (assuming here, that you’re either 9-years-old, or 90-years-old based on that dumpster fire of a post). The grown ups are talking.

  63. o.O

    61. I agree, I don’t think Kitchen is an idiot either. Hell, I say hire Kitchen as the new AD! Maybe he can get us some of those cleared shoes!

  64. Roland

    61: u said: 3/4 of you know it alls would bitch if Jesus Christ and his disciples were named the next staff

    I say: judas would make it bad. He has the rep.

    Jesus doesn’t care if ANY TEAM wins a football game.

  65. burger

    Why would anyone think the younger brother of Bob would stick around at UK IF he was successful?

    He’s an Iowa boy.

    In comparison to Bobby Petrino… this is a guy with no track record as a head coach AND who only has experience with defense (which got blown today against Florida).

    If you can’t stop Florida with Florida State talent, why would someone trust you with KY talent?

    Petrino is multiple levels above this guy. Let’s get that straight.

    Petrino would grade about a 9/10
    This guy would grade about a 4/10 (with all his positives things his brothers have done).

  66. kyjeff

    You people kill me,Marks Stoops D was on the field the whole game,because of turnovers from the O. I,m glad any of you aren’t picking the next coach,because you all don’t know shit.

  67. Goyounorgohome

    Why would anybody want to hire a coach like Petrino who is going to leave in 1 to two years? If u think for some reason he is going to hang around check past history! And if u think he can turn this program around in 1 or 2 years you r F’N nutz!

  68. burger

    When Barnhart’s job is on the line all his character filters goes out the window.


    – Refused to hire Cal in 2007
    – Hired him in 2009

    What changed? His job was on the line.

    If this is a demonstration of character or leadership then we should all hope we are as fully of integrity like Mitch.

    How can this guy look anyone in the eye when talking about character of another?

  69. pump4uk

    Chiddarchedder, I did not say he was the head coach at Arizona. Read the message before jumping to conclusions.

  70. burger

    #67 – Goyounorgohome – Petrino only left 1 program for greener pastures (Louisville). BTW, who wouldn’t do that?

    Calipari for example left 2 (Umass, Memphis) yet you didn’t question his hire with that rhetoric.

  71. UKBlue

    We need an offensive minded coach, because we can’t recruit kids where our D is big enough, strong enough or fast enough to stop a powerhouse SEC offense, which means we’ve gotta put points on the board with offense !!

  72. yep


  73. Goyounorgohome


    Cal spent what 9 or 10 seasons at umass and 9 seasons maybe at Memphis! Both of which he competed for national championships. Bobby “Evil Kinevil” spent the03-06 season with Louisville. Made it a total of 13 games with the falcon, and 08-11 with the hogs. He is not staying anywhere for a long period of time! He could probably come her for two years make the music city bowl his second year and then jump to a bigger leaving us fuked like the rest of the programs he left Louisville and arkkansas

  74. Goyounorgohome

    Not saying this is the best choice either

  75. Cry Baby Jones

    Jones not on this earlier, WTF??? Just another UK mouth piece, covering all angles so he can have the “I told you so” moment at the end. In reality he is not an accurate source for news, just a blow hard trying to be important. I wish I had a bag of dimes as big as his ego then wouldn’t have to work another day in my life.

  76. BBB

    Its time for the fans to have a GOOD football team. It starts and ends at the top. We should hire the best football coach we can find and if not find a new AD who can make the call. Hands down Petrino is the only $4 million a year coach we have a chance to get. Everyone else is 6-6 or 7-5. We continue to hire “up and coming” or retreads and just “flip the coin” and hope he works out. BULL DITCH MITCH

  77. JLivermore

    How often has there been more than one good head coach in the same family? The Harbaugh family is the only one I can think of where there have been multiple successes. The Shulas failed. The Bowdens failed. Mike Stoops is back as an assistant with his brother. I’m sure that are successes other than the Harbaughs, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.