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Now, The Article Links-

SEC basketball still belongs to Kentucky- the SEC tournament will just be another case in point

Kentucky’s dominance underscores why the SEC finally got it right by seeding its tournament 1 through 12

There are plenty of differences between Anthony Davis and Thomas Robinson

In multiple ways, this has been a rebound season for Enes Kanter

Brandon Knight took another personal step forward in what has been a fairly consistent trend of better performances against rival point guards in rematches says Daniel Orton is a safe bet to be traded as he serves no role in Orlando and desperately wants a chance to play

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10 responses to “Aaron’s UK Basketball Blog’s Article Links”

  1. Mike

    If Orton wanted a chance to play….he should have returned to UK..he made his bed.

  2. Paco

    I bet ol’ D Ort wishes he’d have stayed in college another year or so… especially considering Coach Cal doesn’t talk to him any more. Way to burn the best bridge you could possibly have.

  3. Red Auerbach

    That FoxNews article about Davis and Robinson definitely has a pro-Kansas slant. The article begins with Bill Self saying he thinks Robinson should get player of the year? Really, Robinson’s own coach said that? Do ya think? Stupid.

    Other slants include how Davis scores mostly around the basket, while “Robinson has developed a mid-range game”. Umm, so has Davis.

    He says Davis is in the Top 10 in the Nation for FG%. Umm, how about saying Top 3- which is where he is. He says Davis could break the SEC Blocks record- umm, how about adding that he could break the all-time freshman record, has already shattered his own school’s record, and has more blocks than about 300 teams in the country.

    Oh, I could go on. If the National Player of the Year Award is supposed to go to the best player in the country- and it IS-, it should go to Anthony Davis.

    If the NPOY should go to the “Most Valuable Player to one’s team” which is how people keep hyping Robinson, then they are wrong. It should go to McDermott of Creighton or Green of Michigan State.

  4. that guy

    So when are we gonna talk about the NEW syracuse story running on espn? They allowed basketball players to participate while KNOWING those kids failed drug tests since ’01. So, does the ncaa vacate their NC? Does the ncaa say they can’t play in the tourney this year? If this was UK, could you imagine the outcry???

  5. that guy

    Oh yeah, and forde was a co-writer of the story. Ricky p can’t be too happy w/ his good buddy forde. And forde said the timing of todays story has nothing to do with the tournaments…

  6. that guy

    And, and, and… jimmy b says he knows KNOTHING about the story.

  7. Raazoul

    First off #3 I agree 100%. Well put. But my problem with the article is that it mentions the game between KU and UK. But only briefly. That was roughly TRob’s hundredth game!!!! It was Davis’ 2nd. Yet Davis outscores him. Has 7 blocks. And WON! It took TRob 3 more years to be second best to Davis. And he’s barely a lottery pick. He’s the BEST player this year? Ha! He takes an entire seasons worth more shots than Davis. But only averages 2 more baskets a game. Oh and they have 5 times as many losses this year.

  8. Red Auerbach

    Great points, #7. When you look at just scoring and rebounding stats, Robinson has the slight edge. When you add in FG% and the WAYS in which Davis can score, they suddenly look about even- Robinson being perhaps more solid (as you might expect a Junior vs a Freshman to be), but Davis being more spectacular (as you might expect a very possible future NBA Hall-of-Famer to be).

    When you add in Offensive Efficiency, Anthony Davis is on a completely different level from Robinson.

    Then you compare Defense. And it’s not even close. Robinson is fine, but Davis is one of the greatest defensive college basketball players over the last 30 years. No hyperbole. Davis would be a very strong NPOY candidate just on his defense alone.

  9. tyson

    Loved the article on Kanter. Sure wish he would have been able to play here, but it worked out for him and definitely worked out for Jorts.

  10. MemphisCat

    You would think that Orton would have completed his college work sitting on the bench at Orlando. Maybe Cal would show him some love if he did his part to support the university.