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Now, The Article Links-

As a senior, Darius Miller has emerged as something of Kentucky’s Mariano Rivera: The guy who closes out victories

Anthony Davis is likely to go down as one of the all-time great shot blockers in college basketball history

Darius Miller says he’ll avoid crying at Kentucky’s senior night while fellow honoree Eloy Vargas notes the Wildcats expect to keep playing five more weeks

Calipari dispelled the notion of UK as a “one-and-done factory” on his website

Losing Josh Harrellson to a fractured risk back on January 21 was a big deal for the New York Knicks

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30 responses to “Aaron’s UK Basketball Blog’s Article Links”

  1. Yo

    1st Bitc**

  2. Freethrow

    Ummm, you might want to edit this post. You have Josh having a fractured “RISK” 🙂

  3. nassau65

    2. he spells like his daddy.

  4. Big Blue 66

    a fractured risk is what pitino took with Sypher

  5. TampaCat

    5. I would not “risk” it! I have character.

  6. CaptainRamius

    NCAA telling schools to beware of Shabazz because of amateurism concerns. Goodman and Parrish all over this one.

  7. ltylerj
  8. yes

    See tweet at @rswild. Just got it.

  9. Chane Behanon

    Damn. Bazz wont be eligible. Go after Devonta Pollard. Much less trouble. I dont want to go through this Kanter mess again.

  10. Hoss

    Yeah, time to drop Shabazz like a bad habit. Might be the best of kids and this might blow over, but, it ain’t worth the riskits.

  11. Section 133

    Some will care about this. Chris Bailey coming back to Lexington to be chief weather guy at WKYT.

  12. Say it ain't so BAZZ

    No link to the story on CBS that the NCAA says shabazz Muhammad may be ruled ineligible?

  13. Say it ain't so BAZZ

    Should have read the comments 1st lol

  14. isaac in san fran

    11 Bailey is awesome. I’m from Louisville and live on the wet coast now but I still follow his blog because he’s the best.

  15. barn


  16. JF

    The Shabazz thing is just to try and get UK to stop recruiting him. I’m normally not about conspiracies, but the timing and subject matter is just too much to ignore. If he decides to go to Duke, UNC, or Kansas, you’ll never hear anything more about these “amateurism issues”, guaranteed.

  17. Big Blue 66

    i like how the article says the financial bagman is from Morht Carolina and he paid for visits to UNC and Duke……could you even imagine if the financial guy was from KY and the visits were to UK

  18. WestWorld
  19. Your comment is awaiting moderation

    the NCAA will not rule until ‘Bazz commits to , say Duke … then they clear him w/ no issues … but if he commits to UK … well then we’ve got an Enes situation, the NCAA becomes the ultimate handler of top players and Mark Emmert is the bag man, let the conspiracy theories begin !

  20. Owensboro CatFan

    Someone just pi$$ed in my Cheerios! Bazz to Europe then the NBA.

  21. Owensboro CatFan

    MKG PLEASE stay!

  22. Dale

    Shabazz won’t be picking UK if he wants to be eligible to play college ball.

  23. Brent Coltharp

    Run Away, Run Away

  24. Big Blue 66

    Get Noels, MKG stays, its all good

  25. nassau65

    18. exactly what i was thinking.

  26. Mudcreekmark

    If I was Coach Cal I wouldn’t take the wrist.

  27. The Tain't

    Two inept teams going at it in the Yuck Center.

  28. Beat Me Too It!

    what # 16 said:
    “i like how the article says the financial bagman is from Morht Carolina and he paid for visits to UNC and Duke……could you even imagine if the financial guy was from KY and the visits were to UK”

  29. Lin's Aunty

    Aaron making fun of asians with his fractured “risk” comment

  30. The Closer

    Closing time is Miller Time