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Aaron Gordon chooses Arizona


Aaron Gordon will be a Wildcat, just a different kind. Gordon has decided to play his college ball at Arizona, picking them over Washington, Oregon and Kentucky.

Despite reports that the decision would be “shocking,” the fact that Gordon did not choose Kentucky comes as no surprise to UK fans. Signs have been pointing to the fourth best player in the nation staying out west for weeks, and Gordon himself told Sean Miller his decision four to five weeks ago. Gordon said that even though Kentucky was in the running, he is excited to be a “west coast Wildcat.” He threw Kentucky fans a bone by saying how competitive UK’s practices will be next season.

Good luck, Aaron. Next?

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47 responses to “Aaron Gordon chooses Arizona”

  1. UKDMD

    Oh well. Good luck

  2. UKDMD

    Also, First!

  3. Non



    Wrong choice kid…

  5. s

    wiggins and poythress results from this

  6. yep

    No “shock” there.

  7. Blake

    Good!! Wiggins it is!!!!!

  8. Benbocat

    No, I’m first!

  9. Oogie

    And then there was One…

  10. Don

    Are his parents shocked by this choice????

  11. Dutch

    Good luck young man!

  12. espn

    We would’ve knew if it had been Kentucky… It would’ve been on espn.

  13. kelkat66

    Well…I guess we all know what this means… Time to harrass this kid and burn up his Twitter account and tell him how much he and his decsion sucks!!! Everyone in? LOL

  14. Smart Person

    Cal is slipping, another major recruit get’s away. Why is he letting other teams have lottery picks?

  15. Alamo_CatFan

    Holy crap, we’re screwed 🙂 OK, maybe we aren’t. Good luck to you Mr. Gordon!

  16. bdown

    No real surprise. Oh well, we can’t get them all and it leaves room for Wiggins.

  17. Al's IndiCats

    Good luck to the kid, nice weather, not much to do there but I hope he has a “good” not a GREAt BUT A GOOD CAREER….

  18. i don't get this

    if he knew four to five weeks ago where he was going and told the coach…why wait and make a big deal of it smh

  19. Dutch

    I thought April 1 was April fools day!

  20. Merlin's

    What a retard!! Arizona will never win a championship and the PAC 12 is worse than the SEC!! They must have offered him more than Wes could deliver after the salary cap on the rest of the team.

  21. Cats

    Oh well, that makes our chances with Wiggins better

  22. Alamo_CatFan

    2014 NCAA Championship Game final play: Harrison to Randall, Randall back to Harrison, Harrison fakes the three and AZ’s PG takes the bait, side step by Harrison and bullet pass down to Stein for the dunk-o-matic Aaron Gordon facial as time runs out. UK wins by 20.

  23. Gregory Bush a.k.a. @UKCatsRedsColts

    Grant Jarret and Brandon Ashley just lost a bunch of playing time,
    unless The Oakland Soldier “Dunking Machine” gets some time at small forward.

    Arizona procured a great one,admittedly my favorite, behind Wiggins.

  24. The World

    I’m Not Shocked!

  25. Limited-edition holographic flat-top

    Aaron Gordon choosing to be a west coast wildcat does not bode well for Kentucky’s 2014 title run.

  26. Wow

    That is funny #20. Have you ever made that Wes reference before? Seems like you are an Original. Post here often, ok?

  27. kybigblue

    No surprise. He is a talented player. Best wishes to him.

  28. B-man

    Well, I guess if the kid wants to stay out west, Arizona is probably the best choice. Good luck Mr. Gordon!

  29. Idiot UK fan

    Fire Cal! Gotta go, gonna blast Gordon on twitter for making a decision that I disagree with

  30. RealCatsFan

    Good luck to Aaron Gordon on his career with the West Coast Wildcats – except if he plays against the REAL Wildcats! 🙂

  31. Azubuike's Bicep

    20- Ignorant…

  32. grino

    UK-it ain’t for everybody. good luck kid.

  33. ShepKat

    Good Luck to Aaron Gordon! Let’s get this trending — #No1Gr8ter #No1Gr8ter #No1Gr8ter #No1Gr8ter #No1Gr8ter #No1Gr8ter #No1Gr8ter #No1Gr8ter #No1Gr8ter

  34. rich

    He’ll be a good, maybe great player. I just wonder how many people will see him play? Good luck to him though, solid program where he can be the man in time. Good choice for him.

  35. El Pollo Loco

    He said he hoped Tucson was celebrating. The announcement was at 9:35 local time in Tucson. Everyone was either sleeping through their 9:30 classes or laying by the pool. Good luck to him, but no one cared. It wasn’t even streamed online.

    Wake us up when Wiggins announces.

  36. josh

    i think he has hands like the hands to the right with the rainbow wrist bands

  37. Socrates

    It is shocking! thats how all media outlets look at it now…it’s shocking when a Top 10 recruit doesn’t pick UK… #KentuckyEffect

  38. josh

    oh wait a minute now they are to the left. rainbows everywhere. 🙁

  39. ryanlacy

    Well lets get wiggins and hawkins

  40. Tom Blevins

    I would have liked for him to come to Kentucky. But I wish him well at Arizona. He’ll be a good one for them.

  41. brain

    He’ll do very well there.

  42. Rockfield, KY

    Probably a good fit for him. Sean Miller has turned out to be a really tough recruiter. Except for Miles Simon and Lute Olsen saying dumb $hit sometimes, I generally have liked Arizona’s program.

  43. Jughead

    Cal did not want him because he’d have two people turn and look every time he yelled “Aaron” next year.


    Go vote now!! We are gonna lose this thing if you don’t do your part. Yes you. No not her, she already voted. I’m talking about you. We are up against some pathetic chili. It’s not even unique. It’s just chili. It’s like the Robert Morris of dishes. Wait. Maybe bad example there.

  45. Jpo

    43. I guess that means no Andrew Wiggins then either

  46. Truth

    Some of you guys bashing this kid sounds like turds. I’m talking KentuckyRLD-like TURDS.

  47. drake

    I said we’re not done yet. Aaron Gordon, Andrew Wiggins