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DeAndre Liggins expects to play a major role for UK next year and desperately wants to play in a Final Four

Patrick Patterson might surprise some people during his first NBA season

The Chicago Daily Herald says the Chicago Bulls are not considering Calipari for their coaching vacancy

The Boston Celtics are now Rajon Rondo’s team

Lebron James wants a shot at guarding Rajon Rondo

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33 responses to “Aaron’s UK Basketball Blog’s Article Links”

  1. nassau65

    All links are tipton free. so there echo 1.

  2. SexnNursinHomes

    Not considering Cal? boy that didn’t work out for the media guys. Ya know, if i had a job, I say IF, I would probably get fired for flaming a rumor like these guys.

  3. BPsycho

    This post is Jerry Tipton free.

  4. 2tall1

    I’m sure the Celtics would love Lebron to chase Rondo around the court.

  5. BPsycho

    #1 We are keeping the world safer……

  6. echo 1

    1 – Thanks man. About time you pulled your weight around here.

  7. BPsycho

    Lebron wants a shot at getting crossed over atleast 6 times… is more like it.

  8. nassau65

    5. yep. between you, me and echo, it’s gett’n more difficult for Aaron to slip an azzwad link in.

  9. mailman85

    how can i make my own password, i needed an ecryptonist to decifer the one sent to me……..if Lebron is on Rondo (not gonna happen) Pierce will light Cleveland up…..

  10. thefakeppat

    does anyone know how to change ur password. Im registered obviously but my password is still the default one that’s like x7shfsh28 or whatever..

  11. SexnNursinHomes

    10- man, that’s easy to remember

  12. Mikee

    Good to hear those words from Liggins. He has major talent, just needs individualized coaching in my opinion to make him a major contributor to the team. Jorts, I hear is working out hard. If he makes major strides in his game we could be in business next season. He can shoot the outside shot as well as any big man I’ve seen but needs to work on his under the boards skills. Am hopeful for upcoming season even more than last.

  13. Catfanintennessee

    First thing, Damn Matt.. I love the fact that i now have a regsitered account but how the hell do I change that PW ?

    2nd…I exoect liggons to step up, as he should. Its his time to shine !


  14. GoCats2010

    9, 10 Click on site admin at the top left then click on profile at the top of that screen. You can change it at the bottom of the screen

  15. GoCats2010

    13. you too

  16. Catfanintennessee

    @14 even though you were not talking to me TY very much !


  17. BPsycho


    “Your old login information has not been deleted. If you had an account before, you will login in the same way with your same username and password. If you can’t remember your password, use the “Forgot Password” button to email you with a new password. If you didn’t have an account before, the race is on for your favorite unique identifier that gives everyone insight to your qwirky, awesome, you thought of it first, omg evryne is gng to lta’so, username.
    Finally, if you still have problems, email me I will check for login problems once a week, or sooner if I have time. For the first week, I’ll check the emails nightly.”

  18. Catfanintennessee

    TY BTI !

    Worked for me ! Well done, its about time we had some accountability here !


  19. texasfatcat

    I changed my password by going to wordsmith and choosing profile, there was a place to change passwords there

  20. UKIreland

    Does anyone know what Jim Valvano’s 1980, 87 & 88 teams did that their tournament appearances were vacated by the NCAA?

  21. Catfanintennessee

    @ 20 , I didnt know that, but I think what he did as a whole makes that a non topic my friend. No offense meant at all.


  22. mailman85

    14- thanks, much better now………

  23. Dave C

    What? Cal’s not going to the Bulls? How can this be? Everyone already had his bags packed. Oh wait, it’s probably because he’s going to the Nets. What’s next, the Harlem Globetrotters?

  24. BPsycho

    #23 Everyone knows hes going to Louisville and Rick Pitino is going to the Lakers… Phil Jacksons goes to the Saints and Billy G comes back to KY with GJ Vilarino…

  25. rocketcat

    looks like Liggins will get a chance to show his entire game next season…a ton of playing time is there for the taking!

  26. Catfanintennessee

    @ 25 I agree. This will be liggins chance to show what he has for BBN and the NBA. May be his last chance, he better make the most of it !


  27. bigabes4uk

    I think Liggins along with Miller (and Poole somewhat) will be quite a wing combination for us. We are stacked pretty good at 1-3 if you think about it. As good as anyone.

  28. Dave C

    #27-If we have a great deal of success, they’ll have to step up, especially Miller. He can’t have those games where you hardly notice he’s on the floor if we are going win in late March.

  29. Catfanintennessee

    @ 27 thing is who is gonna defend the interior. If we truley goto a 4 guard line up then whos gonna rebound when we have a off night. Rebounds saved our arse last year, but I dont see the help this year is we dont have a SOLID 4 or 5 that can work the boards.

  30. rocketcat

    Miller, Liggins and Poole will be the key to next season…they will present match-up problems for a ton of teams if they play well. Flip-side of that is that we will be very vulnerable to teams with 2-3 quality bigs…saving grace may be that there aren’t that many teams out there with those “quality big guys”.

  31. rocketcat

    REDS WIN!!!

  32. catbalue

    Lebron on Rondo could create more problems than it solves. It could also negatively impact Lebron on offense if he’s tired and worn out from chasing Rondo all over the floor. It will take him away from the help defense he plays and open up the interior for the Celtics to get easier baskets and offensive rebounds. I don’t think it’s a good idea but they are going to have to do something else since what they are doing sure isn’t working very well.

  33. red bird

    when do the cavs and boston play again