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Now, The Article Links-


Don’t be surprised if Brandon Knight ends up at Kentucky– He’s narrowed his list to four schools and UK is showing a lot of Interest

Bill Self is heading to Lake Clifton High School (MD) to check in on Josh Selby

Kentucky coaches have flocked to Tualatin, Oregon to recruit 6-5 sophomore Jordan Tebbutt of Horizon Christian School

2011 recruit Quincy Miller will listen to Illini recruiters before making his Decision- He plans to visit their campus this Summer

There are three legitimate reasons John Wall attracts so much more attention than Xavier Henry

John Wall probably leads Xavier Henry in the Publicity Department

Bill Self thinks Xavier Henry deserves a glance because his numbers are very comparable to what John Wall has done and he’s been very consistent doing It

Texas’s Avery Bradley has stayed in touch with John Wall as much as he can and knows comparisons between the two players are Inevitable

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28 responses to “Aaron’s UK Basketball Blog’s Article Links”

  1. ukisback11

    Check out this video twist with all the John Wall pictures

  2. BgallowayUofK

    Good to see Brandon Knight seems to be ours to lose. We will need a replacement for Blue Jesus after this year.

  3. ruppcrazy

    This may be one of the most hateable Duke teams that I can remember and they aren’t even very good. It’s just that John S., Singler, Zoubek, and Nelson are so hateable. I just want to line them up and punch them in the face!

  4. BgallowayUofK

    I watching that game too, I don’t know why the cameras continue to scan the student section. It’s like a bad episode of Fat Camp. Meanwhile, Tenn and Wyoming tied 5 minutes in.

  5. 42

    Duke looks so slow. I honestly think we would completely dismantle them if they were to play UK. They just don’t look like a top 10 team at all this year.

  6. BgallowayUofK

    Was it really needed to show Gardner Webb’s last win against a ranked team?

  7. GoCats2

    That first Xavier Henry article has a stat line for Derek Caracter in his first game since transferring to UTEP.
    12 minutes, 2 points, 3 fouls.

  8. TheApex

    I hate scheyer with a passion and singler reminds me of that guy in your rec gym who looks like he’s gonna suck because he’s so ugly and he keeps scoring and you just want to punch him in the nuts while blocking out for a rebound…. Your right I hate this entire duke team as well

  9. ruppcrazy

    Scheyer looks like this douchie kid that I played against in high school. I’d like to throw elbows at Scheyer like I did that kid. lol

  10. TheApex

    Yea I bet he’s a real geek…

  11. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    Avery Bradley is a very good player and at this point, I would have to put TX as #1 in the nation. I am not even going to waste my time defending Wall against Xavier. Xavier is good but “C’mon Man!”.

  12. TheApex

    Yea x doesn’t do what wall does he’s got Collins on the team to handle the ball majority of the time… Wall does all he does while running an offense…. I’m hating scheyer more by the minute… I hate watching duke but it’s kinda like watching Louisville, hate to see them slaughter someone but would hate even more to miss seeing them lose… Hate to be like that but it’s in my blood

  13. ruppcrazy

    12)Don’t apologize

  14. TheApex

    Yea your right that was unnecessary…

  15. BgallowayUofK

    Tenn down by 10 with 5 left…

  16. BgallowayUofK

    Nevermind…Tennessee run down by 6 with 4:55 left.

  17. ruppcrazy

    I’d like to cheer against them low down, dirty snitches, but the SEC can’t take the blow.

  18. ruppcrazy

    Chism rolling on the floor, sucking his thumg, and asking for his mommy.

  19. TheApex

    Bout tired of hearing them mention uk

  20. TheApex

    In a negative way that is

  21. ruppcrazy

    First time watching Tennessee this season. Maze actually looks like a player instead of a playa.

  22. TheApex

    They had to show a replay like we wanted to relive that night

  23. ruppcrazy

    I think I saw double sided tape holding Chism’s headband on.

  24. TheApex



    somebody tell kansas and self to quit bitchin before ol roy has em tossed from the internet…

  26. tgrimes

    I saw Avery Bradley play tonight and he was easily the best player on the floor. But not as good as Wall in my opinion. Texas played a pathetic team in Texas – Pan American. I’m thinking the game with Carolina will be similar to the UK game. But Texas doesn’t have Patterson inside so I think Carolina will get them if they can contain Texas’ guards.

  27. Blueyouaway

    15/16 , Wow. Now that’s an Offense ! UT had a 16 point run in 5″ ?

  28. Indycatfan

    Chism with that headband looks like a condum gone wrong