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A Quick, Fake Summary: It’s So [Darn] Easy, When Your Feelings are Such

To overprotect her, to love her too much

In the first half, Kentucky’s youth movement came out with a blazing start, leading by as much as 20 points. But in the second half, UNC dialed up the defense and the rebounding (which was helped by John Wall missing 8 minutes of the second half with cramps) and dialed down the tempo. UNC got Kentucky’s big men in foul trouble and they clawed back into the game.

But Eric Bledsoe sunk 2 crucial FTs with 30 seconds left, UNC missed a semi-decent 3-point look, and Eric made the front-end of 1-and-1. After a UNC putback to cut the lead to 3 points, John Wall was fouled with 4.3 seconds left and made both of his FTs.

Kentucky holds on loosely, but doesn’t let go, by the score of 68-66.

Calipari in the Clark Kellogg post-game interview: “As soon as Seth Davis picked us to lose, he picked the Germans in World War II.” Godwin’s Law has been invoked.

Article written by The Fake Gimel Martinez

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65 responses to “A Quick, Fake Summary: It’s So [Darn] Easy, When Your Feelings are Such”

  1. Sir Charles Barkley

    First is turrible

  2. KYStout

    Only reason this game was even close was that Wall and Bledsoe were playing hurt.

  3. Sir Charles Barkley

    Carolina is turrible too.

  4. sethicus59

    lol i love calipari man

  5. MGH

    OK, you have to be disappointed in the second half. No John Wall, but the team shouldn’t be THAT fragile without Wall. Many things have to be fixed in that regard. Cousins has to grow up, Bledsoe has to mature at the PG position, and Patterson has to demand the ball more in clutch situations. Now, that being said, they won. They beat a legit Top 15 team today playing almost ten minutes of the second half without their best player. They won because they have OVERWHELMING talent. That first half was no fluke, and it was no aboration. Kentucky can be that good every game. They can be a terrifyingly scary force, they just have to gel and mature. That first half was a sneak peek of things to come. Just think, if John never leaves because of those cramps, I don’t believe this game is close. John wouldn’t have let UNC settle in to that slow down half court game, and at the beginning of the half UK was out flying again. I think we’re closer to the first half than the second half with how good we really are. Watch this team grow. No one will want a piece.

  6. Stickman

    What a win. And we pull one game further ahead of the heels in the all time wins category.

  7. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    Man the second half was rocky to say the least, but that first half is just a glimmer of things to come. The Seth Davis comment was a instant classic. Cousins performance today was a exact reflection of when I comment a few days back about my surprise at him being rated as high as he is. He allows his lack of maturity to overide his superb physical ability. I just loved how ole Roy looked helpless in the first half. Great, Great Win. Go CATS!!!!!!!

  8. Stickman

    The fact that we withstood a UNC comeback, and did it without Wall for a large part of the second half, is a good sign, especially this early in the season.

  9. JMBlue

    Great win. We’ve got some swagger back in our program now. The guys can learn from this game. They can learn to A-B-C. Always Be Closing.

  10. sethicus59

    8 maturity and skill are two things, the rankings are based off of talent and not maturity. you have to admit with some maturity cousins can be the best player on the team.

  11. GoCats2

    Great job Cats and I absolutely love the Calipari quotes at the end. This program is back in a big way.
    We may lose some games this year but we are going to be very very tough in March(and April).

  12. BPsycho

    #7 lol

  13. JMBlue

    I forgot to warn about the language. Sorry.

  14. benherewaiting

    I have to say.. it feels good to finally have a team that we know can make a final 4 or win a national championship. For years every year when the team tipped off starting the season we all felt we had a team that could compete on a national level and possibly win it all. It has been way to long since we have put on the court a team of this caliber and it sure feels good. Looking forward to the rest of the year and many more years to come. The last few years as Sir Charles says was “just turible… GO CATS

  15. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    i’m going to buy Wall a 120-pack of Gatorade for Christmas.

  16. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    Cousins is a physical beast without a doubt. I wouldn’t say that he will be better than Wall because it’s apples and oranges, but he has great talent. Wall is some mature for his age. Can you imagine when Bledsoe and Cousins get some of that green from behind their ears. This team will be dangerous. I thought the real difference in the two halves was the defensive intensity. For most of the first half, Kobie couldn’t of scored 10 points against us. It will all come with time.

  17. cabethy

    Wall’s smile after making his first foul shot with :04.3 left…. love it love it love it. I’ll be keeping that on dvr for a long time.

  18. huddles

    Getting big leads against really good clubs is never a guarantee and is not a bad reflection on a team if they lose that lead. Remember Duke’s 17 point lead over the Cats in 1988 and how we came back to win the game. You knew it was going to be much tighter at the end. This, after all, is North Carolina. UK will certainly get better as we mature but give it to the guys, they did what they had to do…they are 8-0. Great win for UK!

  19. huddles

    #8 What was Seth Davis’ quote? I missed it.

  20. brittanyuk21

    Anyone going to pull up the video of the crazy UNC fan talking about how UK is overrated?

  21. justme051

    we dont have a chance in this game without cal bringing in these peeps and i’d take him over any coach in america but does anyone agree he killed the momentum with subbing there towards the end of the 1st half? it gave unc confidence and they took advantage of it. regardless..i’m a happy camper today!

  22. UKwitness@UNC

    When was the last time UNC had to slow a game down in hopes of winning? We are that fast, people. I’ve got my Kentucky hat on walking around UNC’s campus. This was the most important game to me for us to win. Bragging rights are delicious and taste even better with a side of UNDEFEATED!!! Go CATS!

  23. champs or bust

    anyone know if lebron made it to the game? — GO CATS! —

  24. MGH

    22 – That Jorts sub was made necessary by fouls if I’m remembering right. But yeah, that really killed the initial momentum UK had. Zeller was able to do whatever he wanted against Jorts. But for the most part I’m fine with the subs. They were dealing with big man foul trouble all day.

  25. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    #20-Cal said in the post game interview with Clark Kellogg, and I’ll paraphrase “When Seth Davis picked Carolina to win, I knew we were going to win. He picked the Germans to win World War II” It was great.

  26. KSR Spy

    That first half was quite a show for Quincy Miller. Glad we won out…gotta impress the recruits!

  27. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    Zellar is a punk. If they would rattle his chops the first time he comes into the paint, he’ll back off. You got to use your fouls wisely. Also, they never made him go to his right. It’s all about learning.

  28. KSR Spy

    ZELLER!!! He wasn’t that good. We walked at least 5 times that I saw (and the entire crowd), but those were never called. He has Stevenson like footwork.

  29. Cali-Party

    Clark Kellog hates me, and the feeling’s mutual


  30. MGH

    Oh Zeller traveled like he was playing for frequent flier miles. I’m not denying that. It was embarrassing how many times he dragged the feet in that game. Overall, the officiating in the game was pure s***. It isn’t why the game was so close, that’s all on UK’s lack of stability without Wall, but it didn’t help matters. That stretch where Pat got mugged in the lane with no call, then Dodson stuck out a finger on the perimeter and got called for a push said it all. Officiating in every major sport is at the lowest I’ve ever seen it. It’s embarrassing.

  31. Stickman

    Here’s my theory about the John Wall smile after the first freethrow rattled in. I think he made the shot rattle around before going in on purpose to tease us, and then smiled about it.

    Yeah, he’s that good!!

    Ok I don’t really think that’s why he was smiling.

    2 points or 20 points, that jerk Roy Williams and UNC are slinking back to Carolina as losers today. And we answered the critics’ questions about whether we could compete when we faced a true powerhouse team.

  32. spicymunky

    Coach Cal – Thank you Lord for letting me coach here and coaching this game at 4am.

  33. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (30) i thought i was the only one picking up on that. dude def was a carolina homer today. he was so upbeat when UNC was up and then was a downer until they made their run

  34. Cali-Party

    i have never liked kellog but today was ovbious..and yep, i’m sure of it…i hatem

  35. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    I love how Calipari handles Cousins. Cousins would have been in Tubby’s doghouse permanently.

  36. blueman80

    where is true blue heel? waiting for him to say something stupid!! and how about orton with those blocks…high ceiling for this kid!!

  37. jaxcat1

    This team is young, but they have heart! I love our team!

  38. Stickman

    The refs weren’t too concerned at the end of the first half, but then when they saw that Carolina couldn’t come back on their own, they had to take matters into their own hands. People can’t stand the thought of their beloved ACC teams getting beat by someone like Kentucky. They want Kentucky to be a “has-been” and you can bet they went back to the hotel and smashed a guitar into the wall or something like that. Maybe threw some bricks threw some windshields.

  39. Stickman

    “through” some windshields. My Letcher County is coming out.

  40. Old Henry Man

    I loved the game, and I am getting ready for Bama and Florida

  41. MGH

    I hope Kimba Walker got a good look at John Wall in that first half. That’s what he has to deal with on Wednesday night.

    UConn is more athletic than Carolina, but they sure as hell aren’t as big and lanky. This was a tougher test for UK than UConn should be, THEORETICALLY. UConn could easily win, but you line them up side by side and I think Carolina is tougher.

  42. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    “John Wall = sure thing. Wade crossed with Rose. Also, I like that he didn’t go with Johnny. “John Wall” sounds like a CEO.” – Bill Simmons,

  43. Old Henry Man

    UConn like Carolina will be difficult. UConn will have more fans, but do not count out Coach Cal and the boys

  44. Stickman

    We just have to stay focused and hope that the boys don’t let this win go to their heads before wwalking onto the court against UConn. I don’t think Coach Cal will let that happen though.

  45. BravoBigBlue

    I thought Cal did a very good job of subbing today. My gosh, both point guards were hurt and both centers were in foul trouble. We should have tried to get the ball to Patterson down low much more in the 2nd half though. If we did, I don’t think the game would have been that close.

  46. BigBlueFan

    I’m so thankful that Calipari has brought the fun back into this program!

  47. 2020

    Carolina’s 2nd half comeback was flukey at best. A strange confluence of factors. With Rabbit in foul trouble, we couldn’t risk him fouling out in the event that Legend cramped up again, so Rabbit sat longer than ordinary. And Legend was pedestrian in the 2nd half post-cramping compared to his amazing first half. We go from 2 lethal point guards to 0. Big Citizen is on the bench in foul trouble (okay, that’s not new). The odds of all three of our super freshman being neutralized for a whole half are slim to none. We just saw slim happen. But it should seldom happen again.

  48. MGH

    goodmanonfox – Just got off phone with John Wall; Said he didn’t eat enough at pre-game meal. Had bacon and fruit and that’s it.

  49. adaircam4

    31) I agree…he traveled everytime he got the ball in the post is seemed like.

  50. the pen is mightier

    43) I got that as well and first time I had heard him compared to wade. Completely agree, cant believe no one had said that before. It fits him perfectly.

    feel free to try again in march unc

  51. 2020

    19) huddles… Kentucky trailed Duke by as many as 18 points, and it was 1998.

  52. jughead07

    Just standing in the lobby at the hyatt watching the podcast and there was a strange dude doing his best to get in on the podcast then the Mona Mona dancing guy can and sang a song to lead them back in from break. I got a video to send ksr of the dancing guy.

  53. ruppcrazy

    I’m so happy I could cry. That first half was the best basketball that UK has played since the 2003 Florida game. It was fun, high flying, slammin’ jammin’, alley ooping basketball. For about 8 minutes I could have swore that I saw Twon, McCarty, Delk, Anderson, and Mercer out there!

  54. AndTheDevil

    Just watched the ESPN “highlights” of the game. Both of Wall’s breakaways will be top ten plays. ESPN showed neither the dunk nor the reverse lay-up. When they don’t show the best plays in the highlights, that’s a sure sign they’ll be plays of the day.

  55. Indycatfan

    I had three F*%kin’ heart attacks in the second half….We didn’t have our best for almost 9 minutes and we still came out on top…..GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. The original Carl

    #35 – You don’t even know him.

  57. nickk

    the cats beat UNC and Kige Ramsey “likes” my facebook status…all is right with the world.

  58. gcat4496

    Roll Tide Roll Them Gators! The Cats made my day – I hate the Tarheels.

  59. Indycatfan

    Was this a Big Ten official’s cluster F*%K? It had to be the BT hates UK as well as CBS,ESPN. Hell, Kellogg ought to keep selling cerial instead of jumping on the ACC’s crotch…..THE CATS ARE BACK BAAABEEE

  60. kentuckyjeff42

    That first half was amazing ! I do believe if wall was 100% the entire 2nd half cats would have won by double digits.. however it’s a win that just about every player had a contribution even microwave had a stellar block ! Don’t ya just love beating NC .. That just puts a smile on my face 🙂


    Blue Jesus.

  62. V-in-K

    Too bad seth davis wasn’t announcing today instead of last year. And sorry but J, Bias…uh Bilas shows that acc homerism and gets it wrong.

  63. Secretariat

    I can’t express how much I love this team. I can’t imagine what going to do when it comes time to describe this season to my yet-unborn children.

  64. bigbluegirl

    #37 – also wondered where the troll was today. Oh well, good riddance!

    #60 – “Kellogg ought to keep selling cerial instead of jumping on the ACC’s crotch…” I LOL’ed.